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Genesis Home's

"Summer Camp for Homeless Kids" Fundraising Page

"School's out for summer!" This phrase has elicited huge smiles from kids as they complete each school year. But, if you are a child living in a homeless shelter with a family on a very limited income, this very phrase may be a source of anxiety and concern. "What am I going to do all summer? Who is going to take care of me?" And, if you are a parent working hard to maintain a job, you'll wonder how you are going to handle safe and affordable childcare.

"Summer Camp for Homeless Kids" is our program to provide an exciting summer for Genesis Home children. With your support, in partnership with the GREAT HUMAN RACE, we will raise $10,000, which will enable us to send every school age Genesis Home child to summer camp!

What difference does it make?
The more we raise together, the more kids get to go to summer camp! Here's how each dollar makes a difference:
  • $240: Eight weeks of day camp for one child
  • $120: Four weeks of day camp for one child
  • $60: Shorts, T-shirt, socks, hat, rain jacket
  • $40: Sturdy running shoes
  • $30: One week at camp (at subsidized rate with help from the YMCA)
  • $25: A swimsuit, towel, and sunscreen
  • $15: Lunch box, water and food containers

Your participation and donation will change the life of a child this summer!

Any money raised above the $10,000 goal will go directly to Genesis Home programs!

What is Genesis Home?
Genesis Home is a non-profit transitional, family shelter located in downtown Durham working to help families move from crisis to stability. Since 1989, we have helped hundreds of families transition to permanent housing. At any given time, we have approximately 30-35 children living here with their parents.

To learn more about Genesis Home, please watch the following video:

Event Details
Date: March 24, 2012
Location: Northgate Mall (near Sears Automotive center)
Registration begins: 7:00 am
Race starts: 8:30 am

REGISTER HERE to run or walk

Visit The Great Human Race for more information.

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Total Donations: $10,802.00
Goal: $10,000

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