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Big Sur Marathon for First Descents
Dear Friends and Family,

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As some of you know, I've signed myself up to run the Big Sur Marathon — my first ever!

The race date, April 25th, coincides with the anniversary of my dad's passing on April 23rd in 1996. It's a couple days off, but just the same, I'll be running in his memory and in support of First Descents, a non-profit that provides guidance and instruction for outdoor adventure activities for young adults with cancer.

My goal is to raise $5,000, the cost of providing five survivors one week at an FD program.

First Descents is a U.S. 501c3 tax exempt organization—all donations are tax deductible. Your donation will directly impact a young adult cancer survivor's life, and indirectly, the lives of his or her families and friends.

Update: My friend and colleague at 20x200, Raul Gutierrez, a mighty talented photographer and wonderful person, has put up one of his own favorite photographs as incentive. Every person who makes a very generous donation of $500 will be put into a drawing for a 20"x24" print of Father and Son (image below), #2 of 7, signed, and given an 8.5"x11" photograph of Raul's choosing. Normally, you wouldn't be able to snag one of these prints for less than $1100; so you'd potentially be getting a deal on a gorgeous photograph and a free print and a tax write-off. Plus, you'd be sending someone to an FD camp for half a week. As he put it, not a bad deal.

More details here.

Had First Descents been around in 1984 when my dad was diagnosed at the age of 37, I imagine he would have been quick to sign himself up. A lifelong outdoorsman, he kept on hiking, windsurfing and skiing as long as he was able. When doctors forbade it and common sense probably should have stopped him, he slipped out of the house in the middle of the night to windsurf and wander. He lived with cancer for 11+ years. Along the way, he imparted his love for life, the outdoors and adventure to me and my sweet sister, Katie.

First Descents' programs are offered free of charge, funded by the generosity of people like you. In 2010, FD will host 15 free camps in 4 states—CO, MT, WA and UT—for 18-39 year-old cancer patients.

Survival rates for this demographic haven't improved much in the last 30 years and there aren't many support systems available to those patients who seek it, making the efforts of FD invaluable. The experiences that First Descents offers promote emotional, psychological and physical strength and healing. Participants also meet a community of fellow patients and survivors, a potential network of support that sustains long after the week of camp is over.

If everyone donates $10, I could easily meet and exceed the $5K goal. If you are able to give more, please do! Any amount raised over $5000 will go to support another survivor. In that spirit, if you think this link would be of interest to a friend, feel free to forward it along.

I wish you the best for much happiness and health in the coming year. As I'm covering 350+ training miles in Brooklyn, running over bridges and along rivers, in snow, sleet, wind and rain, or worse, the gym, I'll be thinking of you and my dad all along the way. Thank you for your support!

Be well,


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Total Donations: $6,433.00
Goal: $5,000

$0 129% $5,000

First Descents · P.O. Box 2193, Vail, Colorado 81658 · (970) 845-8400 · info@firstdescents.org
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