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Stephanie's Half Baked Idea
Racing for Health and Wellness all around!

Thanks to everyone who has donated to the cause, just because I'm already committed to running the race in pink and in a tiara doesn't mean you shouldn't contribute! It's a fantastic cause, and it's tax deductible too! Besides, I'll fully admit that I am too chicken to raise the bar again, too many people have been asking about a tutu


Thanks to those that have contributed already - just because my initial goal is reached, doesn't mean you shouldn't donate! It's a fantastic cause...no matter how you look at it - me, prancing around in public in pink *and* you're benefitting a great organization!

Since it looks like I'll be wearing pink, how about a new target of $750 to add a little princess tiara?

Original Post

Apparently, I'm letting my feet get ahead of me - because I'm goal oriented, I've registered to run the Ryka Tempe IronGirl Event. Running is an opportunity to help myself out, but it's also an opportunity to raise money for the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults. a total of $500 raised may well deck me out in Pink* Iron Girl Togs, and we all know what I think about pink...if I reach that goal, I'll take and post a photo of me in my Pinkness* and I'll commit to running the event in Pink*

The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults (UCF), based in Columbia, MD, is the first and largest organization in the country solely supporting young adults living with cancer. Dividing its programmatic efforts into patient advocacy, education and support, the UCF provides programs and services that reach thousands of young adults annually covering individuals, families and cancer centers in all 50 US States. The UCF’s mission is to provide support programs, education and resources, free of charge, to benefit young adults, their families and friends, who are affected by cancer, and to promote awareness and prevention of cancer. Since inception in 1997, the UCF has supported, educated and connected more than 50,000 young adults by dedicating more than $1 million to develop and deliver quality programs all across the country.

You may visit the Ulman Fund website at: http://www.UlmanFund.org

The Ulman Fund is a 501 c-3 non-profit charity organization.

If donating by credit card isn't your thing, and you prefer to donate by check instead, please click here to make arragements!

*Pinkness is not fully guaranteed as it appears Irongirl has other pastely colors in their shop.

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Total Donations: $800.00 Goal: $750

$0 107% $750

Please, donate. Help me to get out of this hole! :)
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