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Central Coast Classique
A Bike Ride to Benefit Your Local Non-profits Creative Mediation & SLO Leaf
Welcome! We are non-profits from the beautiful central coast area, San Luis Obispo. SLO LEAF and Creative Mediation believe in the power and strength of community. Our missions are aligned through common values, actions, and beliefs. And you can help! All of the money raised goes directly to these two non-profits, allowing them to continue their missions within the community. Learn more about each individual non-profit below: SLO LEAF (San Luis Obispo Law Enforcement Assistance Foundation) : Law Enforcement professionals protect our community - sometimes at the cost of their own lives or well being. When an officer falls - on or off duty - the whole community feels the effect. SLO LEAF was created to rally around our county's injured and fallen heroes. The mission of SLO LEAF is to provide immediate and temporary financial assistance to those law enforcement personnel and their families, either active or retired, who serve or have served in San Luis Obispo. Whether their time of need is due to death, serious injury, critical illness, or another catastrophic circumstance, we are there. Creative Mediation : We are your local community mediation center, and help keep San Luis Obispo County "the happiest place in America". The truth is, Creative Mediation staff and volunteers have been helping empower people to "find the missing peace" in San Luis Obispo County for the last 20 years. We help in various facets around the county. We work closely with families in crisis whether it be with an elderly parent paralyzed by conflict or case plans for reunification of foster children with their families; Creative Mediation is there. We also work closely with the community, whether it's litigated cases, neighborly disputes, or business conflicts; Creative Mediation is there. We also work with schools all over the county, starting anti-bullying campaigns and training kids from 1st grade through high school to be peace helpers and peer mediators. As you can see, we empower community members of all ages to breakthrough conflict and get back to living the SLO life on the Central Coast. We serve more than 2,500 county residents every year, many of whom are not able to pay for our services on their own. We rely on donations from local companies and individuals to help cover the cost of mediation services for those unable to afford them on their own. By supporting Creative Mediation as a donor, you are standing up for the importance of helping people resolve their disputes quickly and peacefully.

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