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Eli vs. David Suzuki: Earth Run 2009
Savin' the planet won't come for free
David is one TOUGH old man! Think I can beat him?
April 26's the day... the day David Suzuki kicks my ass during the Earth Run 5km race. :-)

But all's not lost, because at least I (and you!) will have raised a boat-load of money for the David Suzuki Foundation. Think of the critters. And the trees. And your health!

So be an Oak... or a Bumblebee.... gimme money to buy off The Doc (so he doesn't continue to question my masculinity!)

Update We've smashed my initial goal of $250. Hot damn! You all rock!

But I bet we can do ever better... the new goal is $750. We can do it!

Total Donations Collected:(CAD) 795.00
Goal: $750
$0 106% $750
Thank you for supporting the Earth Run Foundation, a nationally registered non-profit that brings people together to build green communities. For more details visit our website at www.earthrun.org.

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