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Wheels for Meals
Treating your loved ones like our own
After over a year of mourning, Lucille is now going to her neighborhood community center 3 days a week–sometimes walking there if the weather is nice. She also enjoys her visits with Meals on Wheels volunteers. We began to take emergency meals to her and her husband, James, when he was newly home from a hospital stay after cancer surgery. After James’ death, Lucille took to her bed, but–as she reminds us!–she had to get up to come to the door and get her meal, and soon she was inviting our volunteers into her home to visit. Now, the bed is made up at every visit, and Lucille tells of her trips to the community center, where she has started a dance group. When she told us we had saved her life, she said she wanted to do something for us. Her recovery is the gift, of course, and one more reason why Meals on Wheels volunteers are out delivering meals to over 300 people five days a week. There are so many stories like Lucille. So many who call us every day asking for food that no one else can provide, that no one else can connect them to. Only you and other supporters can help ensure that these seniors continue to receive the food they need to remain independent in the comfort of their own homes. Please make a donation today. Your gift will immediately help seniors and their families get the essential services they need to live healthy, independent lives. Please sponsor a senior. For $1300, you feed a person for an entire year. $650 will feed someone for 6 months, $325 for 3 months, or $110 for a month. Please consider giving at any level possible so we can continue in our efforts to end senior hunger in our community.

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Goal: $5,000

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