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Fight the Mystery!
Help us Help Them!
Thank you so much for taking then time to learn about us. The EJ Autism Foundation is a 501 © (3) charitable organization that was set up in honor of our two sons, Eric and Jack. Both of our boys were diagnosed with autism at a very early age. Our mission is to increase public awareness and to provide funding for autism based programs here on Long Island. Your donation is so important because it enables us to support programs/services for these children. Although NY State does provide funding for these programs, it only supports a 7:1 (student:teacher) ratio. A child with autism must be in an atmosphere that provides a 1:1 setting. Autism based programs rely heavily on small non-profits, such as ours, to make sure the needs of these children are met. Additionally, the lion’s share of private and government funding goes towards research. As an organization, we are grateful for this. However, our intent is to take care of the kids who need help NOW. Without early intervention and focused therapy, the child lost to autism may never be found. Please help us provide funds to autism based programs and autism awareness. These children are beautiful and deserve every chance. I am so proud to be part of an organization that provides hope to families who “fight the mystery” everyday. Please visit our site to view the items available when you make a donation!

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Total Donations: $12,765

Contributor Amount Comment
Aileen Hefferren $100.00 "Bea, Keep on running. You inspire us all. Aileen"
Donna Fehskens $200.00 "Hey babes, You are the only hoodie I need to have and I already have one so no need to send. You are a loser and I love you."
Mark Weibman $100.00 "Out of sight is NEVER out of mind for me, Bea. Love to you all, and your family..........Mark"
Jacqueline Meziani $200.00 "Hi! I've been encouraged to view your site by my longtime friend Donna Fehskens. I'm all for taking care of children. Keep up the good work."
pamela chung $100.00 "Bea, you are an amazing runner, mom, and PA. Keep up the good work. See you at the NYC marathon."
Anita Glick $50.00 "Bea, Just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you and wishing you a wonderful and successful race. My money is on YOU, every step of the way! All good wishes, Anita Glick"
tricia and Joseph Bennett $100.00 "Bea, I am thinking of you, continue the great work you do for your family. Please give the boys a hug from me. I hope you are all well. Love, Tricia and Joe"
Stacie and Wayne Edwards $200.00 "Hey Bea, We hope we get to meet your beautiful family one day soon. We'll be looking for your marathon results. Go get 'em! Keep the faith, Stacie"
Connie Class $35.00 " Bea, Hope you feel in top shape this year and have a good marathon. I'll be thinking about you. Good Luck!! Connie Class"
Brenda and Kevin Reilly $100.00 "Dear Bewa, Congratulations on your 501C Status. Keep up the great work for your family. You inspire us all. Have a great run on November 4th. Love, Brenda and Kevin"
David Breg $50.00 "Hey Bea -- Best wishes and kick *** running the marathon!"
Terry Bisogno $50.00 "Hello Bea and Pat, You folks are terrific with everything you've done in the past and what you're striving towrd in the future. I'm happy to be your friend and a small part of your fantastic and growing support network. Bea, have a great and inspirational race in the NYC Marathon.......you know I'll be waiting for you at 26 miles. And I look forward to emceeing your Jigsaw Race in 2008. All the best and love, Terry"
Christy Shea $35.00 "Best of luck in the marathon Bea. Your hard work and dedication to your cause does not go un-noticed."
Elise & Annette Cascone $25.00 "Bea, Thank you for all your help Annette & Elise Cascone"
Noreen & Pat DeSarlo $250.00 "Und Yah, Bea Huste!!! That's my friend!!! Kick some butt!! I'll be running alongside you (from my couch). You're my hero!! Have all the gear, no need to send any. Good luck & GODSPEED!!! The gang will be watching "our Aunt Bea"."
Denise Stone $25.00 "Sorry I missed you this Wednesday, had to protect the girl from all the goblins and monsters!"
Suzy DePrizio $100.00 "Bea! So great to see you after 25 years! Hope the reunion was a whopper! Aloha, Suzy"
Aletha Huckins $150.00 "Way to go Bea !!"
Kim Phillips $80.00 "Bea: Please accept this holiday donation in the name of our son's teachers and aides for all the wonderful work they do! Mrs. C, Mrs. B, Miss Laura, Ms Lynne, Ms. Marianne, Ms. Linda, Ms. Christine, and Ms. Marie. Happy Holidays and keep up the great work! Logan and Kim Phillips"
Derek Tan Hidden "Bea, All the best! Derek and Katherine Tan"
Kenneth Jeruchim $50.00 "Bea, Kayla and I are in such admiration of who you are and the amazing foundation you have created."
Mark Weibman $100.00 "Out of my sight, but never out of my mind......my warmest regards to you and your wonderful family, Bea"
Caryn Fortune Nye $25.00 "Rock On Bea!! I'll be cheering you on from Strong Island!"
Dani Muccio $50.00 "You're a good egg."
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