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Elijah along with his wonderful parents, Gary and Vasiliki.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit my campaign and for your concern about this terrible disease. Elijah was air lifted to Children's Hospital here in Birmingham in early October. He had been sick for the past month or so but the doctors just didn't know why. A CAT scan was run when he arrived to show that there was a tumor one-tenth the size of his brain that had attached itself to his cerebellum and had wrapped itself around his spinal cord. They performed emergency surgery that took nine hours to complete. During the surgery Elijah lost three times his blood volume. After the surgery was complete, Elijah was in and out of consciousness for several days. The pathology report came back and confirmed that the tumor was cancerous. The doctors were able to take 90% of the tumor out. The last 10% will have to be treated with chemotherapy.

Great strides have been made over the years with childhood cancer but there is still so much unknown and the only way that they can continue to make progress is with help from people like you. I have committed myself to dedicating my fall/winter and next spring/summer race seasons to Elijah and raise as much money as I can in his name. This child is a huge inspiration and is a prime example for why we should fight this disease and do everything in our power to provide research with what they need to find a cure.

The first event that I will compete in Elijah's name is the Mercedes Marathon on February 15, 2009. The goal is to raise $5,000 toward childhood cancer research. I need your help to do this. The year is almost up and now is a great time to squeeze in those last few tax deductions for this year. Thank you. For updates on Elijah and his road to recovery, Visit our Facebook Cause at Facebook's Race For Elijah Or, if you have any questions, concerns or would just like to know more about Elijah and his battle, feel free to drop me an email at or call me at 205-223-1090.

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