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Jennifer and Lane Vogel's Fundraising Page
Honored to be part of Team Getting 2 Tri

Hello and thank you for your interest in our pursuits to raise awareness for The Getting2Tri Foundation (G2T). At G2T, we create grass-roots communities at the local level where individuals with a disability can integrate with running, swimming or cycling clubs, or triathlon clubs and certain civic organizations in support of our mission.

Specifically, we address the needs of individuals with limb loss, paralysis, muscular or neurological disorders and create a unique community of support. G2T connects physically challenged (PC) athletes with able-bodied athletes or other PC athletes through a unique mentoring and coaching partnership through chapters at the local level. G2T supports wounded war veterans and non-military amputees with programs to regain self-esteem and integration into their communities G2T raises the awareness of the PC community; reduces barriers between able-bodied athletes and PC athletes G2T allows for the integration of mixed relay teams, PC athletes paired with able-bodied athletes on the same team, as well as promotes PC athletes completing races as individuals G2T provides information and resources for race directors to assist with the needs of PC athletes.

CORE VALUES: G2T believes that individuals with a disability deserve the inspiration, support and opportunity to participate in athletic endeavors that promote healthier, active lifestyles.

Visit Getting2Tri's website here

THE RACES: To raise awareness, we have set our bar high for the 2009/2010 season.

Jennifer Vogel will be competing in the Keys 100 mile run in May. This is an ultramarathon that goes from Key Largo to Key West, 100 miles along US1.

Keys 100 Race site

Lane Vogel will then be doing a 340.6 mile athletic endeavor. this will start with the Great Floridian Ironman. The VERY next weekend he will be in Arizona to race the Javalina Junderd Mile Trail Run and then THE VERY NEXT WEEKEND he will run the Pinhoti 100 Mile Trail Run! All this takes place between Oct 24-Nov 7, 2009.

Great Floridian

Javalina Jundred

Pinhoti 100

Then it is right back to training for Team Vogel because in Spring 2010 we are off to Morocco to compete in the 25th Marathon des Sables. It covers 151 miles run over 6 days through THE SAHARA DESERT- equivalent to 5 1/2 regular marathons. In addition to that, competitors have to carry everything they will need for the duration on their backs in a rucksack (food, clothes, medical kit, sleeping bag etc). Water is rationed and handed out at each checkpoint. Along this race, we will have to deal with extreme heat (120 Deg), Sand storms, scorpions, fatigue, very little food, blisters and a host of other things. It is considered to be "the toughest footrace on earth"

Marathon des Sables

Beyond our own races and training, we will give back to G2T by contributing volunteer hours of service with local clinics and seminars throughout the year. We are very excited and proud to help raise the awareness for the mission of The Getting2Tri Foundation through out own athletic pursuits.

Thank you for supporting Team Vogel with your time, talents and treasure as we look to assist the many heroes involved with G2T!

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Total Donations: $490.00
Goal: $20,000

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