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Julie's Fundraising Page
Carrying on Linda's Legacy!
Dear Family, Friends, and Friends of Friends!

You may or may not know me. My name is Julie Lanford, I'm doing the 25 mile Polar Bear Ride for Courage and raising $5,000 for Cancer Services in honor of Linda Miller. For those of you familiar with Linda, you know the impact she has had on many people affected by cancer! Linda was first diagnosed with Breast Cancer 20 years ago this past April. After her diagnosis, she started volunteering at Cancer Services. Linda used her gift of care and compassion to offer peer support and advocacy for others experiencing a diagnosis.

Her work as a volunteer soon turned into a paid position and Cancer Services' Patient Advocacy program was formed. Today this team consists of 6 staff members and provides an invaluable service including support, information, financial and physical assistance all at no charge!

I first heard about Linda and the care she provides while I was working as a dietitian at Forsyth Regional Cancer Center in Winston-Salem, NC. Many of my co-workers told me about Cancer Services as well as Linda's care for patients. In fact, they talked about Linda so much that I thought she ran the place!

In March 2008 I had the privilege of coming to work alongside Linda at Cancer Services as wellness director. It is clear after talking to clients and volunteers at our agency and in the community that Linda has made a HUGE impact for many! In Nov. 2008 Linda retired from Cancer Services after 15 years of service. It is estimated that Linda has helped at least 50,000 survivors in our area!

Linda is currently going through treatment for recurrence of her cancer. This is the 4th time that she has fought it, and like many others, I wish there was something I could do. While I cannot make the cancer go away, I wanted a unique way to honor her. Therefore, I will be riding the Polar Bear Ride for Courage while raising valuable funds to continue her legacy.

Please join me in honoring Linda and consider giving a tax-deductible donation to Cancer Services. The support that was started with Linda cannot continue without funds to support it! Cancer Services is a local non-profit agency and United Way partner agency. Of every dollar, 90 cents goes directly to client services! Only 10% of our budget is used for administration and fundraising. You won't have to worry; your donation will be used wisely to help those in need!

I would appreciate your support by December 19th as I will be riding on Jan 1st. You can donate online or send a check made out to Cancer Services to 3175 Maplewood Ave, W-S, NC 27103. Simply put ‘Julie and Linda’ in the memo line.

All donors will receive a thank you note autographed by Linda and myself! For anyone donating $100 or more, you will receive a bracelet or earrings handmade by me!

Thank you so much for your support!

Sincerely, Julie

At Cancer Services, we are continually amazed by the support of our wonderful community. Our doors could not open every day with our mission “to enhance the quality of life for those living with cancer and to provide the gift of life through education” without your tremendous support. Thank you for the generosity and care you show to people of all ages with all stages of cancer and the incredible gift you are giving them through your donation. Because of people like you, thousands in our community have the hope they need to survive and thrive through their cancer journey. 100% of your donation stays in our community to help people living with cancer and their families! Please visit our website at www.cancerservicesonline.org to learn more!
Julie and Linda at Cancer Services

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Total Donations: $5,365.00
Goal: $5,000

$0 107% $5,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Tara O'Brien $100.00 "This is a wonderful way to honor Linda ~ she's amazing...Thank You!!"
Weilie Lanford $100.00 "Go! Girl!"
David Cohn Hidden "Anna Cohn has been a terrific and meaningful contribution to those who need TLC and in significant fundraising to help people like Linda ( and before Anna knew her, Ann Cohn). Thank you Julie and Anna!"
judy lovelace $50.00 "what a wonderful way to honor our Linda!"
Lisa Johnson-Mason $100.00 "Linda was the first person at Cancer Services that I saw when I was diagnosed with Breast/Colon cancer in 2002. She has been an inspiration to me over the years because of her dedication and love she gives to us all."
mary matthews-hoyt Hidden "Thanks for doing this! Best wishes to Linda."
Heather Katcher $100.00 "Go Julie! Linda is definitely an inspiration! I wish we could be there for the race - hope to see you soon!"
Carol Amweg $100.00 "Julie, Way to go with the fundraising!! I almost forgot, and glad to see you extended your deadline. Jim is also planning on riding the polar bear and had a great time last year. Hope you guys have good weather. Merry Christmas, C."
Audri and Jim Lanford $100.00 "You're almost there in terms of fundraising. Congrats!"
Lauren & Elliot Blue Hidden "GO JULIE! You are truly an inspiration! Thanks for ALL you do!"
Jonathan Lanford $500.00 "I'm a big fan of Cancer Services!"
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