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Running for the Cup Cakes
Brian and Elise Cake and their 4 children
I am running for the cupcakes! no, not food, but rather for a very special family. The Cake family. Brian and Elise Cake have a preschool daughter and baby triplet daughters. To make a long story very short, Elise has serious medical issues with her heart after the triplets birth, and is currently is on a device to make her heart pump. I saw their story at this link: http://vimeo.com/30862376 The race is called Crooked Road 24 hour. It was held December 3 and 4. 87.5 laps were completed for 83.2 total miles run during the 24 hours http://www.crookedroadrunning.com/#/24-hour-event/4552535835 Anyone up for donating a dollar per lap or mile? :)

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Total Donations: $2,741

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