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Roberta's Race for a Cause
Running to help children!
I am running my first marathon! It will be the Carlsbad Marathon 2013! I was born with club feet and am so fortunate to be able to walk, let alone run. I had a lot of surgeries on my feet and wore little casts from birth until I was about 5 years old. I even had special shoes to wear after that along with countless hours/years of walking exercises. I would be embarrassed for other kids to see my feet, they didn't look like theirs. Sometimes kids would laugh or stare at them, adults often did as well, even now. I would like to run this race for children who have birth defects. Fresh Start Surgical Gifts has transformed the lives of over 5,700 children! You can help by donating to this foundation thru my efforts of completing this marathon. While I am running these 26.2 miles it will be your donations that will help inspire me to cross the finish line. Knowing these children will receive the much needed help is reason enough for me to run and for you to donate. No child should ever be left without help. Please donate, anything is helpful.
Fresh Start Surgical Gifts provides free reconstructive surgery and related medical care to disadvantaged children and young adults with physical deformities caused by birth defects, accidents, abuse or disease. Each child receives a personalized treatment plan designed by highly skilled medical volunteers to achieve their best possible result including supplemental care like laser and dental treatments as well as speech therapy.

Fresh Start treats patients from both the US and around the world with all of the medical care being provided by volunteers in San Diego at The Fresh Start Clinic at Rady Children's Hospital.

To date Fresh Start has treated over 5,700 children with physical deformities and by supporting Team Fresh Start with a donation you are ensuring a brighter future for countless more!

Running for the children!

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Total Donations: $4,685.00
Goal: $2,600

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Contributor Amount Comment
Glen Horn $25.00 "So proud of you!"
Jamie Paquin $25.00 "So proud of you! What an inspiration!"
Carm & Boots McGhee $25.00 "You're an inspiration!"
Karyn Horn $25.00 "Have a wonderful, fun, safe run!!! So proud of all that you have accomplished!"
Anna & Jim Withsosky Hidden "THAT'S OUR GIRL!!! Love, Mom and Dad"
Cindy and Bob Kochi $25.00 "Go Roberta Go!!!"
Joyce McPherson $40.00 "Hi Roberta! Love your story! You are inspiring! Good luck with the marathon; I will be there, but will probably be coming in an hour after you! Keep up the great training you are doing!"
Elizabeth Horn $25.00 "What a wonderful cause to be running for Roberta! We will be thinking of you and wish you all the best in your race! Love, Elizabeth, Mark, Brooke & Taylor :)"
Skye Boucaut $25.00 "What a wonderful and inspiring story! Skye & Jake x"
Mark & Jeanie Clark $50.00 "Awesome project!"
Richard & Sheila Mielkey $25.00 "Great cause and glad to help"
Kevin Naughton $100.00 "You go, girl! This donation comes from 'Trout Rising' book sales!"
Jackson Rahn $25.00 "What a great cause, Roberta! I'm sure your perpetual smile will find its way to & shine on all the children you are helping. Have fun!!!!"
Jennifer Stubbs $25.00 "Good luck with your training Roberta! I'm happy to help you reach your goal :)"
Anonymous $30.00 "Roberta, I know you are a can do person. I did not know all the pain and suffering you went through as a child. You are simply amazing. I am so glad to know you. Love, Karen"
Glenn Mccleary $25.00 "We've seen you training, have a good run."
Lana Mccleary $25.00 "Go Birdie, We're all with you"
stacey scott $50.00 "Go Girl!!! We are with you all the way!! Love, Stacey + Tobin + Sadie"
Lee Arnold $10.00 "Great Cause! "
Ellen Pearson $35.00 "Way to go, Roberta!!"
Thom Story $103.00 "Run, girl, run! You're a great human, I'm SO PROUD OF YOU!!!"
Anne Nilsson $50.00 "What an inspiring story!! I saw this on Thom's FB update. Good luck and good running!"
Karla Spitz Hidden "Go Roberta!"
Nanci & Ritchie Sebeniecher $100.00 "Roberta~you are truly inspiring. Thank you for keeping these kids on your mind. All the best, N & R"
Bert & Kahori Olaveson $50.00 "Roberta you are such a great person. Wish all your best in your first marathon!!!! Bert & Kahori"
Jimmy Babcock $50.00 "Go Roberta! "
Delshad Xenakis $25.00 "So proud of you and all your hard work for this great cause! Much love!"
Ron & Cecelia Greene $25.00 "What an Inspiration for All. You Go Girl !!!"
Steve and Scott Klinsky and Lovett $70.00 "If we could give more we would. What a wonderful thing your doing for the kids."
Julie Johnson $20.00 "Good luck! I know you will do great!"
Curtis James $20.00 "For the children, Run Roberta, Run!!"
Lee Edwards $40.00 "Best of luck Roberta. Have a blast!"
Rob Gowler $25.00 "Good luck Roberta, I'd say by the miles you're putting in you shouldn't have any trouble. Maybe an ultra next? See you in Baja again soon. rob"
Cyrus Sutton $100.00 "GO ROBERTA!!!!"
Mitch Mitch's Surf Shop North $10.00 "Good Luck Roberta!"
Suzanne Mecklenborg $100.00 "For you, for the cause, for the kids! Love you!"
Joe Roper $10.00 ""Right On Roberta! For the kids!""
randy white $20.00 "YEA!!"
lydia ladah Hidden "Go Roberta Go! Great project for deserving kids!"
Rick Figueroa $25.00 "Thank you for helping these kids. If not for the "you's" in the world, nothing would change."
Colm Conneely $50.00 "Many congratulations on completing the marathon. Colm"
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