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The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) Bites Back!

Vampire fans unite! Join the fight against blood cancers like leukemia, the most common form of cancer in children under 18 and the leading cause of death among young people under 20.

LLS is the single largest nonprofit contributor to blood cancer research - more than $814 million. And it's working!

  • Since 1949 the survival rate for many blood cancers has doubled, tripled and in some cases quadrupled
  • Survival rates for people under 20 with leukemia has risen from 3% to 89%
  • Nearly 50% of all cancer drugs discovered during the past decade were for blood cancer patients; 5 already have been approved for patients with other cancers

Cancer Bites is a new initiative to raise awareness and support for lifesaving research funded by LLS. Start fundraising now and for every $100 raised online during each calendar month you will earn two movie tickets from Fandango. If you raise $200 in one month, you’ll earn four tickets and so on.

Want to get involved? There are 3 different ways to help:

      1. To register and start fundraising use the "Become a Fundraiser" link at the top of this page.
      2. To find a participant and donate to their personal fundraising page, use the search above.
      3. To make a direct donation to Cancer Bites, use the form below.

Still have questions? Email LLS at beatcancer@lls.org

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Total Donations: $33,735

Contributor Amount Comment
Marggie Rodriguez Hidden "Amada hija yo voy a ti...y estoy bien orgullosa de tu trabajo... Mami"
Olga Roman $25.00 "Camila: You are a wonderful human being. I'm very proud of you. Keep the good work! Love , Titi"
Anonymous $5.00 "Go Team Jersey!"
Shannon Peach $20.00 "I pray along side of you in hopes of a cure. You are the strongest survivor I know. I hope that you never lose your FAITH. I believe it is a gift that was given to you. Love you Shawn!"
Ashley,Derrick,Tami Meyers $50.00 "We LOVE you! "
Madelyn McGrew $25.00 "Shawn, You show me the true meaning of strength and courage everyday. I Love you with everything that I am."
Kathleen McGrew $20.00 "LOVE YOU BUNCHES!!!!!"
L. Stewart Peirce $54.00 "To start the "ball" rolling. 54 is 18 times 3, 18 is the number for luck in Judiasm. "
Heather Goldson $25.00 "I'm a huge fan of Rob Pattinson and this website adds another reason to why I love him! What an AWESOME THING to do!!! <3 HG"
April Martin $25.00 "<3"
janice brittingham Hidden "Please stop by letmesigndot.com and donate help Take a Bite out of Cancer!!!"
Rachael Farmer $25.00 "So happy you are in remission! Hope to meet one day. Love, Rachael, Mike, Tommy, Stella, Harley, Rufus and Oreo Risse. "
Anonymous $25.00 "For Jake!"
Dolores Bastone $100.00 "This donation is being made by SHAKE IT OFF NUTRITION CLUB..680 DOUGLAS AVENUE, PROVIDENCE,RHODE ISLAND02908"
victoria arreola $20.00 "good luck sweetie !!!!"
Ray Schow $80.55 "Collected on Halloween and $1 from every wrap sold"
Anonymous $25.00 "For Jacob"
Ann Woeppel $50.00 "So proud of you, Stacie! You and your family are in my prayers!"
Allen Jones $25.00 "We love you Stacie. Your Dad is in our prayers. Allen and Amy"
Sharon Shadewald Hidden "Proud of you Jake & love you. May God continue to bless you and watch over you. Uncle Bob & Aunt Sharon"
Juliann Andreen Hidden "Thanks for your great work for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Bethany! I'm so proud of you for taking a difference."
brian hunter $500.00 "NEVER GIVE UP!"
Scott Carlsen Hidden "Bethany's great passion for this cause and her compassion for those who are aided by this great organization is quite inspiring!!"
Kristin Maier $252.00 "Morris Knolls Dontations from lunch-time sales"
Anthony Zweydoff $15.00 "Love You Shawn"
linda woosley $50.00 "We Love You, Funny Girl !!!!!!!! Gary, Linda, Seth, LeeLonnie, Dewey and Aunt Pat"
Nicole Copper $125.00 "Candy Cane Grams"
Tom Douglass $50.00 "Jordan, Thank you for organizing this wonderful cause and thanks for letting us participate. You're the best!"
Brad Grulke $50.00 "Thanks for coordinating this fundraising JR. You are amazing."
Christy Muse $30.00 "You're an amazing young lady Jordan. Love you, Christy"
Kanika Smith $25.00 "Together we can make a difference...Donate Donate Donate!"
Monique & Thomas DeRuggiero $100.00 "In memory of Marie-Francoise Brasquies"
Amanda Woodhead $25.00 "Good luck! So proud of your support of this charity. Thanks so so much! --Amanda"
Anonymous $100.00 "Daniel we are all very proud of you leading this event."
Alfred Smith SR $50.00 "Daniel we are proud of you---Love Grandpa and Grandma Smith"
Terrance McGee $20.00 "Glad to help!"
Olivia Macon $25.00 "Anything for you Tisha Bush!!!"
Terrance Parrish $200.00 "Hi Don......keep up the great work raising awareness and donations. God Bless."
Pat and Brynn O'Dea $25.00 "We love you Daniel! You have been a brave and strong boy! We will continue to pray for you :) We miss you! Love, Pat and Cousin Brynn"
Anonymous $25.00 "Love you buddy."
Ben Jones $10.00 "Good job, Cameo!"
Al & Barbara Smith $100.00 "Daniel-praying this $ finds the cure!! Hope your class gets the lunch!! Love the photo-you look great.Love Uncle Al & Aunt Barbara"
Albert Bush $20.00 "Happy to help out!"
Jarvis Evans $25.00 "Good luck reaching your goal, Mrs. Tish!"
Shinnetria Morgan $25.00 "My mother is a cancer survivor and I understand the life of a cancer patient. So I am happy to be donating!"
Anonymous $1,000.00 "May the Lord bless you Daniel - "
Clyde & Davida Turner Hidden "My Mother, Celestine Turner is a Recurrent Breast and Rectal Cancer survivor and I know the impact of these devastating diseases on families. Hey Coach, keep up the cause, encouraging the young minds of Eastern Hills Middle School to stay Community and Socially Conscious! Dr. Turner, Chamaya's Dad"
Aurora Gallegos Hidden "Mom, Thank you for teaching me my ABC's, my 123's, teaching me to say please and thank you. But most important thank you for not giving up and beating the cancer not once but twice then giving birth to me thank you for continuing to get check ups so you can be here for me, your my hero. I'm donating my piggy bank hoping to give more lil girls a hero like you. Happy Valentimes Day."
Shanly Hopkins $5.00 "Sasha, I am so proud of you for the work that you are doing! Keep it up! Shanly"
Robert B. Jarrell $25.00 "Daniel, Good luck. Bob"
Anonymous $100.00 ""Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me All the days of my life; And I will dwell in the house of the Lord Forever." PS 23:6 "
Tracey Carey $40.00 "Go Panthers!!!"
Crystal Lucas $10.00 "Thank you Amber for encouraging me to donate !!!"
Pete Caldwell $50.00 "Good Luck!"
Annabel, Abigail, Alison Sweeney $25.00 "Happy to support you Jordan! Love Annabel, Abigail and Alison"
Giovanna Wilson $5.00 "Thanks to Ms. Smith, senior advisor at christopher columbus hig school, for encouraging me to donate to the facility and being able to save lives."
Steve Werber $250.00 "Great job raising money for this important cause! Sorry we'll miss the basketball."
C. Keith Hartley $100.00 "Way to go Lacey!!! We are really proud of you. Chummy and Pop!!!!"
Laurie Caputo $250.00 "Go Team Hartley and Mima!"
Nick Rocha $36.00 "Here's the 10% from our Car Wash proceeds from October of 2012. Thank you to all who participated. Nice work Team."
Herbert Parnes $25.00 "Keep up the good work.So proud that you are raising money for the leukemia lymphoma society."
Herbert Parnes $25.00 "so proud of you for raising money for such a good cause"
Robert Parnes $50.00 "Great job Lexi! From your favorite Uncle Love you!"
Emmanuel Hudson $14.00 "Referred by Giovanna Wilson. Thanks"
Carlos Quiles $25.00 "Special thanks to Maireny Mena for helping me take initiative in bettering my community by donating to Pennies for Patients."
Anonymous Hidden "My Dearest Brittany, You are always doing something nice and thinking of others. I am so very proud of you and the kind thoughtful person you are. . I love you! Grandma"
mark dunphy $100.00 "On behalf of PS183 student Siti Sarah Dunphy"
Jane Kent $100.00 "Charron, the best, as always to you and your family - My prayers are with you - have a great summer!"
Philissa L Higgins $100.00 "What a wonderful thing you are doing in honor of Alice and the friendship you shared. "
Sarah Hoffman Hidden "Alexandra, it is wonderful you are doing this! Alice would be thrilled! Thank you."
Amanda Lossia $50.00 "Love you Alice!! xoxo"
arlyn sharpe $15.00 "Way to go Nick!!"
Melissa Graeber $5.00 "Thanks Nick!"
Carol Brooks Hidden "Alex, So sweet of you to do this."
Sherry Grayned Hidden "In care of Lynda lambert in Mrs. LeBlanc 1st period class (Harker Heights High School TX)"
Susan Burick $20.00 "Even if you didn't meet your goal I am so very proud of you for trying to help others! I love you! - Mom"
Kenneth Burdick $20.00 "Hey my girl..if I had $500.00 I would put it all in. I am proud of you for doing for others. I love you very much. I miss you. xoxoxo - dad"
Annette Tontodonati $25.00 "Brittany, This is awesome. I am very proud of you. Love, Aunt Annette"
Essie Parker $25.00 "Go Bethany!. I will forward the link to all my friends. I hope you raise lots of $$$$."
Latanya Washington $25.00 "Go Bethany!!!"
MARIA SHARPE $10.00 "Brittany this is a wonderful thing you are doing. I love you!!!! Aunt Maria"
Gregory and Beloria Hardcastle $25.00 "Keep up the good work baby we are so proud of you"
Denise Parker $25.00 "You are so awesome! Great run."
Carrie Green $10.00 "Good Luck Bethany, Luv Carrie"
Velma Davis $25.00 "I am making this donation on behalf of the South Gate High School Key Club. They collected over $25 in pennies toward this project. Their Club motto is: Caring: Our Way of Life. Melvin Covarrubias is the President. He is an extraordinary young man."
Alexis Kyle Suttles $250.00 "Alex, what a wonderful way to honor your friend, Alice. "
Diane Fasano $50.00 "I am honored to be able to contribute to Emma's cause. Your family are always in my thoughts and prayers. GO EMMA"S TEAM!!"
Matt Heist $100.00 "Saw Lisa Hartley mention this on Facebook. Sounded like a fantastic initiative! Wish we could give more."
Gayle and Mark Olenik $100.00 "What a great way to honor your grandmother Mima!"
Kathy Callahan $100.00 "Let's go team mima ..good work Lacey."
Alexandra Bates $143.00 "This was the money raised by St. Stephen's Episcopal School! "
Linh Phu & Andy Shearin $100.00 "GO JANET GO! WE are so proud of you! Much Love, Linh Phu & Andy Shearin (and Baby Forest too!)"
Becca Brune $150.00 "Alice was an amazing woman who touched so many of us. You are loved and so greatly missed. From Lauren, Becca, and your Sheridan Shark friends that will never forget you. "
Marisa Sandler $50.00 "You're truly an inspiration and wish you nothing but wonderful things in the future as you deserve it!!!"
JENNY PRUITT $25.00 "Keep strong Janet, Love you!! "
Debbie & Andrew Elias $100.00 "Hey girl lookin good.Keep up the good work.I went a head and cut my hair.Donated 10 inches or more.Still have enough to make a small pony tail.Love you."
Julie Hurley $208.50 "We are so proud of you Janet!! You're one tough cookie! I love you! - The Hurley Family (Payment for silent auction items)"
David Dixon $32.50 "Winner's code 6412 "
Janet Henderson $862.00 "Go Team Janet Henderson!!!!!!"
Sandra Conner $100.00 "So happy to see you feeling good & that you have such a strong network of friends/family & supporters. Keep going, even when the road is rocky.....there is a great reward for you at the end of the road!! Josh is a great rock to rest against....Love ya....Sandy xxx"
Monica Toomer $100.00 "Only the strong survive and you are a walking testimony. May GOD continue to bless and strengthen you!!! Love you, your other mother ?"
Sandro Mariani $100.00 "Sorry to miss this great event. Hope it's a great success. Thanks Brett!!!!!!!"
Suzanne Giordano Hidden "Sorry we couldn't be there!"
Nick Oram $50.00 "Sorry Nick can't make it this year! The Oram's"
Joseph & Julie Cilenti $300.00 "Laura, Julie and I recently lost a dear friend to leukemia. We wish you and your class great success with this fundraising effort! Joseph & Julie Cilenti"
Tom McGrath $100.00 "Nice job Hartleys!"
Adam Morte $50.00 "Good luck with your class' awesome efforts!"
Rich Nelli $50.00 "Well done team Hartley"
Danielle Polizzi $50.00 "Thank you for organizing and for all the good that you are spreading in this world. "
Allison Cohen $50.00 "Great Job!"
Laurie Curtis Hidden "Such a great event for the boys, thank you."
Dave Loparco $100.00 "Looking forward to it!"
Daniel Ozizmir $100.00 "What a wonderful giving tradition the Hartleys inspire amongst friends. Win/Win!"
Michael Genaro $100.00 "Thanks for including the Genaros. Glad to be part of such a great event. "
Alexandra Cortale $185.50 "From the Cancer Bites event Oct 29th, 2015"
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