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Because we care for Professor Gey and we're racing for a cure
Friends and Family, as many of you know in December of 2006 my Professor and friend Steve Gey was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease. As Professor Gey’s students have seen first hand, Lou Gehrig’s is a horribly crippling disease that attacks the peripheral nervous system. The average case results in paralysis within two years and is terminal at three. That first spring a number of us made a pact with Professor Gey, as long as he kept fighting the disease we would fight in the annual Red Hills Triathlon. We were competing to show solidarity with Professor Gey and to raise money for the cause he chose, ALS-Therapy Development Institute. ALS-TDI is the world’s largest ALS research center. That first year about 30 law students and law alumni (not the most athletic group around) competed and raised over $40,000. Last year over 40 of us competed and raised over $60,000. This year we have 60 competitors and the goal is to raise more than $130,000. Professor Gey is still fighting and so we’re going to be jumping into the freezing cold lake again this year. As professor Gey recently said in an e-mail, “If you crazy people are still willing to get up at the crack of dawn and jump in a frigid lake, and then run and ride yourselves silly, then I may as well try to stick around to see what you all look like in wetsuits.” The Red Hills Triathlon is April 4th and I've been training to top my performance from the past two years. Professor Gey’s perspective through this disease has been inspirational, to say the least. I encourage you to read the letter from Professor Gey which I attached to the e-mail I sent to most of you. In that letter you will get a sample of why Professor Gey continues to give us all strength. What I want to give back to Professor Gey is a strong showing that we’re there to support him. To do that I hope that you can join my team and donate a modest amount for Team Gey’s performance in the 2009 Red Hills Triathlon. Professor Gey is notified of and energized by each donation that is made. Thank you all, Dave
After Tri For Gey 2007

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