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Running 26.2 Miles to Save Lives
Every donation helps eradicate Polio in the world, provides life saving heart surgery for children from countries where heart surgery is not available, supports the Ronald McDonald House and its mission for pediatric cancer patients , plus humanitarian causes through the NY Rotary Foundation.

Every amount makes a difference. Thank you on behalf of 1,200,000 Rotarians worldwide and every child whose life we save.

If you wish to donate in the name of a specific runner, search for their name above.

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Fundraising has ended.

Total Donations: $83,258

Goal: $122,500

$0 68% $122,500

Contributor Amount Comment
Anonymous $300.00 "YOU GO GIRL !!!!!"
Treva Webster $100.00 "You go girl! I'm so proud of you and I support your efforts in eradicating polio AND staying fit and healthy yourself! Treva"
Jeff A Fielder $100.00 "Go Strong!!"
Anonymous $50.00 "Best of luck. Show those New Yorkers how Cali rolls -"
Elsa Argomaniz Hidden "Cheryl: Wahoo! "
Christopher Watson $100.00 "Way to go Carmen! Go get it!"
Trula LaCalle $200.00 "Dreams can come true. Go for it! Make those memories."
Judy Duncan $50.00 "Good luck Carmen..."
Rolland Crawford $150.00 "You go Cheryl! What a great idea, and superb benefit all around. Show them just what fantastic things a Crossroads member can do!!"
Kathy Brooks Hidden "You are remarkable, and we are very proud of you. Love, Marc, Kathy, Jason and Katie"
Thomas Pallotta $26.20 "Good Luck Steve!"
Arturo Lopez $79.97 " I hope you reach your goal. "
rick grebner $100.00 "4:30 and I double it !!....:)"
Christine Dejung $100.00 "We are so proud of you Carmen. Love ya, Christine and Ted"
Stephanie Blanco $50.00 "Get it done, girl! I have one request-- send us a photo of when you cross the finish line! "
Anonymous $100.00 "Hi Reddie, gooooooooooo for it! ;-)"
Nino DiFabio $26.20 "All the Best Stephen! "
Ben Ross $50.00 "Good luck Bones. You are insane to run that many miles. More power to you. Mia and Ben Ross"
Joe Pillai $100.00 "We should thank you for taking this challenge for a great cause. All the best."
Mary Judge $26.20 "Good luck Stephen - have fun!! ;)"
Anonymous $150.00 "Kick some Butt Bro"
Jeremy Sonnenburg $150.00 "Good luck with the training. Should be a great experience."
Rona Davis $100.00 "Go Stephen!"
Michael Katz $100.00 "I've done a 1/2...good luck with the full!"
Anonymous $128.00 "Run Stephen Run!!!"
Tamara Batzofin $50.00 "Good luck Stephen!! All the best"
Michael Orlich $26.20 "Thanks for all of your help, Cheryl. Have a great race!"
Denise Iradi $26.20 "Good Luck!"
Gary MacDonald $100.00 "Good luck Stephen!!"
Bastiaan DE LAAT $26.20 "Good luck !"
Tara Ruiz $35.00 "Great cause to raise money for and the marathon will be an amazing expereince! "
Dianna Santos $50.00 "Make her scrub those toilets!"
Joseph Farmand $100.00 "Run Garner! Run!"
Emil Geering $100.00 "Ryan, Wanted to support your efforts. Have you started training yet? Emil"
Kyle Pybus $100.00 "Run like a wombat. "
Mark Burchill $111.00 "Carmen, you do so much for Rotary!"
Jock McNeill $100.00 "Run Carmen, run! You are an inspiration to all of us. Good luck!"
William Rousseau $50.00 "Carmen: As John Wooden said.. " Be quick, but don't hurry." Good Luck! You are a Great Rotarian. Bill"
Brian Bauer $50.00 "Go Carmen! and go team NYRotary."
Matthew Everson $50.00 "Carmen, you are a great inspiration! Wish you the best in this run!"
Matthew Libien $50.00 "Go get 'em Ryan!"
June Stahl $150.00 "It's great to support you and Rotary -- have a great run!"
Leslie Lee $10.00 "Good luck Sulli! Leslie"
Brian Maregni $50.00 "Good luck Rob!"
Beryl Puddifer $100.00 "Well Done Mark - great initiative. Beryl"
Pierre Perron $100.00 "Mark, C'est un honneur de contribuer à l'éradication de la Polio par l'entremise de ta participation à ce prestigieux événement qu'est le Marathon de NY. Nous sommes fiers de toi! Pierre P."
Diane Moresi $50.00 "You are amazing! Good luck!"
Edward Murphy Murphy $100.00 "Stephen, Make it a great run - YOU will do well!! Ed Murph"
Doug Johnson $137.75 "Better you than me! Make sure you are smiling all the way :)"
Wayne Rowlands $50.00 "Ryan, Go for it! One of our members out here in California, Carmen Sinigiani is running also. Will she pass you up? Thanks for being a Rotary Means Business member. "
David Del Monte $100.00 "Thanks Bill. Good Luck to you and I'll meet you in the corals on 11/4."
LENNON MANON $500.00 "See you in NY NY!!"
Kathleen Losi $50.00 "We are with you. Good Luck!"
Traci LaVallee $100.00 "Good Luck Stephen! "
Jonathan Knehr $50.00 "Best of luck!!"
Cedric Rauschen $26.20 "Good luck man! See you around."
marian white $200.00 "Bill, Thanks for making a difference. Go win this for Rotary!!! Best, Marian White"
Carl Weinberg $500.00 "Go Bill! Mount Kisco Rotary Club supports you all the way!"
Rob Raylman $100.00 "Go For it Bob!!!!"
Robert Ekedahl $200.00 "Give em hell, Bill . . Bob and Phil and families "
Simone Amores $50.00 "Gute Sache!"
Philipp Querengaesser $10.00 "Go Torge Go :-)"
Russell Swanson $26.20 "Running the NY Marathon.You are my hero along side Tiger. Good Luck Bill. You'll do just fine mate. Maybe one day we'll do it together. Best wishes from Australia. Cheers Swano "
Ripsy Arora $50.00 "Best of luck!"
Boris Erben $50.00 "Do it the Rotaract-way = Rotary in Action ;-)"
Lana Rosenzweig $26.20 "run Sully, run!"
Russell Gibson $50.00 "Good luck!"
Robert S Steinberg $100.00 "Ryan your commitment to run, is only eclipsed by your commitment to Rotary."
Bill and Abby Dolliver $100.00 "Good luck! We are so happy that you know how important it is to give to others! As Grandpa would say...."Don't Forget the People!""
John Yavroyan $50.00 "With you in spirit, Bill!"
Thomas Engdahl $100.00 "Go Dan Go"
cary zel $50.00 "Good luck, you Geezer."
Kim Hunter $26.20 "Go for it. Kim & Ken"
Snorri Sturluson Hidden "Go Dan. I hope to see you on 4th Ave."
marc gravatt $26.20 "going for a PR?"
Kelly Washburn Hidden "Run, Sulli, Run!"
Michele Fiquet $10.00 "Good Luck Dan - wish it could be more"
Joshua Seiden $26.20 "Go Sully!"
Mei Morin $50.00 "Good luck Sully!"
Jörg & Siri Blumenberg $77.77 "Hi Torge, a contribution to your Good Course on our 7th anniversary. Good luck from the Blumenberg's "
Carole Harvey $50.00 "Best of luck, Bill! I'll be with you in spirit and blowing kisses from the west coast. So proud of you!!"
Ashish Patel $26.20 "Goodluck Dan!!"
Michael Gormley $50.00 "Way to go Sully!"
Ilissa Miller Hidden "Go Dan!"
David Stavish $50.00 "Run like hell."
Elliott Goldkind $50.00 "SNOINO!"
Keith Kennedy $100.00 "Run like it's Colorwar at Camp St. Regis! Good like Pal."
Wildcat Epic events . $100.00 "Good luck Dan. You are doing the time, i see you running everywhere. Your in it to Finnish! Cheers Gunter "
Lucas CARBONARO $50.00 "Great initiative ! :-) Enjoy it and good luck "
Bianca ROATIS $50.00 "A friend remind me one day « Don’t ever let somebody tell you…you can’t do something. You got a dream. you gotta protect it. People can’t do something themselves they wanna tell you you can’t do it. If you want something go get it » (Will Smith – The pursuit of Happyness). I believe we need people to remind us that the dreams are made to be lived."
Nancy Garner $500.00 "I'm so proud of you. Go my "Wonderful" daughter"
Paul Bernstein $50.00 "Good Luck!"
Leslie Pettersen $30.00 "Good luck to my best friend- I am so proud of you!!!"
Michel Jimenez Lunz Hidden "May the force be with you !"
Luigi Clementi $100.00 "GO MARK GO !!!!!"
Paul Bronzo $100.00 "Enjoy your journey!"
Steve Cobb $250.00 "Good luck knockin' it out!"
Rachel Adler $250.00 "So Proud of you sista!!!"
Jim Vogel Hidden "Go Dan! This is a great effort you're making for a great cause."
Michael Kiernan $50.00 "Good luck and all the best, Dan... I'm living vicariously through you :-)"
Ian Baines Hidden "Good luck Bill - we will be thinking of you on the 4th."
Anonymous $100.00 "Carolyn, u r an amazing woman doing amazing things. I'll b cheering u on thru this race and life!!!"
jacquelyn mcneil $300.00 "Stephen, I am so proud of you for taking on this marathon. It is a big undertaking, and $$$ to a wonderful cause. Life is a marathon which deserves the same dedication. Remember it is not about the finish line, it is about the people and milestones along the way that shape the race. You will do great and I'll cheer u on on the 4th and always!!! With all my love, Mom xoxoxox "
Victor DeJoy Hidden "Good Luck Dan!"
Charles Carter $50.00 ""The harder you work the harder it is to surrender" - Vince Lombardi Have a great finish !"
Lisa Wexler $150.00 "Go Dan Go!!!"
Henri-François BOEDT $50.00 "Go for it ! - be smooth during hre previous week - don't run the couple of days before the race - fill yourself with maltodextrine & pasta 3 days before - don't run above 155 bpm in order not to hit the wall - ... you know it ! Good luck, I'll be crossing my fingers"
Dorcal Jimenez $26.20 "Run Dan Run... :)"
Piotr Sikora $157.00 "Run Dan ! Run !"
Claudia Rivera Hidden "Vamos Argentina !!!"
PASTA PARTY 29/8/2012 $570.00 "A big thank you to Karen C., Nathalie B., Lydia Leu-Sarritzu & Enrico Canu, Caroline Van Avermaet, Florence De Graft, Alex, Claudio & Egidiga, Fabio Ventola, PaolaTrombetta & Alexis Esposito, Nicolas Henckes, Shirley Rizh, Diao Dia, Alex C., Fatima El alami, Leonia Vasarhelyi, Candice Barrier Plater, Giulio Scarsella, Sophia Decolla, Anna Bujok, Jim Hodges, Sonia Vega Vega, Ricardo Oliveira, Laurie Rooney, Nausica Di Rienzo, Pedro Eiras Antunes, Romain Hoffmann, and Rishma Shah. Thank you all !"
K & J Ancona $100.00 "Well done!! xo"
Brent Jerolimic $50.00 "Wow so impressed with your drive to actually run a whole marathon! Amazing!"
liz meltzer $26.20 "So proud of you!!!! xo "
Sarah Lin $50.00 "You are an inspiration!"
Jim Caton $100.00 "Way to make a difference Carolyn - run like the wind.......... Cheers Jim"
Sueli Petry $50.00 "Go Carla! "
Joan Mora $100.00 "Have a great RUN and make it Fun! "
Nagraj Seshadri Hidden "Good luck Dan! Great cause, thank you."
Saro Hartounian $500.00 "Strength and Endurance to you, Jean-Baptiste."
Penny Donnenfeld $50.00 "Go Girl !!!!!!!"
Francois TURK $60.00 "Two things to remember: firstly, a marathon begins only at kilometre 30 and, secondly... be sure to take an hotel with elevator !"
Alain HUBERTY $26.20 "Good luck and.. keep running !"
Peter MILNE $26.20 "Good luck, keep running!!!"
Priscilla Rogers Hidden "Good luck running the marathon!!! I'll be with you in spirit!!!! P"
Sasha Pimienta Hidden "I know it takes a lot of training and dedication to run a marathon, and I know you're giving it 100%! Buenas suerte!! You'll rock it!"
Matthew Borin $100.00 "Good luck chicken legs!"
Jill Harnick Bodian Hidden "Way to go! Very impressive! Best of luck, Jill, Bob and Berk"
Steve Holden $50.00 "Good Luck, Bill. Hope it's all downhill."
360Crossmedia Sàrl $420.00 "360Crossmedia is proud to be a partner of this team! Go go go!!!"
Nicholas Bell Hidden "gl"
Mathew Hirsch $50.00 "Way to go Carla!! You rock!!"
Romain Garo $100.00 "Good luck Ryan !"
Melissa Nery $100.00 "vamos carajo!"
Abuela Felisa Hidden "Que tengás mucho éxito porque lo hacés con mucho amor por los niños "
Ned Jetchev $50.00 "N:)joy & have a lot of fun!!!"
Laurent Muller $260.00 "Have fun!"
Leslie Jackson $50.00 "Thank you for doing this! "
Anouk Dumont Hidden "Alleeeeeeeeeez!!!!! You can do it my friend!!"
Yehezkel Lilu $50.00 "You don't HAVE to FINISH the race...and make sure you are drinking a LOT of water.... :)"
Shamiek Engram $26.20 "Good luck Dr. D on your journey to help families in need. I'm Proud of you... Shamiek"
Robin Howald $26.20 "Go Carla!"
Paul Rebholz $100.00 "Go Carla, Love Paul and Dini"
Adrienne Zak $26.20 "Good luck!"
Teri Caudill $50.00 "Go Vecina!"
Carolyn Brill $100.00 "Run Josh Run! Love, Mom"
Jane Brill $50.00 "Go for it,Josh Love you, Grandma"
Gwenn Rosseau $50.00 "Go Josh!!! You're an inspiration. "
Grace Brill $50.00 "RUN FOREST RUN!"
Elaine S Lopez $250.00 "So proud of you!! "
Nancy Melendez $50.00 "Go, Carla, go-y Buena suerte! Xoxo"
Beata Beaudoin $50.00 "Go Carla - the picture of you as marathoner is inspiring!"
Neil Connelly $50.00 "Run, Bill, Run! You are a true Rotarian!"
John Osborne $100.00 "Best wishes for an enjoyable and safe run in the Big Apple."
Jo Anne Macdowall $100.00 "Cheering you on for your big race, Stephen!"
Rotary Club Stromberg Naheland $322.00 "Wir wünschen euch einen guten lauf !"
Fatima Barbosa-Hertz $26.20 "Carla - Wow! I'll be supporting you from afar! Truly inspiring!"
Mary Rahe $26.20 "Bill,I know that fund-raising is hard work but you take to a whole new level! Bravo!"
Sébastien Genesca $50.00 "Bravo pour cette belle initiative et bonne chance !"
Jon Doran Hidden "You Da Man Dan - Good Luck!!"
Judy and Ron Wangerin $250.00 "GO JACKIE - We are so proud of you! Love, Mom and Dad"
Annie & Wayne XOXO $250.00 "Run, Torge, Run!"
Audrey Muratore $26.20 "Go Carla!! So proud of you!!!"
FABIENNE DASNOY Hidden "Bonjour Jean-Baptiste, félicitations pour ton aventure courageuse et engagée. Etre un "finisher" utile, quelle grande satisfaction lorsque tu franchiras la ligne d'arrivée Fabienne Rotary Neufchâteau district 1630 "
Michael Koffman $50.00 "Great job, Carla!"
Shader Family $100.00 "We love you Josh! "
Allyse McGrath $26.20 "You go girl!"
Lina Budianto Hidden "I'll be cheering for you! (p.s. I love the photo)"
Company SGG S.A. $520.00 "SGG is happy and proud to take part of this beautiful initiative. Good luck Jérôme and Lucas!"
Anonymous $75.00 "Dr. James Cole "
Leonard Agrusti $100.00 "Ryan, Great cause! I will stand by you all the way,but I will not run with you. "
Kathleen Conlon $30.00 "Good luck babe! You can do it!"
Lisa Russo Hidden "Go Ryan! :)"
Keith Beard $50.00 "You go! Miss you-"
Randy Diaz Hidden "Way to go Carlita!"
Kimberly Julian $50.00 "Go Stephen Go!!!"
Calvin Seun Hidden "Go, Carla. "
Manuel Baldauff $60.00 "Bravo pour cette noble initiative!"
Cyril Thix Hidden "Vas-y! Je sais que tu y arriveras!!!!!! Mais fini les gâteaux "Chimanga" ;-)"
Lora Camporeale $50.00 "Inspirational Carla!!! Stay Strong and Good Luck!"
Bruce J. Burns $50.00 "Have fun running. I wish I coudl be there to see you cross the finish line. Loving Life, Bruce"
Anonymous $150.00 "Allez Jean-Baptiste !!! GOOOOOOOO !!!"
Shelarese Rufin $26.20 "Alison, you are my hero! Good luck on the 4th! I'd like to see the spreadsheet of your projected results based on input. I know you have one. -Rese"
Jennifer Lewis $50.00 "What a worthy cause Carla! All the very best during your run."
Rotary Club of Napanee Ontario $100.00 "The Rotary Club of Napanee Ontario applauds your efforts!"
Benjamin Cole $26.20 "Best of luck, Alison!"
Robert Baird $50.00 "Run, Moira, Run!!!"
Anonymous $50.00 "Run, Forrest, Run!!!"
Fil Eden $26.20 "Good luck, Alison!"
Raj Bhatia $100.00 "Ryan Hi, The Northern Valley Rotary Club wishes you the best in your efforts to run the NY Marathon. Best Wishes Raj"
Lindsay O'Brien $50.00 "Good luck!!! So proud of you HUN!"
Alyson Intihar $26.20 "Good luck Alison! "
Carolyn & Bob Minervino $50.00 "Go Moira Go!!"
SERGE CAHEN $40.00 "Admiration et respect pour cette belle action humanitaire. Fais-toi plaisir JB !"
Dan Tracy $26.20 "Dance with me? "
Gaetan Ladouceur $25.00 "On behalf of the Rotary Club of South Nepean, I am pledging $25 to your cause. We wish you the very best of luck in your worthwhile endeavor. The Rotary Club of South-Nepean"
Dennis Lin Hidden "Schnell Torge!"
Meg Luddy $50.00 "I wish you had a smart phone so I can track you on November 4. "
Feodor Sakatch $100.00 "I wish I could come by wednesday! Will definitely join you to celebrate your sub 4hr run!!! Great cause!"
Anonymous $57.00 "Nichtraucherkasse ;-)"
Allan Rimoin $25.00 "This is a $25 donation from the Rotary Club of Kingston, Club #4576. Good luck in reaching your goal."
Christian Staackmnann $43.21 "Run for life Torge!"
Doreen Hartley $25.00 "Have a terrific run Mark! A few of our Club members and some Rotary exchange students will be in the crowd cheering you on. Contributed on behalf of the Cataraqui-Kingston Rotary Club, #22663 - District 7040. Congratulations to you for your efforts to raise more funds to help Eradicate Polio. "
Anonymous $26.20 "Just put one foot in front of the other, then repeat... and again and again... "
Melissa McAllister $50.00 "Good luck Rob!!"
Rotary Club Ottawa-Stittsville $25.00 "The Rotary Club of Ottawa-Stittsville is pleased to support such a great cause. End Polio Now!"
Dawn Gordon $50.00 "You go girl! It must be in the genes."
Eugene Speroni $100.00 "I should have asked earlier but is a pick one or all three of the chores? LOL... My dad would always be at 48th Street & 4th Ave in Brooklyn to watch the runners, it was one of his favorite things to do. Unfortunately he will not be there this year. Good Luck!! Enjoy the day & the run. Have fun!!"
Jeffrey Bielik $100.00 "Way to go Garner, Oprah better watch out!"
Nicole Romeo $26.20 "Good Luck! xo "
Adanta Ahanonu $26.20 "Alison! You are incredible. I am so excited for and proud of you! Good luck girl!"
Anonymous $100.00 "Good luck on the 4th!"
Norman Szymanski $50.00 "Bill, You're proof that age is a state of mind. Have fun!"
Marita Varela Hidden "Viva el esfuerzo, Que grande!"
Papa D'Aiello Hidden "Orgulloso de una hija colosal"
Maribel Rosario $26.20 "Si se puede Carla "
Emily Cusick $26.20 "SO proud of you!"
Lawrence Cantrill $100.00 "The Rotary Club of Montreal Lakeshore wish you well in the marathon and we are pleased to donate $100."
Don Matthews $25.00 "This donation is from the Rotary Club of Gananoque. Good luck on Nov 4th."
Raymond Falcon $100.00 "You are doing a great thing! Here's hoping you never hit the Wall, but blast through with the same energy level from beginning to end!"
John Tahan $100.00 "Good luck Ryan - thanks for reaching out."
Riadh Hamida $150.00 "Keep it up folks. "
Adam Wojnicki $26.20 "3.30, no fear!"
Elmar Thyen $50.00 "Let's make the world a bit better and care about each other"
jean-philippe Bollet $50.00 "Good luck guys !!!"
rimmer antoine $100.00 "Hi guys, I have premium intel that u 're prepared to break easily your record : I bet for 3 H 15 ! Good luck ! Apolline, Chloe, Carole et Antoine"
Sarah and Marc Anderson Hidden "We wish you the very best on your run. Hope you have a glorious day. Love, Mom and Dad"
Bob and Joy Baird $50.00 "Good luck in the Marathon! See you at the finish line!!"
Bob and Joy Baird $50.00 "Good luck in New York! We love you!!"
Michael Beyman Hidden "Good luck!"
Steve and Mary Anne Strothmann $52.40 "RUN ALI RUN!! We are so proud of you! Love, Uncle Steve & Aunt Mary"
Carol Tammany $26.20 "Good Luck Rob!"
Susan Barrettt $100.00 "Go ,Robbie, Go ! Hope you have a great race ! Aunt Susie"
The LaGrasso Family $100.00 "Run Josh, Run! Tom, Del, Tommy, Catherine, and Joey"
Elizabeth & Jake Atkins $26.20 "Go Moira!! Good Luck! "
Elizabeth Jacobson $100.00 "So proud of you! Mom & Dad"
Elizabeth Jacobson $50.00 "We'll be cheering for you! Beth & Len Jacobson"
Tom Kriksciun Pam Kress $100.00 "Break four"
Anonymous $50.00 "Weil Du es kannst!"
sandra & david ramer $50.00 "Moira, What a great experience! Have fun!!! Sandra & David (Nikki's mom and step-dad)"
Brett Mackechnie $50.00 "Rip it up brutha. Enjoy the modest trot. What a great endeavor!"
Muriel Thomson $75.00 "GO FOR IT LUCAS. LOL Auntie Muriel"
Kyle and Rebekah Schneider $50.00 "Go get 'em Rob! "
Hannah Gursky Hidden "Good luck!!!"
Patrick Baird $50.00 "Wish all 4 of us could be there to cheer you on! "
Ron and Carla Wangerin $500.00 "Have a great race Jackie! Love SD Wangerins"
Milagros Rivera $5.00 "LOTS-O-LUCK CARLA"
Alina Bustamante $20.00 "Good work!"
Mama Fortunata Hidden "Love and Generosity"
Edward Calthrop $50.00 "five minute kilometres. lots of them. enjoy it!"
Christopher Fanning $50.00 "Good luck guys! Enjoy the race and I hope you succeed in breaking the 2010 time!!"
Jane Feehan $50.00 "Have a great run! "
Peter Manderino $100.00 "Great job! All the best."
Kevin & Marta Bartlett-Rivera Hidden "Good luck, Carla. "
Meg Luddy $50.00 "That's my Moira!"
Calvin Tsang $50.00 "All the best!"
Tim Rourke (BCI) $250.00 "BCI is happy to sponsor you!"
Holly Canevari $100.00 "Go, Rob, Go! We are cheering you on! - Holly and Joe"
Ebru Bekaslan $26.20 "Good luck, Lucas! All the best.."
Lindsay Broyhill $50.00 "Love you, wifey!!"
Club Rotary de Laval Club Rotary de Laval $100.00 "Le Club Rotary de Laval est fier de t'encourager."
Kevin Huang Hidden "While you're out, can you pick me up some mozzarella sticks? "
Elizabeth Miller $100.00 "Congratulations for running for this great cause.The Rotary Club of Cornwall Sunrise is cheering for you, Mark!!"
BLOCH Danièle $550.00 "Raymond PRAGIER, Arnaud HERRMANN, Yvon ESKINAZI, Colette NOPRE, Georges MULLER, Colette MICHEL, Isa KAES, Nadia GUETARI"
Bethany Strothmann Hidden "Good Luck Alison! You will do GRRRREAT! Love you!! - B"
HASENCLEVERWERBUNG GbR Marco Becherer & Tobias Hasenclever $50.00 "Run like a Flitzebogen!"
Michaela Blumenberg $50.00 "Run Torge..."
Babacar NDIAYE $50.00 "Good luck to you both and congratulations for the initiative!"
Mariana Dominguez $50.00 "LUCAS and JEROME, good luck!! Amazing what you guys are doing! I will follow you from distance!! maybe one day I will have the courage to run the full marathon!! you inspire people!! Cheers, Mariana Dominguez"
Antonia Cecchetti $50.00 "Torgee, lauf wie ein Windhund!"
Ann Belforti $50.00 "To my running inspiration, your dedication to and passion for running are contagious! So proud of all you are doing! -Annie"
Ann Belforti $50.00 "Robbie Fresh, you're a rock star! One large cheese Villa pizza on me after the race :)"
Cathy BENDER $65.00 "What a fantastic initiative ! Good luck for the run, I will be thinking about you! Yesterday's pasta should give you sufficient energy to run faster and faster ..... "
Colleen Corcoran $50.00 "Good Luck Robbie, from Colleen, Noreen, and Kevin"
Heather Connolly $50.00 "GOAL!!!!"
Preethi Nampoothiri $100.00 "so proud of you lil'lady! wish i could be there to cheer you on, will be thinking of you from Kabul xxxx"
Jonathan Allen $50.00 "This $ 50.00 donation is from my club, Rotary Club of Clayton, NY in District 7040. Good Luck !! Bon Chance !!"
Darin Bershefsky $26.20 "Good luck, Rob! Sorry we could not make McCoys. Jola, Aniella, and I are routing for you! "
Donna Soohoo $26.20 "Run, Sulli run!"
Amber Radomski $26.20 "Good luck Robbie! Great job for a great cause:)"
Nico Schuster $26.20 "Torge the Tiger... ;-) "
Anna Zaccone $50.00 "Vai a tutta birra Lucas:-)"
Alejandra M. Salaverria $500.00 "I feel a bit guilty...Mayor Bloomberg says its a GO! We're here to celebrate the resiliency of New York City and the ING New York City Marathon! RESILIENCE! Yes, already donated myself $3,500 for NY Rotary Club, who I will be running with. I will now RAISE FUNDS for SANDY RELIEF EFFORTS. "
Owen and Lucy Stoddard $100.00 "Good luck Uncle Robo. We love you! Hazel, Harris, Hadley, Harper and Hayden"
R Sandlin Lowe $245.00 "What you are doing Carla is so wonderful. It is such a pleasure to know and work with someone who has such compassion and determination to do good in the world. Run well."
Carlos Maycotte $50.00 "Run as if you're running away from steak!"
Claire & Gino Thomson-Carbonaro $150.00 "BRAVO Lucas! We are proud of what you & Jerome are doing for children in need. "
Andrey Bychkov $100.00 "Good luck and stay healthy!"
Claudia Rivera $80.00 "You did it!...but I'm sorry you didn't get to run it. You're still an inspiration and the children will be thankful!"
Ryan Haberthur $50.00 "See you in Jerz in May"
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