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Frank's Vol State Run for Dreams
314 Miles Across Tennesee to Make Dreams Come True
Welcome! In July 2014, I will be running a 500k (314 miles) across Tennessee. This is self supported (no crew), across 3 states, in the middle of July. Why? "Because it's there" could be a good reason, but to actually complete this nightmare of an event, I'm going to need some motivation. Please donate whatever you feel comfortable with - all proceeds will go the Dream Factory - a local charity that provides dreams to children with terminal and chronic illnesses. The more money we raise, the more dreams we can help bring true! For more info on the race, visit volstate314.com
The Dream Factory, Inc., is a national non-profit children's wish-granting organization. Mission: "We grant dreams to critically and chronically ill children from the ages of three through eighteen." Visit our website at www.dreamfactoryinc.org for more information. Thank you!!!

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Goal: $2,500

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