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Thanks for caring to help me assist others as I hike/bike to raise funds for sufferers of epilepsy.
Brain matters matter, when brainstorms truly storm.
Having followed my this far, I hope that you will consider offering just $2-$10 in aid of the St. Louis Epilepsy Foundation, an organisation not widely supported on the scale of other medical charties. As a brainstorming child-epileptic myself, I realise the benefits of support that both social comfort and clinical medicine may provide. I would most likely not have been able to develop through my own growth trajectory towards a university professorship in adult life, without the benefit of an organisation such as that for which I here ask your support. Many thanks for your consideration of sponsorship - a few dollars donated now will give you a little glow of pleasure knowing that you been of help to someone in less comfortable circumstances than yourself, someone who might otherwise have been living in quite a different brain in their future !! Many thanks again, Tony (Dr. A.R. Dickinson. Ph.D., C. Psychol.).

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