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D'Ann Faught - Team Blonde
Excited about Tackling Alzheimer's with Team Blonde!

Thanks for visiting my personal fundraising page for Dallas BvB! I'm super excited for my rookie season and look forward to the challenge of fundraising and participating in this year's game.

I'm playing this year in honor of Coach Darrell K Royal, legendary University of Texas football coach, who passed away in November of 2012. Coach Royal was on the board of the Terry Foundation, the organization that awarded me with a full academic scholarship to UT Austin. During my interview, full of nerves, Coach Royal asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I answered honestly and said, "Well, Coach Royal, I wanted to play in the NFL for the St. Louis Cardinals or the Dallas Cowboys, but that didn't quite work out, so here I am." Coach laughed and the rest of the interview went smoothly. When I learned of his passing this year, I broke down in tears. Although I barely knew him, I give him a lot of the credit for the zero debt I had when I graduated.

I hope that you can give whatever you can to this cause. As a player, I am required to raise a minimum of $1000, but our overall goal is $350,000 for this season and I hope to contribute at least 1% of that. If you donate a minimum of $25 you can come watch me make a fool of myself on the field and celebrate afterward at the official post-game party sponsored by Bud Light. If you can't make it? Please consider whatever you can give...skip the Starbucks this week and donate $5.

Thanks in advance and see you on the field! #BLONDOMINATE

Broken finger...Sharknado...Ready to take the field on GAME DAY!!

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Total Donations: $3,654.00
Goal: $3,000

$0 122% $3,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Jay Reynolds $25.00 "Go D'Ann, go!"
Taylor Baird $100.00 "Happy to support my best friend!"
Kristina Klopp $10.00 "Go D'Ann!"
Nikki Daniel $25.00 "You got this, girl! :)"
Kimberly Munson $25.00 "Blondes have ore fun ... Go Team Blonde!"
Mike Neumann $25.00 "Thanks for doing this, D'Ann! and Have Fun! :)"
Lindsey Barak $25.00 "Good Luck D'Ann! Great work supporting a very important issue! "
Philip Barak $25.00 "Good Luck D'Ann!"
Brenda Reiss $25.00 "You go girl!"
Ben Currie $55.00 "Good luck from Canada! Go Oilers! And Stars of course...;)"
Erica Ortiz $25.00 "So proud of you, D'Ann! Maybe next year (after an entire year of training) I'll go opposite you for team Brunette :) I mean... I think this purple/red combo I've got goin on is Brunette...ish :) Hugs"
Shawn Murphey $25.00 ":-) can't wait to see you on the field "
Mike Mahoney $25.00 "Good luck! Great cause. "
Chris Kellner $50.00 "Good luck D'Ann!!!"
Scott Bolton $25.00 "Predicted statline: 8 tackles, 2 Int, 1 sack and 1 FF"
Timothy Wilkes $25.00 "Good luck, D'Ann!"
Bradley Anderson $50.00 "Outstanding job D'Ann!"
Amber Slone $25.00 "Do or Dye D!!!!! Got get em! "
Brendan Puthoff $100.00 "Hit 'em hard!"
Brent Wieprecht $25.00 "Go get'em D'Ann!"
Andrew Billingsley $10.00 "Get'm D. "
Christi Watkins $25.00 "Good Luck D'Ann! "
Jeremy Gregory $50.00 "From on Stars fan to another! Go get'em!!"
Kimberly VanHeel $10.00 "you ROCK! Go get 'em, girl!"
Jerri Faught $50.00 "Because I said I would if y'all helped me hit $2k today before 5 pm...FLOORED by everyone's support!!"
Karl Tiedt $100.00 "A cause close to home. Good luck and thanks for the opportunity to support an awesome cause!"
Mark Harrill $100.00 "A little donation to support our favorite Dallas Stars ticket rep"
Rachel Lime $25.00 "Love you D'Ann! So happy to contribute to your goals for this cause! "
Cory Perdue $25.00 "Crush 'em, D'Ann"
Jeremy Jacob $25.00 "Go get 'em D'Ann!"
matthew lindsay $25.00 "Good luck reaching your goal!"
Barbara Levengood $10.00 "Great Job "D"!!! So proud of you!"
Chris Carville $25.00 "Great cause D'Ann"
Michael Hoffman $25.00 "Hook 'em"
Lindsey Woodward $10.00 "Go D'Ann!! Xoxo, @shoegal1620"
Ben Hendrickson $50.00 "Great cause! Good work D'ann!! I have a good friend that was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's..she's in her early 50's! Keep up the good work. Proud to support!"
Chris McLachlin $25.25 "Go Blondes! Good luck D'Ann and great job on this fundraiser! "
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