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Stay Awake a Thon
Because Cancer Never Sleeps, Neither Will We Until We Find a Cure
Cancer Never Sleeps

Thank you for visiting the 2013 Stay Awake A Thon page. The Stay Awake a Thon is a community event designed to Celebrate with cancer surviviors, Remember those who lost their battle, and provide Support to those currently battling this disease. This year's proceeds will go to Happiness is Camping- a camp for kids with cancer, the Kathleen Marks Foundation, Maria Fareri Children's Hospital, and the Cancer Center at Hudson Valley Hospital.Your support is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions call 914-736-7473.

*Checks can be mailed to Hen Hud Lions, PO Box 660 Verplanck, NY 10596.

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Total Donations: $38,551

Goal: $60,000

$0 64% $60,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Debbie Costello Hidden "In honor of Edward Carter, A Great man who inspired others to be the best they could be. I love you Dad, and miss you.,"
Lynnette Scherzer $25.00 "Good luck!!! Happy to help out."
Eileen Green $30.00 "in honor of my brother, Jim Barry"
Tracey DiCola $20.00 "Hope your team "Victorious Secret." raises a lot of money! I'm sure it will! Love, Mommy"
Teresa & John Lyons $20.00 "We love you Dayna!"
Rhonda Guthoff $20.00 "So proud of Dayna. Love, Rhonda"
Stephen Briggi Hidden "Way to go Jack! Good luck and have fun in your event. It is a very worthy cause."
Michelle Ferrera $20.00 "You go Girl!!"
Kelley Buscetto $20.00 "Good luck Sam!"
Annette Jamin $50.00 "Good luck Olivia. As usual, I am so proud of you! Love, Aunt Annette"
Lorraine Grassmann $25.00 "Way to Go, Livy! Love Aunt Raine"
Marci Keon $25.00 "Love the name of your team! We love you! Marci & John "
gina reynolds $100.00 "In honor of Don Reynolds we all miss and love you Dad but we know you are in a better place watching over all of us. "
Mary Ann Sniffen $100.00 "In memory of Don Reynolds and Anthony Vanzo who both lost their battles with Cancer. Also in honor of my good friend Laurie who is fighting now. "
Susan Guida $50.00 "Antonia, thank you! The only thing worse than cancer is children with cancer."
Carol Pastore Hidden "Prayers always for you are beloved family, our dearest Joe & Anthony remain in our daily* meditations. Blessings on you all, Aunt Kari and Carol"
Patrick Porteus $100.00 "Great job Brenny. I am sure Don is proud of you and smiling right now. Keep up the good work!"
maria venezia Hidden "Good luck Aley! Hope you go beyond your goal!"
Marylyn Callow $50.00 "So proud of you Bren. Don is smiling down on You as well as all those who have passed on From cancer. "
Stephanie Porteus $50.00 "In loving memory of Billy, a truly wonderful, caring man. It was a privilege to know him. Good luck Natalie and know that your dad would be so proud of your efforts. "
Anonymous Hidden "Great work for a great cause!"
Liane Delgado $50.00 "Don, We will continue to raise money and awareness in honor of you always!! Liane & Mike Delgado"
Raymond Porteus $50.00 "Brendan, Great job, great cause. Keep up the hard work! ~RP "The life of a man consists not in seeing visions and in dreaming dreams, but in active charity and in willing service" - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow "
Natalie DiCola $45.00 "Donations were from several people from Montrose Child Care Center"
Carolee Rogers $50.00 "Way to go Lisa and Josh!!"
Eve Hartman $25.00 "Way to go Emma! We're proud of you."
Deborah Hilfman $18.00 "Thank you for being so inspired to make a impact in the fight for cancer. The poem touched me. You probably don't know/remember me. I know your mom and dad through Donna, Mike and Bryce. Deb"
Faye White-Willinger $10.00 "Good luck Emma. Way to go! We'll be cheering you on. Robbie and Faye"
Laura Hyman $100.00 "This donation is also in memory of Mary Sherlach, who was the school psychologist at Sandy Hook elementary school and devoted her life to helping children. So proud of you Katie!!! xo "
lawrence hartman $18.00 "we're behind you love grumps"
Eileen Meade $20.00 "Your grandmother would be so proud."
Joseph Caimi $100.00 "Samantha, you're doing a great job. Keep up the good work. Aloha"
Rosemary Boyle Lasher $100.00 "In honor of Harriet L. Boyle & Ed Carter"
Susan Phillips $50.00 "Good luck, Sam!"
Doris Matick $50.00 "Thanks for the reminder!!"
Marianne Porteus $50.00 "Great job Bren..good cause..keep up the good work!!"
donna baer $25.00 "Heaven got a whole lot more interesting when Mark arrived :-) We miss having him around. Funding pancreatic research is a great cause. thanks for doing this. "
Steve Callow $25.00 "Well done Brenny"
Cathy Costa $20.00 "Great cause & a Great group of people organizing this event to help find a cure! "
Mary Ferreira $50.00 "Go Dance Expression!"
Judith Ellard $20.00 "A great dance school with the best spirit and dancers."
Christine Ferreira Hidden "Great Job Dancers!"
Susan Blum Barnett $25.00 "I hope that we find a cure in the next 10 years. Susan Blum Barnett"
Sara Dellbrugge $50.00 "Great Job DE Company Girls!!!"
Sebastien Tirino $10.00 "Good Luck, SEED."
Jackie Perez $25.00 "Good luck Nikki! Love aunt Jackie"
Bob & Ruth Gilleo $50.00 "In memory of Robert D. Gilleo, Sr."
Marion Blumenthal $10.00 "For Carolyn - nice of you to do. Good luck."
Eileen Wilson - Cacciola Hidden "Good luck Kristie !"
Anonymous $250.00 "Way to go, Kristie! Love, Aunt Carol, Uncle Simeon & Teddy"
Marilyn Sherman $25.00 "Way to Go Katie!"
Doreen Kirsch Hidden "Katie - thank you for fighting this important cause! all our love to you and your beautiful family!!!! xxoo Doreen, Harris, Jesse and Jared"
Judith A. Veglia $50.00 "Katie, I'm so proud of you. You are an amazing girl. A true BPS Alumnae!!!! Love, Judy"
Helen Hyman $50.00 "You light up our lives! Thank you for participating in this very worthwhile project."
Beth Stark $50.00 "It's an honor to contribute. Keep up the good work! Beth"
Jeanne Magram $500.00 "We are proud of you Syd for looking out for others!"
Scott Sinclair $50.00 "Katie, So awesome to see you helping others! My mom is a stage IV breast cancer survivor and we know the hardships this brings. Let's continue to fight this together and beat this beast!"
Karen Ford $25.00 "You're inspiring Katie!! Keep it up!"
Jill Lavitsky $50.00 "Great job Katie! Very proud of your efforts! Jill Lavitsky and the gang"
Cheryl Goldblum $50.00 "Beautiful, brainy, talented and so considerate!! So happy to contribute to a worthwhile cause. So proud of you!!!"
Christine Paese Hidden "Best of Luck Sami and Team COURAGE!"
Frances Dolan $20.00 "If we push someday soon some of this madness may stop...too many people and families have been altered by this...too many "
James Kiernan $75.00 "This is behalf James and Alex in support of my nephew Neil and in honor of my Mom a cancer survivor!"
Jill Wilbur $36.00 "In loving memory of Laura, Adele, Maria, Lori and Linda who all lost a hard-fought fight and in honor of all those who, thank God, did not."
Adam Stone $125.00 "Hats off to you, Sami, for all the meaningful work you're doing for important causes. "
Nicole Simmons Hidden "My family recently was hurt by the findings of cancers that my grandmother has been affected by. She is 75 years young and was never sick before. She was always the one to take care of someone else. Right now she is in Gods hands in hospice care, hoping she will find a way to come out and enjoy what the rest of her life has to offer. This is for you **Grams** <3 <3"
Kris Dorman $25.00 "Katie, Way to go! I see a lot of your mom in you! I know she's proud of you! Kris"
Gerald & Ann Cedrone $25.00 "Love Grandma & Grandpa Cedrone"
Jolene & Eddie Lent $100.00 "Can't wait to hear you sing again <3"
Edna Hyde $25.00 "Good Luck to Team Jack!"
renee Rodriguez $20.00 "Hoping for the cure soon. My mom past really recently, from cancer she was a non smoker and healthy all her life. We all have known someone with cancer,or will throughout our lifetime. Thank you Lord for keeping other familyc members that had cancer, survivors."
Lori Schechner $50.00 "Katie, Thank you for participating in such a great cause! Love, Lori David Jaime and RJ"
Beth Gruber $250.00 "In memory of Uncle Bud and Uncle Jim"
Anonymous $750.00 "Great job Brendan!! Your efforts really make a positive difference in people's lives!"
Martha Molina $20.00 "Stay awakey wakey!!!!"
Sherry Cusma $25.00 "Brianna good luck and love you"
Eileen Gates $10.00 "My dearest niece Morgan, I love you and support you in whatever you do. You always make me proud. Love, Goo Goo Eileen"
Jay Dolan $35.00 "Good job Neil!"
Justin Venditti $10.00 "America!"
Michael Dustin $25.00 "Good girl Bri, I'm proud of you. Love your cousin Michael."
Judy Galina $50.00 "I'm proud to be your grandmother. Luv Ya"
Frances Gruber $50.00 "Hope you enjoy working for a worthy cause! A presto, zia Francesca"
Marsha Kranes $10.00 " Sleep well"
Lauren Habers $50.00 "Great Job Dance Expression! We love you Lauren!"
John Vranew $50.00 "Team Jack Rules!"
marjorie feldman $25.00 "Eric is stepping out and into the world of helping others. we are very proud of you and always will be... aunt marjorie and uncle sandy"
Frances Miller $25.00 "Dear Eric, I am so proud of you, for raising money to help other people. I will be more than happy to help you. Always do your best in all that you do. Love, Aunt Fran"
Charles Newman $25.00 "Happy to support a good cause"
dianna quintana $15.00 " a great cause that you are working toward Eric. Mostof us have been affected by this deadly disease in way or another and would like nothing better then to find a cure. I am very proud of you!!"
Robert Dakin $100.00 "Kate, I admire your spirit and effort, Keep up the hard work."
Kerri Marchionni $25.00 "Great job, Liv! Love you :)."
Shareen Rappoport $25.00 "Good luck!:)"
Stephanie Brown $20.00 "We love you Dayna!!!"
Graceann & Sean Dolan $50.00 "We love you Antonia and we are so proud of all the good work you do!"
Elyse and Marty buchman $20.00 "An awesome effort and a great cause! Good job, Eric!"
Linda & Scott Bieber $25.00 "You go, girl! Good luck, Elana!! Hugs, Linda & Scott"
Elliot Reinfeld $36.00 "Great job Eric!"
Bruce Anapol $50.00 "This donation is made in memory of Mark Feeley and his surviving wife, Cristobel and their children, Lauren and Hunter."
Roseann Quist $50.00 "Good luck, Andrew. "
Michael Sniffen $50.00 "Glad to support you and Steve Mike and Anne Marie"
Sadie McMurrin $10.00 "Good luck to my fellow NHS members. Donating in honor of my friend's grandma and my aunt who both died from cancer (you will always be remembered). Also donating in honor of my friend Nadya who beat cancer with flying colors (you are a true inspiration)."
Diane Weidenbaum $75.00 "In memory of Shelley Mann"
Tina Wagner $20.00 "Great job to all the Dance Expressions Dancers!"
Avron Magram $100.00 "We are so proud of our Sydney! Love, Grandma and Grandpa"
ray ranis $50.00 "such a good cause!!! "
Anonymous $100.00 "Happy to contribute. Thank you for all of your hard work."
Fran & Chuck Garcia $100.00 "Love that you'll be drawing to raise $ for this! We xxx Acrylic Rabbit!"
Larry Loubet $50.00 "Hope you get a nice long sleep when it is over! Good luck! Ron and Larry"
Helen Applebaum $50.00 "Dear Dylan, Congrats. Good work In raising do re mi. Love, Aunt Helen and uncle mark"
Eric Dustin $25.00 "keep up the good work Bri, good luck!"
Anonymous $25.00 "here's some money for the cause"
Anthony Imbimbo $25.00 "Good Luck Eric !!! Keep your eyes open"
Veronica E Davis $20.00 "Best of Luck to the team..."
cynthia lynch $10.00 "This is a wonderful cause! Thank you for helping."
Linda Lopez $10.00 "Thank you!"
Lori Peraglia $100.00 "Hi Squirt! You rock for doing this! We love you! Jared, Julia Lori & Dominick"
Charles Eichler $20.00 "In memory of those we have lost and in support of all that continue to fight cancer"
Kenneth Tiangco $25.00 "Best of Luck Emily!"
Kristine Williams $20.00 "What a good cause to be involved with, Emily. Best wishes toward reaching your fundraising goal!"
Maggie Pinque $100.00 "I am so proud of you for continuing to do this year after year! xo"
Jean Ferrara $25.00 "Way to go Kate, so proud of you. Go Team Jack!!!!"
Kathleen and Eddy Levesque $25.00 "Go Team Jack, you can do it!!"
Emily Sullivan $25.00 "Great Job Mariah! Love you! Emily"
Margaret & Joe Cuzzi $50.00 "Kate~ thinking of your brother, Jack, and my Mom...hoping we can find a cure to this terrible disease in the near future. Good luck!!"
Denise Kiley $100.00 "The Kileys support Team Jack. GO Kate"
Veronica Reynolds $200.00 "In memory of my father, Don Reynolds. I love and miss you Dad"
Nikoletta Sternbach $30.00 "We will be thinking of you and Grandma!"
Ken McGuire $25.00 "Kate, I know that you are going to be the last to fall asleep! Best of luck!"
nicole reynolds $315.00 "In Memory of My Father Don L. Reynolds. I miss you and love you so much! I know you are always with us!!!! XOXO Nickrock"
Donald Mahler $100.00 "Great Going Ben. So Proud!!!"
katherine Briskin $50.00 "Good Luck"
Giuliana Quigley Hidden "Good luck! We luv you."
Leslee, David and Ethan Gluck $25.00 "so proud of you......."
Joy Simon $30.00 "Great job and a great cause! Good luck Ben!!!"
roberta taffer Hidden "dylan, we are so proud of your committment to this important cause"
R Daniel Joseph $25.00 "great job raising the money for this worthy cause Katie!"
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