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Erika's walking with David Suzuki
You can too!
Boy, I love going for walks. And I really love going for walks in the park. Hey, what better park to take a walk in than Stanley Park? And better yet, who wouldn't want to take that walk with David Suzuki and a thousand of his friends, like you?

Now is your chance to do something great: run or walk for Team David Suzuki, or help out by sponsoring the team. The Earth Run fundraiser supports the hard work we are doing at the David Suzuki Foundation. So lace up your running shoes! Your involvement will help us bring sustainable living to Canada's leaders, as well as people and industry.

You even get some cool swag for signing up. Run, jog or walk for Earth Run and support this great cause. We're all in this together.

Thank you for supporting the Earth Run Foundation, a nationally registered non-profit that brings people together to build green communities. For more details visit our website at www.earthrun.org.

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Total Donations: (CAD) 45.00
Goal: $250

$0 18% $250

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