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Racing to build a Gym for Oak Grove kids
Racing for a Better Tomorrow
Come run for a reason! We are racing to build a gym for the at-risk and special needs children and youth of Oak Grove Center. They face many challenges and desperately need an indoor recreation space. There will also be a room for Play Therapy-Occupational Therapy and Performing Arts. Sports and Arts help heal and restore children who have been abused, faced trauma and many other challenges. You can help raise money for a great cause while supporting the dedicated power walkers and racers participating in the Carlsbad Half Marathon. Oak Grove's mission is "to rebuild the lives of at-risk children and their families through educating, healing, restoring relationships, building character and instilling hope". You can be part of building the better tomorrow by supporting our cause to Build a Gym! Oak Grove serves 160 youth at a 24 hour treatment center and school in Murrieta and has a second campus in Perris, Oak Grove at the Ranch. The kids from both campuses will greatly benefit from Gym-Performing Arts Center. We have been fundraising for this cause and the race will help us get even closer. Thank you for your support!

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Total Donations: $2,948

Goal: $15,000

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