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Carolina Tiger Rescue Team
Racing to Save Wildlife
Thank you for helping Carolina Tiger Rescue save wildcats! Your support helps us rescue and care for animals like Nitro and Apache.

Carolina Tiger Rescue staff traveled to Oakley, Kansas in April of 2009 knowing they had hard work ahead of them. They went there to rescue two tigers, Nitro and Apache, who were living out their lives in a junkyard. The owner of the junkyard had agreed to surrender the two tigers, along with three lions he kept on the property, after a worker from a nearby motel was attacked while trying to pet the lions.

When rescuers from Carolina Tiger arrived on the scene, the situation was even worse than expected. Nitro and Apache were living together in a dilapidated, 15 x 20 ft. cage. Their diet consisted of cow heads from a local slaughter house, and their cage was surrounded by cow skulls stacked in piles the size of automobiles. Large rats searched the piles of skulls for scraps and drank fearlessly from the tigers' water dish.

With help from the sheriff and a local veterinarian, we were able to load Nitro and Apache into transport crates for their trip to North Carolina. They arrived at Carolina Tiger Rescue and spent a month in our quarantine building while we checked them for any parasites or diseases. It was at this time that we noticed Nitro behaving strangely, and began to suspect his vision was impaired.

After their month in quarantine, Nitro and Apache were moved into an outdoor enclosure. With Nitro living in this larger space his blindness became more obvious. He could avoid larger objects like trees, but kept bumping his nose on the fence that formed his enclosure. We spread sand around the perimeter of his enclosure just inside the fence, which allowed him to feel when he was getting close and helped him avoid bumping his nose. Special scents helped him to locate his den box and water dish.

Nitro and Apache now live in a 12,000 sq. ft. enclosure with plenty of live trees to sharpen their claws on. They get lots of attention from our volunteers and staff, and are a popular stop for our guided tours.

Your donations allow us to provide a lifelong home and the best care possible for Nitro, Apache, and almost 70 other animals at our facility. Here are a few examples of what your gift can buy:

$10 - fruit for one day for the binturongs
 $15 - one month's medication for one cat
  $20 - one box of syringes to help with medical care
   $25 - an oil change for one of our service vehicles
    $50 - straw for den boxes to help keep animals warm
     $100 - one week of fuel for our service vehicles!
      $1,500 - one day of care for all animals at Carolina Tiger!

For more information about our organization visit www.CarolinaTigerRescue.org.

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Total Donations: $15,178.00
Goal: $15,000

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Contributor Amount Comment
Lisa F Wallace $100.00 "As a volunteer and avid supporter of Carolina Tiger Rescue, I know this is money that will be well spent. Thank you for all of the work that you do on behalf of the animals."
Kristin White del Rosso Hidden
Thomas Merritt $100.00 "Rita looking froward to seeing the big cats"
Marsha Brady $25.00 "Support requested by Ruth Stalvey. I didn't see her listed as a participant but wanted to support the big kitties!"
Shannon Gray Hidden
Barbara Watson Hidden "Donating because CTR does a fantastic job of caring for the animals! Hugs to all who work and volunteer at CTR!"
Becca Bertok Hidden "Wish I could help and volunteer more!"
Dawn Settle Hidden "Thank you for the work you are doing to help these beautiful animals!"
Anonymous Hidden
Judy Boyette $20.00 "So glad you care about these beautiful animals."
Anonymous $5,000.00
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