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Arizona Desert Dolphins are Catching Cupid
TRI Catching Cupid
The Arizona Desert Dolphins presents the TRI Catching Cupid Reverse Sprint and Youth Triathlon. Everyone will LOVE trying to Catch Cupid as they raise funds to support the Arizona Desert Dolphins Synchronized Swimming Team. The Team is composed of 80+ members from the East Valley, including our athletes, ages five to 65, and 11 dedicated coaches. We represent the local community at competitions ranging from state to national levels, with nationally-ranked athletes and award-winning coaches. The team's goal is to produce competitive swimmers, and it is our philosophy to welcome swimmers of all abilities, placing equal importance on building confidence and character. Our team works hard to set and accomplish goals, and inspires our athletes to have the confidence to work hard to attain these goals, both in the sport and in their personal lives. Your support can help us succeed in these objectives as we strive to open the eyes of young athletes to their full potential. With your generous donation and support we can continue to make a difference in the lives of young women.

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Total Donations: $25

Goal: $1,000

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