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Out Run Diabetes!
2010 Bank of America Chicago Marathon
Cellmates on the Run is a running group that brings individuals together to achieve a common goal. Your contribution supports the Chicago Diabetes Project (CDP), whose mission is to cure diabetes through islet cell transplants. The University of Illinois at Chicago is one out of the eleven research teams involved in this global collaberation. Any gift or matching gift to CDP through this site will be accepted by the Univeristy of Illinois Foundation (UIF) and directed to support the CDP. Every dollar goes directly to the research and is tax deductible. To learn more about the CDP, please visit: www.chicagodiabetesproject.org

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Fundraising has ended.

Total Donations: $223,160

Goal: $500,000

$0 45% $500,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Tim Donofrio $75.00 "...for my godchild.."
Anonymous $10.00 "Run Andy run!"
The Wheeler's $25.00 "Good luck and finish better than your FFL team in 2010"
Ed Hansen $50.00 "Andy, thanks for running, so I can sit on the couch and watch basketball. "
Kevin, Kirsten & Annika Hull $50.00 "Look for us at Clinton & Fulton! "
Barbara Allen Hidden "Great cause - run extra fast for my cousin, Jared!"
Paul Hull Hidden "Zoe said she'll be out there unless it's cold and snowing. What, it'll be cold and snowing? Oh well, she'll think of you warmly as you run by. :-) Good luck!"
Patricia Habegger $100.00 "Go Stephen! We're proud of you! Mom and Dad"
Nicole Tudisco $50.00 "I have lots of diabetes in my family! I am prone to it myself.. good luck!"
Obbligato Business Ptrs, Fuller $100.00 "All your friends at Obbligato are very pleased to support your efforts and this great cause!"
Rebecca Romens $25.00 "Good Luck Kate! And Have fun! "
Amy Sherwood $25.00 "GO KATE GO!"
Brittany Kumigea $25.00 "Go Kate! Having Gestational Diabetes gave me a real insight on what people go through everyday with diabetes. If there is a way to help them I am all for it!"
Yari Ramirez $25.00 "Have fun!! Happy to help..."
Allison Special $25.00 "Run Forrest!! "
Jodeen Breyne $50.00 "We support you all the way! "
Stefanie George $25.00 "Happy Running! :)"
Tiffany Breyne $15.00 "Good luck Kandra!!"
Peggy Heath $50.00 "Kandra, if anyone can do this - YOU CAN!!"
Dawn Mampreian $50.00 "Go Paul! This is such a great cause! 5 + 26.2 miles towards fighting Diabetes!"
Jeff Pierce $50.00 "Run Forest Run!"
Lou Jacob $250.00 "Run girl, run."
Jessica Marcus $50.00 "Anne, You are AMAZING! Love the photo :)"
Jerry Bougher $25.00 "Great Cause and Best of Luck! Drag your husband along on some runs..."
Tami Kucera $100.00 "Anne, I'm proud to be friends with you and your super-kidney! You're SUPER!"
Kendra Fuson $100.00 "I was amazed when Jen told me what you're doing - you go girl!"
Carrie Aroyan $25.00 "Yahoo! good luck and congratulations!!!"
Jacqueline Davidson $75.00 "You are inspiring! Best Wishes for your Run, jackie"
Anonymous $50.00 "Not everyone has the guts to share! Run, Btch, Run! xoxox, dhora"
jemema luz completo-berggren $50.00 "GO FOR THE GUSTO ANDY! LOVE KEITH & LUZ "
Tom Rose $100.00 "Great cause, great example --. run forest...no looking back"
Beatrice Jacob $100.00 " You are a champion Anne. Good luck in the marathon !"
Jose Oberholzer $200.00 "Enjoy the marvel of running. You only have to run one mile, and repeat it 26 times, and you will reach the finish line."
Anonymous $25.00 ":)"
Iliana Sweis $50.00 "Great cause Arlin! Iliana"
Elina Golod $25.00 "Good Luck, Brian! We are cheering for you and will definitely be at the half-way point to give you a shout-out! :) "
Lauren Woodward $30.00 "Go Kandra! :) ~ The Woodward Family"
maria m sida $100.00 "diabetes runs in the family so this is dear cause. thank you for doing this."
nicola fiordalisi $100.00 "Brava, Arlin"
Margret Wojcik $100.00 "Hey Brian. Congratulations and best luck on this adventure. You know how diabetes affected our lives with Grandma Wojcik. Please keep us posted on your training. We know you will do great. Love Aunt Margret and Uncle Tom"
Agustin Leyva $25.00 "Good luck Paty, I commend you for your decision, you have my support. You can do it. See you at the finish line. :)"
Vicki Thiakos $20.00 "Hi Brian! Good luck with your Marathon Training!! I will be training for the marathon too with Chicago Endurance Sports. Hope to see you on the running trail this summer! Vicki Georgakas (Thiakos) "
Rachel Koss $50.00 "What a great cause you are running for! Good Luck! And Maybe I'll come down to see you AND splash water in your face as you flash by! --Rach. "
Jennifer Jacobs $10.00 "Best of luck to you Kandra. Lucy and I applaud your efforts in running for this worthy cause!"
Sarah Hurd $15.00 "I am so proud of you mom! You will do great xoxo Love you~SIS"
Karen Gersch $25.00 "Great Cause, Kandra!"
Aelise Noonan $75.00 "Betsy. It is so awesome that you will be doing this. I admire anyone who runs, but am so impressed with anyone who takes on a marathon. I agree with Sarah that you will do wonderful and I'm sure you will meet your goal and surpass it. Wish I could do this with you, but I'll be cheering you from afar. "
Shelley Mikkelson $25.00 "Good luck on your marathon, Kandra! One thing I've learned about you over the years is that, you don't give up. You see what you want and you go for it. I'm sure you'll do an awesome job!"
Mark Polimus $50.00 "As a past marathoner who's run for charity, absolutely admire what you're doing Anne to help Renae in her and others' fight against diabetes! You go, go, go!"
Bernadette Raymond Hidden "Betsy Thank you so much for running to help us find a cure and treat this challenging disease. I shall be with you--at the finish line :-). "
Margaret Raymond $25.00 "Good Luck Betsy! Love Mom"
Teresa LeRoy $25.00 "You are an amazing Lady Betsy!! I'd love to bottle and sell some of your energy! You are an inspiration to us all. Woohoo, you go girl!! "
Tony "T" Hurd $25.00 "Mom- So proud of you. I know you will do great. I will be there cheering you on! Love You - T"
Lindsay Dunigan $25.00 "Good Luck Mrs. Hurd! I know you will do great. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if you beat T's time, seeing that we all know who the real athlete in the family is! :) I hope I can be there to cheer you on! "
Elin Raymond $100.00 "Go for it, Betsy! E&T"
Nick Horvath $100.00 "Brian, Good luck. This is an amazing accomplishment (if you finish....). Nick"
Mike And Maggie Costantini $25.00 "Good luck Betsy! Dad will be watching over you."
Alexander Tynkov $25.00 "Good luck. You're welcome to have people stop by our place to watch we are right at the half way point of the route."
Dorothea M. Jones $25.00 "I took your Step Class a couple of times at the Roxbury YMCA....my husband also has diabetes. I hope more folks will pitch in to help you surpass your fundraising goal....wishing you every success! Dorothea"
Pamela Reuland $50.00 "Brian, I am so glad that you are trying to help those with diabetes. My dad & his 4 siblings are all diabetic. I am very concerned about research & new treatments for diabetes, considering my family history. Good luck in your fundraising efforts & in your training efforts, also."
Charlotte McDougal-Lacatus $25.00 "While diabetes does not run in my family, I have two brother-in-laws that are living with the disease. Good luck on your fundraising efforts!"
Arthur and Ruth Schmid $50.00 "Way to go Steve. We trust that you will reach your goal of donations for this important research. Love, Mom and Dad"
Angel Nieves $100.00 "Go get em' Debbie!!!"
Stephannie Caliendo $25.00 "Go Kandra! Diabetes runs in my family. What you're doing is very commendable... (Don’t know how you fit everything in a 24hour day :-) Run Girl! Steph"
Anonymous Hidden "We wanted to say and share with everyone is that you are truly a special person and have a heart of gold. We will be there to watch you cross the finish line. Good Luck! - Rita & Jim"
Michael Palmer $25.00 "Good luck Brian!! We will be cheering for you!!! Great race for a great cause!!!"
Darrin and Linda Holman $50.00 "Run Cellmate, Run Good Luck Kris"
Joe and June Wing $100.00 "Wish you the best of luck! "
Michael & Kristy Wing $50.00 "Just a tip... Eat some beans and when you start to slow down... Call upon your inner wind to make you fly! Good luck Brian! "
Paula Magee $50.00 "What a wonderful idea! Several people in my life are afflicted as well - a noble cause. We'll be sending all the good running vibes that we can. Love - The Magees"
Tom Smith $100.00 "Kellie,....You go, girl! Wayne would be very proud. His spirit will be running with you. Tom Smith"
Thomas Feeney $25.00 "Sound about right. John running from the law! Best of luck at 15!"
Gail Friedt $50.00 "You go girl!!"
Gail Friedt $50.00 "Good luck!!! Great cause for which you are running."
Moises Alvarez Hidden "I just want you to know that I am very proud of you for taking on such a challenging goal. That is one of the greatest characteristics you have is that you are not afraid to take on a challenge head on and you put forth so much hardwork and dedication into it. You make me and everyone around you so proud for everything you do. I am glad to have the opportunity to contribute to such a worthy cause! I am also honored to support you as you take on this challenge! I know you will be great! I love you! "
Diana & Juan Almazan $50.00 "Brian, We are wishing you all the best in your endeavors! Good luck, you will do great!!! "
Mike Hallahan $50.00 "I am proud of Alicia's commitment to sacrifice herself for such a noble cause and for playing a small role in the fight for a cure for diabetes. My own mother died from complications due to diabetes. Thanks Alicia and WAY TO GO!"
Mary McGarrigle $50.00 "Go Girl Go!!!!"
Orit Osorio $100.00 "Good luck!!!"
Charlie Wiles $50.00 "Kellie, Thanks for your continued inspiration! LOL, The Wiles"
Todor Sapundzhiev $25.00 "I hope you reach your goal for this great cause! Good Luck on the marathon!"
Blair Whitley $10.00 "Good luck, Mike! :) Blair"
Steve Fox $10.00 "Keep on trogging"
Phil Shubert $25.00 "good luck mike, run hard"
Dalia Harami $25.00 "Good luck Brian! My hat's off to anyone who runs a marathon!"
Tanya Fretheim $25.00 "Good luck with your training and the marathon itself. I'm cheering for you! What a wonderful cause that you're running in support of as well."
Rob and Lyn Gentry $20.00 "Good luck, Kris. We are very proud of you for all your accomplishment. We hope to be able to see you again soon."
Andrew Stanforth $25.00 "Good Luck with the training Beau! I'll see you in Chicago on 10/10/10!!!"
Mary Jo & George Adamson $100.00 "Good Luck!! It should be an awesome experience!!!"
Rebecca Peelen $50.00 "Good Luck, Jessie! We're proud of you. Aunt Becky and Uncle Jim"
Joyce Kung $100.00 "Jor-El and I are so proud of you for doing this--not just for running the marathon but for fund-raising for such a great cause =D Way to go Debbie!!"
Kathleen McKeown $100.00 "You and your sisters are inspiring! Good luck with the race!"
Malallai Elyasi $200.00 "Best of luck! I will be there to cheer you on!!"
Kristine Hall $10.00 "Fantastic you're running for a charitable cause. Hope it gets you a PR."
Joe & Kim Gamboney $50.00 " Kandra - because of you and your donations there may be people out there that don't want to get to the end of thier lives and find that they lived just the length of it. They may also be able to live the width of it as well. Always amazed by you, Joey and Kimmy Gamboney"
Brian Basilico $69.00 "Pay no attention to the number... Just trying to make it an even $900... You Go Girl!"
Mike & Chris Breyne $50.00 "Thank you for all you do! We are very proud of you and know you'll do great! We love you! - Mom & Dad"
Charlene Yau $25.00 "Gooooooooo FlashDeb!!!"
Nancy Lacke $25.00 "We'll be thinking of you and wishing you all the best! Love, Uncle Phil and Aunt Nancy"
yong wang $25.00 "go and run for me!!"
Anonymous $25.00 "What you're doing is amazing! Good luck!"
Megan Anderson $25.00 "I'm super excited for you to experience marathon fever in Chicago. I look back on both marathons I ran in Chi with so much gratitude and good memories. I hope you enjoy the training this summer, and I also hope you enjoy the fundraising process. I ran the San Diego marathon with Team In Training, and I was really humbled by the process. It changed the whole experience in a way. Anyway, you're going to rock! Take care and good luck with the rest of your fundraising! Megan, Mark, and Cole"
Nan H Sevy $100.00 "Go Harry! Love Grandma"
Alejandro Pulido $50.00 "sorry for sending this late. Good luck in your race. "
Jim Gordon $75.00 "You're going to do great Alicia."
Mary McGuire $25.00 "Good Luck On Your Run!"
John Pesarini $25.00 "Mike, Good luck!"
carol amm $25.00 "The photo and the marathon is a beautiful testament of a dad's love for his daughter. Go Paul & Abby!!"
Laura Sevy $100.00 "Run, Forrest, er, Harry....RUUUUUUUNNNNNNN!"
Antoinette Kranz $25.00 "Job well done Anthony! May God bless you and keep you safe! Antoinette"
Loraine Mira $500.00 "Good luck Brian! "
Xavier Dominguez $50.00 "Go Todd!"
Rick L Tennant $100.00 "Good luck in your race. Your parents are proud of your efforts for a worthy cause."
Ellen Herron $50.00 "Todd, thank you for doing this! Ellen, DJ, and Nora Herron"
Carrie Gray $50.00 "Thank you so very much. This means the world to me."
Gail Friedt $50.00 "Have fun Rachel!!"
William McArthur $50.00 "Sounds great, good luck."
Rudy Riemer Hidden "Way to go, Steve! Run like the wind! Rudy, Caryn, and boys"
Jeremy Smith $150.00 "I'm always up for a good cause. Good luck on reaching your goal!"
Anna Pecherczyk $25.00 "Good Luck!"
Nicole Ehrie Hidden "What a wonderful cause to support! Wishing you the best of luck in raising much needed funds for Orit, my dad and thousands of others!"
Melissa Lancelle $25.00 "You're crazy! Good Luck! "
Peter Pritchard $50.00 "For a great cause and a great person!"
Margaret Moss $50.00 "Claire & Muggles Moss wish you the best run ever."
Vinh Ta $25.00 "Good luck Brian! I'm definitely going to try to make it down there."
Stephanie Weiss $52.20 "Kinda like e-bay. now you are a wee bit ahead of that guy."
andrew bertocchini $26.50 "Way to go Anne"
Paul Brownell $50.17 "Nuts! I thought I was donating to the "bpcares" Spill Relief Fund. Oh well, good luck! Don't forget to train and stuff."
Curtis Holland $100.00 "Good luck!"
Amanda Goldich $25.00 "Good Luck Steph!!!!"
Anonymous $300.00 "You are an angel."
Jacquelyn McGuire $50.00 "GO BRIGETTE! You'll do awesome!!! See you at the finish line ;)"
Maria Lopez $100.00 "Hi Brian, I wish you all the luck with your preparation for this great event. My husband also has diabetes. Thanks and Good Luck:-) Maria"
Christine Montana $25.00 "Thank You Joanna .... what better way to experience the Chicago Marathon..by running for a great cause! We cheer for you and thank you for helping to find a cure for Diabetes! ~ The Montana Family"
Jill and Chris Church $100.00 "You go girl! Thanks for supporting such a worthy cause. My mom and brother also battle this monster."
Kathryn Salo $25.00 "good luck, m'dear!"
Elizabeth Rivera-Dirks $25.00 "Hey Nick! You're supporting great cause! Good luck in the race!"
Michael Streit $75.00 "Make me proud, Brig!"
Geraldine Karp $100.00 "We are happy to support the The Chicago Diabetes Project! And, of course, will be cheering you on when you run the Chicago Marathon! xoxo Mom and Dad"
Karen Almdale $25.00 "B-Soooo good to see you! Good Luck you can do it!! Karen Jim and ASHLEY"
Betty Shanahan $50.00 "Yeah Anne!"
Corinne Zudonyi $75.00 "You can do it Brig! We are so proud of you! -Craig and Cori"
Cheryl Daniel Hidden "I am so proud of you Chris and more than happy to make a donation. Hopefully I will make another donation as we get closer."
Brian Maslyk $50.00 "Way to go Chris! This is going to be a great race for you and I am glad you are able to help the diabetes at the same time!"
Islet Team $150.00 "To our fearless leader, obi 1 kenobi. Many happy birthday wishes to you and may the force be with you on marathon day! Your devoted Jedis. P.S. Be sure to distribute this amount evenly in our experiments"
Panagiota Bikakis $100.00 "I thought I would donate this $100 for a good cause. Hope it helps. Good LUCK!!! Patty Bikakis"
Markus Schmutz $50.00 "Go Eric!"
Constantinos Kremmidas $100.00 "-"
Jim and Rose Jennings $100.00 "Great runner, great person, great cause......well done Eric"
Eric Moon Hidden "You guys are great. Your dad would be very proud, I'm sure."
Shane Notter Hidden "good luck!"
Greg Renza $75.00 "Good luck with the chafing!"
Germaine & Tony Hubick $50.00 "Thanks for your continued passion for diabetes research."
Amir "Persian Sexbomb" Syed $107.50 "I thought to donate $107.50 for WGCI 107.5 FM. Bangin' out today's Hip Hop and R&B baby! That music should make your ass run faster! "
Pedro Sahagun $25.00 "Good Luck Jeanette!"
Leonard Goldberg $25.00 "Proud of you!!!! mwah"
Andrew Bertsos $25.00 "Good Luck .....drink plenty of vitamin water!"
Gary Krakower $25.00 "With legs like those who could say no. Good luck buddy! Gary"
George Liaskas $25.00 "You two are inspirational!"
Anthony Reyes $25.00 "All the best Twins.... xo"
Gully Nassiri $150.00 "In honor of your father.....and in support of mine! :) xoxoxo"
Ashley Sellers $10.00 "Best of luck to you Jeanette!"
Vigi Matos $50.00 " I'm so proud of my fav "twinnies"! "
Erica cobb $25.00 "Best of luck to you guys!!"
Sofia Provataris $25.00 "Keep it up girls! "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." ~"
Hannah & Rich Kaufman $25.00 "Have a great run - we'll hope for cool weather for you and your Cellmates!"
Bill Dixon $25.00 "Good luck!"
Denise Corkery $25.00 "Happy to support you and a very good cause. I have a niece and a nephew with Type 1. "
Panagiotes Trakadas $25.00 ":-)"
Jan & John Meek $100.00 "Sue, I know this a life long dream of yours. Hooray! You'll do great!! All our love, Jan & John"
Vesna Pehar-Pavlovic $50.00 "What a great cause! Good luck : )"
Meritxell Rovira Clusellas $50.00 "It's a honor for me to be your friend and I am really proud of you!"
Lucio Fragoso $50.00 "That is my boy!!!!! kick some butt boy."
Anonymous $15.00 "Go Mike!"
Fatima Malik $25.00 "Run Mike Run!"
Julie Friend $50.00 "Good luck!!"
Nikki Katris $25.00 "Good luck twinkies"
John and Martha Wiley $50.00 "Joanna. You are a truly exceptional young woman. You go girl ! ! ! "
Werner Rubas $100.00 "I am so proud of you! We wish you the best of luck for your fund raising and the marathon."
Colleen Collins Hidden "You go girls!!! Best wishes to you both and a great cause!! xoxo, Colleen & Michael Collins"
Bridget Lamb Hidden "What an inspiration - that little face will carry you through many miles. I'll meet you at the end for a celebratory beer. Way to go!!"
Mack Alsaidi $197.00 "As an Arab, I can't have 2 Persians as the top 2 contributors! Haha.. All joking aside, the $197 donation is in honor of 197 million people affected by diabetes and helping them find a cure. I know what it's like loosing a father to a severe/incurable disease. Great job ladies and I wish you the best of luck! Your boy, The Mackallenium"
jacques Salmon $200.00 "Encore Bravo pour ton courage et ton dévouement ! Bises"
Erin Swanborn Hidden "Happy to support a good cause and your run. We live along the marathon route, so we'll look for you guys and cheer you on in October. Good luck training for it. Erin "
Jeff Vucko $25.00 "I have 2 Grandparents with Diabetes. Unfortunately it usually skips a generation so I really need to be careful. One passed away with Type 1, and my Granpa is still going strong with Type II. It is all about education. I know this money will go to a great cause! I will be running the last 10 with you Dan. You WILL qualify for Boston!"
Suzanne Einmahl $50.00 "Bravo et bonne chance Patrick pour cette 2e participation! (jamais 2 sans 3 hein?) Gros bisous"
Christine Phillips $25.00 "What a great idea! Best of luck to you!"
Jaime Brenczewski $100.00 "Way to go Ry!!! We are so proud of you!"
Beau D'Arcy $10.00 "Good luck, bud!"
Bernadine Burchett $100.00 "Help stop diabetes. Run Peggy Run!"
Paul Klauser $25.00 "Hope you compensate for your carbone emissions!"
Gene & Maryan Graham Hidden "What wonderful Aunts. God Bless your loving hearts. "
alessandra and richard whitley $25.00 "great cause!! keep us posted!"
Nicholas Maviano Hidden "Best of luck to you both! -Niko"
Shawn Murphy $25.00 "Your niece is adorable! Best of luck to you both!!"
ursula ostrowska $25.00 "good luck girls!!! im very proud of u :) "
Rachel Wood Hidden "Nice Job Ladies!!!"
Julie Carbray $25.00 "enjoy the run and burn some sugar for me Mike!"
Alice Gutierrez $15.00 "Good Luck! from a friend at IJR."
Robin Wolin $50.00 "You go Guy....We'll be rooting for you! Love, The Grizwolins"
Rudy Fasouliotis $50.00 "Good luck!! Rudy and Fotini"
Sue Ledebuhr $25.00 "Thanks for running for a good cause. Good luck."
Nicholas Leider Hidden "I have a rule against helping — but I'll make an exception just this once."
Kelly Barista Hidden "Go Shelia and Nora! The story was so touching! "
Jeanne Laidley Hidden "Sheila and Nora!! Best of luck to you girls! Way to go!"
Alexander Patsavas $50.00 "good luck!"
Frank Young $100.00 "One of the strongest women we know...we are so very proud of you. Your Colorado family."
Jack and Kathleen Veith Hidden "Miles is soooo lucky to have such a wonderful mother!"
patrick byrne $100.00 "Our love, pride and good luck. Mom and Dad"
Jack & Mary Ellen Graham $100.00 "GO GIRLS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Loyda Martinez $100.00 "Thank you for paying such a wonderful tribute to our parents! We love you and best of luck!"
Barbara Banaszek $100.00 "Uncle Marty and I say go ahead and finish first. In fact, we dare you!!! You will always be at the front of the pack with us. Good Luck and Love You. Uncle Marty and Aunt Barb"
Julianne Bryce $20.00 "Good Luck Scott! "
Jessie Rouleau $100.00 "Running for the best cause - we love you Maggie and Miles!! - Vinnie, Jessie, Sam & Mia"
Rick Adams $50.00 "Adda boy Scotty"
Michelle La Vigne Hidden "Way to go Ladies!!!!!"
George Pitsilos $50.00 "Good Luck!! -George & Matina"
Cathy Wassil $50.00 "Scott, Best of Luck! Dave and Cathy"
Lauren Pisano Hidden "Great cause ladies! Way to go!"
Jan Graham Hidden "Best of luck!"
Peg/Bill Petrovic $25.00 "Know you will keep up with the best while running. Go, Alyssa, go ! ! !....Granma and Gramps "
Anonymous $50.00 "Cheers and love to you two sweethearts ! Go Nora and Sheila !"
margaret martin $50.00 "Best of luck Alisha! You rock! "
Gail Boudreau Hidden "Good luck Dag! Thanks for running!"
Sharbel Shamoon $400.00 "Congratulations Chris and Nikki on a wonderful job hitting your goal. Your story touched me a lot and when I see the both of you I will tell you why. Good luck with the run! I'll be eating Cold Stone while you guys run your race. "
Renee Schenck $25.00 "An impressive goal! Have fun and Happy Belated Birthday! Love, The Schencks"
Juju" & Giovanni Rodriguez-Richards $50.00 "Hi Papi, thanks for running for my uncle, grandmother, & cousins!! Te quiero mucho!~Juju To my Papi, your the real Iron Man :~) "
Larissa Andrejko $25.00 "GOOD LUCK!!!!"
Karen Carroll $25.00 "I am so damm proud of you. Love you dearly, you go girl"
lynne ferrand $50.00 "with tears in my eyes & Love in my heart -- Soooooooo proud of you Love ya mucho aunt Lynne"
Kristan Schrider $200.00 "Whether it is this endeavor or all of your efforts with the Bone Marrow Drive, your commitment to these causes is commendable and I am so proud to call you my friend!"
Kathy Gannett $10.00 "I am a hairdressing client of your Aunt(?) Lynne. I agree that a cure for diabetes should be a top research priority. Thanks for helping find the cure. Kathy, Vieques, P.R."
Jimmy Fountalas $100.00 "we are the world, we are the children...jimmy fab was here!"
Michael Schrider $250.00 "This donation is from our company J.Lodge, LLC. We focus on employing Americans with disabilities and many of our employees suffer from the debilitating affects of this disease. We are proud to support the cause and Ksenia in her efforts. Good luck!"
Nikki Calhoun $50.00 "Good luck Alisha! Rock on...."
Jeffrey Milham $200.00 "Lynne is a very dear friend of Senya and me and we are happy to help with a donation we hope will bring you to your goal. Her mother's illness has been a terrible sadness for us all. "
Veronica Miller $25.00 "Goodluck Kris! Steve, Veronica, Clay and Sammy Miller"
Marc Welborn $200.00 "Can't wait to join you in the Windy City and cheer you on. Dad would be very proud of ya!"
Derek Cobb $50.00 "You're lucky I'm not running it or I would smash you...... O.K. probably not... HAHA Good luck bro!!!"
angel deegan $25.00 "we can't wait to cheer you on!!"
Emily Hanus $25.00 "What a great cause! We will be there to cheer you (and Miles) on!"
Dimitri Carter $25.00 "Go get'm Tiger! Have fun and good luck bro!"
Elizabeth Mack $100.00 "Sue, Hope training is going well, best of luck! Beth"
Valerie Molise Desiderio $100.00 "You go Fun She She! My niece also has Type 1 Diabetes. You girls are doing a wonderful thing. Good luck to you both! Val"
Samantha Adams Hidden "GOOD LUCK! From all your friends at On The Go Marketing!"
Cheri Lawrence $25.00 "Good Luck Scott. Wish we were there. Cheri & Jerry."
Georgia Skaltsas $25.00 "Good luck on the race twin(s)!! :)"
Amanda Doering $75.00 "Good Luck Mr. Scoots!"
Amanda Sweis $100.00 "Great cause, Amazing twinnies! I'll be waiting at the endzone again, but with Smartwater, Patron and Vodka!"
Raymond Benas Hidden "You are so amazing and a huge encouragement to all! You never cease to amaze me with your love and commitment to helping the familia! Love you cuz! Run like the wind! :D"
Marina Loos Hidden "26 miles! Girl - you crazy!! I'm happy if I get to run 3 miles! But good luck to you. I'm inspired!"
Jhoanne Manaoat Hidden "Go 'head, girl!!! I'm so proud of you! I hate running don't know how you do it LOL. "
julie munsayac Hidden "diabetes is so wack. you go girl."
Amy Macin $50.00 "Only $400 to go!! Good luck!"
Jenna Marrone Hidden "Good luck ladies!"
Elizabeth Hinman $25.00 "I am so proud of you, and wish I could be there in person to cheer you on! You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I love you!"
Elizabeth And Anthony $100.00 "Love you so much, Dad! I'm so proud of you and Anthony is concerned that you continue to remain in so much better shape than he does. ;-) Just kidding! He and I both know what it's like to not have an amazing grandma here with us and I'm so glad you're doing this for Grandma Lee! We love you!!!"
Cameron Isaacs Hidden "You rock! "
Kyle Smith $50.00 "Mr. Iddings, thanks so much for doing this. My grandpa has diabetes, so I appreciate this cause even more. Good luck with your little jog!"
Anonymous Hidden "Good Luck!"
Dianne Durnrwald $50.00 "Go Scott!!! Good Luck with your run."
Barb Mazur $100.00 "Thank you Buddy! You're the best and I love you :) I miss mom everyday and wish more could have been done at that time--hopefully this will help some other family have more time with their loved ones."
Michelle Wagner $50.00 "Buddy, this is a great thing you are doing. My mom has been diabetic for a while and I worry about her that she will have complications at some point. I miss Lee also. I was just at Chapel Lawn the other day for my grandma's funeral and thought about Lee being buried there. I would have visited her gravesite but I didn't know where it was. Good Luck with your run. I will tell my mom that you are doing this. Love Michelle (Kielbasa)"
Tom and Marty Palmer $50.00 "Bryan, you can do it. Keep up the training!"
Chantel Sizemore $25.00 "Good luck!!! ----Steph's friend Chantel;)"
Anova Frasure $25.00 "Good Luck! We will be cheering for you in front of the tv!"
Fe Viste Hidden "You will make it Sarah."
Anonymous Hidden "just pretend that you are being chased by flesh eating Zombies and keep running till you reach the check point. :D "
Rachel Koons $25.00 "Go Joanna! "
John McFadden $100.00 "Good Luck!!"
Sarah Edwards $50.00 "go mags! the edwards family will be cheering you (and miles!) on! xo"
Tony Wojtonik $26.00 "I give props, where props are due!"
Erin Fox $50.00 "I'm going to go out and buy a frame for that autographed picture you promised! Jared's already clearing a spot on his nightstand for it. Good luck!"
Donielle Pilger $20.00 "Good luck Richard I will be praying for you to finish the race this is an awsome gift!!"
Michaelyn Sloan Hidden "With 2 of my own kids diagnosed (last year) with diabetes I can now understand how devastating this is to not only the individual but family as well. I was thrilled to get this "special" update on the Alvord family & hey, Rick, really impressed by your endeavor (of course Sandy has made you the strong guy you are!!!...smiles).... In Him - Michaelyn "
Chris Barker Hidden "Great job Chris!"
stacey inouye Hidden "woohoo - you go girl!"
David Meyer Hidden "Good Luck in Chicago!"
gina fornaciari $50.00 "in memory of my dad who passed away in nov of 2005. good luck guys!!!! knock em dead!!! :)"
Bruce Verchere $100.00 "Good luck Alicia!"
Fabrizio Jorge Hidden "Go Rick! This is a fantastic initiative, well done! "
Bernie Tuch $50.00 "Always happy to support a colleague so talented and putting in those extra yards. Good luck Patrick"
Maria Amoruso $25.00 "Good luck! What a great way to honor your dad. "
Kim Buglio $25.00 "Great thing you guys are doing. Best of Luck!"
Sue and Joe O'Callaghan $131.10 "Hi, Joan, We applaud you and cheer you on. You are one of our heroes. We are proud to know you. Bully for you. Sue and Joe"
Arthur Purcell $50.00 "Go Dag Go!"
Beth Casbon $100.00 "What a wonderful way to honor your mother's memory! The Casbon Family will be cheering you on for all 26.2 miles!"
John & Carol Bouvier $25.00 "Sandy, it's so encouraging to hear how God answers prayer! We will be praying for your continued health."
Khristine Carroll $50.00 "Good luck Baby Cousin!! I am so proud of you...as we all are...and you know this would mean so much to Grandma! Love you so much!!! KLC"
Mary Cormier Hidden "Best of luck to you both! "
Philip Ourso $50.00 "If you let me down, don't even bother coming home."
Claire GIRY-LATERRIERE $150.00 "Et si j'allais te voir à Chicago ? Sois le plus fort ! Mam"
Vicki Ravenna $25.00 "Good luck Brian! We'll be cheering you on!"
michelle kominiarek Hidden "Good luck!! I'll be cheering for you."
Antonio Duarte Hidden "Think of me when you get to mile 17.... I'll run that mile with you in spirit. Proud of you!!!"
DONALD RICE $100.00 "My wife's mother was a life long diabetic. She worked hard to keep her excellent health. We always thought it would skip every other generation, but so far our boys are ok. Instead it skipped 2 generations and went to Sydney. It is our hope and prayer that in her lifetime she will see a cure. Good luck on August 29th. "
Reece Barefoot Hidden "Chris, The Barefoot Family is pulling for you. This is a very worthy cause, and we are praying that you will surpass your goal. Best Wishes for a great Marathon!"
Judy Mod $50.00 "Dag, I am honored to support you in running the Chicago marathon for a great cause. I have seen the challenges faced by folks dealing with diabetes every day of their lives. I hope that we can find a cure soon. Good luck. Judy"
Ranya Sweis Hidden "Good Luck!"
Joan Savage $50.00 "Nora: Good Luck on the marathon - be sure not to injure yourself for the wedding! Love - Joan"
Mike Hillen $25.00 "Chris, it will be an honor to run this race with you for such a great cause. Best of luck!!"
Brian Maslyk $50.00 "Way to go Mike! I know you are going to kick butt in Chicago."
Marlene & Jim Moore $100.00 "We were very happy to find out that Sandy has received such a miracle. Now let's see another miracle- Go get 'em Rick. and God Bless you both."
Andee Dekofsky $50.00 "Thanks for doing such an amazing thing for such a great cause. Go Joanna!!!"
Moira Duffy Hidden "Good luck girls, I'm proud!"
Charles Purvis Hidden "Great cause! Hope you reach your goals... fundraising and running!"
Stephanie Fisher $25.00 "What a great article and inspiring story. Best of luck in both races!"
Julie Schrall $25.00 "Good luck Mike! Hope that you surpass your goal!"
Graham Parlow $75.00 "Excellent work Mr. Maslyk. Good luck in Chicago and I'll see you at the Richmond marathon."
Carla Hagen $50.00 "Chris it seems like you have already been rewarded mentally and physically by training for and running your first marathon. We hope that doing it again to raise money for this cause will make the rewards grow immeasurably."
Valerie Mallozzi $100.00 "Remember what Fred Lebow, NY Maraton co-founder said, "In running, it doesn't matter whether you come in first, in the middle of the pack, or last. You can say, 'I have finished.' There is a lot of satisfaction in that." We have faith in you, you make us proud. Mom and Dad "
John Kreeger $100.00 "You're gonna love Chicago!"
Wesley Hill $100.00 "Best of luck Mike on behald of the entire team at Integra Technologies."
Cara Daley $25.00 "Just for youuuuu"
Pamela Weber $50.00 "Make me proud you little sh*t."
Patrick Killough $50.00 "Bless you Lindsay! "
Mark Burns $1,000.00 "Thanks for all that you do for a great organization! Love Uncle Mark"
Michele Schmal $1,000.00 "Good luck with the runs -- back to back is no small feat, but it's for a great cause! Love, Aunt Shelly"
Michael Sprague $50.00 "Break a leg (not!) Dag!"
Rob Stinnett $50.00 "Chris, I think this is absolutely incredible!!! Good luck in the race and let me know if I can do anything to help you out. Take care, Rob"
Brandy Good $10.00 "This is from Janis and I. Good luck to both of you!"
Schmidt Family $50.00 "Run...strong and long...and help your Cellmates!....we wish you the best in the Windy City!"
Leanna Ferrand $50.00 "YAY! I put you over your goal!!! You're amazing, good luck! "
Phillip Barak $26.20 "I'll buy a whole yr! "
Robert Mathieu Hidden "I wish I could remember when I could run a marathon. Go Teri!"
Denise O'Hara $100.00 "You go girl!"
Pierre-Pol LIEBGOTT $25.00 "Si tu fais plus de 4 heures je viens te péter la gueule....Sinon bon courage et essaie de suer un peu plus que sur la photo de ton site. Biz Pipo"
Donna Netluch $50.00 "What a wonderful thing to do. Best of luck to you. The Netluch Family"
Brandee Bevan $50.00 "Good luck Chris - I know all of those early morning runs are going to pay off! You will be great, I'm sure of it!"
Rachel DeLap $25.00 "Good Luck!!!"
Delia Danczuk $10.00 "I know you reached your goal but I'd been meaning to add a little something - hope all is well and good luck w/ the run!!! :) Love ya!"
Christopher Maslyk $25.00 "Great Job Mike, Chicago is getting closer and is shaping up to be a record breaking day for you. Hope you enjoy the run as much as raising funds for Cellmates!"
Kim Moreland $50.00 "Way to go, Teri! Let's be clear. This is not my idea of a good time, but you get to celebrate any way you want! Kim"
joann turley $20.00 "Wish I could run w/you. Run like the wind!!!!"
Marcia Brumbaugh $50.00 "Thanks for your efforts, Joan!"
Julie Roin $50.00 "Have a good time!"
laura hoover $25.00 "Nicole, we are all so proud of you. a marathon is such an awesome experience!! YOU GO GIRL!!!"
Susan Vrabec $25.00 "I believe in you! Thank you for believing in me! You go girl!!!!"
Terri Huddleston Hidden "Everyone is so proud and excited for you! I'm sure the article about you will be an inspiration to people with all kinds of barriers to overcome! Go Chris!"
John Porter $61.00 "Chris, Congratulations on meeting your goal! Can't wait for Chicago and sharing the experience. John"
Ben Sady Hidden "Good Luck!"
Kristine Orton Hidden "I love you both!! Good luck uncle Rick!"
Richard Maslyk Hidden "Chris, Susan and I wish you the very best in Chicago and are looking forward to seeing everyone. Good luck, Uncle Dick"
Tracey Kloskowski $25.00 "Good luck, Dan!!"
Cynthia Levy Hidden "Good luck Lauren!! Love, Uncle David and Aunt Cindy"
Nadia Ferrand $100.00 "Dear Ksenkie, I'm so very proud of you for your thoughtfulness and your efforts (running a MARATHON) for such a personal cause. Rooting for you all the way!!! Love, Mom"
Jennie Olson $74.00 "Good luck and enjoy Chi-town!!!"
James Munz $25.00 "Ksenia, I am so impressed with anyone who can run a full marathon, wow! And for a cause, I wish you the best! Love, Theresa Munz"
Betsy Levy Hidden "Love and Good Luck from the Family of Sammi Big Girl"
Kim Schoen $10.00 "We love you Aunt Angel! Good luck at the marathon. Love, Zoey and Lily"
Randy & Sheila Studer $50.00 "Thank-you for doing this Teresa! My nephew, who is my Godson as well, was diagnosed last summer. This disease almost took my sister-in-law 15 years ago. I pray for a cure and support those who are doing the same. Thank-you!! "
Mary Mahoney $25.00 "You go GIRL!!"
manuela sullivan $25.00 "This is a wonderful idea you should be very proud of yourself . I hope the cure is in the near future for all who suffer . Mimi Sullivan one of your Mom's book club friends."
Angela Liu $30.00 "" Run, D-E-B-B-I-E, Run!" Congrats on a job well done!"
Heidi White $25.00 "I'm so proud of you Kat and Gavin! Good luck!"
Edgar Azcueta $10.00 "Eric, we are proud of you. Tito, Tita, Rea & Madeleine"
Peggi Fossell $50.00 "We hope to be there to cheer you on!"
David Ray $100.00 "Good Luck on your run! This is a great cause. The Ray Family"
Anonymous $50.00 "You go, girl(s)! Aunt ML"
Rose Fisher Hidden "Good luck at the race girl! You will do great. :)"
Heather and Lance Walker $50.00 "Hope your training is going well."
Andrew Schanck $25.00 "Good Luck Bart!"
Arnaud Valli $50.00 "I love you Forest Gump!"
Kay Bogust $25.00 "Best of luck on the run. Love, Mom & Dad B"
Deborah Pelick $25.00 "We have been supporting Juvenile Diabetes since Maggie's school friend, Christina Hamsley, was diagnosed in elementary school. We are so proud to see you doing this for your grandmother. Much speed and good luck in your marathon. Love, Debbie and Mike Pelick"
Amy and PanAm Chaiyaporn $50.00 "Good Will Hunting"
kimberly heinemann $25.00 "Nikki and Chris, I miss you both and I hope you're doing well! You two are such an inspiration and I wish you the best of luck. I hope to see you next time I am in town. Enjoy the rest of the summer! xoxo heinemann"
Mariel Ferrand-Acquafredda $100.00 "Congratulations and Good Luck Ksenia! This is an amazing cause, and I'm already so proud of you for raising money and running the marathon(s)!!!"
James Hollis $25.00 "Way to go Christine!"
Garrett Viste $26.20 "have a great run in chicago! "
Laura Kittel $50.00 "Yay Ksen! Can't wait to cheer you on for such a great cause!"
janet danczuk $50.00 "Ksenia, Running these marathons and raising awareness of diabetes add to the list of reasons of why I am so proud of you, good luck!"
Adam Werdenschlag $50.00 "Truly inspirational!!"
Ray FErrand $100.00 "You Rock Ksenia! You make us all so proud. Love you, Dad"
Jesse Soleil $100.00 "Bust a Granny Smith in that..."
Daryl Altman $25.00 "Thanks for running for a good cause. Good luck! Daryl & Rob"
liz garica $5.00 "You'll do GREAT!!!! : )"
Olga Pineda $25.00 "Good luck and thanks for the continued inspiration!!"
Anne Yatco $25.00 "26 miles...did I ever tell you you're my hero?"
David Nelson $100.00 "You Go Girl!"
Mary Roiko $25.00 "Grandma Margaret would be proud of you. Good Luck and have fun. Love, Mom & Dad R."
elizabeth ramirez $25.00 "You go girl !!! I know you can do it. "
Vince Foley $50.00 "All the best Mike"
Carolyn Gallagher $100.00 "This will be the greatest rewarding experience for you! I'm so proud of you and how you handle all the challenges in your life! "
Juhani Karhatsu $25.00 "Mike, I know you have it in you."
Chris Dakin $20.00 "All the best Mike!"
Anonymous $25.00 "Good Luck! We are so proud of you cuz! Maybe we can meet you somewhere on the course! A&M "
Ian White $50.00 "Good luck! Have fun! Congrats on all of the training and the upcoming big race!"
Monica McCarthy $15.00 "Run Fast Eric!!"
Mary Cappella $25.00 "Good luck for a great cause. Mary Cappella (aka - Mushie) xoxo"
Jana Christianson $25.00 "Good Luck Nicole! You can do it!"
Jennifer Nolan $50.00 "Gaby, you'll do great! Congrats on the run and raising Diabetes awareness!!!! xo Jen"
Larry Robbins $100.00 "What an outstanding effort for a great cause! I am very proud of both of you!"
Janice Swanson $200.00 "You Go J Lo ... Janice & Steve"
Natalie Schneiderman $50.00 "The epitome of unconditional love and friendship - have a great race!"
maria L $25.00 "Si se puede Paty! Las latinas no se rajan..."
Orbicia Riccio $50.00 "ehii! Bonne course!! Et prépare-toi bien, pas trop de nougats, ok??? ;-) ORBi"
Sarah Hammond $25.00 "you're amazing!"
Elizabeth Montgomery $50.00 "RUN BOSCO RUN!!!"
Aileen & Aaron Jackowski $25.00 "Anything for a good cause..good luck!"
Bill Guenther $25.00 "Make sure you run it in 4 hours or I'm taking my $$ back...good luck and drink lots of agua."
Mark Weaver $100.00 "Larisa and I send you our love and best wishes for a stiff breeze at your back for all 7,000 miles you are running."
Ed Kenny $50.00 "Good Luck in Chicago !!!"
Aliya Best Hidden "GO GABBA GABBA!!!"
Daniel Maric $50.00 "Special E.D. supports Nikki and Chris in the fight to cure Diabetes. Thanks Ladies!!!"
Czosek Family $100.00 "Good luck with your run..... - yes, that deserves a first place finish!!!!! Have fun...."
Alice Sloat $20.00 "Running may not be as fast but it sure beats flying! Best of luck! Your Myrtle Beach bff"
Betheny Gambaro $100.00 "Good luck with your run! We'll see you at the finish line! Beth, BJ, and Baby G"
Paula Hidalgo $25.00 "Best wishes, and thanks for working towards a great cause! Michael & Paula Hidalgo"
Cheryl Gaber $100.00 "Have fun! "
Keith and Carol Taylor $30.00 "Hope you do well. We will be praying for you. Keith and Carol"
Jocelyn Sikora $25.00 "Good Luck Carrie!! I know you're going to rock this marathon!"
Gib Greene $50.00 "We're proud of you both for all your efftorts for a good cause. Good luck to both of you DAD & Andrea"
Ken & Mary Coffey $50.00 "GOOD LUCK KAT AND GAVIN!"
Travis Gullickson $100.00 "Good luck in the windy city Beau. When you send my signed picture can you make it out to "The Jacuzzi Cassanova"?"
Angie Yugo $25.00 "Good Luck Brian...I mean Johnny!"
Simone Mazenauer Hidden "Run Forest, Run ;-)"
Andrew Ferrier $200.00 "Best of luck, Rick"
Ronda Hudson Hidden "Go Sarah, Go Sarah, Get Yo Groove on Go Sarah!"
Kevin Loucks $50.00 "3:20 or bust!"
Eileen Sullivan Hidden "Run like there's an icy cold CL at the end!"
robert housholder $25.00 "the Chairman says to run and beat your hubby Kat."
Jeremy Hawking $25.00 "Good luck. You can do it!"
aidan kearney $50.00 "Free cd?!Why didnt you say!"
Aaron Pitts $25.00 "Mr. Alvord, you’re always a paradigm of heroism. Best of wishes on race day!"
Caroline Alcock $50.00 "Good luck Brian!! You will do great :) Caroline & Joe"
Camille Pankratz $25.00 "What a AWESOME thing you are doing! Best of luck to you!"
Keith Berger $25.00 "Great cause, Mike. Good luck!!"
Anonymous Hidden "The Boxers hope you keep the wind at your back!"
Courtney Levy Hidden "Good Luck Lauren! Courtney, Matt & Jack "
Sarah Lems $100.00 "Wow - I am so impressed with your altruistic donation of part of your body! That is truly inspiring. Best of luck to you on the marathon, Sarah and Greg Lems"
Judy Menapace $100.00 "Good luck Staci. Love, Dad & Mom"
Julia & Dan Seaman $25.00 "Shannon we are so proud of you! We know you will do great :-) Love, Dan & Julia Seaman"
Brian DeBock $75.00 "Kevin, Good luck with the run. Please say hi to everyone from the DeBock Family."
Sarah Escosa Hidden "Super proud of you, Rivs! Thank you for running for this cause."
Doreen and Charley Tyburski $50.00 "You Go Girl - show your dad the way!!! We love you - have fun! Dor and Chas"
Eileen Smith $75.00 "Go Rich, Wish I could join Sandy and family to cheer you on!"
Allie Marsh $25.00 "You are so cool Shannon :)"
Ed & Lynnette Colby $25.00 "Good Luck, Rick! Don't swallow the water, especially if the E. coli count is high!"
Bridget White $75.00 "The lengths some people will go to to get out of work.... just kidding! Best wishes and I love your team name!"
Lauren Acquafredda $50.00 "You are a rockstar! This is quite the endeavor but if anyone can do it, you can!"
Tom & Arlene Boscarino $100.00 "Keep going!"
Gail Smith $50.00 "I applaud you for your dedication to a great cause. You're right, your mother would have been very proud of the girls. Good luck!"
Marion Liang Hidden "deepest admiration! because this is what life is all about! :-) "
Jim Mulder $25.00 "Good Luck Rick!"
Suzanne Bell $50.00 "Go Gaby Go! Have a fantastic marathon!! :)"
Amber Barry $50.00 "Good luck, Shannon!! from the both of us :)"
Danna and Jim Riordan Hidden "Good luck Shannon!! What a great cause and close to your heart!"
alan zacharia $100.00 "Way to go twins. get the aluminum blankets ready. "
Patrick Tse $52.80 "Melissa - glad you're inspired by Katie Holmes!! LOL. :P I'm cheering you on!!!"
Marko Krpan $100.00 "Staci, Good Luck with the Run. We hope the Chicago Weather cooperates. Keep us Posted on your progress. Hope you see you soon, Marko & Sue Krpan (Alexis & Mac too)"
The Kenney's Hidden "Run, Brian, Run!"
family sutton $35.00 "Go,Rick, Go!!!!! I know you can do it,! What a great cause you are helping out, my prayers are that this will help toward a cure for all!!!!!!! A beer will be waiting at finish line (or my house!) "
Gina Karwoski $50.00 "To my little runner! Looking forward to cheering you on during the race! Good luck with the rest of your training! "
Donna and David Logan $25.00 "Way to go Shannon! Proud of you!!"
Paul & Kim Choiniere $50.00 "That salami will always be four feet in front of you while you're running. If you can get it, you can have it."
Meagan Glover $25.00 "Go Beau!!!"
Joe Stojkov Hidden "Johnny M!!!!!"
Mark Garcia $5.00 "Good Luck!"
Anonymous $100.00 "YOU WON THAT?!?!?"
Joe Hagel $25.00 "At TBWA diabitus runs you!"
Teresa Mangum $25.00 "Good luck, Chris!"
Jason Brown $40.00 "You're totally going to beat Emily, unless Wally runs, in which case he'll win. Good luck!!!"
Chris Carper Hidden "Congrats and best wishes for a great run! Chris, Holly, Katie & Clara Carper"
Cameron Schroeder $52.80 "Couldn't resist Katie Holmes either. You will beat her!"
John Vinh $25.00 "We believe in you John. You can do it!"
Bridget Robinson $30.00 "26 miles is a long way in any country! Best of British."
Bryan Funke $25.00 "Good luck Bart! Hopefully we'll be able to catch up when you are on this side of the country..."
Luba Swienc $75.00 "Congratulations for your participation in such a wonderful mission. I and my mom knew there was something special about you, Ksenia. Proud isn't the word but May God Bless You and may the Angels' wings thrust you forward by the heels to the FINISH LINE! Luba Swienc (aka Leanna's godmother)"
Jacob Brown $100.00 "Who was it that first started talking up running to you????????? Best wishes in your training and the 2 races. Keep up the good work."
Katie Wright $100.00 "Good Luck Don.. Love what you're doing."
Dan&Maria Moser de Leon $50.00 "Not to put any additional pressure on you, but.....we'll add another $50 if you complete both. We know you'll do it...Dan&Maria"
DennisBeth Jensen $200.00 "You've earned it."
Tasha Wallace $52.40 "Hi Don, You are an inspiration! Wishing you the best. Darren and Tasha Wallace"
Samantha Goldstein Hidden "GOOD LUCK BRIAN! "
Anonymous $100.00 "Good Luck, Don! The Cajun 'Nole."
diana gough yetishefsky $50.00 "you go girl - you'll make us all proud !"
Tommy Sing $26.00 "Johnny M is sure to be running by more than a just couple local taverns he frequented during his days in Chitown, I am sure. Should be a nostalgic run thru the city. Good Luck bud!"
Kathy Palermo $25.00 "Good luck to you Kristy on your run. I hope you have good weather that day. I'm happy to contribute to this cause as this effects people in my family, also. I hope they find a cure for this soon! Kathy"
The Beck Family $100.00 "Go Katie Go!"
molly saeli $100.00 "Best of luck Brian!! Love, The Saeli family "
Nancy Dickau $25.00 "Good for you Shannon - I'm impressed! I hope you can influence your dad."
Karl Gradon $50.00 "Good luck Rick!"
Heidi & Martin Garcia $25.00 "Good luck, Uncle Rick!!"
Katie Fidler $26.10 "You're a rockstar Melissa!!"
Andrew Farren $210.00 "I think you could carry me the length of the course and still beat Katie's time."
Anderson Lee $52.80 "Good luck, and I hope to see you in Chicago!"
Liz abbott $101.00 "So excited for you, Don! We are more than happy to contribute to your chosen charity!~ (Just not sure I am ready for both of these runs yet:) The Longenhagen Family, Greg, Liz, Liza Jayne & Jack"
Alfonso Meza Jr $50.00 "Thank you Son, for doing your part to 'find the cure'. Now, put on your running shoes and let the 'wings of glory' take you to the finish line...we are so very proud of you!!! Love you John, Mom and Dad"
jaclyn dight $15.00 "GO KSENIA!"
Nancy Antonio $50.00 "Go Don! What a lovely tribute! Thanks for running for all of us. Nancy and Robert Antonio"
The Texas Byrnes Family Byrnes $50.00 "A great person running for a great cause!"
Hilary Harris $25.00 "Keep on running! Love Hilary, Paul and Tom from the UK"
Sarah Murray $25.00 "Yay Sarah! Good luck and we are cheering for you all during your training! "
susan wertelka $50.00 "Good Luck John, you are running for a good cause."
Judith Rurak Hidden "HI Gaby, It's so great what you're doing in Yves's honor. He enriched our lives greatly so it's our pleasure to support you in this tribute to him. Good luck with your training and the race! Judy and Rich Rurak"
Laina & Rob Stilwell $50.00 "We're behind you all the way and couldn't be prouder of you! Love you. M & D"
Laina & Rob Stilwell $50.00 "Thanks for being as passionate about a cure as we are AND for supporting Cat through it all! L & R"
Kathryn Johnson Hidden "Go, Gaby! We all miss Yves, and we're so proud of you for doing this in his honor. All our best, Kathryn and all the Johnsons"
Jim & Jill Greenwood $25.00 "Good luck Alisha!"
Huguette Janson $50.00 "All the best of luck on your run, and i just want to remind you how very proud i am of having a niece who cares so much about others."
Sylvia Saldana $50.00 "Thanks Sarah for joining the marathon for this cause - something close to my heart."
Becca Pryse $50.00 "Good luck Sarah! "
nicole Orr $25.00 "HEY GUYS! Super proud of your hard work! Love you! Nicole"
Michael Pearlman Hidden "Good luck and have fun!"
Meredith Karpf $50.00 "Way to go Katie!"
Charlie & Elliot Bass $100.00 "Love you Unce Bart and we want to know if you can please add our favorite song to your CD...You are my sunshine! We will see you in Chicago! xoxoxoxo Charlie & Elliot"
Lisa Dapoz $25.00 "Hi, Neil! Wow-50 marathons in 50 states? You are amazing! Good luck and thanks for contacting me about your fundraiser! "
Jennifer Lessinger $50.00 "A cause near and dear to my heart. Run like the wind, Don!"
Andrea Macina Hidden "Know the Macina Family is cheering you and sweet little Colleen on! Love and prayers!"
Terri Hagood $25.00 "Good luck Don! You have a beautiful family."
Jenny Morozin Hidden "You are brave girls! I'm proud of you!"
Laura Sbertoli Hidden "Good luck and great job girls!! Cheers, Laura"
Patricia Wise $25.00 "Happy running Cat, am sure you will make your goal. Love Aunt Patty "
John and Kathi Orton $50.00 "Good luck Rick! We are proud of you."
Susie Graham $100.00 "Congratulations girls! We know you'll do fantastic on race day. "
Pilar Cabeza de Vaca $100.00 "Go for it Papoosita"
Marsha Lukasek $25.00 "We're proud of you Holly for your commitment, compassion and motivation. Happy 10th marathon, may you run 10 more. Love, Aunt Marsha and Uncle Ed"
Amber Rader $25.00 "Good luck...I predict a 3:45 or better...you can do it!"
Loren Borud $50.00 "Congratulations and good luck on the marathon! Loren"
Dan and Mary Jo Fachting $25.00 "Good luck, Bart!"
Reghan Guenther $25.00 "Good luck with your training, you girls will do great!"
Marilyn M. Duke Hidden "Hi Gaby, How wonderful you have chosen to run the marathon in honor of Yves. I wish you all the best. I live in Mnhattan but spend a lot of time in VA. I am hoping to see Pilar soon. We will be cheering for you in November. Best, Lynn and Fletcher Duke "
Kathleen Thaeder $100.00 "Enjoy the Windy City! We'll be following you on the web site."
Werner Rubas $100.00 "We are so proud of you! Allez Patrick!"
Lisa Drake Hidden "Good luck!!! I'll be waiting for you at the finish with open arms."
Penchala Mittadodla Hidden "Fantastic Sunil! "
Eric Wenke $50.00 "Congratulations Holly on your tenth marathon and much luck with the race."
Tom & Pat Holmes $50.00 "Holly, 'Congratulations' on the running of your 10th marathon and also the support your giving towards a great cause."
Elizabeth Laba $10.00 "Good Luck!"
Jan Jensen $100.00 "Patrick, you helped me change my own ways. Yesterday, I had a an LDF (longest distance finished) of 13 miles, through wonderful Ohio landscape, and I loved every minute of it. See you on Chicago in a bit. Next year, I'll run the 2011 Chicago Marathon with you. All best!!!! Jan"
Carolyn Heinke $25.00 "GO Holly GO! Jim and I will be there to cheer you on! "
Ron and Pat Byrnes $100.00 "We also will track you. Good luck to our Katie. Love, Grandma and Grandpa"
Robert Graham Hidden "Thanks for everything...now pick up the pace ladies!!!"
Stephanie & Adam Kneisler $25.00 "You go, girl! :) "
Jodi Tesler $20.00 "I love you Aunt Peggy and good luck."
Jose Oberholzer $500.00 "Patrick, you are one of the best and most pure, honest scientists I have ever had the privilege to work with. You have been a loyal friend and constant inspiration. You work your way through the most impossible difficulties life tests us at the most inconvenient times. What you accomplished with your first marathon, and now daring your second cannot be described with words, and humbles all around us, who think humans should not go that far..... Be the forces with you and us, the cellmates outrunning diabetes!"
Brigid DiPaolo $25.00 "Enjoy the journey Sis! Love Brigie"
Yong Wang $125.00 "Best wishes for all and CDP"
Uribe Allie Hidden "Sarah! You go girl! "
Eric Allémann $100.00 "Good Luck ! Go for it !!!"
Ami Blue $40.00 "Done and done!"
Melissa Koenigsknecht $50.00 "Thank you, Staci for raising awareness and funds for life-saving research. Your countless hours of hard work and commitment are greatly appreciated. My family are cheering for you!"
Diane Borgwardt $25.00 "Go, Holly! You are an inspiration!"
sara schroeder Hidden "Go Staci go go go....Good luck!!! I know you will do awesome! I can't wait for the following weekend. :) :)"
Jennifer Wettleson $26.20 "Per John Meza, his running shoes sit next to his crown."
Lisa Rober $50.00 "Good luck Staci, you are going to do AWESOME!"
The Davenports $50.00 "Go get 'em, Big D!! Best of luck from Chris, Lily, Ethan and Del!"
Tim & Tina Knight $50.00 "We'll be happy if you can just keep from falling over! Remember...cheese at the finish line!! Seriously, we totally support you doing this for such a great cause and want to to be healthy and happy. xoxo!"
Anthony LaMesa $100.00 "Buena Suerte!"
Steve & Vicki Chang Bell $50.00 "Can we donate to have you NOT run? 52.4 miles sounds pretty painful! :)"
Patrick Salmon $200.00 "You run faster, you work harder, you succeed better, than all of us. But you are so humble, honest, enthusiastic and generous, that instead of making us feel sorry for ourselves, we use your inspirational wake to surf on it, and achieve impossible things. You are among these too rare true humans. Thank you Jose."
Patrick Salmon $50.00 "Run slowly, do not hurt yourself, and after the finish line, you will never be the same person again. Vamonos!"
Patrick Salmon $50.00 "Thank you for your professionalism and dedication that make the Chicago Diabetes Project run so smoothly. Speaking of running, I am so impressed that you decided to run the Chicago Marathon. Be gentle to yourself and you will feel the magic of becoming "legendary"."
Patrick Salmon $50.00 "I hope I can follow you for a couple of miles!!!"
Patrick Salmon $50.00 "To a wonderful labmate, runmate and cellmate. Take your watch this time!!! "
Maria Blanco-Prieto $75.00 "Suerte!!! Maria & Oscar"
Meg Anderson-Fensholt $75.00 "You go Cat -- thanks for keeping hope in all of our hearts. Meg Anderson"
Sally & Bob Wiarda $25.00 "Good luck as you follow your dream... and for all you are doing for those who can't. God Bless!"
Monika Sala $50.00 "Good Luck Joe! You are a Marine and I know you will finish!!!"
Pam & Brian Hensler $50.00 "Cat, Uncle Brian and I are so proud of you! You are, really an amazisng young women. We wish you and Jason much luck and will be standing on the sidePlines cheering you both on. Love Aunt Pammy and Uncle Brian "
Dean Niarchos $50.00 "Go Cat! "
Olga Alonso $100.00 "Estoy muy orgullosa de tus logros. Buena suerte hermana querida. Te quiero mucho!"
Ellen Noe Hidden "GO ALYSSA GOOOOOO!"
Joan Noe $50.00 "Good luck Alyssa!! We'll be cheering for you."
Helen Funke $25.00 "Good luck Bart!"
solange muller $50.00 "de tout coeur avec toi, pour cette nouvelle aventure. la mamie d'Audrey"
Nathan Tomashitis $75.00 "Everytime I picture you in training for this marathon the image of Mike Tyson's Punchout comes to mind -- You as "Little Mac" running and Sara following on a bike in a pink jumpsuit telling you to keep running -- I know its nowhere close the truth...See you soon!"
Mary Jo and George Adamson $9.00 "Could not let you be $9 short of $1,000. Good going on the training, especially in one of our hottest summers ever!!! George."
Randy Bunnao Hidden "Go, Girl!! Best advice: the race begins at mile 20! Work it out : ) "
alisha shabaz $175.00 "I want to thank Parker Gundersen for his contribution of $50, Barb Gundersen for her contribution of $20, and Dan Tabolick from Cooling Equipment for his $5 contribution. The balance is a contribution from ME to the Chicago Diabetes Project! Thank you Everyone!!!"
Patricia Sevy-Myers $100.00 "Go Harrison! Run like the wind! Love, Mom & Dad"
Carolina Pina $25.00 "Congrats on reaching your 10th marathon. You are an inspiration! "
Chris Fallon $50.00 "Good Luck James."
Tucker Ash $25.00 "Good luck big fella!! This is very impressive. I should be in Chicago during this event so hopefully I can get a chance find you and root you on. "
Mary Magill Hidden "Good luck Sophie! xoxo Mary"
Kelly Derocher $25.00 "Good Luck Staci!!"
Brian Johnson $50.00 "Kick ass!"
Elizabeth Cikowski $50.00 "GO Joe! We are proud of you. "
Anonymous $15.00 "bravoooooooooooooo quel courage c est génial"
Katie Doyle Hidden "Bryan - Appreciate your passion for this great cause. Hope Matthew is doing good with the day to day management of this challenging disease. Let me know if there is anything I can do! Good luck with the marathon. All the best, Katie"
Rafael SIlva $50.00 "Good luck Joe! "
Charles Downs $25.00 "Strike a blow against lazy prancreata everywhere."
Erin Curran Hidden "We are so proud of you! "
Jodie Proctor $25.00 "I will be in Geneva that weekend, but flying out early on Sunday.....will be sorry to miss your race but wish you a speedy time! Will be thinking of you!"
Elizabeth English $25.00 "GO NAT!!! Proud of you, speed demon. ;)"
Debbie Anderson $50.00 "go jen go! you look fast and lean in your pic!"
Amy Abramite $40.00 "GO SCOTTY POTTY!!!!"
Teresa Yetishefsky $50.00 "Shannon-Good Luck on your run! We are very proud of our niece and can't wait to see you. Cupcakes are a part of your training regime, right?????"
Ellen Bowman $100.00 "Good Luck Tyler!! Wish I could be there to cheer you on! Love, MiMi"
Katie Hemming $250.00 "Way to go Ty!! I'm so proud of you..I love You Mama"
Jill Schreiner Hidden "Thanks for raising money for such a great cause! I can't believe it's your 10th marathon!! Congrats and happy running! "
Cheri Ellefson $10.00 "Good luck Kat and Gavin! I admire what you both are accomplishing!"
Laura Greisman $50.00 "RUN LIKE THE WIND SASHA SPOTTED DOLPHIN!!!!!! -- Laura "Hey my sweet, run the glucose off the street" -- Migs"
Deborah Yeom $100.00 "Gooooooooooo Natalie!!!!!!! run natalie run!!!!! - xoxo Deborah & Adrian"
Lucilla Rastelli $25.00 "John -- you rock!!"
Kathleen McDonald $25.00 "Natalie, You are my hero! I, too, have a connection with the cause that you are supporting. We need to find a cure for diabetes! Thank you for doing your part! Kathy McDonald"
SUSIE LUENSE $25.00 "Good luck Chris! I know you'll make us proud! Love, Aunt Susie"
mary c bronza $100.00 "you don't need to thank uncle dave ha-ha"
Lee Grossman Hidden "good luck! don't pull a rosie ruiz"
Meredith Muir Hidden "go get 'em, tiger!"
Anthony Green Hidden "Good luck Alyssa!"
Anonymous $26.20 "Hey Sarah... this donation is in memory of Heidi."
Muhammad Shabbir $50.00 "Best of luck for a noble cause :) "
Jen Shockley $50.00 "You are a crazy running machine!"
David Holbrook Hidden "Good Luck on your marathon Alyssa!"
Kathy Petrovic $25.00 "One mile at a time..........we will be thinking of you! Good Luck Aunt Kathy, Uncle Bill & Will"
Kathryn Rheault $20.00 "Love you Nat!! So proud of you, my friend. Rock it out in the windy city! xoxo "
Janet Smith $50.00 "Way to go Cat! You are an inspiration to all. Too many are touched by diabetes so thanks for doing this! Janet and Paul Smith, park city ut"
Nate White $100.00 "From Griffin and Charlotte for their Aunt Carolyn! Run fast!"
Thu To $50.00 "Have a great run Sarah! We'll be cheering for you."
Will Petrovic $25.00 "Good luck Alyssa! Show those Kenyans who's boss!"
Barabara Bossinger $75.00 "Good luck John, we are all proud of you!"
Luann Daniel $25.00 "Way to Go Melissa! You inspire me!!"
Kristen Perkins $26.00 "Go Don!!"
Ezra Van Negri $10.00 "Here is something to get you started..."
Gina Cincinnati Hidden "Run Gaby Run!!! Good luck babe!"
Jay Kronberg $520.00 "John, Great cause. Donation is in care of IDCS. Jay"
colleen wise $50.00 "You are an amazing young lady:) Congratulations in advance for your efforts to raise awareness for DM and for setting lofty goals. Good luck on October 10th... Aunt Colleen"
Ruth Lehn $25.00 "Hi Sarah, good luck on your run, we will be cheering for you."
Rosemary McDonald $25.00 "I am soooooo rewriting that song for you and pulling out the old guitar....we need something to replace "Natalie's Easy" hahah :).I am proud of you. I love you to death! Mwahahah. hahaha!"
Susan Latterell $50.00 "Good luck Katie! The Latterell family"
Linda Perry $25.00 "Keith you are indeed a very special man. Good luck at the marathon. The Perry's are fans!"
The Bellows Shoppe Inc. $225.00 "To all at the shop Steve run your heart out"
CARL & JOANN BACHHUBER $25.00 "We know you can do it. "
Gloria Ramos Ruiz $25.00 "Buena suerta amor!! You are running for a good cause. I love you Lorena "
Mike Murrell $50.00 "Jenny: Hang in there and good luck. Mike"
Anonymous $50.00 "Run Greg Run! Proud of you!"
Matt Lippert Hidden "Don't Fall."
Iliana Garza $10.00 "Compaye!!! echele ganas y que Dios te bendiga!"
Ben McMahan $25.00 "Good luck man, hope all is well."
Amanda Guzman $10.00 "Go Jenny Go! :) So proud of you! I'll cheer you on from Greektown!"
Tonya Hamilton $50.00 "10/10/10 and under 10!"
Tiffany Umbarger $50.00 "Way to go Kristy! What a great cause to select!"
Linda Rongey $100.00 "Keller we are so proud of you and for raising funds for such a great cause. Congratulations on all your many accomplishments!!! Here's to !0/10/10 and us being there to cheer you all the way!!! We love you son!!! Dad & Mumx "
Mary Caporale $20.00 "You go girl - I will be with you in spirit!!:)"
Steve Chiu Hidden "Go debbie go!"
Angela Ma $25.00 "yay debbie!! :)"
Christopher Lau $25.00 "yay!"
Christian Buschbeck Hidden "I want always to boost new and young talents to to motivate them to life their dreams. Patrick is one of them..."
Katie Sullivan $25.00 "Good luck Carolyn!! You are amazing! Congrats on this amazing accomplishment. "
Michelle Chapman $25.00 "Way to go Shannon!!! Good Luck!!!"
Kathi Stolte $50.00 "My Dad lived with diabetes for 42 years.... thanks for doing this, Alyssa. May the wind be at your back!"
Barbara Hine $100.00 "Best of luck! Looking forward to watching you run! Love you best, Mama"
David Cromie $25.00 "Good luck with the run and dont let James slow you down....i would put money on you out running the Badger!!!!"
Haleh Nazarian Hidden "go rivs!!!!"
Bob Drew $50.00 "I'm impressed my friend 2 marathons in 2 months. Looking forward to those long Saturday morning runs we have coming up!! Ok, not really but its worth it. What a great cause. Good luck!"
Cathy Lesky $100.00 "Jess, Uncle Ron and I are so proud of you ! We know you will do well in this RACE. My Mother was also a diabetic so this means alot to both of us . YOU ROCK !!!! love you, Aunt Cathy and Uncle Ron."
Peggy Corey $25.00 "Jessica , Good Luck . "
Dan Mason $25.00 "Marcus, Thanks for your efforts. Hope you make it to Boston. This is for Joan, she has been a diabetic for almost 40 years. We need a cure for all those kids out there. "
Becky Cain $25.00 "Jessica, Good Luck , We need to find an end to Diabetes."
Julie Trump $25.00 "Run baby run!"
Priscilla Cerna $26.20 "You are my running hero! and my hero in lots of other ways too! Have an amazing time in Chicago when you go..we'll be cheering you on from Cali! 26.2, wowzer!!! "
patti ellsworth $25.00 "Jessie, you are amazing...thanks for all you do!"
Patty and Jim DeJong $50.00 "Way to go Carolyn - we will be with you in spirit cheering you on. You are amazing!!"
Phoebe Cohen $25.00 "Go Justin!! I love you and am so proud of you, always. "
Adam Meyer Hidden "Good luck."
Lachan Band $25.00 "GOOD LUCK!!!!!"
Elizabeth Schorfhaar $100.00 "Go Staci!!! We wish you the best of luck! Andrew & Beth Schorfhaar"
qiaoqiao ruan $25.00 "Good luck in running! We will cheer for you. "
Natalie Myers $100.00 "Cat - It was so good to see you this summer ! Keep up the hard work - You are very special !!!! Love, Uncle Tom - Aunt Natalie- Nick and Dean"
Felice Ulibarri $25.00 "Best of luck Cousin!"
Rick Velich $25.00 "Diabetes sucks... Marcus rocks! Go Marcus!"
Bob and Jan Murrell $50.00 "Jen, Good luck on your run."
Kate Krogdahl $25.00 "Have a great time Nick! Make us proud!"
David Kim $20.00 "Outrun Diabetes? Does that mean if you don't run fast enough, it will catch you? Scary.. (btw your picture is sideways)."
MyrnaKay Peterson $25.00 "Go Jenny! I'm running next to you in my heart! Love You!"
Jonathan Kim $25.00 "Are you pretty fast now? Let's race when I get back home. If I win, you owe me $25 dollars."
Linda Bohling $50.00 "Thank you so much for participating in a cause that strikes close to home. Hopefully a cure will be found soon. Good luck and have fun!!"
Danny Short $25.00 "Ski, I'll give $50 if you change that picture.....just kidding bud....good luck!!"
Helen Robinson Hidden "Thank you for the reminder Jen. Much success to you and Angie! Love, Helen "
Lou Marchi $75.00 "Good luck, Danny!"
Lori Hepner $25.00 "Good luck!"
Jodi Burroughs $75.00 "Have LOTS of fun as you always do! "
Kimberly Williams $25.00 "Kevin- I applaud you for being the "Healthy Person" that you are as you encourage me. My son just started 9th grade and he will be running track/cross country as well. I wish you well in all of your endeavors and I know that you will do extremely well. Kim Williams "
joshua polsky $50.00 "you go girl"
Clint Cherco $50.00 "You are my hero. Godspeed."
Tom O'Brien $25.00 "Goodluck Teri! And Happy Birthday!"
Jason & Jenica DelRose $33.00 "$27 for the charity, $3 to bribe you to install our carseats this weekend, $2 for a massage after the run (you can make that $2 check payable to Jason "Magic Hands" DelRose), and $1 for a new pair of shorts."
Linda & Mark Anderson $50.00 "Cat! You are such an inspiration!! "run with endurance the race that God has set before you" Best of luck to you and Jason!!! (: Linda & Mark"
Frank Dreher $50.00 "Awesome Shannon, good luck."
Richard Todaro $25.00 "Good luck, I hope you have a great race!"
Marcia Visser $100.00 "We have no doubt you will accomplish your goals of both raising money and finishing the race. Good luck and God bless to both you and Cat! "
Lisa Phillips $50.00 "Go Peg, wish I was running with you! Love Lisa"
LaTasha Mason $25.00 "To the greatest daddy ever:) Thanks for running to help others. good luck even though you don't need it because you have been training forever. L-O-V-E Your baby girl Tasha the applehead"
Gabrielle and David Rousso $50.00 " Good Luck Keller!! Warmest, Gabrielle and David"
Mary & Randy Falkenrath $50.00 "Keller - you are an amazing young man! We're sure you'll do great in the marathon and hope you raise lots of money for the Diabetes Project. Good luck!! Mary & Randy Falkenrath"
Scott & Jen Munday $50.00 "If you don't finish, is this donation refundable? Just Kidding. Good Luck."
Carey Shogren $25.00 "Good Luck Keller!"
Martha Gray $50.00 "Keller, What a great thing that you are doing. We wish you well love, Martha and Jim Gray"
Dee and Eric Pierce $100.00 "Cat, don't ever, ever, ever quit. You can do this. Just imagine how great you'll feel when you accomplish this!! God bless you."
Frank Vignocchi $50.00 "Good Luck Keller!!! "
Dorothy and Nick Streit $25.00 "Run...My Little Girl...Run!!!"
lorraine williamson $100.00 "we have no doubt you'll ace this no probs Gordon & Lorraine xxxx"
Family Vignocchi Hidden "Keller, We're so excited for your upcoming race and proud of all you've accomplished. God speed on your 10/10/10 Chicago Marathon. We cheer you!!! Louie, Diana, Frank, John, Stephen, Amanda, Maddison, Jordan Elle & Payton..."
John and Brenda Stanko Hidden "Hi Justin, We love you very much and are so proud of you. Wish we could be in Chicago on Oct 10th to cheer you on but know we will be thinking of you. See you real soon. Good luck and take good care. John and Brenda"
Antoinette Haynes $100.00 "Dee, I am so proud of you! You are a hero. Thank you for working for Diabetes research!"
Donna D'Amico $50.00 "This donation may come up as Antoinette Haynes, but it is from Donna D'Amico. Meema loves you!"
John Williamson $50.00 "Good luck man mind an take some sweets"
Tom Farrington $10.00 "Good luck Jess - Cheers Tom and John! "
Tracey Frosch $20.00 "Nancy - Best wishes!!!! Tracey"
Dorothy Cates $25.00 "Best of luck Amanda! I am so inspired by all of your hard work and I know you will do great!"
Donna and Sylvan Kline Hidden "Dear Michelle: Onward!!! Donna and Syl Kline"
Kristin Schwarz Hidden "Good Luck, Molly!!! Go get 'em, Tiger!"
Jodi Fender Hidden "You're doing a great thing, Chris! You should be proud! Good luck in Chicago!"
Mary Korsak-Harris $25.00 "Courtney, You Go Girl!!!! I am so proud of you. Love Ya, Aunt Mary"
JoAnne Udal $25.00 "RUN DEBBIE RUN :-)"
Clare Pasquesi Hidden "Go Molly, Beat the Marathon!!!"
Lisette Blust $25.00 "Wishing you speed and a fabulous runner's high. I am so proud of you! Lisette (now "Blust")."
Cheryl Williams $25.00 "Go Nancy! "
maria solarte Hidden "Tienes lo mas importante en estos casos que es la VOLUNTAD: el querer, el anmo, la firmeza,la determinacion para lograrlo. la voluntad de vivir un sueño. mucha suerte hermano. te quiero. vicky t."
Jean & Colette Barrié $50.00 "Bravo pour le chercheur qui en plus fait le Marathon ! Et sus au diabète !"
Reed Ibrahim $50.00 "10th Marathon, that's awesome! Good luck!"
PATRICIA BRAICO $25.00 "12 marathons, that's amazing, I am very proud of you!!! Was that picture after a race??? You look Great!!! "
Shannon Mennenga $75.00 "Good luck Chris, we will see you in Chicago!"
Shelley Stanko Denton $50.00 "Justin, good luck and we will be thinking about you on the 10th. "
Brian Paone $25.00 "Good luck man, if you wear those shorts during the marathon I will throw in an extra $25 and will be waiting at the finish line with your jean jacket."
Colin Keeler $25.00 "good luck amigo"
YAZMACIYAN Talinn $50.00 "Dis, tu pourrais me ramener un paquet de bagels cinammon-raisin ? ;-) Bon marathon !"
maureen and keith kolb $100.00 "Good Luck! We will be cheering for you!"
Adam Minarich $50.00 "Good Luck Ski"
Blanca Ruiz $25.00 "You Go Girl! So proud of you!"
Lindsey Kase $25.00 "Good luck!"
2-Buck Chuck $100.00 "Crush It Johnny Meza!!!"
Mary Lynne Staib Hidden "Best of luck to you! "
Sarah Fisbeck $25.00 "Good Luck!"
Marc Salmon $100.00 "A la librairie Barnes & Nobles de Michigan Avenue, ils doivent avoir reçu le livre que j'ai commandé, tu pourras vérifier en passant devant pendant le marathon ? :)"
Theresa Taylor $50.00 "Carolyn, a very worthwhile endeavor. Proud of you. Happy running. Aunt Theresa"
Monika Bhuta $75.00 "Good luck, Brian, and congratulations on doing a fine job of raising money for diabetes research!! Way to go!!!"
Leah Good $40.00 "Bill and I are so proud to have you in our lives and we are so touched that you are choosing to run for diabetes. I'm REALLY going to try my hardest to be there when you run! Good luck baby brother! We love you and miss you so much!"
Mary White $50.00 "Good luck Tyler!"
Kami Quinn $100.00 "Woo Hoo! I get to put you over the top on your goal!! How fun!"
diane golin Hidden "Keller, we wish you the best of luck in the race. The Golins"
Seth Hemming $250.00 "Enjoy the race, but remember, "If you feel bad at 10 miles, you're in trouble. If you feel bad at 20 miles, you're normal. If you don't feel bad at 26 miles, you're abnormal." Seth"
Katrina Davis $25.00 "So proud of you! My mom and two aunts have diabetes and my grandma passed away from this awful disease. Keep running, slot of people are behind you!"
Denise Shilling $25.00 "Way to go Nancy!"
Gil Levine Hidden "Thanks to Shab for supporting you guys. Good luck. "
T Byrd Hidden "Use your arms, concentrate on your breathing, head up, have some gu along the way. And pace yourself. Mind over matter. You can do this. love you & proud of you ;) xo"
Diana Mina $25.00 "Way to go Christine! :)"
Lucia de Sola $100.00 "Ok Adi you do the full and I'll do the half...bet you my time will be better than yours!!! You go girl...crawl across the finish line if you have to. Good luck, Lu, Mateo, Nico & Dani"
Abraham Rodriguez $10.00 "Way to go Ms. Haddad! Running a marathon AND for a good cause! I am proud to donate towards your efforts, just wish I had more to give. Keep up the great work! -Abe"
Betzey Valas $25.00 "Because you are the best looking booger around! love you jk - thank you ... for everything! oh ps run pretty"
Kari Higgins $25.00 "Good Luck Janis. You are awesome."
Megan Mendelsohn $10.00 "Good luck Danielle! This is such a big accomplishment, I know you'll do great :)"
Jenny Hurst $100.00 "Neil, you're such a great friend. We're honored to help!! The Hurst Family"
Jamie Becker $20.00 "Great cause, Eric...thanks for sending me information about this. Best of Luck!"
Lindsay Willeford $25.00 "You are a rockstar!! Good luck with the fund-raising and the training!!! Much love, LC"
Rebecca Camhi Hidden "GO NORA AND SHEILA! It is a feat worth celebrating (something this fitness pro wouldn't be able to endure!!). This means when it is over that you ladies are expected back in kickboxing fundraisers :). Enjoy every minute of your accomplishment for such a great cause."
Christine D'Amato $25.00 "Good luck Julieeeeee!"
Brian Nelson $25.00 "Run Forrest, Run!"
Mitch and Anne Macknin $50.00 "We're pulling for you, Jemma! Baxter"
Caroline Cavalcanti $25.00 "You are my hero :-)"
Hallie Brenczewski $20.00 "Run Ryan! Run!!! We are super proud of you!!!"
Sarah Lange $25.00 "Run, Nancy, Run! Good luck!"
Anonymous $50.00 "Run, Christopher, run!"
Rachel Jordan $25.00 "Way to go, Keller! I'll be watching!"
Stephanie Crouch $25.00 "Good luck Jemma. Great organization. Stephanie Crouch"
allie fields $25.00 "Go Adi! You gorgeous girl inside and out! "
melissa thulin $100.00 "go uncle ryan!!! Love Jameson and Alyssa!!!!! "
Hunter Anderson $25.00 "I am so proud of you Courtney! You have truly been the biggest inspiration to me! You have grown so much and your great energy is contagious! I love you"
Cheng-ting Lee $25.00 "Good Luck!!!!! "
Joe Marcotte $10.99 "If you don't win the marathon, I'm taking the money back."
Patrick Cash $25.00 "Good Luck!!"
Nicole Ippolito $50.00 "I'm so excited to get a picture of you with an actual bib this time!!! :)"
Kathy Acker $25.00 "I am so proud of you!! Go Girl!!"
Benjamin O'Connor Hidden "Crush it gurrrrrl."
John Lazzaro $75.00 "Good luck on the run."
Youn Tae Kwak $25.00 "Go Espy!"
Tali sol-wilson $50.00 "Even though we have heard your Dad's bad cat jokes for years, we love him dearly :) keep running !"
Patricia Soria $25.00 "I wish you the best on your race mi amor. Thank you so much for beeing my trainner and my support during all this months, this will be a great experience in my life, thank you."
Brian Hellweg $30.00 "Have a Fantastic Marathon Angela - kri & bri"
Jack Sbertoli Hidden "Good luck on the run Grahams, GO GET IT!!"
David Hayes $100.00 "Go Get 'Em Shiney!!! "
Gabriel Garay $100.00 "Let's face it...I've spent money on worse"
Anonymous $100.00 "Tio Juan: Estamos orgullosos de ti. Te apoyamos y desde ya te deseamos un triunfo arroyador. Te queremos mucho, y estaremos muy atentos de tu logro. Que felicidad saber que en tu corazón existen tan lindos sentimientos. Bien por esa Tio. Te quieren: Mariantonia, Santiago y Andres Felipe."
Miriam Gitlin $10.00 "Good luck!"
Andriana Valentino $25.00 "Go Christy and Nikki go!! It's awesome that you two have been working so hard for a great cause. "
Angelo Pilotto $50.00 "Good luck!"
Mercy Guzman $25.00 "Espy, fly like the wind! Mercy"
Phillip Barreda $100.00 "Congratulations!!!"
Renee Turco $25.00 "You are going to do great!"
george evangelou $100.00 "good luck!!!"
Wendy Retzer $10.00 "Go Paty!!!!"
Rachel Shockley $25.00 "Amanda, Best of luck with your race! This is a great cause to run for. Eric and I are proud of you. Good luck!"
Eric Bryant $50.00 "Go Sweats! "
Lynn Reich $25.00 "Go Guillermo!"
Diana Bogust $10.00 "What an awesome cause! Thank you. Love Richter and Zander"
Joey Benjamin $75.00 "Good luck TWINS!!!! See you at the finish line!!! Joey & Sabrina"
Andrew Zutz $25.00 "YEAH!"
Sheila Stolze $25.00 "Hi Chris, Good luck! I'm sure you'll do great! Love, Aunt Sheila"
Anonymous Hidden "So impressive. Run hard, run strong!"
Danijel Jovanovic $200.00 "This is a great cause! Good luck!"
Andrea Scott $100.00 "Really happy to support you and a great cause! Have a great run!"
Jen Roberts $50.00 "Good luck! "
Eugenia Leemans $150.00 "Pam, Wow! What a wonderful event to participate in! You are so inspirational! Good luck! : ))))))))"
Beth Webber-Vorwald $50.00 "Don, what a wonderful cause. My grandmother struggled with diabetes for most of her life. Maybe it is our generation that will find a cure! Good luck with the Marathons!"
Mitchell Kopin $100.00 "Good luck Jemma. We can't wait to hear about it."
Doug Mulderink $100.00 "Good luck on your run!"
The Greyhound $100.00 "Run first ten miles you run with your head, the second ten with your legs and 6.2 with your heart -unknown "
Katerina Lauer Hidden "Run, Neil.. Run! Wish I could be there in person to support your run through Chi-town, but I guess you'll have to do with my 'virtual support'! Let me know when you get to running through the great state of South Caroline!"
Eric Calandra $25.00 "Good luck to the both of you and what a great cause this is! My father although it be a mild case is a diabetic!"
Shawn Dahm $25.00 "Way to go Jen...You ROCK!! Good Luck!"
Bruno Gander $75.00 "Go, Patrick, the goal is within reach...."
monika tyrichtrova $50.00 "Good luck!"
Erin Jesberger $40.00 "Go get'em girl!!!! I'll be depending upon Scanner Dan's mile-by-mile updates. Can't wait. Love you!!! "
Sonia Kwon $100.00 "I know you can do it!"
Stephanie Hilbert Hidden "Go, Sophia and Cell Mates on the Run! Best wishes in your last few weeks of training and I'll be cheering for you on 10/10/10!"
diane goldstein $50.00 "Go Courtney! Jim and I had such fun with you and I look forward to seeing you again in November. Good Luck !!! Jim and Diane"
Stephen Crimi Hidden "Good luck, Don!"
Andrea Cesarotti $50.00 "Brian! Congratulations on being so close to your goal! You rock and you will kick butt in the marathon! Can't wait to watch and not run! Love, Andrea"
Justine Ryan $100.00 "Good Luck from all the Ryans.. Miss Taylor is disappointed you didn't ask her to run with you! "
William Benson $100.00 "Good Luck!"
Lynn Schnapp Hidden "Love the picture! :)"
Thelma Grefalda $25.00 "Have a great race Brian! Even though I can't be there I will be cheering for you!"
Stephanie Smith $10.00 "Way to go, Mom! I am so proud of you...you are going to do great!!"
Wendy Brewer $50.00 "Good luck Jess!!"
Kari Lee Moranski Hidden "Thanks Teri for doing this! Love ya lots Carrie Gray!"
Susan McBride $75.00 "Run hard, and no injuries!"
Meg and Tom Evans $50.00 "Thanks for raising for such a great cause!"
Renee Siegel $100.00 "Glad to contribue to such a worthy cause. Renee and Allen"
Robert Churchill $100.00 "John, Good luck and keep your feet moving. Bob & Liza"
Katherine Tuan $10.00 "Good luck, Julie! It's awesome that you're doing this! "
Sandra Reed $200.00 "Have fun Pam!"
NORA PATRICIA SOLARTE GUERRERO $200.00 "Los Exitos se logran con perseverancia, dedicacion y tu vida ha sido una muestra constante de ello. Que esta prueba sea un nuevo reto por lograr porque se que eres capaz de esto y mucho mas.... Te quiero y desde aqui te acompaño y te envio toda la fuerza para que todo vaya bien!!! Un Fuerte Abrazo Hermano!!!"
Dana Bigman $15.00 "Go, Sarah! Team Santa Monica is behind you all the way! Dana"
Joel Kammeyer $100.00 "Don, remind me to ask you sometime about how you managed to maintain your running schedule when your little ones were newborns. :-) Happy marathoning!"
Sophia Lee $25.00 "make sure someone has 3 chickens and 9 bananas waiting for you at the finish line!"
I.S.O. Salon Suites $225.00 "So glad to contribute! Good Luck!"
Amy Peteri $25.00 "I love you Jessie - so proud of you. I don't even like to *drive* 26 miles!"
Amy Peteri $10.00 "Good luck, Angela! Thanks for running!"
Cheri McCormick $25.00 "We're cheering for you!!!!"
Kenneth Witkofski $75.00 "In memory of your Dad- Dad and Mom are so proud."
Chris Herndon $25.00 "Good Luck!!!"
David & Karen Perenic $200.00 "Good luck in the Chicago Marathon. This is a great thing that you are doing for charity"
Martha Ha $25.00 "go! go! go! :) La Marathon in March???!!! "
Emma Klosterman $25.00 "Good luck!"
Tyler Pauley $0.25 "Meow"
Gregory Scheiferstein $27.69 "MEOW <@;-)8"
SONYA ROSE $100.00 "Run hard and rest up for the 16th! :-)"
Jim & Trish Landers $50.00 "Keith, you have always been a generous person and an inspiration to your students and athletes. "
Brandon Kvapil $100.00 "Good job Brandon, you're almost there! Keep up the good work! And you're very handsome! and strong, too!"
Ida Rodriguez $50.00 "Two Marathons AWESOME!! Thanks for taking time out of your lives to support a cause that affects everyone. GO GREENES! "
Anna Eckmann $15.00 "Good luck Angela!!"
Charlotte & Clay Hoes $25.00 "Hey John - Good luck with the run. Great cause. Our god child from Chicago has type 1. We keep tabs on what is going on so thanks for all the support."
Geri Cotton $25.00 "Good Luck & Godspeed! My prayers are with you!"
Jayne Rohlfing $50.00 "run dave run!!"
Bill and Sharon Barrett $100.00 "Throughout your life you have shown such great motivation and determination, this race will be no different. I know you will do well !! Love, Mom and Dad"
Melissa Lancelle $25.00 "Man, I thought 4 miles was good. Way to go! "
Kerl-Sophie-Jimena LaJeune $25.00 "Go Marcus Maximus Aurelius! Have a great run. See U @ Chili Mac"
Lyle Jones $25.00 "Get some Marcus! "
amanda kvapil $125.00 "i couldn't agree with the comment the other fella left more. you are amazingly strong and totally handsome!!! you are doing a great job and alex and i are soooo proud of you - even though you may be a little crazy. i know you will do great this year and i promise we'll try and find you a little quicker this year after the race. love you lots!!!!!"
richard walton $100.00 "Run hard, Chris. Try to qualify for Boston!!!"
Julieann Eckel $25.00 "love ya Neil--Tear it up!!"
Sylvia Corral $10.00 "What a great cause :) Your going to do great Angela!"
Teresa Morales $50.00 "Kill that pavement!! Loves...."
Malissa Garrison $100.00 "10-10-10!!!"
Capri Kinney $25.00 "Good luck Brian!"
Denise Sullivan $20.00 "Great job, Courtney! Keep up the pace!!"
Anonymous $25.00 "WOOHOO! GO TRISHA! You're amazing! I think you're going to win!"
Dawn Mohs $25.00 "Good luck Sarah!"
Mary Joan Lauer $25.00 "Good luck Danielle! I will be rooting for you on Lake Shore Drive and Addison! Maybe with a bottle of water and a Power Bar!"
Hazel Natividad $50.00 "Way to go, Ron! We're proud of you!"
Ellen Leyba $100.00 "Congrats in advance.... i know you can make it to the very end!!!"
HeeJai Kwon $50.00 "Go for it!"
Sheri Lockbaum $50.00 "I hope the wind at your back and a bright sunny day!"
Julie Tallarida $50.00 "Go John Go!!!"
Callie Pogge $25.00 "Molly, I could not be more proud of you!! Keep up the hard work. It is a downhill course from here :) I can't wait to root you on!! Love you, cal."
Kathleen Langan $10.00 "Go Natalie! "
Jan Stack $25.00 "So proud of you! "
Terri Daso $25.00 "Good for you, Danielle! Best of luck in achieving your goals. Terri"
Diane & Perry Steinhandler $100.00 "WIngs on your feet!"
Grace Maloney $10.00 "go julieee!!! =)"
Anonymous $25.00 "Good luck! Ran it in 2004 with my best friend. Best marathon ever."
Leslie Ann Hendricks $25.00 "I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rock it out - have any awesome marathon - I know you'll do great! Love, Leslie"
Colleen Krantz $50.00 "Good luck! I'm so impressed!"
Anonymous $50.00 "anne's gonna put on her boog-boog-boog-boog-boogie shoes: she's running for a cure! run btch run! xoxox, dehora"
Erica Thibeault Hidden "Best of luck little brother! Love ya, Erica"
Kelly Glynn $100.00 "Run Patrick Run "
lia panariello $50.00 "for your dad <3 my dad, grandma & cousin - good luck girls xoxo"
Angela Dumas $75.00 "Whether I'd give a person is my new measure of friendship. I'd give you a kidney, Anne. "
Patrick Cheney $25.00 "Go Courtney!"
Elizabeth Rooth $25.00 "Good luck to you Jemma. This is a wonderful cause."
Marjorie O'Donnell $75.00 " Keller, your mother and I will join you NEXT year. Best of luck!! Marge"
Mara and John O'Brien $50.00 "Go ANNE!"
Tom dell $50.00 "I will be very disapointed if you don't grow out your beard and wear a bubba gump hat... "
alexandra chatagner $75.00 "Bravo Patrick et profite bien de ta course! Bises alex"
alexandra Chatagner $75.00 "Profite bien de ta course! Biz alex"
Frances Guynn $25.00 "Good Luck Gavin and Kat."
Terry Knull $25.00 "Good luck Sarah! I look forward to many more Saturday morning runs out at Independence Grove with you. Run hard on 10/10/10."
Anthony & Sheila Turner $50.00 "Best wishes for the 10th - pace yourself, finish strong and congratulations early!!!!"
Sarah Helland $50.00 "Good Luck!! We Love You!!"
STACEY VILLEGAS $50.00 "I'm sorry I didn't make it to Bar Celona. My father is also a diabetic so I understand the complications that's involved with the disease . Good luck with your fund raiser!"
pam jones $25.00 "Good luck on the runs! Hopefully we'll be there in Chicago to cheer you on."
Steven Zhu $50.00 "I support the Chicago diabetes project!"
Catherine Devlin $100.00 "Anne, you are an inspiration."
Dave and Holly Collier $50.00 "Good luck!"
Beth Sloan Hidden "Have fun running!!! 10-10-10 will be here soon. "
Mary I. Sachs Hidden "Best of Luck to you both!! You are running for a cure....very admirable and inspiring!!"
Laurie Pasinski $100.00 "Go, Go Johnny Go!"
Brian Buckingham $50.00 "Where's the post marathon party?"
Ryne Gavigan $25.00 "Good Luck Andy. I will be there to cheer you on."
Adam Haravon $50.00 "Thats the same crawl technique you'll use to cross the Finish Line. GO PATTY!"
Anonymous $250.00 "Good luck Brian. Hope you beat your time from last year. Extra weight you are carrying might be a hinderance."
Samantha Steele $50.00 "We'll be rooting for you at the finish line!"
Kay Jancewicz $25.00 "Good job Patrick!! You picked my favorite charity. My brother passed away at 55 due to complications from diabetes..every penny counts toward the cure."
Duncan Laird $25.00 "You should do it dressed as a cheese! Good luck Carolyn!"
marty hansen $50.00 "Why doesn't the chariots of fire song play in my head when I picture Pat running this mug? My answer is yes! I will go to the Bears game Monday night."
Helen Marie Albrecht $50.00 "Run, Johnny, run! You are amazing!"
Charlie and Stacy Burgoon $150.00 "All the dedication and training you've done - you're gonna to do awesome!! Great job on picking the charity as well! Go get 'em!!!"
Matt Rainwater Hidden "That's come down to about $10 for each time I called you last weekend between 12am and 4am. Anyways, good luck with the race. "
Doug & Elizabeth Pessefall $100.00 "Thank you, John! Good luck!"
Katherine Meeker $25.00 "Good luck John - you're my hero - I have to get back to marathon training ASAP. "
Raj Mellacheruvu $25.00 "Go Big Mac!"
Bill & Laurie Johnson $200.00 "Have a good run for a good cause Andy."
Lisa Nelson $25.00 "YOU ROCK!! I know you can do it. Good luck!"
Torrance Hanley $100.00 "Justin, you're an inspiration to us all! Good luck!"
Pierre Powell Hidden "Baby Feet, you are a great man, good luck! "
Brady Reynolds $100.00 "Run away my friend!!! From your friends at PrintPro "
Marianne Trotter $50.00 "Good Luck, Jemma! We know you can do it! Have lots of fun and be safe. Love, Marianne & Pete"
Kelly Portz $25.00 "Go Teresa!!! Pace yourself and have a great time!!! "
Tony Passolano $21.20 "Run Forest Run... "
Laura Vorwald Hidden "Good luck Patrick!"
Matthew Hurd $25.00 "Great effort, thanks love Ali, Ems and Matt "
Bill and Marsha Hallier $50.00 "We are proud of you hard work! Bill looked at your baby picture, not knowing who or what it was, and said, "That looks just like Pat Glynn." I remember when you looked just like that. Marsha"
Marj Lundy $50.00 "Jemma, Best of luck and thanks for doing this. We're behind you all the way! Marj Lundy and Jamie Godshalkl"
stephen lopes $50.00 "I barely even know you anymore."
Susie Meaker $50.00 "Good luck, Danielle! We'll see you back home soon! Love, Henry & Joe"
Susan Coffey $10.00 "GOOOOODDDD LUCCCKKKKKKK you're gonna dooo soooo greattttttttt i love you lotsssssssss :) "
Jenn & Gary Rothschild $50.00 "What's her name? who are you running after?"
Catherine Wang $100.00 "Way to go Keller! "
Angela Helland $25.00 "You are amazing! Good luck!! :)"
Kristin Berdis $25.00 "Good Luck Ryan!"
Daniel Lusche $15.00 "Hope you still can make it! Dan"
Cheryl & Chris Woods $25.00 "Good luck!"
Jamee Southward Hidden "Good luck! Will be thinking of you both! :) xoxoxo"
alisha shabaz $260.00 "Thanks DAD I appreciate the support!!"
Jacquelyne Gallegos $100.00 "Kick some butt!"
Michael Weston $25.00 "I got type 1 diabetes in 1999. Thanks for supporting the cause. "
Marla Burton $50.00 "I love this story! Anne, you are a true hero!"
Dennis Sewell $15.00 "Great Job Chris! You know you are my idol!"
Shashank Prabhu $50.00 "Makarand, I admire what you are doing. Diabetes runs in my family and this is a dear cause."
Mara & Bob Mihlfried $25.00 "Good luck Brian, I'll be thinking about you on Marathon day!"
Jon Santarelli $100.00 "Good luck! Run fast and don't look back."
Jackie Zoellick $25.00 "THANKS BRIAN!"
Laura and Jeordie Rahaim $100.00 "Cell power activate!"
Jeanne Simko $25.00 "Good luck Brian! I have great memories of running the Chicago marathon, wish I could do it again. Thanks for participating in such a great cause."
Julie Vanderpoel $20.00 "Lead the way Anne! With Love, The Vanderpoels."
anne jones Hidden "We love you guys! "
Chrisanthi Christos $25.00 "Good luck Kiki/ Nikki! This is a great honor to Theio Taki's memory!"
Savannah & Breydon Nolan $30.00 "Go Christine!!! We are very proud of you!!!! I think you are a tremendous person and an inspiration to us all!! We love you!"
Tina Bertsos $100.00 "Good luck girls. I hope this year I get the chance to come down and support you two. I think you both are amazing for the dedication you have shown. xoxo "
Anwer dhala $50.00 "All the best, Eric!"
Debra Meyer Hidden "Good luck Justin!"
Jessica Brown $25.00 "Go Sarah! You are so inspiring!"
Kristen, Eliot & Michael Palcisco $25.00 "Best of luck! Enjoy Chicago too"
Brigitte Oberholzer $100.00 "Dear Beth, Happy Birthday. $ 50.- is for your first 50 years, $ 50.- is for the next 50 years. Enjoy the big day!! Mark, you keep running, just follow the professor. Have fun on 10.10.10. I will be there to cheer you on. Hugs, Brigitte"
Missy Ruud $25.00 "I can't wait to see you both cross that finish line! Good luck! Stay hydrated!! Love, Mom"
Missy Ruud $25.00 "I'm so excited for you and Jason! This is an experience that you will never forget! Stay strong!! Love, Missy"
Lenneth Grayes Hidden "Good luck, love. I'm so proud of you for doing this."
Theresa Fischer $50.00 "Good Luck Brian!!"
Ike & Jaya Thomas $100.00 "Good Luck,Andy!"
Michelle Sanders $50.00 "Inspiration goes both ways. Supporting you with love and admiration! xx Michelle"
molly meyers $100.00 "Thanks to Brian for supporting such a good cause."
Alyssa Jeswald $20.00 "LolZ. "
paul murray $25.00 "What a wonderful thing to do for somebody!"
Susan Sentell $75.00 "Happy Birthday Beth - enjoy your jubilee year!! Happy running Mark!! Sue S"
robert last $50.00 "Good Luck!!"
Helen Fogarty $25.00 "You go girl!"
Laurie Hillebrand $50.00 "All right....run, but I want to see you at soccer right after this:)"
Madeline & Harold Wohl $25.00 "Good Luck - have a GREAT run!"
Milanka Sijeric $50.00 "Good luck girls!! "
daniel wohl $100.00 "you have the eye of the tiger!"
Sharon Sledzik $25.00 "Go Peg!"
Al & Sandra Diaz $100.00 "Beth, Happy birthday, girlfriend! Looking forward to seeing you. It's so great that you and Mark are doing this fundraising. Al will also submit this to DB for a corporate match. Sandra"
kelley and Frank DiLeonardi $50.00 "You go girl! All the D's are rooting for you. Best of luck! Ashley, Nick, Kelley and Frank"
Ilyce Tamkin $75.00 "Beth - Happy Birthday and many more. You and Mark are such a special part of our lives, and we hope it continues for another 50 years. Lots of love, Ilyce and Sam"
Phillip Babico $25.00 "Good luck girls. Love you both!"
Gladys Tabano $20.00 "You are fit to do it so do it while you can. "
Derek Shubin $25.00 "Run fast? Run swift? Run carefully? Run confidently? .....................oh, just run, have fun!!!!"
PaulandKaren Hopman $25.00 "We're proud of the work you do as a Paramedic/Firefighter! And, running for the fight against diabetes. Good job! Run an extra mile for us!!!! "
Kevin and Gretchen Strom $75.00 "Cat! I will be with you in spirit as you run each mile! You're going to rock it, girl! Don't forget to recite Phil 4:13!!! Love ya!"
Pam and Paul Gossman $50.00 "Tyler, What a great accomplishment! Good Luck on Sunday. Have a blast and just remember not to start out too fast! Best of Luck! The Gossmans"
Nicole Diehnelt $25.00 "Good luck Marcus!"
david wright $100.00 "you go run. laura and i will be at the spa..."
Currency Kerndt $75.00 "That's my daughter-in-law!!! Go girl,go go! So proud!"
Michael and Kathy Scudder $100.00 "We are very proud and excited for you! We'll be there to cheer you on. What a wonderful cause! Love, Uncle Michael, Aunt Kathy David and Caitlin"
Joe Allardt Hidden "Good Luck Gavin & Kat !!!! "
Janet J $25.00 "Good luck Twinies...God Bless"
Molly McMahon $200.00 "Anne, Run fast and Go Green Bay! Unless they play the Vikings! No hard feelings regarding our present QB, but I have been a Viking fan since before I was born! You are awesome! Thank you for sharing the love! Keep me posted if you need more green love! Good luck! Molly"
Sam Wong $25.00 "Go Debbie Go ... I am proud of you and see you at finish line."
DOUG & PAM KRAUSE $50.00 "Jason, As always, we are fascinated by your motivation & drive to do good things. We were hoping to see you & Cat run the marathon as we were planning on being in Chicago that weekend for our anniversary. However, plans had to change and even tho we won't be there in person we will be there in spirit to cheer you both on. Also, A big WELL DONE! on achieving your CPA. We are very proud of you. All Our LOVE, Uncle Doug & Aunt Pam"
Ann Epstein $25.00 "You are truly an inspiration, Anne! Have a wonderful run!"
Colleen + Mike Biegger $25.00 "You go girls!"
Manny Mykonos $100.00 "How does this work? Do I get to choose which one I take home? I'm so happy but so... This is crazyyyy!! You girls are crazyyyyy!!! Good luck!! - Manny Mykonos"
Edward Farrell $100.00 "Have a good race! Ed"
Patricia Sundahl $25.00 "Anne, you are an inspiration to all us."
Marian Brent $25.00 "Best wishes!"
Dwight Kern $150.00 "Good Luck, Sarah!"
German Gomez $500.00 "Good Luck Sarah! (German, Tim & Don)"
Anthony Hubick $100.00 "You also have a Super Heart !!!"
Demetra Katris $200.00 "run forrest runnnnn! good luck girls love you."
Jenny Bailey $50.00 "Maggie... You are an amazing woman, mother, and friend. We know your strenghth, determination, and courage makes a difference in all that you do. All our love and thoughts... Good Luck! Jenny and Kurtis"
Razi Khan $25.00 "With people like you two one day we will find a cure..."
Julie Bilder Hidden "Good Luck Nora and Shelia! I cant wait to cheer you on! "
Brian Savage $50.00 "Good Luck !!! NY Marathon next year."
Michael Rode $100.00 "go get em johnny meza"
Kristin Parry $10.00 "Woopt woopt!!!"
Swan Cassandra Hidden "Good luck running both marathons!"
Nancy. Parrish Hidden "You go girl!!"
Rayah Abdullah $100.00 "Ladies, I am so proud of you two! Your family is very dear to my heart and I am glad to contribute in honor of your dad!! Good luck and I love you guys!! xoxo "
Ajit Mathews $50.00 "Congratulations Holly and Good Luck with your 10th Marathon !!! "
Shlomo Leibowich $100.00 "Have a great run! You are an inspiration, congratulations on achieving this milestone. Shlomo & Vivienne "
Roger N. Klingensmith Jr. $25.00 "The Linden's folk are behind you 100% !!!"
Linda Lafer $50.00 "Hi Sasha, We are very happy to support you in the marathon for diabetes. Best wishes. What a great cause. Your mom must be especially proud of you. Fondly, Linda and Dennis Lafer"
Paul Dalenberg $50.00 "good luck girls!"
Jeff Thomas $25.00 "If you win the marathon I expect to be paid back. Otherwise good luck, and I hope to be there to cheer you on!"
Maria Plevritis $50.00 "Good luck girls! "
Laura Hartke $100.00 "You will be the prettiest girl running! Good Luck!"
Laura Goebel $10.00 "I hope you can run faster than those little cellular monster things! Some only have one eye, so that's good news for you. "
Christi Bowser $25.00 "You go girl!"
Natalie Papadam $25.00 "Can't wait for you to finish the crossline so I can have my partner in crime back ;) Good Luck!!"
Family Phillips $50.00 "Go, Andy!"
Andrew Noteman $100.00 "Go Alisha! I have 3 family members that are type 1 Diabetics. You are doing a great thing!"
Guyla Wehman $25.00 "Good luck on your running adventure!"
Noemi Cruz-Orcutt $10.00 "Good luck Chris! Diabetes sucks, lets beat it!"
Carrie Givin Van Dam Hidden "Best of Luck! Very proud of you and your accomplishment!"
Patricia Engstrom $50.00 "Thanks for supporting a cause close to my heart, my great nephew was just diagnosed."
Katie Morgan Hidden "Just another great accomplishment by Ms. Sophie Magill! Very proud of you! Make sure to drink plenty of water and celebrate after! "
Donna and Stan Tarkowski $25.00 "Jason - Good luck at the run! We are always happy to support you."
Ryan Dahm $50.00 "Run, Forest Run!!!"
John Bruers $25.00 "Way to go broham!!!!"
Audrey Lewan $25.00 "Best of luck at the marathon! You are running for a great cause! "
Mabel Silva $25.00 "You can do it Sarah! We are cheering for you!! "
Philip Morris Horsthemke $100.00 "The best of luck for the 10/10/10 and all the best for our friends involved with the CDP"
Carrie Paull $25.00 "You're awesome!"
jimmy terracino $25.00 "Good Luck!!!"
Evan Malady $25.00 "msu 34 nd 31"
karen schmitt Hidden "Go Sasha!"
William Grant $25.00 "Good Luck Alisha Shabaz"
Juan Juarez $125.00 "Joe, Great job training for the marathon and even a greater job to run for such a great cause... You will do awesome!!! Juanito"
Johnny Moloney $20.00 "Almost there, girlfriend, keep up the great work, "
Jon & Rebecca Dailey $100.00 "Thank you so much for running in honour of our mom. I know you miss her as much as I do. Good luck to you. We will be pulling for you to not only finish the marathon, but place in the top five or so. All kidding aside, you are a good man doing a good thing that will benefit many people. I'm very proud to have you as my brother. Love, Jon & Rebecca."
Kelly Southall $25.00 "Go Chris & Nikki! "
Kevin Wheeler $200.00 "Brendan wishes you good luck, and we all agree that nobody should have to run that far. "
Jennifer Paternostro $25.00 "Way to go Shannycakes!! Very proud of you running 26.2 towards a cure for this nasty disease of ours."
Emily Wright $30.00 "You are a wonderful husband.....and not a bad brother! Good luck!"
Barbara T. Lea $25.00 "If I could be there giving you shout outs, you know I would! You will have an awesome time! It's an amazing experience (for me, just giving out water was). "
sunil kumar $170.00 "this 140.00 dollars is collective contribution from Dr P. Alfred 20.00$ Dr N. Bhuttar 50.00$ Dr. D. Hoover 100.00$"
Natasha Shino $40.00 "Good Luck Twinnies! xxoo"
Robert Reardon $100.00 "Thanks for letting me know about this project. Proud of you both."
Anonymous $30.00 ""Crazy Boy!" Love, mom and dad"
Emma Gurule $25.00 "Thanks, I know you'll do well on both marathons. I love you. Mom"
Jody Frisch $25.00 "I'm so proud of you on running your 2nd marathon and running for a great cause! Run like the wind!"
edmundo espinueva $100.00 "Hi Mel, Thank you for giving me the previlege to contribute to a very worthy cause. I will forward this to most I know in my address book and let us see what happens. Again thank you anak and take care and train well for your run. God bless you. love you, Dad"
Hebi, Tanja and Nico Oberholzer $100.00 "Joselito, go for it. You have always been my favorite brother. Your younger and much more handsome brother"
Rita Chainani $25.00 "Dear Aida, You are awesome for taking the challenge ! Wishing you the very best to achieve your goal...I am your biggest fan : ) Rita"
Alexa Alvarez $100.00 "So glad it's you and not me! Thanks for doing this for a cause near and dear to my heart as well. Now run on up this way soon! Love to you and your amazing wife and kiddies."
Sally & Bob Wiarda $25.00 "Good luck, Jason! You are making a difference...good for you!!!"
Christina Cain $25.00 "I know you'll do great!!"
Emily Gary $25.00 "Congrats! What a wonderful cause. Best of luck! Sorry I won't be able to cheer for you physically. I will be thinking of you! Think of Dora from finding Nemo, “Just keep swimming (running). Just keep swimming (running). Swim (run) swim (run) swim (run).”"
Robert Sievert $25.00 "Keep your head up & best wishes!"
Lynn Andrae $25.00 "Good Luck Christine!"
DEBBI MAMULA $100.00 "Buddy, Thanks for doing this for mom! Not a day goes by that I don't miss mom and her guidance. She was definitely all of our biggest cheerleader. I don't feel she will miss Elizabeth & Anthony's wedding, as she will be front row and center watching from Heaven. I remember the first time you ran in the Chicago Marathon you were just hoping to finish. Now, all these years & gray hairs later, doing it in honor of the proudest woman in the world! Hopefully, research can help with the treatment of this disease and others won't have to go through what mom did. Love you! Debbi & Dan Mamula Marko, Maguire & Bugsy too (of course I had to include them!)"
Valley Enterprises Inc. Carolyn Mazzola $75.00 "Way to go Christine! Very Proud of you!!"
doug fisher $50.00 "meezzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"
Aditi Balakrishnan $25.00 "Katie Thaeder, I love you."
Pam and Jim Wright $150.00 "Good luck Don! We are proud of you!!"
William Oberheide $50.00 "Good luck!! Enjoy the run."
nia tsamis $25.00 "Good Luck Girls, <3 u both :)"
Renee Fisher $75.00 "Way to go! Definitely an inspiration. "
Maribel Silva $50.00 "Great Cause! Good Luck, we will cheer you on!!"
David Mammel $25.00 "Very best of luck to you Bart."
Yvonne M. Quinonez $200.00 "WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU. GO TEAM GO!!! MAMA AND PAPA"
eddie espinueva $100.00 "Thank you for doing such a worthy cause Melanie!! We hope to see diabetes be conquered with the discovery of wonder drugs or vaccine in our lifetime. I have seen navy friends die from it and it is not a good sight to see. Love you...uncle eddie and auntie dolly"
April Morrison $25.00 "Good luck to the both of you! :)"
mandhir jamwal $50.00 "Great Job Sunil!!!!!! I wish you all the very best"
Kerrie Barney $50.00 "I continue to be sooooooooo impressed with your effort! You're going to do great!!!!!"
Jose Oberholzer $100.00 "Go Christine! Compared to an MD/PhD program and curing diabetes, the marathon must seem like a piece of cake. We are proud of you that you take all the three challenges at once. Step by step you will do it all."
Patty Lograsso $50.00 "Good Luck Jess! We're so proud of you! Love, Patty, Joe, Liam, and Bailey"
Rudy Lesky $100.00 "Good Luck Jess! Kick some ass! Love, Rudy"
Meghan Roach $50.00 "Great cause, as a Type 1 diabetic for 35 yrs (friend of Renae's), I long for the day to see a cure. Thanks for all your support! "
Anonymous $25.00 "Dios lo bendiga, que su corazon se siga llenando de lindos propositos, que lo ayuden a cumplir grandes sueños"
Mary Lewis $225.00 "Run hard. Don't get hurt. Keep focused. Don't stub your toe. Watch your hands.(Guess who said that). Run faster than Charlie Ann (or not). Love, Mom & Dad xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo "
Mike And Kathy Lang $25.00 "Thanks for helping out Juvenile Diabetes! Good Luck! Kathy & Mike"
Susan Smith $50.00 "Good Luck Bosco!!! xo Have fun in my soon- to- be hometown!! "
Daniel Moe $50.00 "You will do well, your Mom is a great athlete. Your Dad....not so much. Enjoy. Dan and Jackie"
Debra Kvapil $100.00 "Way to go Brandon. You are strong and devastingly handsome. You look like your MAMA! We will be there to cheer to on. Great charity. Dad is proud too. Love. The UP parents."
David Garrison $200.00 "Closer and Closer!!"
Scott & Deb Owens $25.00 "Run Forest Run! Good luck Slyk!"
Anonymous $50.00 "Left, right, left, right, left..."
Jeanette Pena Hidden "In memory of Lilia Gomez"
Jean Kosova $25.00 "Dave, I'll be cheering you on from New York and Len will watch as you hopefully pass by our building. Good luck!! Jean"
SCOTT KISSINGER $25.00 "The Kissingers wish you guys Good Luck!"
nikki haras $4.00 "lol best of luck twin. don't choke too hard on my dust ;) "
Mai Lan Wong $50.00 "Your uncle and I are very proud of you. Love ya and see you at the marathon!"
mary kroneman $50.00 "Good Luck!!! Mary Kroneman"
Patti Genster $25.00 "Way to go Christine!!"
Kristin Distor $25.00 "Hi Ron! =)"
Wendy Illian $250.00 "Good Luck, Run your best!!!!!"
Pam Hensler $50.00 "Jason, We are so proud of you and Cat! Good luck next week. Pam and Brian Hensler"
Ellen (Grammy) Karp Hidden "You are a beautiful Amazon doing a beautiful thing! We love you!"
Bill Johnston Hidden "Maggie: Best of luck with the run - and the foot. You're an incredible Mom and running for a great little guy. Gramps "
Aaron Newton $25.00 "Diabetes sucks."
Linda Schuh $50.00 "Dave, You look great! Maybe you can get all your old Aunt' s and Uncles to try and get in better shape. Good Luck to you, we know you will do great! Love, Linda and Bill"
Kevin Richards $50.00 "Have a great run I know you will do well. Janice Robinson"
Erica & Shad Swanstrom $100.00 "We're so proud of you. XOXO"
Chase Winkle $25.00 "Good luck guys! "
Michael Groble $25.00 "Good Luck! Mike, Sharon, & Fiona"
Michael Collofello $50.00 "You are neither strong nor handsome, but you are a good person for running the marathon for this charity and I'm honored to have you as a friend. Also, you've inspired me to better myself, not as a person, but as a runner. Hopefully, next year, I'll be running the marathon with you (though very far behind you) and, if so, I hope to run for this charity. I think diabetes sucks."
Dorothy White $25.00 "Good luck!!!"
Bryan Page $50.00 "Go get em Longshanks!"
Denise Stringer $25.00 "Good Luck Stephanie, What a great cause!!!!"
Jennifer Tucker $100.00 "Good luck from Simon and Penny Tucker"
AQUA+TECH Accounts Department $100.00 "Dear Alicia, On behalf of everyone at AQUA+TECH we wish you a healthy training and good run in the Marathon. We like the photo of your son and yourself."
AQUA+ Accounts Department $100.00 "Dear Patrick, We appreciate all you do and wish you the best. Last year almost all your times were steady across the board, and you had a photo looking very much like U. Bolt. Good luck to you from all of us at AQUA+TECH."
Gary Thomas $50.00 "Have fun and good luck. Remember to drink plenty of water"
Kevin McCarthy Hidden "Good Luck Brian. It's great that you are supporting such a worthy cause and pushing yourself to achieve a great goal at the same time!"
Beverly Przybyla $25.00 "You Go Girl! I'll be looking for you at the finish!"
Cecile Margulies $50.00 "Good luck on race day. All the best, Cecile"
Adam Shabaz $150.00 "Please beat at least one Kenyan."
Chris Rocke $25.00 "Go get em Tank !!"
Michael Bologna $50.00 "Good Luck Alvin!"
Roberta Bernstein $15.00 "Dear Christine: I too am impressed with your desire and ability to run a marathon and raise money for diabetes research. As the wife of a diabetic, I appreciate the efforts made by the scientific community to learn more and help more people and am glad to contribute in your honor. Have a good run and best wishes for continued good health and success in your work to improve the health of others. Roberta Bernstein"
Mabel Salinas $20.00 "Suerte Joe!"
Jason Virtue $25.00 "See you in New York!"
Santosh Salvi $25.00 "Good Luck Mac! You will do great!!!!"
Pierre Johnson $50.00 "Good luck! You better beat your North Carolina time?"
Megan Young $50.00 "Good Luck Rick"
Lisa Akey $25.00 "Run James RUN! Good luck!!"
Familia Diaz-Viana/Montero/Dobson/Wolters $100.00 "Juanito!! Te deseamos el mayor de los exitos en esa meta que te has trazado, y como siempre que el TRIUNFO este de tu lado y sobrepases tus espectativas........Con todo el AMOR de una familia que te quiere y admira y te desea mucha pero mucha suerte y mil BENDICIONES!!"
Rebecca & Ethan Iddings & Smith $50.00 "Simple enough, we both think you are truly amazing. We will be there cheering you on every step of the way!! Grandma would be so very proud of you, as we all are. We love you so much, thank you for being such a good person! :)"
Bob and Kathy Duncan $50.00 "Good luck with you race!"
vicia giralt $25.00 "Go Gaby go.!!!!! It's a good Cause!!!"
Jerry Lumsden $100.00 "Chris, May the winds of Chicago stay at your back ! I commend your hard work and dedication to a worthy cause."
Conor Brennan $25.00 "Run like 822 Francis is behind you!"
Bob & Janet Goldberg Hidden "We are both very proud of you and love you very much! Just days away, did you ever think it would be here this soon? Best Wishes on 10/10/10-You can do it!"
Michael Albert $25.00 "See you at the finish line Adi! "
Amanda Wolff $25.00 "Have a great run, Brian!"
Judith Zachar $100.00 "My admiration for Betsy knows no bounds. She does a remarkable job of caring for herself. With Love and Prayers, Mom."
Florence Carter $25.00 "Felicidades Adri!!! Can wait to see pictures, make sure you post some after the race, so proud of you for doing this! "
Jessica Miller $10.00 "GO CARRIE!!!!! I wish I could be there to cheer you on! You will do great!"
Chuck Smoljan $25.00 "Good luck and God Bless You"
John Heyink $25.00 "Is this where you finally get to work off that 3 month Qdoba/Bojangles binge?"
Robert McCall $75.00 "The St. John McCalls are happy to support your efforts and this important cause. Good luck and God Bless!"
Giuseppe Papavero $100.00 "Have a great run on Sunday! I look forward to celebrating this tremendous achievement with you once you have had some time to rest."
Willco Wholesale Dist.Inc Rick Williams $100.00 "Good Luck!!!"
Rick & Sheri Williams $25.00 "What an amazing gift that your giving to this organization. You both should be very proud!"
James Manoharan $50.00 "God bless you, Neil. We admire your vision & courage and send you hugs across the running miles....James, Esther, Joshua, Caleb Manoharan"
Marcia Winkelmann $50.00 "You are truly an amazing woman!!! Best of Luck! Have fun and I'll meet u for a drink afterwards!!!"
Barb Ostapina $25.00 "I stand in awe of your drive, your passion, and your commitment, Kandra. You go, girl!"
Kelly Huff $25.00 "Good luck, Marco!!! I hope the wind is to your back throughout the entire race!!!"
Jennifer Sherwood $50.00 "Best of luck Alisha - I will be thinking of you on the 10th and can't wait to hear how well you did!"
David Hardy $100.00 "Anne, You're great to support this. What exciting technology! "
MONICA VALADEZ $15.00 "Hope I'm not too late!"
Nancy Richardson $25.00 "Good Luck on Sunday, Christine! "
Sarah Johnson $20.00 "You rock Christine! ;-)"
Martha Gallo $50.00 "Beth Wishing you a Happy 50th Birthday and many more to come. "
Anonymous $50.00 "Don't worry. I'll pace you...... Until I outkick you. "
Ben, Dave & Caro Dignan $100.00 "We're SO proud of you Adi! We'll be cheering your on all the way (from the comfort of our family room couch). OK, so maybe we'll be chasing Ben around...! We love you! Good luck!"
Oliver Ernst $75.00 "Pam, I wish I could run this Marathon with you; but you know, I am busy ;-) Good luck, Michelle, Evelyne, Benjamin, Cecilia, and I will be on the course cheering for you. "
Julia Schmidtke $75.00 "Good luck Brian! Wish I could be there but I'll be thinking about you! Thanks for doing this, it's a great cause!"
John and Mary Kinzer $100.00 "Good luck"
Juli Eichelberger $50.00 "Buddy, Good luck to you. I miss "mom" alot. Amber loves hearing the stories of how she'd be yelling at you to not hang Debbi and I over the railing by our ankles, or how Jon would yell "Mom, Juli's home" and she's tell him "Jon, she doesn't live here". It took a long time for me to drive past the funeral home on my way home or to drive down Magnolia past the house.. I'd go out of my way to avoid it, it was as if I had lost my own mother. She was an amazing woman, that I will be forever grateful she was a part of my life. Thank you for what you are doing, I'm sure she will be cheering you on from heaven. Love, Your other little sis! "
Adrienne Sam $50.00 "Pitstop at 63rd and 1st!! It's gonna be an awesome race. Gooooooo Gabs!"
Lisa Rankin $25.00 "Good luck girls!!!! May the knee and hip Gods be with you for all 26.2 miles! "
Thomas Barntsen Hidden "Go Sophie! Sarah and I will be cheering you on in spirit. :)"
Grace Corr $25.00 "John, We're all so proud of you!"
Agatha Maciejewski $10.00 "Yay Gaby!"
Enza Marchese $100.00 "From one nerdling to another! Show them what you are made of BrUgitta!!!! I will be rooting for you!"
Barbara Barbaro $100.00 "GO Boss, GO!"
Enza Marchese $50.00 "Go Katie go!! Good luck to you!!"
Denyse Peterson $25.00 "Kristy, Good luck with the run....."
Steven Glass $100.00 "Good Luck Brian. "
Barbara Barbaro $25.00 "Proud of you"
Barbara Barbaro $25.00 "If you need a trick to improve your timing, imagine all of us behind you with order forms!"
Enza Marchese $25.00 "Run Patti run! Don't let them catch you!"
Enza Marchese $25.00 "Remember to spark the turbo at the end... Good luck!"
Kristen Kovach $25.00 "Good Luck!!"
Alfonso Chaidez $25.00 "Good luck!"
Quinn Bartlett $40.00 "If you dont run fast I want my money back. Love Ya! "
Annette Chin $100.00 "Go Pam! So proud of what you are doing!"
Amy Lyman $25.00 "Staci, You are inspiring. We will pray for you to have good feeling feet for Sunday. Come meet Kendall soon! Love, Amy and Tim"
Laura Torres $25.00 "Best of luck Gaby! While I am huffing and puffing doing my piddly little 5k runs I will be thinking of you!!"
Ivy Tiongco Hidden "YEAH go ats! love you!"
Harish Kanchi Hidden "All the best!! And party afterwards!!"
Adam Konwal $100.00 "In the words of my son, Alexander, "You are like a superhero!" Keep running and keep up the good work!"
Nancy Mireles-Garcia $25.00 "Proud of you Paty"
Yvonne Mundorf Hidden "Good luck good friend! Go all the way!"
Alison Golin Hidden "So excited for you! I know you'll do great!! :) - Ali"
Jonathan Mazal Hidden "That Blago pic is hysterical!"
Fred F Taylor $25.00 "SUCCESS!"
Aimee Okamoto $100.00 "Holly - Thank you for supporting this cause. Besides the Miniature Pinchers, diabetes is a great cause to run for. My grandmother just passes away from her fight with this disease of over 40 years. Good luck and have fun."
Julia Haney Hidden "Paty: You continue to inspire others every day! Run with wings of eagles....love, Julie"
Christine and Michael McKenzie $100.00 "We are so proud of you, Keith!!!!!!!!! We are cheering you on every step of the way!!! We love you!!!!!"
Linda Roberts $100.00 "Anne, Donna and I are Renae's neighbors. We certainly hope that we get to meet you some day...an inspiration though we don't know you personally. Great luck with the race! Linda and Donna"
Joan Martellotto $50.00 "Go Alicia!"
Holly Hedlund Hidden "You are amazing Paty... You go girl.. Holly"
Pat & Theresa Kase $25.00 "Best wishes, Brian! - The Kase's"
Jerry O'Brien $50.00 "You're an animal SLYK! Congrats and good luck! Disclaimer: If you don't win, I reserve the right to get my money back. Sign, date and initial here:_________________________. "
C.C. and Rob Shea $25.00 "Way to go Alisha!!! "
Robert Nocon Hidden "Go Cir!!! Love, Robbie and Cheryl"
Tania Toulabi $50.00 "Waka Waka Eh! Eh! ;) best of luck ya coco!!!"
Dwayne Smith $25.00 "Good Luck Chris! "
Julie and Tony Sharp $25.00 "You will do great!!! What a great cause!"
Laura Mancuso $52.80 "I think you're crazy but I believe in you! :-) Sorry it's taken me so long to donate. I was hoping they'd find a cure before I had to pay up! xo, L "
Jenny Spence $25.00 "Good luck on your 10th marathon!!"
Jisun Yoon Hidden "Go Gabby, you are going to kill it!"
yaz ahmed $500.00 "hey girls good luck with the marathon once again you girls are motivation for all. yaz will start running now, ok a donation is a start.. c u soon"
Anonymous $100.00 "What a lagger! hahaha! Have fun! Get your run on..."
Steve Bohnenkamp $100.00 "Great cause, Holly! We'll look for you again next year! Steve & Mary"
Frank Latuda $100.00 "This entitles me to a share of your winnings right??"
Hillary Hughes $25.00 "Go Sophia!!!"
Mark Matasovsky $100.00 "Go Teresa! You are more energetic than I am."
Dawn Dufield $25.00 "Good luck Carrie"
Andrea Benzschawel $25.00 "Way to go Sophie! So proud of you!"
Jerry Caravana $50.00 "GO Keith GO! I would run with you but I can't get out of my lounge chair! The best Sunday! JC"
Brad Garrison Hidden "Good luck Brian! The Garrisons"
Michael Henry $20.00 "*"
Micki Slocum $25.00 "I've seen some of the effects diabetes has, as it runs in my husband's family...let's find a cure! Good luck to you Anne, what a wonderful gift!"
Erin Reynolds $25.00 "GOOD LUCK BABIII!! you're gonna do great and i wanna hear all about it "
Kraftin Schreyer $25.00 "run kent run"
Peter Englin $25.00 "Great cause! Thanks for running!"
Katherine Wright $50.00 "Enjoy the run you cellmates!"
Meredith Blake $50.00 "Way to go, Sasha!!! Proud of you!"
Brooks Taylor $50.00 "Give it"
Melissa Jezuit $50.00 "Run good Carrie. My thoughts will be with you. And a sincere thank you for raising money for this purpose. "
Erica Lopata Hidden "Good luck! This is such a great cause :-)"
Melissa Stone $25.00 "Jemma - What a GREAT purpose you have. Run...run...run. Melissa"
Jerrold & Joyce Larson $100.00 "After 60 years of diabetes, I won't be running, but thankfully can still contribute!"
Stephanie Frontz $25.00 "You go, girl!"
Kevin Holland $75.00 "Your my hero!! No way I could even think about it....U rock!! I wanna be like Sarah when I grow up :-) Have fun in tha Chi.....thats what I call taking it to the "Next Level" Send pix...."
Joe and Sue O'Callaghan $131.00 "Do not be afraid. The Lord HImself said "I will always be with you." As for not completing it, you will not know if you can unless you try. It is better to try even if you do not completely succeed to meet your goal than never to have tried at all. The coward dies a thousand deaths. The hero only once. You are a hero. GO FOR IT. "
Jessica Breyne $15.00 "We're rooting for you, Kandra! Love, Jess and Matt"
Joe and Sue O'Callaghan $130.00 "Listen to those cow bells ring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Roar like a bull when you cross the finish line!!!!!! RUN YOUR SHOES OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@!"
Karen Purze Hidden "I do not get tired of hearing this story. You inspire me, and deserve to exceed your goal!"
Riley Smith $50.00 "Sophia - YES. Nasty diseases - NO."
Tina Deeke $30.00 "Good Luck this weekend!!"
Lalit Shinde $100.00 "Great initiative for a worthy cause! All the best Mak!!!"
Patrick Otten Hidden "Go Rick. Knock their socks off. Your and inspiration for good health and fitness"
Evan Cobb $75.00 "Very proud of your support of this cause especially with how close it hits to home for me! Wish i could be there in person to support you on Sunday - ill be there in spirit. ;) let me know if i can help out in any other way! "
Elisabeth Habegger $25.00 "Stephen-everyone in Dayton sends their support. You are an inspiration!"
Linda Fink $25.00 "Good Luck, Adam! "
Pam Laughland $25.00 "Good luck, Paty! You should be proud!"
Christine Erkkinen $75.00 "Good luck Katie! Have fun! Thanks for running for such a great cause! Chris, Tom, Meg, Elizabeth & Suzie"
Anthony & Maryanne Terrasse $200.00 "Hi Katie- Thanks for all your hard work! Maryanne"
Sheri Gentry $50.00 "POWER PAK PATY!!! LaCucaracha! You are an amazing inspiration to me, Sista!44"
Patricia Mitchell $50.00 "Dave, Way to go, glad you are taking the time to run this importance race. We will be thinking of you, see you the 16th! Dale and Patty"
Maroun Tarsha $50.00 "Good luck Christine! I am glad you're taking on such a challenge and raising money for a good cause."
Richard Schneider $200.00 "Go Pam go -good luck"
Lapi Dixit $30.00 "Go Mak go ! Great cause and good luck."
Peggy Nejman $50.00 "Good Luck!"
Larry Zoller $50.00 "Buena Suerte"
Cassandra Graves $25.00 "Just pray with your eyes open :) You'll do great!"
Bonita Rup Hidden "Good luck and have a great time! "
Tracy & Matt Howard $50.00 "Way to go, Anne!"
Julie Beals $100.00 "Good Luck Brian!!!!"
Laura Eltzroth $25.00 "Good Luck to you!!"
Edward Dudgeon $25.00 "Irish pubs along the route are not really "water" holes...."
Allison Talley $50.00 "Laissez les bons temps rouler!! Thanks, Brian!"
Julia Bassewitz $25.00 "Hey, I'm a friend of Ali Golin's and I have had Diabetes since I was 2, so I really appreciate what you're doing. Good luck!"
Tracy Koogler $25.00 "Good luck Brian"
Nicole Waickman $25.00 "Sorry it took me until the last minute to donate! Wish I could be there to cheer you on!"
Barbra Luce-Turner $25.00 "Go, Anne, go!!!"
Salmon Patty $25.00 "Best wishes and thanks for giving us the opportunity to help."
Karen J Rose $25.00 "You so ROCK JK! Am so proud of you and love you so much! Scottsdale 2011!"
françois-marie cornu $150.00 "Bon courage de la part de la famille Giry de Paris et d'ailleurs!"
david bryant $50.00 "great work!"
Anonymous $85.00 "Good luck :)"
Bobby Farina $50.00 "Well let me tell you something about George. He is fast. He can run like the wind. And he's strong. I've seen him lift a hundred pounds over his head without even knowing it. And you wouldn't know it to look at him, but George can bait a hook."
Demetrius Mathis $25.00 "I hope I'm not too late, good luck B "
Mike Glynn $200.00 "I hope you can beat my 1st marathon time 25 years ago!"
Claudia Langman $25.00 "Aida, I am so impressed with your discipline !! Good luck on your timing ! Claudia"
Jim Figliulo $100.00 "Well done Paddy..."
Kayla Lo Luna Adams $25.00 "Go Inday Go! Love - Kayla & Aaliyah"
Jenny Whiteman $75.00 "Good Luck Katie! "
Berit L Strand $75.00 "Staa paa!"
Berit L Strand $75.00 "Staa paa!"
Berit L Strand $100.00 "I am already impressed by you! Best wishes!"
Jonathan Becks $30.00 "Go Sophie!!!"
CHRISTY HUGHES $15.00 "Goooooo Lupe!!!!! Love Ya!"
Rod & Mitty Cortright $25.00 "Good luck Adam"
Mark Harrison $25.00 "Good Luck! I know you can break 3 hrs! You the man."
Justin Riva $101.00 "Should I be sleeping one off Sunday morning please know I'll be there in spirit. "
Barbara Nemeth $100.00 "Good Luck Katie! This is donated with love and in honour of David Hills, Ali's godson who is diebetic. Barb, Frank, and Ali Nemeth"
Christine Underwood Hidden "Beau, I am so proud of you! Good Luck with the Marathon! Sorry my donation couldn't be mopre. Maybe next year if I have a job! Love, Cricket"
Barbara MClaughlin $25.00 "Dave, Good luck Sunday!! Hope the weather stays cool. We'll be thinking about you! Dick and Barbara McLaughlin"
Molly Niday $25.00 "Good luck, Neil. I hope you have a great time!!"
David and Catherine Turnbull $50.00 "We are proud of you for running for such a great cause! "
Claudia Rebellon $25.00 "Paty- I'm so proud of you! Good luck and have fun! :) xoxo"
Chetan Chaudhari $100.00 "We're proud of you! All the best."
Nathan Cortright $75.00 "Good luck this weekend! "
Monica Mellovitz $50.00 "Good Luck Jemma, you go girl!!!!"
Elizabeth Espinueva $100.00 "Dear Melanie, I am supporting your good cause. I 'm so proud of you. Love you, Mom"
Mariel & Joey Bernal Hidden "Looking forward to seeing you cross the finish line, Cir! Even if it does take you all day ;) Love ya!"
Joey & Mariel Bernal Hidden "you continue to amaze us...so proud of you & love you, ninita!"
Elizabeth Espinueva $200.00 "Dear Melanie , Giving more support for the cure of Diabetes. Hope most, if not all who are suffering from this ailment be saved, I am so proud to all those who support this good cause and to all the participants to this diabetes run. May God bless all . Love, Mom "
Joey & Mar Bernal Hidden "Keep on going, Sarah...we'll be waiting proudly at the finish line. Love you lots!!!!"
David Gulbransen $50.00 "Good luck!! From Kristyna, Dave and Clare"
Donna and Warren Morgan $25.00 "Good Luck Chris!!!"
Loretta Kenny $50.00 "Good Luck Katie! "
Aaron Memmott $25.00 "Go Yankee!!"
Sam Jefferies $15.00 "Run Forrest Run"
Martha Whipple $25.00 "Kick that race in the butt!"
michael russell $75.00 "Have Fun Gorgeous!!!"
Laura Savage-Warren $200.00 "Good Luck! Enjoy the Trill!"
Musen Liang $20.00 "Go Carrie!!! Running the Marathon is my dream too!"
Joan Martellotto $50.00 "Arlene, I'm looking forward to seeing you run next year. Joan"
Steve Haas $500.00 "Good luck, Sarah! Have fun!"
Bob Cittadini $50.00 "In honor of one very unique guy...the mold was broken when Wayne left the planet...show your grit Kellie.... 26.2 Bob & Elizabeth"
Ellie Sylvan $110.10 "Joan, Wishing you a good run on Sunday. You are amazing! Ellie"
Justin Hardesty $15.00 "Go Scoots GO!!!! RUN!!! Run for your life! Remember the first man to run a marathon dropped dead right after!"
Patricia Juliano $50.00 "Hi, Neil, This is Patricia Lee and I am sending my donation through your mom as I don't use the internet. We will be cheering you on at home Sunday Bill is just through his neck surgery. Have a great race."
Jennifer Winkin $25.00 "Good luck Patty! Proud of you! XO! Beltran"
Dawn Hahn $25.00 "Good luck, Patrick....walk, run or crawl...cross the finish line. (Patrick Glynn) ....for my dad. Love and miss you everyday."
Laura Kaye $25.00 "Race you to the finish!"
Anonymous $100.00 "Good luck Joan - our kids will be cheering for you!"
Maria McCormac Hidden "Good luck you crazy fiend! Love- Ate Maricel"
Raquel Gimenez $25.00 "You're awesome James! Good luck on the run."
Katrina Ford $10.00 "I got suckered in by the same thinking as David Canavan. Good luck James! Good luck anti-diabetes!"
Patricia Querubin $20.00 "Good luck, Karl!"
Anonymous Hidden "GOOD LUCK TO U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Katy Sandberg White $50.00 "Go get 'em Pat!"
corinne calesso $50.00 "Is it true Kelly loaded up your ipod with nasty old political speeches to make you run faster!?!?"
Lisa Briant $25.00 "Good luck, Don!!"
vanessa goh Hidden "go get them!"
Olivia Neal Hidden "Run wild man!"
Gaurango Banerjee $10.00 "Best wishes Marco on running for a good cause.. Vamos a ganar la carrera contra diabetes.. "
christopher ott $101.00 "Go baby! I'm so proud of you."
Ivy Tiongco Hidden "yay mel, so proud of you! love you!"
mary van daele $50.00 "it's go time pat! "
Diane Besler $25.00 "Horray!!A Cure!!"
Amy Peteri $10.00 "I've been overwhelmed by how generous people have been with my piddly 5k walk, so it's bonus donation time! "
Amy Peteri $10.00 "I've been overwhelmed by how generous people have been with my piddly 5k walk, so it's bonus donation time! "
melissa hernández $25.00 "good luck!!! what an accomplishment!"
Bruce Barnes $50.00 "Go PowerPak Paty!!! I'm proud of you. You are going to do great!! Love ya."
Kevin Richards $25.00 "Have a good run Kevin JD Lawson"
Eva Sabadosa $25.00 "Good luck to you, Paty. So proud of you!!"
Kateri, Elena, & Marco Quinonez $100.00 "Run, Forres....er....Adi, run!!! We're proud of you!!"
Magaly Montenegro $10.00 "Good Luck!"
Jim Matchen $50.00 "Brian, this is a great cause, have a fantastic run!"
Robert Patek $50.00 "GOOD LUCK KATIE!!!"
Kevin Richards $50.00 "I'm making this donation on behalf of Reginald Berts and family. Thanks Reggie for all your support and giving to this worthy cause it's really appreciated. Thanks Kevin"
Debbie Schultz $40.00 "This is from Olga and me."
cheryl kowalczyk $50.00 "Good luck! Have a good race!"
Blake Mobley $50.00 "Good Luck Marco! The MV swim family is proud of you!"
Estelita Santos Hidden "Way to go Cir! We are all rooting for you. I'll run with you too...ha ha ha...in my dreams...at the end of the line...at the very end of the line. Okay, go get it sweetheart. love, guess who? "
Cheryl Odette $25.00 "Wish I could contribute more. I know you'll do great tomorrow. You should be proud of yourself and what you are doing."
Justin Hagman $50.00 "I've said it before. Your generosity and courage are an inspiration to us all! I'm proud to say I know you Anne! No kick some Kenyan butt in the marathon!"
Elena Marre $25.00 "See you out there! Have a great race."
David DeRay $25.00 "Guys, great cause - run smooth. Dave"
Claude Zenatti $75.00 "Admirable, cette volonté. Amitiés. CZ"
Galen Leung $100.00 "Go Melissa!"
Kathleen Harsy Hidden "Way to go! Wishing you all the speed you need!"
Lucy Na $25.00 "I hate running so I'd never do a marathon, but the least I can do is help out a little. Especially since my dad has diabetes. GO RICHARD! YOU CAN DO IT!! "
Ashish Jaiswal $30.00 "Go Mak! all the best with your marathon!"
Jerri Lyn Walker $25.00 "Dear Sarah, Wishing you an incredible race - and I admire your dedication. YOU ROCK Cant wait to see you Wednesday to hear all about it. "
Theary Rabino $25.00 "Good Luck Debbie! Very Proud of You!"
Joshua Mendoza-Elias $25.00 "Todo la suerta Alicia!"
Megan Robb $26.20 "Kudos to you for your generosity, compassion and dedication to a friend and a cause! Good luck in the marathon (and HAVE FUN!) Cheers to you for doing a fantastic thing!!"
Katie & Craig Wales $25.00 "Good luck tomorrow!"
John Gim Hidden "mmmmmmm. mmmmm. mmmm. mmm. mm. m. burrito muk jah."
Dani et Jean Arbellot $50.00 "Vas-y Patrick !!!"
Katherine Tuan $10.00 "Good luck Richard!! You can do it! Get past any "ugh" moments you have tomorrow!"
Christine Han Hidden "HWAEETEENG CHINGOO!!~!!~ Btw, stop eating those yummy deep dishes all by yourself and give me some too =*( GO~~~~~CCCCHHHHHAAAAADDDDDD~~~~~!!!!!!!!~~~~~ =)"
Patricia Waschka $100.00 "Go Banana!"
Desler Javier $25.00 "GO DEBBIE!!!"
Anonymous $20.00 "Run, Richard... Run!!!!!!!! (but please don't pass out)"
Fred Baik $10.00 "i would donate donuts if i could"
Summer Appling $15.00 "Good luck!! :-)"
Leovani Lucas $25.00 "I support you Karl. Leo Lucas"
JY Kim $10.00 "You're the man, Richad!"
Lorilee Cadwell $100.00 "Dave, We;re so proud of you-Good luck tom. with your first marathon. Great job on exceeding yourgoal for diabetes Can't wait to hear all about it next weekend!-Lor,Pete,Olivia,and Jax"
Ellen Chang Hidden "you can do it!! :D"
ian kvapil $50.00 "don't forget to pack your IV...we both might need it"
James Lee $25.00 "I got your back. press on bro."
Amanda Rongey $25.00 "Good luck Keller!!!! so sorry i can't be there to cheer you on but i will be thinking of you the whole time! love you!!"
Nancy Choi $5.00 "Good luck!!!!!"
Abby Benson $25.00 "GO Justin! Sorry to be so late to the game!"
Victor Nekrasov Hidden "Run Richard Run!"
Yoonyie Cho $25.00 "you da man, lol go richard! i will get you a cream filled donut on monday"
Sandra Hong $10.00 "good luck tomorrow!"
michael lazo Hidden "good luck!!!"
Art Lutzow $25.00 "WHY? Art Lutzow"
George Milton $250.00 "Good luck on 10-10-10. The Miltons"
Barbara Schlatter $40.00 "Best of luck Adi. See you for the after party.:)"
Kimeron Ruszovan $25.00 "We are proud of you, your tenacity, and your character. Go Sarah!! Aunt K & B"
J. Gregory Keller $25.00 "In honor of you dad, Kellie. Good luck in the marathon. Love, Deb & Greg"
Jane and Dave Harrison $50.00 "Go Katie!"
Kelly Fujikawa Hidden "So proud of you!!!!!!!!"
Tracye & Kevin Foy $25.00 "GO Keller! Best of luck today!!! :-) By the way, Microsoft will be matching this $25 donation, to make it $50!!!"
Julie Justo $25.00 "Best of luck to all the runners in the marathon!"
Alexa Likens $25.00 "Hey! I just got your email- I guess better late than never! Hope today went well!!"
Damian Guntern $100.00 "Lieber du als ich...!"
Lou Jacob $200.00 "Anne, Thanks for going the extra mile. You were the top fund raiser and your contributions continue to save lives. Thanks for saving Renae's and thanks for everything you continue to do. Lou"
Joe McLachlan $20.00 "Gracias por haber corrido hoy José! Y muchas gracias por haberme donado el dinero para el cancer walk 10-24. Juntos podemos apoyarnos y llegaremos a encontrar la cura!"
Amy & Dana Garrigan $25.00 "Congratulations, Brian! "
Don Smith $50.00 "Congratulations on a Great Marathon!!! Thanks to Donna, Tony, and Sara for their contributions."
Anonymous $100.00 "Congrats, you are a rockstar! 50 for completing the marathon; and 50 for completing it with an injured foot. You never give up, and I admire you for that! "
YEE-KIN HO $30.00 "Good Luck and good cause."
Christine Ku Hidden "so impressed you're running a marathon!! happy to contribute. hope all is well."
Rita Krejci $50.00 "I hope the race was a wonderful success! Congratulations on raising so many funds for your outstanding cause. "
Eric Martin $100.00 "Great Job Brian"
MJ and Michael Faas $50.00 "Nice work Reed, you are an inspiration!"
SANDRA LEDGER $50.00 "Kellar well done and your mum tells me she can't wait to beat you next year!!!!!"
Nicholas Kipa $25.00 "Good luck!!"
John Lang Hidden "Great job Slyk! I know I've made a late contribution, but I hope all went well in Chicago."
Rick and Fanda Newkirk Hidden "We are very proud of what you have accomplished and your unselfish act of giving of yourself to help others."
Ruben Morales $20.00 "From Brianna and Marlen Morales"
Linda Gregory $25.00 "Way To Go, Caleb! "
donna beranek $25.00 "Great job Brandon. "
Gene Wozniak $25.00 "Good luck Don - a very worthy cause"
John Calto $100.00 "We are all very proud of you. "
Joseph Esquivel $25.00 "IM SO PROUD of YOU BABE =D You did GREAT.. I'm one Lucky Guy"
Linda Paul $50.00 "Hey Andy, well done! And on behalf of diabetic families ( like mine ) -- thanks! "
Darhlene Pacifico Hidden "go, go go cir!!!!!"
Ralph Horgan $50.00 "Sorry I am late to the party; Hope you did well and, moreover, Hope you are well. Take Care Justin. Ralph"
Fred & Evelynn Hilbert $10.00 "Good Luck"
DENIA RIVO $100.00 "Goodluck in all your projects"
Mike Edmonds $50.00 "congrats"
James Reinprecht $50.00 "Best of Luck to ya Katie The Reinprechts"
Jeanne & Tom Alt $50.00 "Way to go, Katie !!!!! Conrgatulations!! Wish I could've been there to see you finish! Next time... Mzs. Alt"
Marcia Gregory $50.00 "Cat- you have been in our prayers, especially on race day! Congratulations on a great accomplishment! The Zerlang Family"
Bob and Lori Andres $100.00 "Nice job, Scott and Tanner! It was fun to see Kelly and Lauren at Ashleigh's wedding, it was so thoughtful of them to come. Glad they made it to support you as well! (I'm trying to help you meet your goal here!)"
Jesse Babico $25.00 "God bless you twinies. Great job on the run and best of luck in the NY run"
Todd Jones $25.00 "Very inspiring. I know your husband through sailing."
Jennifer Zutz $100.00 "I know we are late, but great job on the race! Awesome cause. Love, The Zutz Family "
Brian Wade $100.00 "Fantastic cause, Justin! Brian and Tracy"
Jennifer Maddigan $25.00 "Congrats Angela, way to go! So proud of you :)"
Danielle Da Silva $25.00 "Best of Luck and godspeed! xo"
Jill & Jason Church $25.00 "Go John!!"
Ruth Manns $50.00 "Neil, So happy you are doing something you love with a goal for all of those marathons ahead of you!!! Blessings in your days to come and remember the verse, " I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Take care and keep smiling! Love Ya! Ruth and Bob Manns"
Halima Holloway $50.00 "Way to go Steph!!!!"
Bill Loumbardias $50.00 "Bravo kopeles!"
Susan and Terry Finn $100.00 "We are so proud of you. You did a great job running in the marathon. Dad says, "Just imagine what your time would have been if you stayed on your feet!" :) We are sincerely grateful for your dedication and support of this research. Love, Mom and Dad"
Joseph Pickart $100.00 "Good Luck! Sam and the rest of the Pickart Family."
Curtis Green $50.00 "Sorry, so late brotha! Curt"
david gordon $26.00 "Hope you enjoyed a great race and all that hard work & training paid off!!!! "
Anonymous $200.00 "Run, Sarah, Run!!! "
Connie Yoder $25.00 "We're proud of you Stephanie and we'll be cheering for you from afar!"
Hilary Grisham Hidden "Go Gaby! Yay!"
Matt Boehnke $100.00 "Great Job Todd!"
Anonymous $5.00 "Good luck!"
meaghan mullowney $75.00 "Have a blast!! I have always wanted to run this... will be thinking of you race day!!"
Martha and Tim Quinn $100.00 "We're behind you all the way(figuratively and literally)!!! Call on all your angels to lift you up and help you cross that finish line!! Go,girl,go! Love and support, Aunt Martha and Uncle Tim"
Lillian Kivel Hidden "I am so proud of you! Way to stick with. I'll be there cheering you on! "
shelly valek $25.00 "Anthony, that's a great goal (both $ and running 26.2 miles) and I'm sure you will accomplish it! Good Luck!"
ken gillespie $25.00 "Anthony, I met you once at your Aunt Shelly's home. She used to be my boss at Progressive. She forwarded me your E-mail.about your marathon and asked if I wanted to make a donation. Sure. I also replied to her E-mail with an article from yesterday's NY Times about long distance runners that I thought you should read. Congrats about getting into Harvard by the way. Good luck. Ken Gillespie "
Ursula Tsosie $25.00 "Hi Friend!!!!!! I miss you. I'm happy to see that you are still running. You're looking great. Hugs, Urs"
Jorge Mauricio Osorio $50.00 "Cousin I was looking for the $5 radio button, there wasn't one there, WTH? Haha, j/k.. I wont be there to cheer you on in person but I will be cheering you on from here in Alabama :)"
Steven Giralt $200.00 "Sorry I'll be in in Hawaii without you. You can do this race no problem!! "
Teresa Occhiodoro-Scott $50.00 "Well done Patrick. Proud of you from Down Under!"
anna mcallister $50.00 "can i have this back i thought i was buyin shoes"
Catherine Carbajal $50.00 "yea gabs!!!"
Labhardt Jurg Hidden "Bravo pour ton exploit!"
Isabel Summers Hidden "So proud of you! Have a great experience! Lots of Love! "
Coleen Checkon Hidden "Great job ladies! Colleen is so lucky to have awesome Aunties like you!!! Love Matt & Coleen Checkon xoxo"
Norman Johnson $25.00 "Good luck, Jennifer!"
Christopher Osorio $100.00 "Big Sister- This is not the right medium for me to express to you how much you mean to me. I don't know if you know this; I have always looked up to you and been so proud of you since I have been old enough to truly understand the world around me. You have always been there for me through my tough times as well as the times when I am standing tall. I love you more than you can ever imagine. Supporting you with this race is but a small token of the appreciation I have for you. Thank you for being such a strong woman in my life who pushes me to be great, who checks me when I am falling off the path, and who provides support when I am down. I am happy I am able to support you with this cause, and will support you through the many more I am sure will come. Best- CO"
Paul Ohan $50.00 "Tear. It. Up!!!"
Justin McDowell Hidden "Good Luck Steph. We love you! Belinda and Justin"
Kristie Griffin $100.00 "You are amazing! I'm still pulling for a Boston marathon qualifying time - As Kairee always says, "You've gotta believe!" We'll be celebrating Kaliya's birthday while you are running. GO STEPH!"
Beth Tubin $25.00 "Sending you lots of love and hugs from Buffalo!! xoxoxo Beth, Bruce, & Bella"
Elizabeth Corrick $15.00 "Good luck Anthony!!!!"
Katharine Smith Hidden "You are an inspiration. Go Ksen!"
Jennifer Pankow Martinez $52.40 "($52.40 for obvious reason...). You are a spectacular husband, son, father, friend. Best of luck in NYC!!!! Love, Jennifer, Carlos and Aiden Martinez"
Anthony Albanese $50.00 "Good luck Steph. You got this!!"
Jon Haigwood $25.00 ""Good Luck""
Debra Yip $25.00 "Good Luck BABY GIRL ... We'll be thinking of you .... Love Ya, Mom and Dad Yip"
Elin & Martin Greenberg $50.00 "Have a great run! Elin & Martin"
Mary and Tim McGuire Hidden "Good luck Brother John!"
julie greenberg $50.00 "have a great run!!!"
Marie-Claude Thompson $25.00 "Good luck with it, Anthony."
Christyl Andryuk $25.00 "Good luck tomorrow Gabby!!!"
Michelle Peters $50.00 "Have fun and kick hiney ... pants!"
Emily, Eddie & Sarah Pessefall $100.00 "Good luck, Uncle John!"
Janette Gaw $50.00 "Good luck, Don!"
Patric Jenkins $25.00 "Way to go John! "
Eileen Casey $25.00 "Great job John, I am impressed!!! Eileen :)"
Steve & Melissa Pessefall $25.00 "Good Luck, John!!"
Rob & Anne Pollak $50.00 "Congrats Ksenia!"
Sandy Sulita Hidden "Grandma Dorothy will be running a mile with you. We're proud of your endeavor. Love, mom"
Joseph Cooper $50.00 "Congratulations, Stephanie! Giant accomplishment. Wish I could have seen you cross the finish line! ~ Joe"
Katia Baeyens $50.00 "C'est en levant les bras vers le ciel que l'on arrive... à mieux respirer sur terre! Merci pour tout ce que tu partages avec nous Parrain, Katia, Vincent, Roxane, Audrey et Nicolas"
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