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Washington Animal Rescue League
Doggie Fun Run

The Washington Animal Rescue League, founded in 1914, opened the first animal shelter in Washington, D.C. for stray and abused dogs, cats, and horses. Through the shelter, the League also provided free veterinary care for those who could not afford it and held an annual Christmas food drive for companion animals and working horses. Mission: The mission of the Washington Animal Rescue League is to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home animals who have nowhere else to go. We are committed to strengthening and preserving the human-animal bond by supporting animals in their homes through affordable veterinary care, community outreach, and education. The Washington Animal Rescue League is known not only for its long history of compassionate care for animals, but for its innovative shelter, which is designed to promote the physical, emotional, and social healing of animals recovering from past traumas, and for the progressive programs that benefit animals and the community.

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