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Triangle's Employ + Ability
Triangle empowers people with disabilities
Through support, challenge and opportunity, Triangle empowers people with disabilities and their families to enjoy rich, fulfilling lives. We are committed to helping the world realize that we are all people with ability. Employability, Triangle provides full-time careers for people with disabilities in our medical manufacturing and packaging operations. Our employees work at competitive hourly rates and receive full benefits including a 403b retirement program. Employability is a competitive business that generates 90% of its revenue through product sales. Philanthropic partners like the New England Patriots Charitable Foundation provide the additional 10% of our budget in order to ensure that our employees not only have meaningful careers, but also have access to the support and opportunities they need to live a whole, healthy life. Employability’s products include instant and reusable hot and cold pack, first aid kit, certified storage tapes, and specialty medical products. We are proud to produce the official ice packs for the New England Patriots and the New England Revolution. Moreover, in our state-of-the-art clean room facility we assemble Class II medical devices for over 500 companies including Covidien and U.S. Surgical. In July 2010, Triangle launched the School-to-Career Program at Employability in order to train our next generation of employees and prepare hundreds of additional youth to pursue careers in medical manufacturing and other growth industries throughout Massachusetts.

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