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Team Calhoun Rides for A Cure
Racing To Save Lives..and an Effective Treatment for ALS
Welcome to our Fundraising page! The Calhoun Cousins and Friends are uniting for a one day, 90 mile bike trek, from Boston to UCONN on July 20 to raise money and awareness to support the ALSTDF, an outstanding research foundation which is involved in groundbreaking discoveries for a disease which has no cure. January of 2006 our world came to a screeching halt as our father, uncle and friend, Steve Girard, was diagnosed with this fatal and cruel disease. A man known for his selflessness and giving, must now rely upon others to give. The giving of ourselves, to ride for those who physically can not, and to give financially to find a cure so that we can end the suffering, is all we can do to help stop this disease. It will not cure Steve, but it may help someone you love in the future. Please join us in our pledge to raise money and awareness, we are so appreciative of all you love and support! With Great Thanks- Kathy, Michael, Rich, Katie, Kristen, Tom, Jay, Jim, Amy and Heather
Friends and Family Come Together for 90 Mile Bike Trek to Raise Awareness and Support for ALS Research

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Fundraising has ended.

Total Donations: $5,185.00
Goal: $10,000

$0 52% $10,000

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