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Louis Hill's Flying Pig Mini Marathon Fundraising Page (Race Day is May 2nd, 2010)
1st Church Mapalo Zambia Well Project
Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon and First Church of Christ (sponsored in part by Asics)
Thanks for visting my fundraising page. I am running the Cincinnati Flying Pig Half Marathon (13.1 miles) in May 2010 as part of a team from First Church of Christ in Burlington, KY. This team is headed up by Mark Graham (Senior High School Ministries Pastor) and he has worked with ActiveGiving previously. First Church is funding a poject in Mapalo, Zambia to build wells for clean drinking water. We are racing to raise money and awareness for clean drinking water, one of the most basic necessities. Nearly 1 in 6 people on this planet do not have access to clean drinking water. Our goal is to raise as much awareness (and funding) as possible through our team effort! In case you are wondering about my commitment to this effort: I have already registered for the Cincinnati Half Marathon ($60.00) and registered as part of the ActiveWater team through First Church of Christ ($10.00). So I am not asking you to do anything I haven't already done! Thanks for stopping by my fundraising page. We have already had a couple of training runs as a group. For the intermediate group, week one was 4.0 miles, week two was 5.0 miles in January! The goal is to add 0.5 to 1.0 miles per week. March is now here and we are up to 8-10 mile runs!
Total Donations Collected:$710.00
Goal: $505
$0 141% $505
Team Active:Water is a group of individual athletes all over the world who share two passions; being fit and saving lives!

Through vigorous training, competitive participation, and compassionate advocacy, our team members fullfill their dreams of athletic conquests knowing that every drop of sweat from their own personal sacrifice is leading to a richer, fuller life for another. This mission is accomplished through the funding of clean water solutions for communities in developing nations all over the world.

To learn more about how you can become involved in one of our athletic or grassroots campaigns, visit www.activewater.org or email amie@activewater.org

Active:Water is a registered 501(c)(3) non profit organization and all donations are tax exempt.

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