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Girls on the Run of Atlanta - SoleMates
Girls on the Run is a non-profit program for girls in the 3rd through 8th grade. Our mission is to inspire girls to be Joyful, Healthy and Confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running. The 12 week after-school curriculum uses the experience of training for and running a 5K race to show girls that anything is possible. Girls on the Run inspires girls to stay true to themselves and live free from societal stereotypes.

SoleMates is the charity running “leg” of Girls on the Run. We are a team of female and male athletes who pursue individual goals, such as running a marathon, to raise money for our important programs. SoleMates provides a great opportunity to give girls an example of healthy living. By joining a team who supports GOTR®, you can play a vital role in ensuring the future success of GOTR programs and have an impact on the lives of thousands of young women who will benefit from these programs.

Just as SoleMates members are changed by their experience, GOTR uses running to transform the way girls see themselves and their opportunities. Our ultimate goal is to raise enough money to reach every girl. We envision a world where every girls knows and activates her limitless potential and is free to boldly pursue her dreams!

What does my sponsorship provide?
$3,000 (sponsors an entire team of 15 girls)
$1,500 (running shoes for an entire team plus race entry for their parents)
$500 (provides curriculum supplies for one team for the year)
$225 (sponsors a girl and provides New Balance shoes)
$170 (sponsors one girl’s program fee)
$100 (trains one new volunteer coach)
$55 (provides a girl with New Balance running shoes)
$25 (provides race registration for one girl)
$10 (provides a journal, water bottle and race medal)

By supporting Girls on the Run of Atlanta, you’re not only helping our community, you’re helping every girl become the girl she is meant to be.

She'll thank you every step of the way!

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Total Donations: $7,905

Contributor Amount Comment
Betty Arvin $50.00 "Martha--It sounds like a wonderful organization. Good luck to you and your friends in the marathon and to the girls who will benefit from your willingness to help."
Mary Lu Abbott $200.00 "Go, Martha, go! Great cause. I'm proud of you, as always. Mimi "
Vironetta Lawrence $25.00 "Much success to you! What a Great cause!"
Julie Lucas $25.00 "Good luck, Kate!"
Candace Crosby $25.00 "What a great cause! Good luck girly!"
Caroline Gallegos $10.00 "Yay! Warrior Women of the Future!!"
Doreen Oliver Hidden "Nyla and Tina-Ann: You guys are our heroines! What a great deed for a great cause; we are so proud to know and love you. Wish we could be there to witness Nyla's beautifully long legs glide across the finish line. Who runs the world? Girls!"
Beth Hagler $50.00 "Go Nyla!!"
Rose Retter $50.00 "Kate, good luck! Always want to support the girls!!!!!!!"
leonora grant $50.00 "wish it was $100, but im broke again. "Run, Martha, run!" xxoo L"
Tracy Moss $25.00 "I am proud of you Distance Diva! "
lindsay greene $20.00 "Good luck girls! Am so proud of you!!"
Stacey Alston $50.00 "Good luck, Martha. I am happy to support you in this worthwhile cause!"
Kristi Weaver $40.00 "Good luck, Tracie!! Love that you are so involved in this cause...what an awesome way to inspire young girls! "
Allison Entrekin $25.00 "Go Kate go!!!"
Dave and Ann Marie Smith $100.00 "Tracie, We are so proud of you! Love, Ann Marie and Dave"
Connie Sosnoff $50.00 "Go Martha!!"
Cara Dome $25.00 "Good luck! Love, The Domes"
Uncle Larry/Aunt Mary Ann Davis $25.00 "We love you and are very proud of you!"
Coker Gamble $25.00 "So so proud of you!"
Ellie and Jim Davis $50.00 "We love you Tracie and very proud of you. We're sure that the girls you touch will benefit from your positive spirit and energy as well. Best of luck with this program."
James and Kim Sigsbee $50.00 "Best of luck!"
Mike Stone $10.00 "Way to go Brandy! You'll do great!"
Debbie Howard $50.00 "That's my girl!! You are such an inspiration to me and I'm sure you are just as much of an inspiration and role model to the girls in the group. Good Luck with your bucket list!!"
Cindy Thompson $50.00 "Such a great cause, Good Luck! "
Kristen Hewett $20.00 "Good luck Tracie!!! Kristen, Todd, Brandon, and Gavin"
Laura Guerin $25.00 "Love this program! Best of luck!"
Margie Curry $25.00 "Run on Little T! Good luck! Love, The Currys"
Darbie Krauth $25.00 "Good luck, Tracie! Impressed with your passion for this organization!"
Cheri Jamieson $50.00 "Patrick and I are super proud of you and all of your hard work!!"
Dane Graham $50.00 "Good Luck! Dane, Arynn, Elizabeth and Dane III"
Ashley Bowling $25.00 "Run Susan! Thanks for helping girls be active and involved!"
Michael fischer $50.00 "Good luck in the run- have a great day"
David Confer $50.00 "Run a couple of miles for me while you are at it!!"
Michael and Katie Monroe Hidden "Good luck on Sunday!"
Mark Johnnie $50.00 "Good luck Liza. Have a great run !"
Dr. David S. Pacini Hidden "Go Girl! Yopu are the best, always!"
Chris Elliott $50.00 "Good luck and congratulations on your contribution to an excellent cause"
Todd Folk $50.00 "Have a good run!"
Elisabeth Orsini $50.00 "Wow: mom, career lady, runner and now do-gooder?? You're amazing!"
Joe Reed $50.00 "Best of luck for a great run......."
Catherine Fuss $50.00 "Thank you, Joy!"
Anonymous $20.00 "Run hard -Brasky"
Anonymous $20.00 "Good luck, coach! - Mel & John"
Michael Quick $20.00 "Hope it makes a dent!!"
Jason Osborne $20.00 "Sounds like too much exercise. Next time can you raise money for cheeseburgers?"
Anonymous $20.00 "Jingle Bell run. ~Brasky"
Anonymous $10.00 "Spring training. "
Kathleen Berns $25.00 "Go Joy!"
Lisa Nicholas $25.00 "Good luck Joy!! "
Gary Dahl $20.00 "good luck"
Susan Tretakis Hidden "My check's for the charity - but my REAL money is on you!!!!"
Mom and Dad Hidden "We know you'll make it. We just hope Jake can too."
Judy Bryan $30.00 "Better you running than me, plus I owe you for lunch. I'd feel guilty if I didn't support you. LOL"
Ashley Frasier Hidden "Such an awesome way to show young girls that they are physically and mentally capable of doing some pretty awesome things. Good luck!"
michelle boone Hidden "what a great organization to be a part of !"
Brandon Lester $50.00 "YBS"
Kristina Donohue $25.00 "So proud of you! What a great program this sounds like! "
jordan mock Hidden "Looks like a fantastic organization to be a part of. Best of luck!"
Andrew Keller $50.00 "Run Lauren, run!"
Jan English $50.00 "We are oh so proud of you Tracy! Best of luck! Love, Jan & Ron"
Nicole Wartchow $50.00 "Run Tracy Run!"
Ramona Glore $50.00 "Way to go Tracy!"
Kath Pratt and Mike Callen $50.00 " Die deutschen gerne laufen. Froh bin ich amerikanische!"
Barbara Elliott $100.00 "Go Girl!"
jon benn $100.00 "Great organization-Good luck"
Liane York $50.00 "Good luck! This is such a great cause. "
Kate and Tanner Smith $50.00 "Yay Tracy!"
KEVIN PURTILL $100.00 "have a great St. Patricks Day run ---- Kevin"
Judi Osman $50.00 "You go girl and know your angel with be right there with you. Love you "to the moon and back" aunt judi"
Joy Fisher $30.00 "Happy 30th Lindsay!! What a very special way to celebrate your birthday by thinking of others and by running this half marathon. We are very proud of you. Love, Joy & Ted"
Sara Bowling $50.00 "Thank you for all you do for encouraging fitness at RNE! It's inspirational and I'm proud of you:)! Love, Sara"
The Eklunds $25.00 "Go Shaye! What a great cause :)"
Kristen Herrin $50.00 "You are an amazing role model for young girls!! Best of luck!!"
Boyd and Renata Martin $25.00 "You go girl!!"
Kathleen Mihich $25.00 "Good luck Shaye. GOTR is a great organization!"
Shannon Zdancewicz $50.00 "Thank you for all you do and for being such an inspiration! "
Kaila & Mark Little $50.00 "Proud to call you family!! You are a wonderful mentor to our younger generation and an inspiration to adults!"
Anonymous $25.00 "Run, Shaye, run!"
Anonymous $25.00 "Good job Shaye!!"
Andrea Jordan $100.00 "You rock girl!"
Calley Pavlovich $50.00 "Thank you for your commitment to a fantastic program. Your enthusiasm and dedication are greatly admired by all! From the Pavlovich family (including Skippy)"
Holly Smith $100.00 "You are AMAZING Shaye! The love and dedication that you have shown our girl's is truly heart felt and genuine! Maggie absolutely loves GOTR and always says, "I feel so good about myself and happy when I am at GOTR"! The life lessons she is learning and level of physical fitness that she is gaining is awesome! Thank You!!! "
Sue Baldauff $50.00 "Go Shaye! GOTR rocks, and I'm proud to be a part of it!"
Rachel Topaz $25.00 "Good work Shaye!!"
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