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13th Annual UNA Run and Walk for Peace
Racing for the United Nations
Half of your donation goes to UNA youth educational programs and world class public forums highlighting the United Nations’ role in promoting human rights, alleviating poverty and hunger, improving maternal and child health, mitigating conflict among nations, and sustaining the health of our planet.

The UN provides international moral leadership and a vital safety net of services when governments fail their people.

The other half of your donation will support the UN's World Food Program, the world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger. It is active in 73 countries, feeding 90 million people annually, many of whom would die without the UN’s intervention. Hunger is the world’s number one threat, killing more people than AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined—25,000 people every day.

Thank you for joining the fight against poverty, hunger, injustice, and violence.

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