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Tides, Inc.
One out of twenty children will lose a parent before they graduate from high school. Many more will lose a sibling, grandparent, or friend. Children’s grief is like a fierce storm at sea, bringing devastation that lasts long after the funeral and burial are over. Many children struggle to come to terms with their grief for years after the death. The goal of Tides is to be a safe place with safe people where children, adolescents, and their families can know they are not alone in their grief; share their feelings, memories, and experiences in an atmosphere of non-judgmental acceptance; see that what they are going through is normal; know that hope and healing are possible; have fun with peers and as a family; and last but certainly not least, make quality and supportive relationships that sustain them. To learn more about the Tides program, please visit our website at: www.tidesprogram.org or call (814) 692-2233 for more information.

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