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Dave Smith's Manhattan Island Marathon Swim
Raising Funds for SwimFree and Ovarian Cancer Research

July 7th of last year I stepped ashore after having swam the Catalina Channel in 9 hours and 22 minutes. I became the 174th person to conquer the channel solo.

My next big swim is on June 18th of this year, when I swim 28.5 miles around the island of Manhattan! Unlike Catalina where you swim alone and in the dark, this is an event where I swim with (or against) 30 other swimmers from around the world, and a few relays. Getting selected to swim in an event like this is quite a privilege. As a condition of my acceptance into this field I volunteered to raise $5000 for two worthy causes, SwimFree, and the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.

SwimFree is a nonprofit organization that brings swimming to under privileged children in the New York City area. Swimming brings satisfaction to my life while reducing stress in my sometimes crazy work schedule. I am enthusiastic about being able to help others get introduced into the sport in a safe way, and SwimFree does that.

My mom died from ovarian cancer in 2006. This disease is rarely diagnosed until it is wide spread, and it metastasizes and travels throughout the body. Treatments are for the large part ineffective. I saw firsthand the effects of this terrible disease on my mom, and I want to accelerate better treatment options and earlier detection. Fundraising for The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund will give me the opportunity to raise awareness and funds for this cause.

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Total Donations: $3,720

Goal: $5,000

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