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2007 Buchanan Street Partners Challenge for Children
Buchanan Street Partners Challenge for Children will pit 48 teams against one another in an afternoon of sports competition at the terrific Newport Dunes Resort in Newport Beach. By the time the dust settles and the sun sets on Friday, September 14, we’ll all know which team has what it takes to be #1. Prizes will be awarded for the winning team in four athletic events – basketball, volleyball, a kayak/run relay and surf paddle relay.

Buchanan Street Partners' Challenge for Children, supports a cause dear to all of us – the education and development of today’s youth. This event marks the 6th year that Buchanan Street Partners has led a communitywide fundraising effort for children’s charities, and we are proud to be a corporate sponsor of United Way’s Success By 6® in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Orange County.

Your donations will go far toward supporting the initiatives of Success By 6®. Please read on to learn more about this organization and the big impact it has on the children of today – and the leaders of tomorrow.

What is Success By 6® ?
Success By 6® mobilizes community awareness, resources, and cooperation to promote healthy child development – especially for kids at high risk of academic failure. Success By 6® ensures that children enter school ready to learn by sponsoring parenting skills workshops, reading programs, quality childcare staff training and accreditation, child care curriculum development, and increasing overall access to child care through grants and tuition assistance. For more on Success By 6® , please visit www.unitedwayoc.org

Why is Success By 6® important?
The years from birth to age six are the most important for brain development in human beings. A child’s brain triples in weight from birth to age three, and by age four children have developed half of their ability to learn. By age five, 90% of a child’s brain growth has occurred. This is a critical time in the growth of a child. Without the proper learning environment and stimulation during this formative period, a child may forever be at a disadvantage.

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