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2500th Anniversary of the first Marathon
I've started an ambitious goal for 2010 - completing a half marathon in all 50 states. Today I found out about an awesome, once in a lifetime opportunity - running a full marathon in ATHENS, GREECE to celebrate the 2500th Anniversary of the first marathon. If I'm able to meet the donation goal of $5,100 my trip is paid for! I appreciate the support, thank you!!! Your donation to the AHEPA is completely tax deductible. For more information on the AHEPA and what their mission is, please visit their site: http://ahepa.org/dotnetnuke/About/Mission.aspx
Thank you for supporting me in my participation in the 2010 AHEPA Athens Marathon. I'm hoping this experience will be a truly unique one.

This marathon is a significant one for obvious reasons. The original marathon, which my designated course will follow, was run 2,500 years ago in ancient Greece, when Phidippides was sent to run to Athens to bring news of the Athenians victory at the Battle of Marathon. Upon arriving at Athens, he proclaimed, “We have won” and dropped dead from exhaustion (he also fought in the battle, and previous to it, ran to Sparta to see the assistance of the Spartans). The modern marathon race commemorates Phidippides’ amazing feat.

The American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA), the organization I am partnering with to commemorate the origin of this significant event is the largest Greek American heritage organization in the world.

As a result of my participation, your support of the AHEPA Charitable Foundation will assure that funds are available to assist individuals of all races, color, and creeds, in their time of need—whether they are victims of natural or manmade disasters or suffer from deadly diseases.

Thank you again for supporting me and the AHEPA Charitable Foundation. I'm excited to participate in the 2010 Athens Marathon and trust it will be an indelible experience that will provide memories to last a lifetime.
Me and my daughter before a race

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Total Donations: $5,100.00
Goal: $5,100

$0 100% $5,100

Contributor Amount Comment
Joshua Jackson $100.00
Jannette Miller Hidden "Good luck SquirlGirl! "
Heather Gonzalez $50.00 "You are such a rock star :)"
Anonymous Hidden
Prashanth Katta $101.00
Joshua Jackson $26.20 "Take that!"
REBECCA WALKER $288.20 "$1 per minute... (So that's a goal of just over 4 hr 45 min)"
Heather Buri $10.00 "Go Becca!!!"
Tracy Alvarez $40.00 "Hope you can reach your goal, Rebecca!"
Stacy Waidelich $10.00
Ruth Robbins $50.00 "Good luck, Becks!"
Anonymous Hidden
Jennifer Mandry $5.00
Tracy Alvarez $100.00 "Rebecca! Knock em DEAD, girl!!! *mwah*"
Joshua Jackson $100.00 "Greece won't know what hit it."
Danita Kilcherman $10.00 "Good Luck in Greece and Happy B-day Mrs.Alverez:)"
Anonymous $10.00 "Good Luck!"
Donnie Manos $100.00
MELISSA WILSON $1.00 "You inspire me!"
Belleama Belleama $55.32 "FTW!!!"
Anonymous Hidden
Christopher Fanelli $26.20 "Cause Awesome People Do Awesome Things for Awesome People "
HEATHER GONZALEZ Hidden "That $1 was driving me nuts. Even $4850!"
Joshua Jackson $250.00 "Finish strong!"
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