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Team Gilda 2011
The mission of Gilda's Club Louisville is to create welcoming communities of free support for everyone living with cancer--men, women, teens and children--along with their families and friends. Our innovative program is an essential complement to medical care, providing networking and support groups, workshops, education and social activities. Your gift will help us continue to support children and adults living with cancer in our community.

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Fundraising has ended.

Total Donations: $13,188

Goal: $25,000

$0 53% $25,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Rebecca Petty $25.00 "I'm so proud of you!"
Byron Corbett $25.00 "Such a great tribute to your Mom! Go! Go! Go!"
Abby and Evan Bullock $25.00 "I am so sorry about your mom. I wish she had survived her cancer. My brother Evan and I are so glad to give this donation. I hope you do good on your race! --- Abby Bullock"
Tami Polak Hidden "Miss you Carly!"
Stuart Hobbs $100.00 "Can't wait to run the race with you two!"
Mark Evans $10.00 "Thank you for doing what you are doing."
Todd Bird $30.00 "Anything for my favorite girls!"
Pat Smith $25.00 "Always glad to help. Carole was a great person and friend."
Brian Hartline $100.00 "I admire you both. A great tribute to your Mom."
Loretta Pietrangelo $15.00 " Betsy, Have a good time in Louisville!! Good Luck!! Love, Uncle Bill and aunt Loretta"
Gillian Ainsley $25.00 "Good Luck Kimberley and Carly. Have a great run. Your Mom was such a special person, I have great memories of my visits to Bardstown."
Heather McGuire $30.00 "Good luck and safe running to all! Love ya, Kinsey!"
Judie Nelson Hidden "This looks like a great cause - good luck & have fun! Judie :p"
David Hobbs $500.00 "In memory of my wife Carole Hobbs the mother of Tammie Hightower, Kim Hobbs and Carly Clem"
Stacy & Bryan Wells $25.00 "Love you guys!!!!"
Jennifer Wilkinson $100.00 "Proud of and for you, Caty. Best wishes to you!!"
Lloyd Mims $5.00 "If every little bit counts, count us in. Go Caty!"
Adam Graves $30.00 "What a great cause, I'm glad to help."
Angela Gray $20.00 "Best of luck with everything!"
Tim Long $25.00 "The Long Family is proud to support you and your team. Way to go Missy!! "
Sylvia Wheeler $125.00 "Frank and I are very proud of both of you!!! You go runners!!! Love you"
Jane Thompson $25.00 "Very proud of you both. Couldn't think of a better team."
Houston Jones $100.00 "Helping you get to your Goal! Thanks for giving me the chance to donate. I hope you double your goal"
Laura Weinstein $20.00 "You go girl! I want to walk/run the mini with you next year!"
Lee Nelson $20.00 "Great cause! I am glad to contribute. --Lee Nelson"
John Grubesic $50.00 "Great Cause; go Cathy and Gina! Love ya guys:)"
Joanna & Erich Marks $40.00 "Go, Nonny & Opa, Go!!!"
Anonymous $35.00 "You ROCK, Cheryl!"
Kelly Byrd $20.00 "Good Luck!!!!!"
Richard Tine $13.00 "Good luck!"
Tina West $25.00 "Hugs to you, my friend! - Tina"
Deb Reynolds-Deiss $25.00 "Good Luck Gina!"
Zorica Laush $25.00 "Go Cathy ~ Good Luck!!"
Kelly J. Moriarty $100.00 "In honor of our Patrick. We know you'll do great! Keep fighting for a cure! Love you, Kelly and Claudia"
Kim Carden $30.00 "Go,Caty! Thank you for contributing to a great cause!"
Erin Greenwell $50.00 "Way to go Caty!! You are a rockstar!!"
Anonymous $50.00 "Good luck, Carol and Bill!"
Derek Willis $20.00 "Good luck!"
Angela Bottom $25.00 "Good Luck!!"
Ali Walker $25.00 "Great job Caty!"
Phyllis Hanson $25.00 "GO MERCER GO!!!!"
Yasmin Kapadia $100.00 "Great cause!"
Carrie, Howard & Halle Shoaf $50.00 "Go Jillian, Kinsey and Karen!!! Have a great race - and please look for Hootie (he'll be the one with the long legs)."
Rachel Silberman Hidden "Enjoy and have a great day! You are all inspirational! The Silbermans"
Jillene Rich $200.00 "Great project!!!!!! XXOO"
Heidi Lapenta $300.00 "Missy you are an amazing sister-in-law and you WOW me with your perserverance and commitment. Thank you for supporting Keith and all of the other people afflicted with cancer that have touched your life. People like you make a difference. We love you! Keith, Heidi and Stephanie"
Daniel Papapietro $75.00 "Donating in envious admiration, . . . go ladies, go!"
Ronda Downs $10.00 "AWESOME!! "
Sarah Harlan $50.00 "We're rooting for you in the fight to wipe out cancer!! The Harlans--Sarah, Mike, Jennifer, Sadie, and Joseph"
Judith Aguera $100.00 "Jillian, Kinsey, and Karen, with each step you take, we'll be with you in thoughts and prayers. Enjoy the mini marathon and may your finish be all high fives! Love, Ralph and Judy Aguera"
Shelley Goren $25.00 "You Go Girls! "
Anonymous $200.00 "You're the Tops !!! We're all behind you a thousand percent !!! "
Joyce Vallance $20.00 "Good Luck, and I'll see you there!"
Dawn Lee $30.00 "You both are inspirations!"
Christopher Apel $50.00 "Great job."
Joe & Nancy Ganote $50.00 "You Go Girls!!!!"
Vicki Ibaugh $50.00 "Best wishes for a fantastic mini. "
Tavia Cathcart Hidden "We are all cheering for you! Thank you for giving us the chance to help."
Amy Lyons $50.00 "So proud of you!"
Brian Houp Hidden "Good Luck!"
Anonymous Hidden "Good luck!"
Jen Rue $100.00 "Looking forward to a great race Chelsea! Thanks for all you do for this team:))"
Kacie McPherson $100.00 "Good luck on Saturday! Your momma will be watching:) Next year i may just join you! "
Michelle Bourke $20.00 "We love you Hobbs girls! Run hard:) love, Chad and Michelle"
Anonymous $50.00 "Stephanie, you are our Kip Keino, our Grete Waitze. So pleased to support you and Gilda's Club. xoxo Tom and Anne"
Laura Wagner $25.00 "We love Chelsea! Have a great race."
Aurelija Miseviciute $50.00 "Go Stephanie Go! Jillian says you can cross that finish line. EASY!!!"
JoAn Cobb $15.00 "Best wishes to you, Carly!"
Wanda Burton $50.00 "Good Luck!"
Jennifer Kuchle $15.00 "Way to go, Merc! Have fun on Saturday!!!"
Lora Tucker $100.00 "GO TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "
Bonita Tong $25.00 "You Three Are Da Bomb!"
Mary Jo McDonald $20.00 "You're almost to your goal, Chelsea!!"
Margret Aros $25.00 "Go for the gold."
Heather McGuire $20.00 "Much love from Heather and Jerrod! We are so proud of you!"
Michael Radner $50.00 "Great effort. Great cause."
Mary Jo McDonald $60.00 "Wishing the three of you a great day!"
Andrew McMurtrie $100.00 "Good luck, ladies!"
Andrew McMurtrie $100.00 "Missy - you go girl!"
Andrew McMurtrie $100.00 "Good luck, Chelsea!"
Steven Bass $200.00 "We love Gilda's Club and what it does! We are lucky to have this wonderful facility in Louisville and have the Morrison's whole family involed. Great team!"
Lara Custer $25.00 "Go Missy you beat cancer.... you can do anything! Love to you. Lara"
Emily Ruddock Hidden "Congratulations on making your goal and then some! Have a wonderful run."
Donna Dye $10.00 "You go Girl! I am proud of you!"
Donna Dye $10.00 "Run Cheryl run! Have lots of fun & no injuries."
Amy Armitage $25.00 "Keep it up!"
Debbie Barber $50.00 "Good luck!"
Kelli Malloy $25.00 "Good luck with your marathon! The "C" word has touched our family and friends and even though they aren't here, it is nice to know that people dealing with it have a wonderful place to go at Gilda's Club. I wish I had a million bucks to give. "
Teresa & Frank Bridgewaters $115.00 "Congratulations! You have exceeded your goal. Thanks to both of you for continuing the gift of yourselves in the fight for cancer and to make life happier for the families you serve so well. "
Jennifer Harpe-Bates $50.00 "You go girl, love ya!!"
Janet Fellon Hidden "Stephanie, I know you worked really hard for this so we wish you the very best at reaching your goal(s)...crossing that finish line and raising the money for your club"
Becky Osborne $50.00 "Carly and Kim, your Mother would be so proud of you both! I know she will be at that Finish Line rooting for you! Love you both!"
Debbie Embry $10.00 "Have a good run and thanks for your support. Debbie E"
Debbie Embry $10.00 "Missy I hope you have a great run tomorrow and your not to sore. Thanks for all your support. Debbie E"
Kathryn Hammann Hidden "Great job!"
Marcia Forston $25.00 "You go, girls! You've inspired me to train for our Mile for Mom 5K!"
leslie and gregg fowler Hidden "Way to go Missy!"
Barry & Sandi Friedson $10.00 "Have a good race."
Dawn Smith $20.00 "Good Luck Caty!"
John McCord $50.00 "Stephanie, Good luck and we are proud of you. - JPS"
Terri Stinebruner $30.00 "Congratulations on another great run!"
Stephanie Hujik $30.00 "Steph, you are one amazing chick, and I am so proud that you're my friend!"
Mitzie Wittliff $35.00 "Sorry I'm late but congratulations and keep up the good work."
Anonymous $30.00 "Better late than never- love you Steph! A"
N'Namdi Paskins $50.00 "Great Job!"
Susan Coleman Hidden "Missy - sorry to be late, but this is such a great cause and you are a champ for doing it - so even though you've exceeded your personal goal, every dollar will help further the ultimate goal - to wipe out cancer!"
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