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Team LAAF for Brain Cancer 5K
live, love, laaf and RUN!

Team LAAF was created for walkers and runners to share in the journey towards the cure for brain cancer. Together, we create awareness and hope to inspire others to make a difference.
We hope, in addition to this 5K, that teams will continue to form throughout the year and pursue individual goals, such as running a marathon or participating in another walk, to raise funds for LAAF and to support the important goals of awareness, advocacy and research projects.

Team LAAF's motto is to live, love, laaf and RUN!

LIVE: We run for Life! and to save the lives of those with brain cancer. As a Team LAAF member, we know that all things are possible and share life's journey with the brain cancer patient. We share the hard road, a courageous battle, strength and perseverance, the will to overcome great obstacles and the hope that is needed to reach unimaginable goals. When a Team LAAF member steps across the finish line, they experience a moment of limitless possibilities! Ones that lead us to imagine the cure for brain cancer!

LOVE: We run for Love! for the love of those fighting the battle and for those that have lost the battle - we run in their place and continue their fight!

LAAF: We run for LAAF! By joining a run or walk and wearing our LAAF race bibs and t-shirts - we are creating a strong presence in the community. There is power in numbers and together we are increasing awareness of those untouched by brain cancer. By increasing the communities knowledge of our cause - we are able to reach even more people, which in turn will raise more funds to make a difference in the future of brain cancer patients.

RUN: We run to Run - because it's fun!

We hope you join our mission!

If you plan to walk/run in the 5K on race day - please register for this event, then a personal fundraising page will be automatically made for you! - click here

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Total Donations: $1,479

Goal: $10,000

$0 15% $10,000

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