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Logan Johnson's Fundraising Page
Let's send Histio "To Infinity... and Beyond!"
I don't want another child to learn the word "Histiocytosis."

Will you help me in my battle?


I'm Logan. The doctor says I have Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis (LCH). Wow! That makes my mouth hurt everytime I say it!

Here's what my doctor says about LCH:

An extremely rare disease (1 child in every 200,000 born), LCH ranges from limited involvement to tumors that double in size every two days and are quickly fatal. Kids are treated with chemotherapy, and have a 50% chance of recurrence even if we're successful in forcing the disease into remission. Since the disease is so rare, it is classed as an "Orphan Disease," and receives no government funding for research.

Here's what I say about LCH:


What a nasty disease, to beat up on kids! And the treatment is really crummy, too. Surgeries, CT scans, MRI's, bone scans, X-Rays, blood tests, pokes, prods, the list goes on and on. I tried to keep track of the number of chemo treatments I've had, but I can only count to 10 (I just turned 3 years old!).

I'm a FIGHTER, though!

Will YOU help me in my battle? From $5 to $50,000, every donation gets us one step closer.

Total Donations Collected:$2,841.00
Goal: $4,000
$0 71% $4,000
The goal of the Histiocytosis Association's Research Program is to establish better treatments and a cure for those affected with the histiocytoses, ultimately effecting the prevention of such diseases.

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