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TEAM O.A.K. 2012 "Silent No More"
Breaking The Silence About Ovarian Cancer
Welcome to O.A.K.'s fundraising page as we participate in the 2012 Kentucky Derby Festival MARATHON/miniMARATHON for Ovarian Awareness of Kentucky! Please Click the donate link to sponsor our team in meeting our fundraising goal of $10,000.00. We must raise awareness and find a CURE!

OAK takes contributions very serious and we are very diligent in making sure that the money goes to supporting our mission which is:

* To provide resources for support, networking, and education for women who are diagnosed with gynecological cancers and their caregivers in order to improve outcomes.

* To create awareness among women and the greater community regarding early warning signs that may be indicative of ovarian cancer, resulting in earlier detection and saved lives.

* To encourage greater citizen participation in gynecological cancer issues for the benefit of future generations through public education programs, media collaboration, and joint ventures with other community organizations.

* Ovarian Cancer is the deadliest of all gynecological cancers. We CAN fight together to win our battle against this disease. We firmly believe that one day there will be a cure for Ovarian Cancer and OAK and its supporters will have been a part of it.

Please help us reach our goals. Tell people about this web site and this cause. At the very least, bring the attention of every woman you know to the information on risk factors and symptoms of Ovarian Cancer. Working together we can all make a difference.

Thank you for your support and look out as we join together to help "Break the Silence about Ovarian Cancer"!

The O.A.K. Family & members of the Event Committee

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Total Donations: $1,974

Goal: $10,000

$0 20% $10,000

Contributor Amount Comment
John Janiak $50.00 "Your doing a great thing here Casey. Im happy to help. Run like the wind blows."
James Guilfoyle $25.00 "Little Tinay, I'm proud of you and love you. Good luck!"
Brad Potts $50.00 "Way to go little sister."
Theresa and Terry Potts $100.00 "Casey, Dad and I are so proud of you. This is such a wonderful thing your doing!"
Jill Atkinson $25.00 "This is wonderful that you're doing this."
Marnita and Pat Strehl $25.00 "Glad to donate for a worthy cause!"
Jon and Rachael Potts $25.00 "You are the best! We love you!"
FLORENCE WIEDER $35.00 "Dear Casey, Thank you for supporting such a worthy cause. Now that I am on a fixed income I must really watch my pennies closely. I will make this donation now. Maybe later I can a little more to your fund. The best of luck to you. You make me so proud. Love, Florence"
CARRIE WIEDER $50.00 "Casey, I am so proud of you. You continue to amaze me in all you do: your work, your physical activity and your quiet, generous spirit. Love, Aunt Carrie"
Natalie Herrell $25.00 "Keep fighting ladies! We will win the war against this beast! I was diagnosed in 2009 at age 31 and I'm still going strong :)"
Brett Prince $50.00 "Best of luck Casey. Great job."
Amy Gilmore $25.00 "Good luck Yang .. so proud of you :)"
Karen Mosso $50.00 "Thanks for running! "
Chris Holtman $25.00 "Great cause, happy to support !"
Sarah Dauer $50.00 "Get it girl!"
Samantha Payton $50.00 "Picture me at mile 14 telling you to get your ass moving"
Anonymous $10.00 "Half mile on me"
Anonymous $15.00 "Cheers to you completing your longest run last night! 17.3 miles what!? "
Ashley Risinger $25.00 "Good on you for undertaking such a challenge AND making it count for something greater than yourself!"
Raify Magar $25.00 "Casey, we have never met but I am the Precision rep in DFW. We have all been touched by someone with cancer, so tie your shoes tight and run like the wind. "
Kelly Vanover Hidden "So insanely proud of you... praying for you the whole way! LOVE YOU!"
Jackie Neumann $25.00 "My aunt, Mary Cooper, died of this awful diesease nine years ago. Thanks for helping OAK."
David Wen $10.00 "GOOO Team Beth!!"
Charita Chapman $10.00 "Thank you for helping a wonderful cause!! Good Luck! "
Anonymous $25.00 "This donation is in place of April Atherton's offline donation. Thanks, April!"
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