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2012 Holiday Valley & Boarding For Breast Cancer Board-A-Thon
Shred the Love with us February 12, 2012
Welcome to the Holiday Valley Resort and Boarding For Breast Cancer (B4BC) fundraising page!

On Saturday, February 11, 2012 Holiday Valley Resort, supported by The Boardroom, will host their 4th Annual B4BC “Shred the Love” board-a-thon event; An all-day mountain event promoting an active/healthy lifestyle in the fight against breast cancer! Event proceeds from the day will benefit B4BC’s educational programs and the Buffalo area’s Women’s Oncology Program at Camp Good Days.

The day’s activities to include: women’s riding and park clinics, a park contest open to men and women, local shop demos, the B4BC traveling educational booth, silent auctions, and an awards ceremony to cap off an amazing day!

Shred the Love by Becoming a Fundraiser: Our fundraising goal this year is $20,000 and we know we can accomplish this with your help! Shred The Love by making a donation or by becoming a fundraiser on this page. It’s easy…simply click on the “Create your Fundraising Page” blue button at the top and custom create your own campaign. Then shred the love by inviting your friends & family to support the cause.

For your efforts, B4BC will award the top (3) fundraisers with sponsor prize packs!

So what are you waiting for? Get on board and shred the love with us!

Be Healthy. Get Active. Ride!

B4BC is proud to be supported by Holiday Valley Resort & The Boardroom. For more info on Holiday Valley's 4th Annual B4BC Board-a-thon, please visit www.holidayvalley.com.

About B4BC Board-a-thon’s: Since 1998 B4BC board-a-thon’s have been promoting an active healthy lifestyle through participation in board sports while building communities and giving back to local non-profit organizations.

Boarding For Breast Cancer (B4BC) is a non-profit, youth-focused education, awareness, and fundraising foundation. Our mission is to increase awareness about breast cancer, the importance of early detection and the value of an active lifestyle. More info at www.B4BC.org

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Total Donations: $4,908

Goal: $20,000

$0 25% $20,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Laurie Bushnell $10.00 "HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVAN!"
Jeff & Lisa Beaver $20.00 "Hope you have a Wonderful birthday Evan! You're a great young man! The Beavers"
Janice Mccullough-Howe $25.00 "Thanks for doing this!"
Megan Dickinson $50.00 "Yayy Kristy :) "
Brian Bojanowski $20.00 "I was one of those people who was perfectly healthy; oblivious to think that cancer could MY family, when about 16 months ago it happened. Went in for a physical at age 45 & was deemed healthy by my Dr. but she spotted something on my neck & was suspicious. After a biopsy, I received the shocker: skin cancer. TO ME? REALLY?!? Found out my dad had skin cancer & was never told by my mom. Good news is it was small enough that the surgery was easy. However, I was diagnosed 2 months later w/CLL(chronic lymphocytic leukemia); and my world was severly shaken. Fortunately, it is manageable to the point where chemotherapy is not needed...for now. But I am cancer-free! My apologizes to the length of this comment, but I want to share my message w/all that cancer does NOT mean the end; but a new beginning. Thanks for the time...stay safe! B "
Pamela Anderson $50.00 " Breast Cancer in our family has been a scare twice, but fortunately turned out okay. I Hope and Pray your Aunt's outcome is the same!!! We are very proud of you for taking on such an important matter and hope you are able to raise your goal and more! "
Ladd Dromgold $10.00 "Best wishes with the fund raiser!"
Shawn Ridenhour $10.00 "Wish I could do much more! Love you much Bets! "
Kathleen Murphy $25.00 "Go Colleen!!!!!"
Lora (Lori) Downey $25.00 "Way to go Colleen...we'll be thinking of you!"
patty dobmeier $25.00 "have fun colleen, i'll 'think snow' til then!"
Robert Moses $10.00 "You are good people Colleen, thanks for all you do for others."
Cheryl & Gregg Baker $25.00 "Have an awesome birthday!"
Teresa Conboy $50.00 "Col, You Rock! Show me the Shredding!!!"
Erin Collins $10.00 "YAY GO MOM! <3"
Lora Stickles $50.00 "My dear sister..you are well on your way to winning this battle. We will be right here by your side all the way. Love you"
jane eshbaugh $50.00 "Way to go, Colleen!"
Ellen Shanahan Becker $50.00 " Colleen, I'm so proud that you are able to do this and do it so well! Lots of Love and best wishes for a great day out there, Ellen"
Deborah Sterner $50.00 "Woot!!! Go Colleen!!!!"
Dorothy Giardino $25.00 "ohhhhh....weeeeeee love u!"
Kelly Christie $25.00 "Good luck & wonderful you are raising money for such a great cause!"
Mair Frederick $20.00 "Rock the hill Colleen!"
Richard Collins $250.00 "Colleen: Congratulations on a wonderful effort for a wonderful organization : Camp Good Days !! Have fun boarding ! I hope you have some great snow ! Love, Richard"
Ann Robinson $10.00 "Thanks, Gretchen and Matt for raising money for breast cancer!"
Christine Minich $25.00 "I am very happy to help you and meet your goal! Good luck! Chris Minich"
Jill Eysaman $25.00 "Go Get Em' Matt"
Connie Edwards $50.00 "I love you so much. I wish I could be there with you. "
Fred Schenfield $25.00 "Matt, you are a fine young man to be thinking of others..."
Elizabeth Lowes $100.00 "I did not know ... the treatments available now are very good; you will beat this I am certain!"
Greg Dennis $25.00 "Nice way to use your talents, Matt. KUDOS!"
leslie hilliard $40.00 "happy 13th birthday, evan! we love you - darren, leslie, owen and ryan."
Deborah Eastman $25.00 "Matt and Gretchen, Thanks for helping to raise money and awareness for such a good cause!"
Renee Beam $100.00 "Kristy, I am so thankful you are participating in an event thats so vital to the cause. Every dollar raised is so important and you are doing a wonderful job. Being a breast cancer survivor, I did loose my mother, grandmother and only aunt to the disease. I DID NOT teast positive for the BRCA gene, so it's so important that everyone, both women and men, stay ontop of their health. Once again THANK YOU and you should be so proud of yourself. Love, Renee"
Donna Collins $50.00 "Ride those slopes, lady! Love, Donna and Bill"
Diane McLaughlin $25.00 "I hope you have snow!!!! Have fun!"
Diane McLaughlin $25.00 "I'm keeping my fingers crossed for snow!"
Kelsey Koebel $50.00 "Keep up the good work and spreading the word (: "
Daniel Kukulka $100.00 "Calling all Men...we need to take care of our Boobies! Your donation will help in the research & education for our Ladies!"
Monica Farrar $50.00 "Be sure to post pictures afterwards!"
LECOM Women's Health Club LECOM $100.00 "We would like to extend our support to Matt, and applaud him on his efforts toward a worthy cause."
Tina Borowiak $10.00 "What a great thing you are doing! The Borowiak's"
therese caligiuri $100.00 "You Go Girl! I am so proud of YOU and all you do for Camp Good Days! and to do it in such a fun and adventurous way is an inspiration to all of us almost 50 year olds! "
robert ondrovic $25.00 "Now I expect to see you showing off those muscles again at Kids Day at the Glen this July.........."
Jessica Buchheit $25.00 "Colleen! You're the best!!! Sorry I can't be there, but I want to see some of the stuff you learned next Wednesday! "
Kim Sullivan $25.00 "Go Colleen!!! Git R Done!!!"
Barbara Parkinson $25.00 "We love you, Brendan! We'll be thinking of you and your Mom while you're snowboarding. Hope the weather cooperates! Be careful! Love, Barb, John, and Junior!"
Susan Adrian $25.00 "Great cause Colleen!"
Kathleen Jedrosko $25.00 "Good Luck with your snowboarding event Evan! I hope that you have a spectacular 13th birthday on Sunday!"
Mark Brahaney $35.00 "Congratulations Matt you've reached your goal! GO GET 'EM!"
Lauren Holtz $75.00 "Do it to it, Lars!"
Jennifer McDowell $25.00 "You are strong--you can beat this Betsy! Much love and prayers are with you!"
The Gajewski's $100.00 "Go AUNT COL!! We ordered the snow for you today! xoxo Joe and WIll"
Daniel Kukulka $10.00 "A very special thank you to Nikki Wiseman for your donation to B4BC...your donation aids in the education, research & development towards a cure!"
Daniel Kukulka $127.51 ""Hoagies' customers ROCK!!! Thank You...Thank You...Thank You for helping with this very special cause. We wouldn't have been able to do it without you!"
Irene Snow $100.00 "Colleen, I so admire your dedication and work for such a worthwhile cause. You go girl!! Irene"
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