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TEAM TSA Disneyland Half Marathon, 10K & 5K Walk 2013
One Lap Closer To A Cure!
Welcome to TEAM TSA! Our members get fit running, walking or cycling while helping the national Tourette Syndrome Association get One Lap Closer To A Cure!

With your tax deductible gift, TSA can continue to fund a world-wide cutting edge research program to discover a cause and find a cure for TS, while providing educational programs, awareness actvities and other services for people living with TS and their families.

Members of TEAM TSA Disneyland Half Marathon will run or walk through where Disney first started in Anaheim, California. This magical event attracts a lot of families who work together to try to make one of their dreams come true. That dream is to help fund research to find a cure for TS.

TS, an inherited neurobiological disorder, is characterized by involuntary sudden movements and vocalizations, known as tics. A common misconception is that those affected curse uncontrollably. In fact, less than 10 percent of those affected have what is known as coprolalia. What causes TS is not yet fully understood, and to date, a cure has not been found. It is estimated that one person out of a hundred has a mild form of the disorder and one in one thousand has a severe case of TS.

Please join our mission. Your support can make a difference!

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Total Donations: $118,297

Goal: $100,000

$0 118% $100,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Meagan Townley $20.00 "Good luck girl! I hope you reach your goal!"
Lela B. Harner $100.00 "For Ethan from Aunt Lee."
irene jacobi $100.00 "Grant, we are so proud of you and your Dad, raising money for such a good cause. I know you will have a great time and we will be there to cheer you on. We love you very much. Oma and Opa."
Gina Rotsky $25.00 "Hi Joe, Bailey just had a 10th grader, that has had Tourette's Syndrome since he was very young, come in to talk to his whole middle school. He said it was such an awesome & inspriring speech. Good Luck & Enjoy the races! Love, Gina, Jeff, Bailey & Emmie"
Joseph Rainone $25.00 "Hope you get to your goal."
Elizabeth Donoghue $25.00 "Go T!"
Anonymous Hidden "You go girl! :o)"
Tami Lopez $30.00 "Good Luck Babe, I'm very proud of your hard work and desire to help others."
Albert Murillo $20.00 "Stay Strong!!! "
Thomas Bailey $50.00 "Tierney, Gram and Pap are glad to help you. We love you!"
Deidre edstrom $25.00 "T. Go for the cause, Love You."
Glenn Kirkpatrick $20.00 "Good luck Jen and Kelly. Hope you make that 13 miles!!!"
Spiro Tragos $100.00 "Go Get 'Em, Grant! Love, Aunt Collette & Uncle Spiro"
Diana Michel $20.00 "We're with you all the way! Love Diana, Rene and Andrew"
Dinny Rasmussen $20.00 "Go get 'em, Isaias!"
Linda Carroll $25.00 "Acacia, YOU ROCK!!!!! "
Gina Guerriere $20.00 "Good luck Joe!"
Bobby Abeyta $20.00 "You are A very special person to take time and effort for the cause."
Alice Path $20.00 "Family Fun Time :)"
Jim Stone $25.00 " Crystal You are doing two good deeds in a Day Thank You Again Jim Stone"
Chris Sessa $50.00 "Good luck Joey! xo Chrissy"
Stephen Presti $50.00 "Run strong Joe, have fun. I'll give you what songs for the playlist later."
Denise Dilts $50.00 "I'm so proud of you! Always be YOU! A loving, caring, and independent woman!"
Bernard Harlow $25.00 "Go Team TSA!"
Adam Chamberlain $10.00 "Good luck Joe!"
marie reynolds $10.00 "Best of luck Joe!!! Love the song "Home" by Phil Phillips."
Deanna Suppes $20.00 "Best of luck Joe on your very important fundraiser. Me & my parents have a good friend with Tourettes. "
Kristin Hemmelgarn $30.00 "go tonya! i'll be cheering you on from afar."
Mary DesChane-Iob Hidden "Way to go Tonya"
Joanne Markert $25.00 "Way to go!"
Scot McQueen $25.00 "Go Tonya! Thanks for your commitment to your own health and this great cause!"
Rosemarie Rogers $75.00 "Thank you!!! From the number 1 Touretter!!!"
Christine Lizzul Rinne $25.00 "Best of luck! "
Kasi, Joseph, Aaron Dyanna, Ben, Zoe $25.00 "We are so proud of you!"
John & Sue Berwald $100.00 "Don't run too fast or your Dad won't be able to catch you! Have a great time! Love ya - Aunt Sue and Captain John"
Brenda Kelly $25.00 "YOU GO GIRL!! WE'LL BE ROOTING FOR YA!"
Patricia Krause Hidden "Best of luck helping such a worthwhile cause! Love, Patti & Earl"
Patricia Krause $50.00 "Best of luck Jacob. We are proud of you and know you will do a great job! Love, Grammie and Grandpa"
Frank P. Marcotti Jr $25.00 "Great cause & the best of luck! Family from Boston, Janette, Juliette, Franko, Sean & Frank"
Derek & Nancy Kramer $200.00 "Go girl!!!"
Roz Childs $25.00
David Andrade Jr $20.00 "I am honored to support this cause for my dear friends and I pray for all of those affected with this illness."
Marta Devine $20.00 " Good luck, Jacob! Thanks for sharing your story with me. I have no worries that you'll reach your goal of $500 ~Marta (from the Rosenberg Center) "
Mae Petrangelo $20.00 "Way to go Jacob! You are such a great kid for helping others."
valerie anderson Hidden "it's gonna be h.oh.t. tonya. no sweat you're gonna fly."
Katie Preston $25.00 "You are an amazing human and I am so grateful to know you, to support you, and to run with you!"
Nicole Glass $30.00 "Good Luck, Joe! See you in Disneyland!"
Kathleen Popham $50.00 "Way to go, Tonya! I'll be praying for you! Aunt Kathy"
Catalena Cabrera $30.00 "Run Tonya Run! Hunter and I will be cheering you on from the NW."
Kristie Macris $30.00 "Good Luck Joe! See you at DDD! #teamrunDisney"
Illary Archilla $30.00 "My best wishes to you both"
Miguel Sistos $25.00 "Way 2 Go! Congrads :)!"
Sheri Sampson $25.00 "Way to Go Joe - Have A Great Day! Sheri Sampson"
Raquel Carney $20.00 ""Go get 'em, Isaias!""
Bev & Bob Mayer & Family Mayer $100.00 "Way to go, Team Singer!!! With all our love and best wishes ALWAYS, Bev, Bob and Family"
Peter and Becky Davies $15.00 "Go Sofia - you can do it!"
Don Wilson $50.00 "Good luck and have fun with your run at Disneyland!"
Channy Kang $100.00 "keep up the awesome work!"
Sandi Ady $20.00 "Best of luck Joe! "
celeste jones $10.00 "Thanks for running for a cure."
Sanders Ergas $50.00 "Go get 'em Randy and kids!"
lydia Shors $50.00 "Have a great run! "
Alicia Gee $25.00 "You have one amazing daughter Rock that 5K!"
Patrice McFadin $10.00 "The DL Half is a great half, my friends and I did it last year. Enjoy and keep working to raise money for your cause! All of the causes need good people helping out so they can do the research that helps patients."
Alex Urich $100.00 "We are happy to contribute to this noble cause."
Daniel Duenas $25.00 "Hope all goes well Joe with out any injurys!! "
Jennifer Miller $50.00 "Thank you for everything you are doing!!"
Anonymous Hidden "Enjoy the race (and Disney after!)"
Marcia Barton $10.00 "Run Strong Joe!"
Marvin Manzano Hidden "Have fun in your Race and Thanks for helping out Team TSA. "
Joe Rainone $15.00 "This $15 donation is actually from Ashley Hoffman who sent her donation through Paypal. I am routing it over to here from there. Thanks Ashley!"
Brenda Kelly $25.00 "I'll be there cheering you on! I know you can do it! Go Jake! Go Jake!! Go Jake!!! Luv u!!!!"
Lauren Barris $10.00 "Enjoy the race. Best wishes in achieving your goal!"
Get LOST in Running Virtual Trail/Beach Run Series $200.00 "Emily Mills, Joy Hale, Janine Guerre, Marie Neve, Kerrianne Hallman, Lyn Garneau, Carla McPike, Amber Hurst, Dawn Byars, Denise Demetree, JoAnne Bernhardt, Torianne Brandenburg, Lisa Harrison, Sandra Curl, Doll Clothes by Kim, Christy Pitchford, Tracy Rainford, Laurel Raab, Ryiah Lilith, Samantha Cunningham, Angela Smith, Nicole and Tony Mangino, Daniel Moffitt, Kristine Roberge, Erinn Exline, Candace Lewis, Catherine Cabral, Kristin Tompkins, Carla Rawstron, Helga-Marie Goyhenetche Breyfogle, Deborah Tennuchi, June More, April Reynolds, Rachel Boggs, Jilian Davis, Donna George, Ruby Dee, MacPropHeads, Emilie Lauzon and Daun Dewitt"
Bibiana Law $30.00 "Jacob, what a wonderful event you are participating in. Good job in supporting the association. Have fun and enjoy the race!!"
Bibiana Law $30.00 "Sofia, good job in supporting your brother and the association. Have fun racing!! "
Fred Cooper $50.00 "Good luck Kim!"
Michael Singer $50.00 "Jacob, We're behind you all the way! Lots of love, Michael, Katerina, and Nefeli"
Sue & Bob Gramacy $25.00 "Have a Great Walk!"
Karla Mendolla $20.00 "Way to go Joe! Good luck!"
emily castellan $50.00 "Proud of you !!! Making a difference, one step at a time...."
Marieta Go $50.00 "Continue to be a blessing to others...God bless you!!!"
Steve Carpenter Hidden "Have Fun Hugh! "
Jim Sollenbarger $20.00 "GO Hugh GO!"
Michelle Cooper $25.00 "Good luck and have fun Kim! :)"
Michelle Offerman $20.00 "Let's Go Team Isai!"
Lesa Taunton $50.00 "Best of luck with fundraising goal, Brandon! My family and I will be praying for you, and for effective treatments and a cure."
Danh Nguyen $50.00 "Go for it!"
Dorothy Lai $20.00 "Go, Stephanie!!! You're going to rock that race, and at the same time help this awesome cause! Love your heart & determination!"
Wendy Mathis $25.00 "Have a great run Hugh!"
Donna Taggart $50.00 "Way to go, Bro! So proud of you and what you have already accomplished!! Eric & Donna"
Charles Lemmon $25.00 "I am proud of you!"
Marcia White $50.00 "I wish you luck with your fundraiser Brandon and pray for a cure to help you and the others."
Torri Crawford $50.00 "Thank you for making a difference! "
Howard & Claire Spencer $50.00 "We are so proud of you, Alyssa. Great job doing this! Love, Uncle Howard & Aunt Claire"
Sonia Gutierrez $20.00 "Thank you Yessenia for making a difference I admire your passion to help others"
Priscilla OBrien $50.00 "Good luck Brandon! The O'Brien Family"
tanya ashinhurst $25.00 "Love you, Mom"
BILL MARSHALL $50.00 "You GO Girl.....It's a GREAT thing you are doing and thanks for asking for help.. PaPa Bill"
Anne-Marie Schlessel $25.00 "Bravo to you and your fellow runners for running for a great cause! "
Marla Deckard $10.00 "Good Luck Chase!!!!! I am so proud of you!! This donation is from my co-worker."
Johni Young $20.00 "I am very proud of my daughter. I wish you the best on your run for your coast to coast! I will be there will my cow bell cheering you on!!! Much love! Mom"
Debra Shackelford $50.00 "I know you can do it Jen!"
Arthur Mirasol $25.00 "Run like the wind LC!"
Rochelle Strand $20.00 "Way to go Levi! Proud of all that you do! Love your cousins, Shelly and Nicole "
lizelle bonifacio $50.00 "Love and support you always! Love Liz,JR, and Chloe"
Anonymous $20.00 "C'mon everyone and get on the bandwagon and donate......any little amount helps ...it' for an important and serious cause affecting many children....."
Jehad Altayab $20.00 "I love you tia Yessenia!!!!"
Margaret Shropshire $200.00 "Good Luck Suzie! Love Dad and Maggie"
Sue Adams $25.00 "What an awesome organization. Thank you for Sharing."
Amber Ciesielski $100.00 "So proud!! Go run your bootys off!!"
Sarah Matthews $10.00 "Good luck! Thank you for sharing!"
Jospeh Verdugo $25.00 "Go, Dan, Go!"
George Lopez $50.00 "Good Luck Dan, run hard... Love, Mom and Dad"
Wanda Vandeventer $50.00 "We Love you Dan, may your feet be fast, your body have endurance and the Holy Spirit be your breath... Good luck!!"
Elizabeth Lopez $25.00 "Dan, you are the best brother in the world and I love you very much...run fast!!!"
Jacob Balandra $50.00 "YOU ROCK ANTHONY"
Anonymous $30.00 "Good luck on your race!!! And thank you for running for a wonderful cause! "
Laurie Chadwick $50.00 "Good Luck at the Race! No matter what, you all are huge winners!!!! What a beautiful family you have! Hugs!! Laurie Chadwick & Family"
Julie Deen $25.00 "Good Luck! "
Sandra Bross $50.00 "Love you Phoebe . You make me very proud of you. Good luck from Grandma in the snow."
Alycia Granado $10.00 "GO CHASE!! The Finley's know you can do it!! "
Van Brunelle $50.00 "We support you Phoebe...from the comfort of our couches. Love, Van, Mai and the VanMai Parents"
Anonymous Hidden "Go for it, Connor & Jenny!"
Sandra Bross $25.00 "From Florida to California with love. From your Great Grandma Norwick"
Nick and Kari Armitage $20.00 "Run!!!!!!"
Maya Marquez $200.00 "Go Go Go!!!"
Cindy Vrablik $50.00 "Go Sarah! We're very proud of you! "
Michelle Ortiz $25.00 "Have a great race!!!!! :) :)"
Mindy Weiss $50.00 "Sam, I can't wait to walk the Disneyland 5K with you. I am so proud of your commitment to fundraising for the Tourette Syndrome Association. I love you more than words can say. Love, Aunt Mindy"
Tara Karsian $100.00 "Super proud of you! xoxo"
lynn bennett $35.00 "Way to go Jenny and Connor!! I'll be praying for good weather."
Catherine LaMar $25.00 "You got this!! Good Luck"
Stacie Scalia $25.00 "Good luck! "
Kerry O'Farrell Hidden "Team Kramer going strong for the Cure!"
Robin Jameson $150.00 "Way to go, Nancy! "
Gary Toppi $100.00 "Go for it Russ! From your brother Gary"
Christine & Ken Jansen $25.00 "You go girl! This time will be a breeze."
Kolesar Family $40.00 "We think it's awesome that you guys are doing this - we are rooting for you to go all the way!!"
Christopher Guffey $35.00 "Enjoy!"
holly williams $25.00 "So proud of you Nathan.....love your cousins holly williams and matteo"
nancy cohen $25.00 "Go Nancy Go!!! "
Karla Bristol $25.00 "Nancy and Derek, I'm happy to help you both, as you raise funds and awareness for Tourette Syndrome!! May a cure be found soon!"
Liz Perry $25.00 "I am happy to help and good luck reaching your goal!!!"
Kathi Sharpe-Ross Hidden "Love you kids and all that everyone's doing. We can never do enough till this is NO MORE!"
Teresa Merkle $50.00 "Phoebe, we are so proud of you. Have a great run! Your friends from Theatre for Humans. "
judy benowitz $100.00 "Good luck Nancy! You know how much I love dogs, I would have loved to see a photo of Jordan."
Zelda Contreras $10.00 "Good Luck!"
Evelyn Reyes $100.00 "I love you Tia Trini!! You are a great example of what it is to be an angel."
Mira Angelica Meneses $50.00 "Go Crickett!"
Allyce Balson $75.00 "We are cheering you all the way!! Have fun!"
Patti Tang $50.00 "Go Team Kramer!!!"
Alix Ramos $100.00 "Go go go, Crickett!!! Hope to see you at the finish line.....no I will not be running. I will just be there waiting for you with a cold coke! "
Sheryl Winter $50.00 "Hope you raise lots of money for the cause!"
Aunt Debbie $100.00 "So proud of you both!"
Peter Morris $100.00 "Good luck Nancy - keep up the good work! Melanie , Peter and Mackenzie"
Rebecca Furman $25.00 "Great people running for a great cause...Way to go! "
Shabs Simjee $25.00 "Best of luck Jacob! Cheering for you from the UK Love Uncle Shabs "
Shabbir Simjee $25.00 "Best of luck Sofia, love Uncle Shabs"
Shabbir Simjee $25.00 "10K ?!?!?! you sure your up for it at your age :-p Best wishes Young Nephew Shabs :-p "
Peter Raynor $50.00 "Have fun!"
Dominic Travis $50.00 "Run Randy run!!"
Kelly Wilkerson $50.00 "Good Luck Eric! You Can Do It!"
Deborah Stanley $25.00 "Good luck on your run!"
Serafim Conceicao $25.00 "A good brother doing a good thing for a good cause. "
Stephannie Garcia $25.00 ":)"
Justin Caudill $50.00 "I know you can do it, boss. Best of luck and finish strong."
Janice Shaw-Morgan $25.00 "Your spirit and kindness never cease to amaze me."
Julie Schaafsma Lawson $25.00 "New challenges keep us growing and young! Best Wishes, Julie"
Cynthia Barney $100.00 "Just smile you cross the finish line!"
Xochitl Martinez $100.00 "Go, Eric!!!"
Peter Pham $20.00 "Go, Kim! Woohoo!"
Denise Bermudez $50.00 "Best wishes to you and Team TSA!!"
Eva Ramirez $25.00 "Go get 'em, Dr. B! "
Sherrie Feger $25.00 "Your mom has to be so proud of you."
Maria Jose Clavijo $20.00 "Nuestros mejores deseos para la familia! Que disfruten mucho la carrera y Disney! "
Dori Borjesson $50.00 "Run like the wind Randy!"
Jeff Bender Hidden "Have fun Singer family Best JB"
Stacey Titus $25.00 "Good Luck Kala! Congrats on going for your coast to coast medal all while doing it for a great cause!!! Enjoy that bacon :)"
betsy feuerstein $50.00 "Good Luck! I am sure you will do fine! Congratulations."
Lori Nadig $50.00 "Go Team J!"
Lori Softli $25.00 "Go Jeremy! I know your efforts will help TSA. Have fun and be sure to let me know how it goes."
David and Shelley Hird $100.00 "Team Singer rules! Dave and Shelley Hird"
Maria Tettamanti $25.00 "Best of luck, Brandon!"
Charla Reaves $25.00 "I'm honored to help such a great cause. I know you'll rock this run. Great job, Joe! "
Paula Smiley $25.00 "Go Jay! We will be thinking of you. Beat your mom :)"
Valerie Spata Hidden "Crystal, I am proud of you and all your accomplishments!!! I am proud to be your friend "
Valerie Westmoreland $25.00 "Have a fun run with your boys Stacey! "
Alan Sherman $50.00 "Malinda, We are so pleased to support Team Brandon and get to know you this last week or two. Looking forward to a future puppy. Alan and Kim Sherman"
Katherine Bayless $50.00 "Good luck you guys! I hope you're rewarded with great weather and lots of fun!"
Gene Aughtry $25.00 "Best of luck on your run, have a great time and let us know how you did. Love. Aunt Barbara and Uncle Gene"
Gene Aughtry $25.00 "Have a great time on your run Evan; keep posted on us progress. Love Aunt Barbara and Uncle Gene"
Gene Aughtry $25.00 "Have fun with the run with the boys, and send pictures if you can. Barb and Gene"
sheila Uribe $50.00 "Good luck on 5K! Can't wait to hear all about it! sheila and Jack"
Pedro, Maria & Abby Pieters (Urriola) $25.00 "What a great way to show your brother how much you love him!"
Bunnies Picnic $75.00 "Good luck Brandon! From the Kratters and BunniesPicnic.com"
Wayne Pan $50.00 "Best of luck. Tip, don't wear yourself out in the beginning cause you'll have all this adrenaline."
Anonymous $250.00 "Go Carson!"
Laura Bolz $15.00 "Go Jeremy Go! We will be cheering for you!"
Travis Leiker Hidden "Go Team Tiger !"
Lynn & Mary Cleland $50.00 "Brandon-We wish you the Best of Luck in your run. Enjoy your time in Disneyland!"
Theresa Yeh $50.00 "Run Strong and Well! Enjoy your race! Go Team! "
Meghan Tobin $50.00 "Team Tiger rules!!!"
Ann Lieberman $50.00 "This is so great! Go Sam! Love, The Lieb's"
DARA MARIAS $50.00 "Hi, Sam--What a great cause to support!! We are so proud of you!! Love, Auntie Dara, Uncle Kenny, Adam and Molly :)"
Nancy Josephs $50.00 "Great Cause. We are proud of you. Nancy & Annie"
Margaret Catley-Carlson $100.00 "Way to go Team - you've got a lot of folk cheering for you. "
Jim and Shirley Gibson $50.00 "Nathan, Our hearts and prayers are with you every day as we look beyond your circumstances. God Bless. Your friends, Jim and Shirley Gibson"
catherine huang $50.00 "Go Team TSA!"
Kari and Bob Briski $100.00 "Good Luck and Have Fun!"
Casey Weber $25.00 "Good luck Jacob! You have some far-off supporters in Kansas! Casey and Melissa Weber"
Casey Weber $25.00 "Awesome support for your brother!!! Good luck from the Casey and Melissa Weber we are excited for your race!"
Risa, Brandon & Lily Chapnick $100.00 "Sam: We're so proud of you! Love Mom, Dad, Lily & Bosco"
Lisa Edley Hidden "Good luck Sam!"
Karen Satenberg Hidden "Go Sam, Go! Love, Karen, Brad, Charlie and Abby"
Dustin Kempf $25.00 "Good Luck"
Gabe & Vickie Sanchez $50.00 "You two are awesome ! We vote for the "tutu" !"
Lianne Fall $25.00 "Best Wishes to the White/Ferrin Family! Such a worthy cause to support...keep up the great work & GO team! :)"
Brooke Wade $50.00 "Yay Sarah!!!! My family will be rooting you on from Maine!!!"
Denise Tarvin $50.00 "Good Luck!"
Joann Crosier $25.00 "Run, run, run! Have a good time Lawrence."
Angela Bracale $25.00 "We are very proud of you. This is a great thing you are doing. Granpa and Angela"
Kim Larsen $25.00 "Way to go Melissa Murphy Thompson! I support you and your team in your run! Run hard and run strong so that others may finish their race! "
Ida Weiss $100.00 "Sam, We are so happy that you are participating in raising funds for the Tourette Syndrome Association. We know you and Aunt Mindy will do well in the 5K walk, too. We love you! Nanny & Wampa"
Pat Miller $50.00 "Good luck!"
Deborah Miller $125.00 "Run like the wind, Sista!"
rachel luu $25.00 "Way to go Jeff and Chanmony! :)"
Tammy Hecht $25.00 "Awesome Jen!! I'm so proud of you. XOX"
Heidi Segal $50.00 "Go Sam! "
Anabel Martinez $25.00 "Go Team Nate! "
Jonathan Ly $25.00 "Way to go Monica! Best of luck to you!"
Sophia Mendoza Hidden "you got this tia :) "
Erika Rios $100.00 "You go girl! Hope you loose some pounds in the process. LOL"
Michelle Albert $50.00 "5am?... lol"
Rachel Conan $50.00 "GO MICHEEEEEE GO!"
Crowne Cleaners $25.00 "Good luck from your friends at the cleaners! "
William Lucas $100.00 "To Team Tiger! Bill Lucas"
Mario Aguilar $100.00 "Go get them Yeya!"
Cris and Gary Aboussie $100.00 "Go Carson, and Team Tiger!!"
Lauren Staniszewski $10.00 "Good luck and best wishes!"
Jack Smith $50.00 "good luck Sara, a tough run"
Heidi Wong Hidden "So glad you both have an opportunity to participate in this!"
Suma Canzius $50.00 "Brandon, we'll be cheering for you! Malinda, we look forward to meeting you and our new puppy soon. All the best wishes for your family. "
Carole and Mark Hruskocy-Primo $50.00 "Go Team Tiger!!! We'll be cheering for you on August 31!"
Crystal Kalem $30.00 "Dustin & I hope you have a wonderful experience this year! "
Monita Ma $10.00 "Awesome! Can't afford to donate too much this time, but I'll always contribute to a good cause! Run smart and run strong!! best sport ever! "
Kristen Lu $25.00 "What a great cause! Good luck Kim!!"
Faranak Tavassoli $50.00 "Good Job and Good Luck!"
Robert Nieves $100.00 "Great Job Brandon!! Very Proud of you!"
Nana Montgomery Hidden "Go Nana!"
Stephanie Moseska $36.00 "Way to go, Sam! We are proud of you! With love, The Moseska's"
Mary Ellen Williams $100.00 "Carson, we love you!"
Mya Win $250.00 "Good luck for the event and my thoughts will be with you!"
Cookie and Jim Svingos $50.00 "With our best wishes and hopes for a cure..........Cookie and Jim and Ruby and Mason the labradoodles"
Idette Watkins $25.00 "Hope you reach your goal!"
Aileen Schennek $100.00 "Way to go Rami! Troy & Aileen"
Kate Hansen $13.10 "Good luck!"
Sonia Rios $50.00 "You got this Nasty Ness !! so excited can't Wait "
Telva Aguilar $30.00 "You go girll!!! Proud of you!!!"
Alicia nelson $100.00 "Go Team!!!"
Lori Burns $50.00 "Sam so proud of you! Love, Lori, Ellie and Noah"
Scott Diamond $25.00 "Good luck!"
Ashleigh Hinrichs $20.00 "Good luck at Disneyland! Love you. xoxo - Ash"
Susan Hooper $30.00 "Good Luck Sarah,..we know that your hard work and determination will bring you across the finish line...you are an inspiration to us!"
Anonymous $25.00 "Go Stitch! Luvu2tmab!"
Gerald Kelly $25.00 "Go for it! I know you will do it!"
Patricia Flanders $25.00 "Awesome!"
Peggy Cartwright $25.00 "Good luck Eric!"
Xochitl Munoz $50.00 "So PROUD of you Landon!"
Melissa Lau $25.00 "Go Eric!! "
Beth Clark $50.00 "Loved your email, Nathan.....we want to see photos!!"
Tracey Weiss $25.00 "Good Luck!"
Donna Broder $50.00 "Way to go! Proud of you and of course your son!"
Judy Ramirez $15.00 "Here's to one day finding a cure. Go Team TSA!"
Virginia Acosta $20.00 "From one Miche mama to another. Heres to finding a cure!"
Marion Iles Hidden "Go Josh and Jenn! "
MARION ILES Hidden "Go Jenn and Josh!"
Rhonda Kay $100.00 "Go Team Tiger!! Bob, Casey and I will be cheering you on from Denver."
Beverly Taylor $25.00 "Praying for a successful event! You are one incredible mom."
Ila and Dennis Weiss $100.00 "Good luck Mindy! Love you! Aunt Ila and Uncle Dennis"
Idie and Ron Weiss $100.00 "We are so proud of you, Mindy. Good luck to you ans Sam in the 5k at Disneyland. We love you. Mom and Dad"
Velma Vaughan $25.00 "Have Fun!!"
Brent Stonerock $25.00 "Michaelangelo: [watching a "Tortoise and the Hare" cartoon on TV] Go! Move it, will ya? Aw, you're letting him blow right by ya! Can you believe this guy? Come on! Don't just...! Ninja-kick the damn rabbit! Do something! "
Maria Daniels $25.00 "Go Aidan! :-) We Support YOU! Maria, Fiona & Liam Daniels Jan Van Immelen "
Hadley Rierson $50.00 "Teddy says, "Wow, Sam, this is a REALLY nice thing to do.""
Robert Buck $50.00 "Yay Emma"
Michelle Vera $50.00 "Good Luck!!!! Have a great race."
Sebastian Wedeniwski $250.00 "Enjoy the Family Run!"
Jennifer Boyce $125.00 "Donation by SoCal ASA Softball-Dan Potter"
Howard Singer $50.00 "Good luck in the race!"
Kristin Iles Hidden "To Josh and Jenn!!!"
Meghan Mason $20.00 "Have a fun weekend at Disneyland. Can't wait to hear what Jacob and Sofia think of the whole running thing!"
Charlie Birse $30.00 "Good luck Phoebe from your cousins: Emily, Rory and Cameron"
John Davis Hidden "Proud of Daniel and wish you both a safe journey. Prayers for a cure."
Suzi Norris $20.00 "Go Sophia, go! Have fun! You are doing a great service for TSA!"
Suzi Norris $20.00 "Go Jacob go! Have fun, Chase is impressed with all that you do! He can't wait to see you!"
Marc & Amber dela Cruz $50.00 "#TEAMFIT13"
Scott Eilert $50.00 "To the Singer Family, Thanks for your hard work in support of this important cause. Our regards, The Eilerl Family (Scott, Janine, Emily and Grace)"
Carol Calayag $50.00 "Awesome that you guys are participating! Have Fun. love, A,B & C"
Karen Silver Hidden "Way to go Sam! Proud of you! XOXO, Karen, Stan, Jake & Ryan"
Mike Cranford $100.00 "Happy Birthday honey, I'm so proud of you."
Charlene Warwick $25.00 "You go, Mindy and Sam! Love, Char xxoo"
Anonymous $50.00 "Proud of you guys--you rock! Good luck!"
Stella MacKay Hidden "Happy to wish you well and to support the entire Adams family in this worthy cause! (I'm a friend of Kellene's through Stampin' Up!). Good luck!!"
Chris Cranford $25.00 "Good Luck Momma, So proud of you!"
Michael Cranford, Jr $50.00 "Happy Birthday Mom"
Patty Sprunt $25.00 "We're proud to know you and honored to be able to donate to such a worthy cause! love, Mark & Patty"
Bonnie Barton Hidden "Good luck! Hope you both do well."
Jen Knox $50.00 "Kick butt! Have fun! Xoxo"
Shannon Schultz $25.00 "Whoop whoop, way to go Kim and Luke!! "
C.H. and Laurie Meili $100.00 "GO TEAM TIGER!"
Cynthia Weisrock Hidden "You all are amazing!"
Victor Polo $20.00 "here you , I'm buying you 2 drinks .. good luck and may the force be with you!"
Tien Brunelle $50.00 "I'm behind you all the way...back at my house...on the couch. "
Becky Graff $25.00 "Good luck you guys! What a great thing to do together!!"
Peter Dunn $25.00 "Way to go Jonny!"
Joan Abele $50.00 "Good luck to both of you!"
Melba Byington Hidden "Go girl! You Good luck. can do it in a flash!"
Ariana Montoya $25.00 "We Love You Isaiah!!"
Patricia Garcia $20.00 "Good luck!"
Rebecca Wright $25.00 "Good Luck Vicki! I will be thinking about you as you run your favorite annual race for a worthy cause!"
Kurt Thompson $25.00 "Go Tor !!!"
Kevin Thompson $25.00 "Good luck!!"
Margit Wong Hidden "Love you guys. So glad you are part of this."
Chuck & Ann Driesler $25.00 "Good Luck on reaching your GOAL (s)! "
Lauren Alpert $10.00 "Go Nancy!"
Alberto Garcia $25.00 "Good Luck!!!"
Chris DeCarlo $25.00 "Break a leg, Anilee! (But not literally) - you go, girl!"
Linda Stivers $100.00 ".. glad to give to this worthy endeavor. Good job, Nathan and Lucy! "
Gina Jones Hidden "Good luck!"
Haddco Inspection Lab Andre David $100.00 "On behalf of Haddco Inspection Lab"
SCE : BCD ECON FUNDRAISER $350.00 "As part of Southern California Edison's fundraising efforts, BCD Econ was able to raise $350 towards this 5K! "
Amanda Deniston $25.00 "So proud of you! Keep on running!"
Joyce Bell $100.00 "Reed rocks"
Walter Urteaga $50.00 "Good luck on your race!"
Beth Vukin $50.00 "What an amazing cause Mary! I love it! Way to go and good luck running! You are going to do great! Inspiring!"
Ety List Hidden "We love you and think you are amazing!! "
Janet Gleason $50.00 "What an inspiration you are in support of TEAM TSA!! "
Peter Friedman $10.00 "Anilee, You go, girl! Love, Peter and Suzanne"
Mr. and Mrs. How!! $10.00 "We are so proud of you, Anilee!! Love, Mr. and Mrs. How"
Kelly Reynolds $100.00 "Go Randy!"
Ray & Jackie Hanna $25.00 "Great Job Anilee! Keep up the good work!"
Kelly Bunkley $25.00 "Have a great race E.B.! "
Lidia Lopez $125.00 "Grandma's donation :)"
Mari Martinez $350.00 "From all your friends Ceri!! We're proud of you girl!"
Alison Jones $25.00 "Go Mindy!!! You rock! love Dylan and Mikaela"
Tracie Hall Picardo $350.00 "Corporate donation match on behalf of Mari Martinez and friends"
Cristian Jose Guerra $25.00 "Hi Landon, The Guerra Family supports you 100%! Good luck on you run and meeting your goal! Can't wait to meet you and play with you! Love, CJ"
Holly Rosen Hidden "Go Anilee! This is a great cause and you are making a difference. Keep singing! Love, Holly, Eric, Sydney and Ani Rosen"
Janet Ober Hidden "Eric, you inspire me!"
Dave and Jackie Gilbreath $25.00 "GOOD LUCK! We are proud of you for doing this. "
Dave and Jackie Gilbreath $25.00 "Good Luck! We are proud of you for doing this!!!"
Dave and Jackie Gilbreath $25.00 "Good Luck! We are so proud of you for doing this! Especially on that toe!"
Bo Norby $100.00 "Good luck!"
Darrel Ayerst $10.00 "Have fun!"
Betty Thompson $150.00 "This is such a good cause. Every step you take during the run will enable us to be that much closer to a cure one day for those who are challenged by the Tourette Syndrome. Have a great day on Saturday. Love you, The Thompsons"
Anonymous $10.00 "Good luck Dom! From JayCee and family. "
Jose Passilas $30.00 "Good luck Danny, run fast!"
Joel Alvarado $25.00 "Rock on my Man!!!"
Shelly Sawyer $35.00 "So proud of you, you are truly and inspiration!"
Heidi Spencer $25.00 "Have a great race, raise lots of money for a good cause and come in first. LOL...Have Fun!"
Fang Huang $25.00 "All the best"
julie boyd $25.00 "So proud of you have fun wish I was there to do it with you Love Mom"
Paula Kapiloff $25.00 "Healthy and Helpful - that's what you are! I will see you at Disneyland, my friend. "
claudia ribet $25.00 "You go girl! We are all there with you."
Bruce Hoar $50.00 "Run fast, Jacob!"
BRUCE HOAR $50.00 "Go Sofia!"
Liliana Ruiz $15.00 "Woot woot go Ms. Gutierrez!"
Veronica Maldonado $25.00 "GO LANDON! You're making your sigma tias very proud :)"
Lubomyr Hewko $100.00 "Keep up the good work!"
john jensen $250.00 "Contribution made possible from the Sokoloff Trust"
john jensen $100.00 "Contribution made in honor of my aunt, Christine Sokoloff who is living with Tourettes."
Ashley Bekolay $25.00 "Best of luck Jacob!!! Have a great race! You're the coolest."
Ashley Bekolay $25.00 "Good luck Sofia! Have fun at Disneyland!!"
Delia Urteaga $50.00 "We are proud of you for doing this! Have a great race."
Moira Solowitz $100.00 "Go Anilee Go! The Solowitz Family"
Gail Maida $50.00 "Good Luck! So proud of what you have accomplished! "
lois ferguson Hidden "God bless you both. We are so proud of you! grandpa and grandma"
Matteo Monzon $25.00 "Good luck Landon!!"
alex rennie Hidden "Good Luck: Your a winner for just participating."
Richard Friedman $250.00 "Anilee, I love you and admire you greatly for your wonderful spirit and ability to overcome whatever obstacles that might otherwise block your road to success. Lots of love, Grandpa"
Dawn Massey $25.00 "Felix says, "Way to go, Anilee!""
ALEX ALVAREZ $100.00 "God bless you and what you are doing. I am honored to donate to this cause... "
Jason Simmons $50.00 "Don't pull a hammy and if u need motivation just pull out the mask :) Good luck man..."
DeAnna Gonzales $25.00 "Yay for Team Jenks!"
Ida Weiss $50.00 "Good Luck Mindy and Sam from the Monday Mah Jongg gals."
Michelle Chang $25.00 "Go Tor!!! Auntie loves you!!! :)"
kristine Stallone $100.00 "Way to go!"
Julie Miran $100.00 "Great work Annetta! "
Sandra Diaz $20.00 "Go Team N8!"
Shanti Belasco Glynn $25.00 "Anilee you Rock : )"
Pam Harvey $20.00 "Great cause. Way to go!"
Patrick Havert $250.00 "Go for it McEwen family "
Letty A Ceja $25.00 "Good Luck Lil & Moni!!! Love you Ricky...God Bless!!"
Maria Ruiz $120.00 "Mjjo, We are so proud of you in helping others. Mommy and Daddy are sure doing a great job with you and sister. So here is a our donation to you help reach your goal in raising money for TSA. Love you always your Nana and Grandpa. "
Angie Whetman $20.00 "Good luck Chase!!! ?"
Nick Holzman $25.00 "Good Luck!"
Paul Ho $50.00 "Go, Carson! All the best. Paul Ho "
Sheri Johnson $28.00 "Way to go!"
Amelia Woolums $100.00 "Good luck you guys!! Hope it's a great race! Amelia Woolums"
Kimberly Schwarz Hidden "You guys are awesome!"
Dean Bishop $50.00 "Good luck Dan!"
Noni Colhoun $200.00 "Good luck on your walk and reaching your goal!"
Yessenia Gutierrez $70.00 "This donation is in behalf of Michael Kilroy ($50.00) and Monica Meakawa ($20.00)..... Thank you!"
Jill Wagoner $25.00 "What a fantastic thing you're doing Eric! You're gonna do great!"
Samantha Sanchez $20.00 "Go team Brandon!!! Tell Mickey hi!!!"
Brentwood Veterinary Hospital $100.00 "Good Luck Brandon!"
Greg Harrison $25.00 "Get Some!!!"
Heather Neely $25.00 "I'm sorry I'm late! I hope this helps. Go Christy!"
Cesar Luna Hidden "You are doing a good thing!"
Brent Riederich $100.00 "Good Luck AJ on your first 5K, I know it will go well. Love you, Dad"
Tracey MacGregor $50.00 "Go Nancy!!!! "
Mindy Weiss $50.00 "This is Including a cash donation from Liz Ingraham. "
Kenneth Munafo $50.00 "Go Team Aidan!!!!!!"
Jillian Andrews $25.00 "Proud of you two, fight the good fight!"
Abby Hsu $25.00 "Hi Jason, As always, I am continually impressed by your drive and passion towards a cause. I am motivated by your "can do" attitude. Last year during the Disneyland Half Marathon volunteering, I saw how inspired you were from the Tourette Syndrome Association. You gave away medals last year, and now this year, you're getting your own! Too bad I can't be there to hand you your medal now! Have fun crossing the finish line! ~Abby"
Paul Jones $75.00 "Well keep up the good work All the best from your UK/Vietnamese drinking buddy"
Allen Dunlow $150.00 "Very proud of you! Good luck in your effort and run! Aunt Sue and Uncle Allen"
Kim New $75.00 "We love you Jake! Have fun! Mom & Dad"
Annie Ayerst $50.00 "We love you Tor!"
Shannon Alvarez $20.00 "Good Luck this weekend!"
Jennifer Cash $25.00 "We love you guys :)"
STEPHEN TAYLOR $25.00 "Go Isai and team Vera! Love Tia Sandy and Family."
Hilda Zaruba $25.00 "Blessings that "TSA along w/ Cystic Fibrosis" & many, many others... may someday find it's own Cure. Let's Not just "LIKE" beautiful, people... "Let's donate". Thank you!"
Karen Madokoro Hidden "You're doing a great thing, have fun!"
Anonymous $100.00 "So proud of you !!!"
Claudia Munoz-Zanzi $50.00 "I am so proud of you!!!"
Claudia Munoz-Zanzi $50.00 "You are amazing, my boy. I am the luckiest mom. "
nicole alpert $150.00 "Go get em' Nancy!"
Francis Chang $50.00 "Hi Tor have fun at the race, love grandpa Chang. "
Heather von Allmen $100.00 "Best of luck to you in your new role and in your fight to find a cure for Tourette's"
Tim Carpenter $50.00 "Randy, hope you ran faster than I donated."
Helen Deng $50.00 "Good luck in your courageous efforts in raising awareness for Tourette Syndrome. We pray that the medical community will find an effective treatment! We are proud of you, Brandon."
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