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UAOCF Donor Fundraising
Caring for AIDS orphaned children of Uganda
UAOCF’S goal is to provide care to orphaned and vulnerable children in the Kabale, Uganda area whose parents have died of AIDS. We provide care, support and education through several targeted programs.

To make a contribution, click on the title of the program desired:

Foster Home Children / Adopt-An-Orphan – Provides care, support and education through High School for AIDS-orphaned children in foster homes.

Special Education Support Fund – Supports post-secondary school education for gifted children graduating from the Foster Home Care Program.

“Hope House” Orphanage / Vocational School – Hope House is a residential and technical school for children who have no one to support them.

“Hope House” Development Fund – Provides for expansion of “Hope House” residential and vocational training facilities according to its master plan.

Orphan’s Extraordinary Medical Care Fund – Provides additional support to children who require out-of-the-ordinary medical care, especially those who have AIDS.

UAOCF Gift Cards – Choose from many different gift cards to celebrate a special occasion or honor the memory of a loved one with a donation to UAOCF.

UAOCF General Support Fund – 100% of the money donated to our orphan support funds and Hope House funds pay for services to the children, so other donations are needed to pay for administrative expenses in both the United States and Uganda.

(For donations to more than one of the above programs, please enter a separate transaction)

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