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CureMito! - Pasadena Half Marathon February 19, 2012
Research, Treatment, Cure
CureMito! is helping children with mitochondrial disease and dysfunctions by improving their quality of life. Our mission is to establish and support a local center of excellence for the innovative research, treatment and education in mitochondrial disease and functional disorders.

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Total Donations: $136,198

Goal: $300,000

$0 45% $300,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Anonymous Hidden "For Big Zach, Love you to pieces!"
Sally Yuska $25.00 "Hopefully no amount is too small. I've been following your posts regarding Gwinnie and it just breaks my heart. You are an amazing mom, Beth! Keep up the great work fighting for your daughter's health."
Mary Chase $500.00 "Thank you for asking! I support the runners, the cause, the physician, the parent and the child."
Michael Lonier Hidden "the limo is standing by"
Helen & Andy Arnold $500.00 "Good luck, Beth!! You are such an amazing inspiration to us!"
Papa & Gaga Simon $100.00 "Praying this will find a cure so our sweet baby and others like him will no longer have to suffer!!"
Anonymous $20.00 "I saw Helen's posting on Facebook."
Daryl & Starrla Hawkins $10.00 "Go Val!"
joyce chadroff $100.00 "Unc Sy & Ant Joyce hope u find a cure"
Noreen Reilly $200.00 "Good luck with the fundraising and the run Beth!"
sonia bain $50.00 "Good luck from Brooklyn, Beth!"
Melinda & Mark Maxwell-Smith $50.00 "Go Brittany! Thanks for making a positive difference (again!) in the world around you. Rootin' for you and all the other runners! Big hugs from Pun 'N' Moose"
Deborah Kidd $100.00 "Gwynnie's adorable, Beth! Best wishes to you and your sweet daughter! "
Michelle Cavalcanti $50.00 "Sending you all my good thoughts..Good luck!!! I hope you reach your goal!"
Anonymous Hidden "Fight On!"
Rosalyn Skelton $10.00 "Proud of you! "
Elizabeth Siddall $25.00 "We are proud of you Brittany honoring Colyn this way! Love you!!"
Bethany Thrasher Hidden "Brittany, We are so proud of what you are doing to raise awareness and honor your family! Prayers are going out for you as you raise funds and while you run as well! Bethany & Mark Thrasher"
Thomas Borros $100.00 "Hang in there Steinmans Ella is always in our prayers!"
Megan Tworkowski $25.00 "For Zachary =) with love!"
Deepak Prakash $25.00 "All the best to the Avery Team for this wonderful cause!"
Anonymous Hidden "Good luck and thanks for doing this! "
Twylla Knake $500.00 "In honor of Mollie "
Jen Lemmer $100.00 "In honor of Jasper Hall, one tough little guy"
Regina Ursettie $200.00 "Walk for our boys!!!!!"
Emily Kaye Hidden "What a great cause! Let me know if you need a nurse nearby; you may require medical assistance running a marathon at your age..... hehehe"
Patty Woods Hidden "What a great idea! Keep up the good work & Thank you for remembering my boy!!"
carolyn karzazi $15.00 "beth, wishing you best of luck from RI!"
Gunther Rosen $100.00 "Good luck, Claudia! Hi to Rick!"
Marci Wendling $20.00 "Go Claudia, GO!"
Stephanie Kahn $25.00 "Our love and prayers for Ella and her wonderful family."
Ashley and Dan Weinger $50.00 "Ella we will always be behind you and your family. Love, Ashley, Dan, Hailey, and Gabbi"
Aimee, Mackie and Eliot Feierstein $25.00 "We know Ella will be CURED of this one day! She is a brave girl and a fighter!! We love her and her whole family! XOXO"
Stephanie and Philip Lerner $75.00 "G-d Bless you for running for Ella. She is a brave little girl who will benefit from you efforts, along with all the love sent along to Ella and her family. Thank you!"
brandon lucore $50.00 "You Go Girl!! Brandon and Jennifer Lucore"
Grace Karkafi $25.00 "I'm so proud of you! you go girl:)"
KEvin Buckley Hidden "Go Claudia and Rick1 "
Brian Fischer Hidden "Good luck with your husband's research goals! It's nice to hear from you no matter the circumstance. You'll always be in my graces Claudia!"
Jen Abramson $25.00 "Go Claudia!"
Stacy Rubin Hidden "I hope this run runs away MITO!!!!"
Mary Frank $50.00 "Good luck, Michael!"
Fernando Aldana $25.00 "I am glad for the opportunity to support this noble cause and cheers to the Avery Dennison team!"
Jasmin Tsai $25.00 "Hi Claudia, I'm so proud of you. Best, Jasmin"
Michael Redd Hidden "Go team Avery Dennison!"
Kish Curtis $25.00 "Good luck, Claudia!!"
Claudia Boles $55.00 "Thanks for your support, CHLA!!! Good luck! "
Lori Chadroff $50.00 "Go Risa...maybe next year everybody will go to LA and run with him!! Field Trip!"
evette ramsay $50.00 " So glad you decided to go for it. I'm still considering joining you in person, but you know I'll be with you in spirit!"
Dana Dolcetti Hidden "Way to go, Claudia! Sounds like a good cause and its great that you are doing this!"
Luis Montes $25.00 "Claudia thank you for invitation to contribute to a worthwhile cause. Wishing Rick and you the very best. Walk fast and furious!"
Lara de Leon Hidden "I'm so proud of you! Go Claudia!"
Anthony and Karen Fieri $50.00 "Thanks for helping in raising awareness and money to find a cure for a disease that has effected our family as well."
michal marks $100.00 "Hi Steinmans, we are with you all the way, whatever you need!!!!! We love you Ella."
Kerry Lovelock $25.00 "So proud of you!!"
Lauren and Saul Kemple Harper $50.00 "Go Team CVSA!"
Sarah Harroff Hidden "Good luck! "
Heather Roop $25.00 "Go Zach!"
Erik Schott Hidden "Good Luck Girl! Fight ON!"
Brian Galluzzo $50.00 "I hear only the first 12 miles are rough - no worries!"
Daniel Brenner $25.00 "Happy Hanukkah Kelsie! I'm so proud that you are doing this."
Linda Francis $50.00 "Good Luck, Sharis! "
Allison Turkish $25.00 "Claudia, I'm so proud of you. I enjoy hearing about your training on Facebook. :)"
Angela Chavez $25.00 "Godspeed Kelsie! :) "I tell our runners to divide the race into thirds. Run the first part with your head, the middle part with your personality, and the last part with your heart." -- Mike Fanelli (running club coach)"
Kevin Healy $50.00 "In recognition of Michael Goulding"
Kevin Healy $50.00 "In recognition of Iain Goulden"
Kevin Healy $50.00 "In recognition of Erika Aceves"
Tracy Van Hoven $50.00 "Go Shawn!"
Betsy Castillo-Cifuentes $50.00 "Good luck, Robert & Wendy! It's a great cause! FIGHT ON!"
Kathleen Hayes $100.00 "We love you guys!!"
Laura Norris $100.00 "This is a great cause and MSSB is a great firm. Live, Run, Invest! Laura Norris, CFP"
Kendyl Hall $200.00 "You'll do great Beth!!"
Travis Jones $20.00 "Love you guys!"
Steve Frazier $125.00 "Know that both of you as well as the boys are in our prayers !!! We know you will continue to keep hope, faith, and the commitment in your hearts and minds each and everyday for research and ultimately a cure. "
Laura Zaragosa $50.00 "Thank you for the e-mail and video! It really helped me to understand what you all are going through! Thanks again!! "
Quin Checketts $100.00 "Jeff, your positive attitude and your hope is an inspiration to us all."
Helen Dillon $100.00 "Best wishes to the Hudgins family from Kevin, Helen, Frank, Mark, and Patrick at K & D Welding Inc.!"
Mary Zaragosa $25.00 "God Bless you and yours! Love you always!!"
Dale Ronsin $77.77 "What a beautiful pair of brother boys. It is these two who have the task of participating in the advancement of our medical science for the benefit of others, a truly monumental contribution. May they share in all the love possible, to express our thanks. Life must be like a roller coaster ride, ups, downs and inversions. Doubly so, and these two are blessed with wonderful parents, making a family to be treasured. You need funds, love, and a little luck. Here's to all three! Dale Stephanie Leslie and Kristina Ronsin Retired in Woodland"
Mike & Josi Clark $50.00 "Merry Christmas R&D...M&J"
Jim Reid-Anderson $1,000.00 "We are very proud of you!"
Greg Stevens $30.00 "Jeff and Heather, you are an inspiration to us all. Thank you for sharing the photos of your two beautiful boys!"
Silva Katchiguian $50.00 "Keep doing what you do best."
Brendon Cheves $500.00 "The Aerosmith onesie did me in. Stay strong!"
Greg Morrison $25.00 "Proud of you Armen! Good luck training! Don't get hit by a car again...."
Kelly Johnson $100.00 "Best wishes to the Hudgins family!"
Victoria Torf Hidden "Kelsie, You make the world a better place, one step at a time! I love you!"
Roger Berry $100.00 "Hi Jeff, On behalf of the familes at Alberts, may your holidays be blessed with the miracles of Christmas!!"
Kevin Akiyoshi $50.00 "Wishing your family hope and happiness during the Holidays!"
Jeff Glinter $50.00 "Beautiful video. You guys are awesome!"
Dzovag Minassian $100.00 "Good for you Armen. Always more meaningful to train for a cause. Remember to hydrate!"
julie garfunkel $25.00 "best of luck !!!"
Larry Chickola $200.00 "We are with you guys, Love, the Chickola's"
Anna Leger $25.00 "I look forward to learning, growin, and helping for this experience"
Jaime Cartmill $20.00 "Proud of you T.J.!!!!! Go kick some butt! :)"
Keith Eltman $50.00 "Wishing you all the best."
Angie Wilcox Hidden "Go Meg!!! We love Troy and you! Run Sista Run!!! Proud of you mama!! "
Steve Unland $200.00 "Our hearts go out to you and the boys, thank you for sharing with us so we have a better understanding, your Family is remembered in our prayers and we are sharing your story with others also. May you find good days in your future with positive advancement in help for the Boys. "
David Moore $50.00 "Good luck Shannon..."
Ron & Wendy Robertson $100.00 "Madison, we love you and are praying daily for you. Let's win this battle against CVS together. Grandpa Ron and Grandma Wendy"
Lorraine Markus $25.00 "Wishing you and your family all the best!"
Debbi Funari $100.00 "Love you Miss Madison"
Ross Ellis $25.00 "I want to support Chandra in Rock and Roll Pasadena ½ Marathon benefiting CureMito. Good luck Chandra!"
eugene case $25.00 "Shannon,You go Girl...EVEN !!!"
gary saenger $50.00 "Gabe, It is a pleasure to support your efforts for Mito. All the best, and here is hope for a cure. Run well - do us proud - you already are doing so! Gary"
Leila Vakili $25.00 "Go Ramin...Go!"
Hugo Cortina $50.00 "10 miles - go Gabby"
Donna Noble $50.00 "What a great way to make a difference and help find a cure for Mito. I am sure Colyn is so proud of his big sister. Colyn will be watching over you the entire race. Keep up the great work."
Ram Mukkamala $10.00 "Thank you for leading a great cause."
Barbara Akridge $50.00 "Heather, your boys are such cuties! I am praying for you and your family."
Scott Ferguson $50.00 "Great job Ramin. Good luck on the run."
Tisha Berg $75.00 "Go Team Sarina!! :-)"
Mehran Kia $25.00 "Good luck Ramin!"
Fanny Lopez $50.00 "To Jaxen and Maddox, I am sending all my positive energy and love to you both and family. "
Lily Kia $25.00 "All the best Ramin!"
TomAndSheryl Munroe $200.00 "Praying for you Madison. Love, Tom, Sheryl, Ondrea and Tannor Munroe"
Kai Felton $25.00 "Good Luck!"
Kedon Williams $100.00 "Go Ramin!!!"
David Richman $50.00 "Good Luck!"
Taline Tokatlian $50.00 "I'm proud of you! "
Chuck & Doretha Jones $200.00 "Grandma and Grandpa Pop love you all."
Anonymous $20.00 "This money was raised as part of the Global Applications & ETS Holiday Fundraiser and was included in the reported total."
Natalie Nazeley $150.00 "We are always thinking of and praying for you guys. Much Love, Natalie "Auntie Tickles" Nazeley and Family"
Leticia Berg $425.00 "Run fast!!!"
Steve Heckler $100.00 "Go Gabe Go!!!"
jay akhave $100.00 " Run Gabe Run for a worthy cause!"
Douglas Williams $25.00 "¡Andale Gob! --Sylvia and Doug"
Gladys Fullford $100.00 "Praying for a cure. Love you, Madison! Good luck to Scott & Laura on the run."
Rashel Mereness $100.00 "Do you get a cape if you meet your fundraising goal? If not, would you like to borrow my cape for the run?"
Isabel Wells $240.00 "Global Applications & ETS Holiday Fundraiser"
Barbara Josing $50.00 "Good Job Team!"
Khush Gill $1,160.00 "On behalf of Avery IT and all Avery Brea based employees, donations raised during Global Applications and ETS Holiday Fundraiser. Thanks to all contributors."
Barbara Lacher $50.00 "Best of luck, Rob! Barbara"
Barbara Neale $100.00 "Good Luck!! "
Janine Aldana Hidden "Madison~ We love you and are praying for a cure!!! Best of luck Mom & Dad on your 1/2 Marathon~ Much Love, Marcos, Janine & Emily"
Stephane Brinster $50.00 "Go Rob! Go! You were already an athlete in France and I know you love Greece! You'll beat everyone!"
Tina Bernard-Henderson $25.00 "Go Chandra Go!!!!! "
David Gewirz $200.00 "We love you big Zach !! In honor of little Zach and big Zach !! David ! "
Mandi Baber $35.00 "GOOD LUCK TEAM MARA, Even though we will not be there to cheer you on in person, just know that we will be CHEERING you on at home!! RUN FOR A CURE, LOVE YOU!"
Michael Moon $100.00 "Good Luck Team Mara! I am so proud of you... Run for the CURE! Love, Michael"
Randy Wallace $100.00 "I am so proud of you honey for doing this for our beautiful grandaughter. Good luck, I know you will run good because you have the fight for Mara in your heart. Love you."
Vickie Schweitzer $25.00 "I am sending my prayers for your run and for a cure. Good luck Kathy and Chariti, know you can do it and hope Mara gets better soon, and a cure is found. Love you all. Your cuz Vickie"
John Huebner $200.00 "Run for Mara...Fight for a CURE!! We love You, DAD and Jenny"
Lynette Thomas $25.00 "Good luck !!"
Dr. Tyra Meyer $100.00 "Good Luck Kathy and Chariti. Mara deserves a cure to be found."
Brent & Erin Bilvado $20.00 "Good Luck!"
Juana Meza $20.00 "Such a great cause! "
Bill Barney $100.00 "Run like the wind!"
Tiffany Albers Dusty Wallace $50.00 "GO TEAM MARA !!!!! "
Valerie Samson $25.00 "Good Luck Sharon! xoxo, The Ladies at Film Fashion"
James Pickens $200.00 "Bust it out! The Pickens Plantation."
Jennifer Murphy $25.00 "Good luck Armen. Maybe one day in the future I will be joining you for half marathons..."
Lisa Tennant $25.00 "Go Cara !!!!!!!!"
Richard H Rudolph II $500.00 "In Honor Of Paige M Rudolph. Tough times never last but tough people do!"
Patricia Braun $50.00 "Can't even imagine how hard it is to see a granddaughter so ill. Good Luck to you on your race. Go Team Mara!!"
Sherry Sherman $20.00 "Good luck with the fundraiser! Love, Sherry "
Linda Fox $100.00 "Hoping for a cure! Go team CVSA!"
Alexa Hendrickson $25.00 "In honor of Jasper and his family...some of the most resilient people I know! "
Carolyn Barton $250.00 "In honor of Jasper Hall"
Emily Shappell $40.00 "Goodluck with the run! May God give you the strength to run hard and researchers the knowledge to find a cure!"
Julie Huelskamp $50.00 "Sending best wishes as you run!! Praying they will find a cure for Mara :)"
Heather Hanning $50.00 "im very proud of you ma i know you can do it!!!! Good luck!"
Lois and Michael Linder Hidden "We love you guys!!!!!!!!! Lois and Michael"
Barbara Toerner $50.00 "Good Luck"
Tracie Taneja $25.00 "Good Luck Jorge!! You can do it!!"
Dean and Stephanie Saxe $50.00 "In honor of our great friend, Jasper Hall."
Anonymous $100.00 "what ever GO CARA"
Vivien Yasuda $25.00 "Run, Roe, Run! "
Gabriel Villanueva $30.00 "Go Roe!"
Marissa Beitler $25.00 "Best of luck! Proud of your accomplishments & dedication! "
Rosa Bravo Hidden "Rob - What a wonderful cause! Have a great run!!"
Eric & Cheryl Cotte $50.00 "Gwynnie is Marissa's best friend and she just adores her. We are so happy that Gwynnie is getting the treatment that she needs to stay healthy!"
Alberto Ramirez $50.00 "Way to go, Jess! You inspire us all."
Garry Ebel $50.00 "Good luck Gus and team 13.1"
Arpi Minassian $25.00 "Good luck Armen!"
Di Tran $25.00 "In honor of Jasper Hall - a good friend!"
Evette Shaner $25.00 "Good luck Team Mara!"
Sarkis Katchiguian $200.00 "Armen, always proud of you. You do set the standards high for a lot of us."
Dr. CP Cheung $20.00 "Good luck!"
Tom,Shawn & Tiffani Sawmiller $25.00 "Go team Mara !! We are praying they find a cure "
Terri Carter $200.00 "We support Team Troy! We love you and are proud of you. Thanks to all the runners for Team Troy: Megan, Paula, David & Jason. Love, Randy & Terri"
Sylvia Smith $50.00 "Our prayers are for them to find a cure quickly for your sweet,brave,beautiful Madison! We love your family so much and you are an inspiration without even realizing it. Good luck with the marathon, we will be cheering you on!! Lots of love and blessings, Sylvia,Eric,Zoe & Ava Smith"
Anonymous $200.00 "Go Coop Troop!!"
Anonymous $200.00 "Go Coops!"
Kelly and Chris Davis Hidden "Go Coop Troop Go"
Frank Mendoza $25.00 "Good Luck! "
Steven & Sara Ingrassia $100.00 "Go Coopers!! "
Chandra Wilson $100.00 "Thank you so much for your support."
Chandra Wilson $100.00 "Thanks Michele for supporting us. To the finish line!"
shahrzad Mirbod $25.00 "Good Luck, Kourosh"
paul hayre $50.00 "may the wind be at your back!"
Phillip DeMarks $25.00 ""Go Michelle!!!""
Agatha Morales $25.00 "GOOD LUCK!"
Anonymous $100.00 "Life is precious and worth the fight. So Run or Walk with all your might!"
William and Ana Syrkin $100.00 "Let's go Coop Troop!!!!"
Mark Stein $200.00 "We are happy to support Jerome in his efforts to help our God-Daughter, Gwynnie and all the other children who have this challenge. Our love to all."
Jennifer Santoro $50.00 "Elsa, you are a great mother!!! I am inspired by your strength-Stay strong and positive -you are a true angel ! I will be walking for a cure beside you and the rest of the community ... GO TEAM MITO!! Peace and light, Jennifer"
Stacy Gewirz $200.00 "Big Zach ...little Zach :)"
Stacy Gewirz $50.00 ":)"
Tom and Gwynne Freytag $50.00 "Mara: You are a beautiful young girl. I know Grandma and Grandpa Wallace. They are very nice people. Good luck to you in the future. Medicine is always finding new ways to help people. Don't give up and we hope you find the cure you need. Tom and Gwynne Freytag"
Teresa Cartmill $25.00 "Way to go TJ!! So proud of you!!"
Michelle Epstein $50.00 "We are cheering for you Scott and Laura! We hope this will help find a cure, so Madison doesn't have to get sick anymore! Love, Cary, Michelle, Andee and Kenidee"
Martin Hodgson $50.00 "Good Luck Robert!"
Anonymous $10.00 "Best of luck, God bless."
Kenneth Marks $100.00 "Good Luck Sharon! Kenneth - Pamella Roland"
Ronald Helmuth $50.00 "Go Michelle . . . "
Joe Daley $50.00 "Go Sharis...7 minute miles!"
Tim Shanahan $50.00 "Good luck Brian! "
Chuck & Polly Hernandez $50.00 "Gob Bless you both (Nephew Jeff & Niece Heather--You already know you and the kids are in our constant prayers as well as on our Church's prayer list (Pacific Church of Irvine)--As we've told you, God definitely knew what special angels to send to parent and care for Moddox and Jaxen--All our Love and Support in any way you need us forever!!! Uncle Chuck & Aunt Polly XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX"
linda Lange $72.00 "Four times Chai for Zachary Gewirz"
Cindy Barnard $200.00 "Go Paula This is an amazing thing you are doing and Troy is so lucky to have you in his life. Love. Aunt Cindy "
Wanda Barnard $25.00 "Paula. Don't get hurt! Love, Gram"
Jeremy Preddy $50.00 "Good luck Greg Zane! Jeremy, Katie & Jema"
Matthew, David and Ryan Baker $300.00 "Hooray for the Coop Troop!"
Karen Hallman $25.00 "So happy to have met Sweet Troy and his family at Dinkey!!!"
Barbara Seigle $200.00 "In honor of Zachary Gewirz and Big Zach...Hugs Nana & Papa"
Angelee Bouchard $500.00 "Go Coopers Go! "
Michelle and Mac Chandler $50.00 "Go team Cooper!!"
lauren cohen $25.00 "You walk the walk & talk the talk! Go Claudia! Very proud of your dedication. You a true gem :)"
Neil & Marsha Estrin $25.00 "Donation on behalf of Zachary Gewirz"
Ryan Garing $500.00 "Good luck Shannon! We know you will do great and admire all of your efforts in this event. Sincerely, Fallbrook Firefighters Association Local #1622"
Ryan Garing $500.00 "Goodluck Darrell, We admire you as a father and friend, along with the efforts you have placed in this event. Sincerely, Fallbrook Firefighters Association Local #1622 "
Margi Johnson $100.00 "Good Luck Kirsten & Eddie! We will be thinking of you every step of the way! Love, The Johnsons"
Anne and Dan Goodwin $50.00 "Go Coop Troop! We've been hiking and preparing!"
Domita Winsor-Porter $50.00 "Way to go you guys! We are so proud of you and we love you so much! Go Team Troy! Troy, you are the light of our world sweet baby boy! We'll love you for always and beyond forever! - Love, Aunt Domita, Uncle Don, and Brittany"
Rick & Deb Regula $75.00 "Praying for a cure to help Mara..."
Harvey Newquist $25.00 "Good Luck! Mom & Dad"
Raffi Hovnanian $25.00 "Isn't it sickening how sick sick people get when they get sick? Have a good time on the run Armen! "
Cathy & Larry Kagan $50.00 "Go, Claudia! Soon you will cross the finish line! xo"
Gilbert Martel $50.00 "Go Jen!!!!!"
Cyndi & Chip Malouf Hidden "In support of our Mito Family and Dr. Boles!"
Brittney Simon $50.00 "I love you best friend! Praying for you every day<3"
Paula Thomson $100.00 "We hope this fund raising will help raise awareness of this disease. Many people may be suffering with this disease and remain undiagnosed."
Laura Nicol $20.00 "I don't know Mara but she is in my prayers and in the hands of our loving Lord. I received a letter about Mara from the dance center."
Radha Sen $50.00 "Sharis, it is great you are taking part in this. "
JERRY & TERRY CLARK $50.00 "Praying for a cure. There's nothing more precious than a child and grandchild."
Jeremy & Alysha Huebner $50.00 "We love you Mara!!!!!! love, Uncle Jeremy, Aunt Alysha and Jacob"
margaret flanagan $25.00 "Go, Greg!!"
Kathleen Hunt $25.00 "Thinking of you. Go Team Mara!!!"
Sandy and Kelly Golliher $50.00 "Our thoughts and prayers are with the Hartmans and all the families in Santa Clarita fighting this disease."
Cathy Roos Hidden "Hope it works this time. Run Joan run!"
Bonnie Levins $15.00 "This donation is in honor of Grandma Helen."
Brent & Rita Henschen $25.00 "Go Team Mara"
Anonymous Hidden "Praying for you Mara :)"
Dave Kamiya $200.00 "I'm in to support the run and to support finding a cure for all of the kids out there, especially my buddy Matthew and the Hartmans. Good luck in the run and your fundraising! I see that you're beating your goal and let's all see how much you can overachieve on your goal to really make a difference! Thanks for doing the tough work by doing the half marathon. Dave and Alison "
Athene Kim $25.00 "Good luck on your marathon Mommy! ???!"
Barbara Donahue $50.00 "Congratulations on running a half-marathon!"
Maureen P. Feeney $100.00 "In honor of Matthew. From Denny & Maureen Feeney friends of you Aunt Susan."
Candice Copell $200.00 "Madison, you are always in our thoughts and prayers. You are one brave girl and we hope that they find a cure soon!! We love you tons!!! Good luck Scott and Laura....Kick butt!!"
Justine Plocher $50.00 "Go Coop Troop!"
Anne and Dan Goodwin $50.00 "Dear Coop Troop, A 3-mile power walk around the Rose Bowl almost killed me so we're out but we will be cheering you on! xoxo"
Kristan Wiggenhorn $100.00 "Dear Sweet Madison, Everytime I hear that you are in the hospital, I become very sad. I have loved visiting you, yet always wish there was something more I could do. So, maybe this is that 'something more.' We sincerely hope and pray this effort helps to find answers and a cure. All of us love you sweet girl....xoxox Kris Wiggenhorn "
Bryan & Brandi Zofkie $75.00 "You're in our prayers, Mara! We only hope the research is successful sooner than later!! Have a safe trip and a great run! "
Mitch and Teresa Butier $100.00 " Way to go Coop Troop!! We will be thinking of you on race day! "
Paris Cohen Hidden "Kirsten, wishing you and your team much success."
Paris Nattboy $25.00 "Sorry that we can't give more at this time. Our love and support goes out to all the families that are affected by Mitochonddrial; specially the Hartman family. We will spread the word. - The Nattboy family"
Bruce Webb $50.00 "Greg, My thoughts are with you. Best Wishes... Bruce Webb "
Ginger Conway $20.00 "Good luck!"
Sheryl Rapheal $500.00 "Our thoughts and hopes are with your family. We're all supporting your efforts to raise awareness and find a cure for this disease. Medical Graphics Corporation"
Ron LaPlante $100.00 "Vicki, Greg, and Cameron. My prayers are with youn all. Ron"
Dan Hagerty $50.00 "We're all pulling Cameron! (and Nana)"
Catherine Pinske Hidden "Here's to Cameron's future walk with Nana!"
Kathy Baumgarten $50.00 "Wishing Matthew and his friends all the best.... The Baumgarten's... friends of Susan"
Judith Perlmutter $50.00 "This donation is to help my friend Zach Gerwirz who is 11yrs old and all those in need. "
Joel Katon Hidden "I'm sure Colyn is so proud of you and all you are accomplishing! What a beautiful way to honor his memory. Sending loads of positive energy your way- GO Brittany GO GO GO!!!"
Sylva Minassian $50.00 "Cheers to you Armen! Good Luck!"
Nancy Menendez $100.00 "So proud of you Maricel! Go Team Cure Mito! - Nancy"
Tazy Stein Hidden "I totally support what you are doing! You're the best! Love - T"
Travis Van Vreeswyk $25.00 "I love you Elsa! Hope this helps, Rae and I are thinking about you guys and hoping that Audrey gets better everyday! ~Travis Van Vreeswyk"
Hasmig Minassian $25.00 "Run like no one is watching, Armen--xoxo Hasmig and Sevan"
arman laurance lucy herma menetian $100.00 "congradulations armen.we are very proud of you.aytkan aden vor kezi bes antser ge kednevin vor gashkhadin azniv nebadagnerou hamar,ge havadank aveli lav ashkharhi me mech abril."
The Dance Centre' Schlenker $50.00 "We wish you all the best on your run!!! And we are praying for a cure and health for Mara. May God Bless each one of you!!! The Dance Centre'"
Sarah Thompson $10.00 "Run, Bill, Run!!!!"
Sarah Thompson $10.00 "Good luck, Jeannine!!!"
john varner $100.00 "You go!"
DAVID LEACH $3,510.00 "This donation is from McLane and the wonderful teammates who loved and cared about Colyn. It is wonderful seeing you supporting Colyn's cause in this way. The team here really enjoyed raising this money for the Curemito organization. We are proud to have known such a special and inspirational person as Colyn was. Thank you for allowing us to help the cause!"
Cassie Russek $10.00 "Good luck Armen. "
Louisa Ayrapetyan $25.00 "Good luck Armen! Make it your BEST run yet!!!! "
Chandra Wilson $100.00 "Thanks for joining the team!"
Jean Renshaw $25.00 "Go my girl!"
Kathy Roth $50.00 "Thanks for helping."
Eun Yang $200.00 "Good luck with the race!"
Robin Williams $100.00 "We wish you a good race! We're proud of you! Robin and Jill"
Laura Elizares-Sanders $50.00 "Greg, I am happy to support that team, Rock 'n' Roll!!!"
deanna saul $40.00 "Run forest run"
Alan Renshaw Hidden "Sister!"
La Donya Williams $5.00 "Celeste: I am so proud to see you running the Pasadena Rock n Roll Marathon. I am sure you are going to smoke the course! La Donya"
La Donya Williams $5.00 "Congrats on running your first marathon!"
Angela Whiting $100.00 "Go, Michele, Go!"
Denise Manlove $25.00 "Way to go Robert and Wendy! "
La Donya Williams $5.00 "Woohoo!! Debbie's running her second marathon. I'm so proud of you. La Donya"
La Donya Williams $5.00 "Wow! Winning the weight loss contest and running a marathon all in one month! You better smoke 'em on the course. La Donya"
Ella Pfeiffer $100.00 "Go Claudia!"
Brent Martin $100.00 "To Matthew and Helene and all those stricken with this debilitating disease. You are our Heros. Our hearts and prayers go out to you and Dr. Boles for finding a cure. - Brent and Carmen"
Tina Howard $50.00 "Kick some BUTT Claudia Boles! xoxo"
Tami Sand $50.00 "We are so proud of you and this amazing journey you are on!"
Kathy Fisher $100.00 "Let's go Claudster, let's go!!"
Starla Parrish $50.00 " I commend your efforts!"
toni bryant $50.00 "Maddie, I ask God to heal you everyday. Love you lots! Aunt Toni"
Wendi Kellaris $25.00 "Best of luck Claudia. I am so glad to be given this opportunity to contribute to the cause. "
Sue Jennings $100.00 "Run Peyton Run!"
Brian Goff $25.00 "Go Laura Go! Nice job! Keep up the good work!"
suzanne siatras $50.00 "GO LAURA!!!!"
Shannon Gilmartin Hidden "Good Luck, Peyton! "
Ronna Wiseman $20.00 "Hey June, So proud of you participating in this half marathon and for the cause it stands for. You go girl! -Ronna"
Kellean Day $50.00 "We hope they find a cure for this! Do great on the Marathon ou guys! We are praying for you Madison! "
Chandra Wilson $100.00 "Thank you so much for joining me out there!!"
Laura Andreasen $50.00 "Great job our wonderful Robertson family supporting Madison and others with Cyclic vomiting! Love you guys!!!"
La Donya Williams $5.00 "Run, Forest, run!!"
Steve Speer $100.00 "Eat lots of pasta so you run faster Maria :). Good luck!"
Jim Bodwell $50.00 "Good luck Ramin"
carrie jennewein $25.00 "Go Elsa and team Audrey. Would be walking with you if I could. Love you guys!"
Anonymous $50.00 "Go Diep!"
Robin McCullough $25.00 "Go Team Mara!!!"
Nicole Szabo $50.00 "Go Sheila! Thank you for running!"
Sue Nistico $50.00 "Nana love's you Troy!"
nancy bixby $20.00 "PROUD OF YOU JENN, MOM AND DAD B."
Carol Thomas-Knipes $75.00 "Go Chandra!! You run girl. So proud of you and Sarina!"
Anne Absey $25.00 "Go Avery Dennison Team "
Trevor and Nicole Goller $50.00 "We are proud to support your efforts - you go, Cookie Monster!! "
Susan Bridwell $25.00 "Good luck and I hope you reach your goal! Sue"
Tavi Benjamin $50.00 "For Carrie and Connor!"
Stephen Henson $40.00 "Good luck Brian! Be sure not to run out of your shoes!"
Karla & Ed Abounader $35.00 "Yo go girl,we are next to you love ya!!! <3.. XoXo.."
Claudio Carvalho $100.00 "Joan, Thank you for your efforts in helping this cause. Good luck!"
Robert Avila $100.00 "Carrie and Connor, your courage and strength are insparations. Good luck!"
CHAD AND CHERIE HUSTON $25.00 "Good Luck! We wish you the best. Hope the cure is found soon :)"
Michele Hardy $100.00 "For Carrie and Connor"
Isabel Barrera $100.00 "For Carrie and Connor, love you guys :)"
Melissa Ryan $100.00 "Thank you so much for the incredible work that you are doing on behalf of your boys and all the children like my Emma. You are an inspiration! Your boys are always in my prayers."
Sabrina Howard $25.00 "We love you kiddo!!! You're in our prayers everyday. Uncle Ryan and Auntie Sabrina "
Krystin Beban $10.00 "Run Joan run : )"
Vince Cuilla $50.00 "Jeff & Heather, don't stop believing!"
Patrick OToole $200.00 "In recognition of Carrie Dilluvio & Connor Benavides"
Danny Nero $25.00 "Wishing you a Healthy and Happy Race!"
Leslie Lopez $50.00 "For Carrie and Connor"
Carl Kruegermann $50.00 "For my friends beautiful children Carrie and Connor."
Jane Steinberg $75.00
Susan Childs Hidden "Go Diana!! Anything for your amazing girl! "
Colleen Mcgraw $25.00 "June you have worked so hard and have inspired me so much! Good luck my friend, you are doing a wonderful service to this cause and for yourself Love you Colleen"
Chelisa Vagim $100.00 "For Carrie & Connor!!!"
Marta Tirador $100.00 "For Carrie & Connor, love you both"
Susan Parker $100.00 "Good luck in the race. I picked you because I went to Harvey Mudd College in Claremont and you appear to be the only actively raising money for Team Claremont. My friends and I, all 3 of us HMC grads, will also be running on Sunday."
Julie Sexton $100.00 "Roe -- proud of you Suster!"
Julie Sexton $100.00 "Dean, proud of you! "
Laura Petticord Hidden "You rock Peyton!"
Laura Petticord Hidden "You go Michele!!"
Seung Choe $250.00 "Thank you for the opportunity to help you. Good luck!"
yolanda brown $25.00 "Sorry for the late donation. Hope you had a wonderful time...proud of you! "
Grey's Production $195.00 "From the Grey's Family"
Grey's Production $225.00 "From your Grey's family"
Grey's Production $300.00 "From the Grey's family"
Grey's Production $573.00 "Go Sarina's Team!!! From your Grey's family."
Maria Zavala $50.00 "Good Luck Tish! "
bonnie wacker $15.00 "Run like the wind Diana!"
Karen Kunce $100.00 "for Diana Kunce-Frohna"
Nancy Grandinetti $100.00 "Stacey - You go girl - what a great goal and cause. You have my support regardless - if you run 1.1 or 13.1 miles - you're my hero!"
Siouxanne Mease $50.00 "My daughter Becky Morrow is running with you. I have been a missionary for many years, and what you girls are doing is a mission trip. Your getting the added benefit of becoming fit and broadening your horizons. How can I not but want to help you? Please take care and God bless you. Siouxanne"
Reza Bourbour $100.00 "Wish you good health and a strong finish."
Kathy McCall $25.00 "So proud of you Stacey!!! Go get 'em!!"
Greg Frohna $25.00 "Walk well. Pace yourself. Enjoy."
Michael Reitz $100.00 "You guys are such an inspirational family... Walk strong, Heather!"
Daniel and Diana Attias $500.00 "Go Diana!!! Love, Dan and Diana"
Lux Chakrapani $50.00 "All the best, Rob! "
Victoria Moss $50.00 "Way to go Maria!"
Amy Joerger Hidden "Go Diana! Warped Women are the best kind!!"
zakiyyah abdul-rahiim $50.00 "Go team!"
zakiyyah abdul-rahiim $50.00 "Go Team!"
Ruth Gudaitis $25.00 "Gooooooooo Peyton!!"
Gr~Gma & Gpa Sawmiller $25.00 "Mara, We hope they find a cure soon~No little girl should have to go thru this horrible disease~I've seen you in one of your episodes,and it breaks my heart~We hope with these contribution's,that Dr. Li & Dr. Boles will get one step closer to finding a cure for you. We "Love you"~Gma & Gpa~"
Consuelo Solis $50.00 "Felicidades Mijo! Estoy orgulloso de ti."
Bert Tsan $25.00 "Good luck"
Jim Seay $100.00 "Your friends at Premier Rides wish you strength."
Ginger Hall $100.00 "Go Princess :-))) "
Tamar Baronian $25.00 "Good Luck Armen!!!!!!"
Grace Pambakian $25.00 "Good luck Armen, you are doing a beautiful thing!"
Ameer Mody $50.00 "Run Sheila, Run!"
Leon Kousharian $25.00 "Good luck Armen :)"
Moya Carter $25.00 "Jake, I wish you the best of luck!"
Rod Rexrode $50.00 "Baba and Papa love you Madison. We are praying for a cure!!!"
Phil Weintraub $25.00 "Princess, you GO girl..you can do it! btw, I could swim a marathon easier than I could RUN one! xoxo Philsie"
Bill & Pris Povilus $100.00 "June - We are so proud of you. And what a great cause."
Heather and Kevin Ehrhart $100.00 "We'll be cheering for you!"
Jack & Merrill Janzen $100.00 "Jack and Merrill Janzen support Troy! (and Paula & David)"
Jacob Lopez $115.00 "Go David and Paula!"
TammyJo Nunez $50.00 "Love you guys! Next time we all walk!"
BIRGIT VELASQUEZ $50.00 "You are an inspiration, You go girl!"
Jim Cooper $100.00 "Go Coop Troop. The Pali Coops will be there to support (and run along side) you!"
Eden Stein $50.00 "Happy Running! Love, Eden & Jason"
Steve Segvich $50.00 "We hope the wind is at your back. The Segvich's"
Tracy Clayton Hidden "In honor of my cousin Colyn Woods"
Victoria Jaque $100.00 "In honor of Nana and Cameron. Hoping this helps to raise the awareness of mitochondrial disease for the children and adults who suffer so greatly! "
Edmond Bourke $100.00 "Good Luck."
Sonia Fernandez $50.00 "Good luck Maricel! You can do it :)"
La Donya Williams $5.00 "Run like the wind!"
Tania Fleischer $100.00 "So excited to walk with everyone!"
Caesar Ofelia & Jazmin Gonzales $100.00 "Run hard! Go Bears!!!"
Scott & Laura Robertson $200.00 "We Love You Madison!!! :)"
DIANE AND JIM HILL $100.00 "IN HONOR AND SUPPORT OF OUR NIECE AND NEPHEW - CARRIE AND CONNOR. If I hadn't gotten hurt at my trail run last weekend, we would have come down and run! We'll have to plan and run next year!"
Steve Ashe $100.00 ""Carrie and Connor" "
Jose Albertini $100.00 "Go guys!!! Love, Luna, Maria and Jose."
Matthew De Hoog $50.00 "Good luck!!!!"
lisa rosik $50.00 "For Audrey, Will and the families who fight for their children every day!. "
Patrick Hutt Hidden "It's not much, but wishing you the best..."
TammyJo Nunez $20.00 "This is for Bruce"
julie hughes Hidden "In honor of Carrie and Connor, Diane and Jim's niece and nephew"
Debbie Cederdahl $10.00 "'in honor of Carrie and Connor, Diane and Jim's niece and nephew'"
Laura and Larry Weiner $25.00 "You go "warped women" team! You are all amazing women and thanks for doing this! We'll be cheering you on Elaine and team from Culver City LL baseball tryouts! "
Cristina and Peter Gumbel $100.00 "We are with you! "
Carleda Hutton $50.00 " Thinking of you Scott & Laura as you run this race and praying for a cure to be found to help Madison and all the others suffering from this disease."
Corey Gibson $30.00 "Every step you make is an inspiration to me!"
Denise Molina and Friends $20.00 "You are awesome!!"
Steve Mollenkamp $50.00 "Good Luck!"
Peyton Reed Hidden "Pace yourself, hydrate, use sunscreen and keep your eyes forward."
Mara Lague $50.00 "Lovely meeting you both today at the Expo! Welcome to Southern California - have a great run and all the best to Mara!"
Todd Johnson $81.18 "Good luck!"
Meghan Aguilar $25.00 "Have fun Sheila!!!"
Megan Gonzales $250.00 "Your mom, aunt p, grandma, grandpa and great grandma love you so much! You mean the world to us and your mom and aunt p are going to run like crazy for you!!!"
Amber Franklin $50.00 "We'll be cheering you on! Have a great time!"
toni bryant $100.00 " : )"
Stephanie Richards $100.00 "Hip Hip Hooray for the Coop Troop! "
Sharilee Hayden $25.00 "We miss you Colyn!"
Erin Owen $50.00 "Good Luck Coopers!"
jenny raulli $50.00 "Love you guys!"
Marc and Samantha Sandman $50.00 "Go Coop Troop!"
Brian Ursettie $50.00 "Go get em Judy! We love you Brian"
Nachi Cirino $25.00 "RUN LIKE THE WIND!!!"
Christina Cirino $25.00 "May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, As angels run beside you and God holds you in the palm of His hand. Love you! Go, Go, Go!"
Anne Mcdonald $20.00 "Good Luck!!"
Kacy Woods $25.00 "good luck, run fast!!"
Dania Cabral $50.00 "Good luck my love!! I know you're going to do great... Make me proud. Luv u!!"
Megan LeFave $50.00 "Have a great run!!!"
Joaquin Baca-Asay $300.00 "Good Luck!"
Anonymous $105.00 "Make us proud!!!"
Linda Davis $25.00 "Have fun!"
anita brown $50.00 "Go Michele gO!!!"
Wayne Lust $50.00 "Proud of you Shannon!! You're an amazing person! We Love you!!"
Iris Martin $10.00 "Go Andrea Go!!!! I love you!"
Vieanna Valiente & Family $20.00 "We are so proud of you"
Kellie Hill $15.00 "For Carrie and Connor :)"
Lynnea Bradley $100.00 "With love and support to Carrie and Connor from the Schoenbaums"
Kerri and Danny Sonenshine $50.00 "Congratulations!"
Margaret McAustin $100.00 "Way to go Judy! "
Chaille DeFaria $20.00 "Run, run, run. We very much support you with love!"
Anonymous $50.00 "grandma says xoxo"
Phyllis Phillips $20.00 "Praying for your family. Jannine Phillips"
Savinay Chandrasekhar $50.00 "Hope it went well!"
Dan and Betsy Houston $500.00 " We are rooting you on in your race for the life of your two beautiful boys. "
Michele Teleis $100.00 "You did it, so proud of you and the team!!"
Nadia Sager $50.00 "You go girls!"
vivian adelberg rudow $75.00 "For Harper Davis Love Aunt Vickie & Uncle David Rudow"
Janice & Larry Hoffmann $100.00 "Congrats on raising money for a good cause."
Elizabeth Pongracic $100.00 "Kate -- Hopefully this works as "better late than never"! Great job! xoLisa & Barry"
Robert & Wendy Solis & Family $175.00 "Expect us again next year!!"
christine hawkins $25.00 "Good luck Diane!!!!!"
Linda Lopez $200.00 "Great work! Great cause, Claudia!"
Greg Temple $150.00 "Go Roe!"
Holly Humes $25.00 "I'm proud of you Claud!"
Gail Arnold $50.00 "go clare!"
Janet Hayden $50.00 "In honor of Christopher Eppley"
Elbert Leiva $20.00 "You guys are awesome!"
August Dougherty $25.00 "It's a great cause Gabe. I'm proud of you!"
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