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Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation
Wear The Bear For Kids With Cancer.

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Help Give Our Kids Another Tomorrow.

Be a member of TEAM BEAR THE CHALLENGE and raise money to help in the battle against pediatric cancer.

Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation's mission is to eliminate pediatric cancer and to provide hope and support to those who are touched by it. During the foundation's 14-year history, over 80% of our revenue has supported the mission through its programs and services.

Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation traces its beginnings to 1992 in the hospital room of a little boy named Barrett 'Bear' Krupa. While undergoing treatment for Wilms Tumor, 'Bear' and his family witnessed firsthand the needs of other patients and their families, understood the need for additional support services within pediatric oncology facilities and became keenly aware of the need for research in the field of pediatric cancer. More often than not, 'Bear' expressed more concern for the happiness and comfort of other pediatric cancer patients than he did for himself. It was through these experiences that he and his mother, Kathleen Casey, decided to form a foundation aimed at helping others, just before his death in the winer of 1993.

Cancer knows no ethnic, economic, geographic, or religious borders however, a child should never have to endure this devastating disease. So please become a partner by supporting or joining Team Bear The Challenge

Click here to learn more about the organization and the ongoing work of Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation.

Click here to register and join Team Bear.

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Total Donations: $63,680

Goal: $100,000

$0 64% $100,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Mark Schneiderhan $25.00 "Enjoy the run...It is lots of fun"
Margaret McCarte $15.00 "Go Michelle! Run your little heart out! =)"
Melissa Martinez $25.00 "Blow 'em all away!"
Joe Santos $100.00 "You do good daughter!!!!!!!!......"
Mary Speidel $50.00 "You are a trouper! Best of luck in your run. Love, Mom & Monte"
Michele Pfeilschifter $25.00 "Yea! This will be a fun race for you -- we'll run a race together eventually.... ~Shel"
Jeanine Schmitt $50.00 "Carole: I'm cheering you on! Jeanine"
Alexandria Hammond $100.00 "I couldn't afford to help you last time, so hopefully this makes up for some of that. You go girl!!"
Carol Neis $25.00 "I'm always interested in childhood cancer treatments particularly after Amanda's battle and survival over ten years ago..Lots of luck in your marathon run..Aunt Carol"
Jenae Roadruck $25.00 "I can BEARly run a mile. You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Bob Jackiewicz $25.00 "I like bears. Yay for you!"
Samantha Romero $25.00 "Carol, Way to go. I will have you in my thoughts! Sam"
Ken Gresko $50.00 "Best of Luck Julie. I admire your determination for doing this. Love, Ken"
Lee Bowgren $25.00 "You are amazing Doc! You are always challenging yourself. You know that you will always have my support. xoxo Lee"
Gerald Stapleton $25.00 "Goooooo... Carole!"
Bryan Mitchell $25.00 "Julie, I am happy to help you! Love, Bryan"
Anonymous Hidden "Good Luck, Julie. What a great goal and great cause! Love, Robin and Dan"
Lisa Beaudette $20.00 "Good luck Julie! It is so awesome that you are doing this! Sorry I can't give more! I'll be cheering you on! "
lois rudgers $50.00 "I am very proud of you Julie. Mom"
jae shim $25.00 "good luck."
Megan Loftus $50.00 "Good Luck Hiedi! "
Linda Salo $25.00 "Hi Kristen - I am your Mom's friend from the store. I realize that you ran this weekend - but I would like to support you in the half-marathon in Chicago. Good luck to you! Wonderful cause! Luv, Linda Salo"
Anonymous $25.00 "Go BEAR GO!!! love you xoxoxo"
Kathy and Neal Pagano $250.00 "Getting married, Going to dental school, and training for a marathon that will raise money for cancer research. Truly amazing. Good luck, Jules! Love, K,N,J,L,and N"
Gladys Maria Khan $25.00 "Thank you Carole."
Laura Fraczek $20.00 "Go get 'em, GG! I'm so proud of you!"
JEANNE BLAKE-BERRY $25.00 "Sorry this took so long. It has been an insane month and we have been running around like crazy. The email kept getting buried and it just floated to the top again. Good luck - it must be great to be young and have all this ambition and energy to do all that you are doing. You are great. Jeanne and Mike"
Amy Goodman $100.00 "Go Julie go! Love, Amy, Mark, Ben and Sadie."
gina mieling $25.00 "Go Bianca!"
Ed Thomas $25.00 "Good luck! "
Peg Basic $100.00 "Best of luck Bianca --- XO Peg & Jer"
Daya LaCavera $100.00 "Raising money for kids w/ cancer is the greatest cause. I 'll be there to cheer you on. Mom "
Lydia rudolph $50.00 "Best of Luck, Bianca. Lydia rudolph"
Jenn Glatt Hidden "Best of luck to you, Amy! We'll be cheering for you :-) Jenn & David Glatt"
Colleen Savage $40.00 "I am so proud of you!!! It is seriously the hardest thing you will ever do! Good Luck!!!"
Brian Paccagnella $25.00 "Good luck to the both of you!"
Bernie Ventre $100.00 "Go get 'em Bob"
Caitlin Fisher $50.00 "i love my sister!"
Judy Boehmler $50.00 "Way to go Tracy!! You are my hero!"
Domenic Mucchetti $250.00 "A worthy cause. Good luck in exceeding your goal."
Candace Acevez $25.00 "Good Luck Tracy!"
Richard J Wolf $50.00 "People helping one another. It is great to see. Good Luck Trace!"
Theresa Clendening $25.00 ""Do you now know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize". 1 Cor 9:24 May the Lord provide you with the strength and ability to finish strong this year. And may He multiply the $$$ donated to "Team Bear" and use it to His Glory! "
Bruce Peterson $50.00 "Good luck, Bob. You an inspiration to us all!"
John McCarthy $50.00 "Bob, You are the greatest. Good luck with your training. I still think you could do a triathalon!!! Best Regards, John McCarthy"
Thomas Rourke $100.00 "Amy & Melissa: Good luck to you both in this effort. To finish is to win!!!!"
Brian Andersen $100.00 "Go Tracy!"
Eleanor Camardo $50.00 "In memory of Grandpa Harry. Go for the cure asap! Love, Nana Eleanor"
Mary Margaret Neis $50.00 "Way to go Kristen!"
Jennifer Drevline $50.00 "Great Job Bob!!!! We all love you! Jenn"
Anonymous Hidden ""Run, girl, run . . .proud of you." Love, Mom & Fran"
Doreen Evans $50.00 "Good luck Maura! I'll be thinking of you - Chicago is a great marathon. I'm happy to donate to a great cause."
Lesia Rehl $50.00 "Marua, you go girl!"
Nancy Aksamit $50.00 "Hi Maura! You are doing a great thing! You should be proud of yourself. Good luck with the race! -Nancy"
JB troy $100.00 "go team, go sing a winning song run your ass off all day long"
paul/annette gartzman $100.00 "good luck maura. we love you"
Colleen Gerg $100.00 "Awesome cause, Maura. You Go, Girl! "
Beth, Sheldon and Family Ohringer $100.00 "We're rooting for you Maura! Maybe we'll come to cheer you on. "
Roy and Kathy Anderson $50.00 "Way to go Bob!!! We are proud to have you as a friend!!! "
Jessica Tisdale $25.00 "The "giving" is already the "getting" in return. Way to go Maura!!!!"
Steven Hippel Hidden "Bob, Good luck! Wish I could put in the commitment to run next to you. You're definately an inspiration... Love, Steve, Claudia & the Kids"
Dave Barnes $50.00 "Best of luck ladies!"
Eleni Wolfe-Roubatis $50.00 "Way to go baguetto! 9 mile run and no trips to date - impressive already...e"
Leah Blom $15.00 "Way to go Kara! Good Luck, I'm sure you'll do great. Miss you! - Leah "
Deborah Watson $50.00 "Coach Allyson, We're looking forward to the Chicago Marathon and seeing you again. Deborah "
Albert Watson $50.00 "Allyson, I'm motivate to run NOW! (At least, today that is!) Looking forward to the Marathon in October when you, Deborah, Bill, and I kick butt in Chicago! Or is it, get our butts kick! Can't remember how that goes! Anyway, looking forward to the fellowship. Albert"
Joshua Renz $100.00 "Wow! Didn't notice you were doing this before. Good luck and hope bearing through your training's going well."
karen emory $25.00 "Good luck Bob. Maybe I'll see you at the finish line. Karen Emory"
Kari Kavanagh $25.00 "Good Luck!!"
Chey Morris $10.00 "In memory of Grandpa LaCavera. $50 from Marc Camardo, $20 from Anthony Rizzo. Good Luck Bianca"
Cathy Kopf $25.00 "In Memory of Grandpa Harry. God Bless You Bianca"
Diane Rourke $100.00 "Mom and Dad are so proud of both you girls for generously donating your time and energy to this worthy cause. We'll both be there cheering you on!"
June and Doug DaPuzzo $150.00 "Are youngest would say "run like the wind". We will be cheering for you all the way and "Hondo" will be with you in spirit through your entire journey to finish the marathon. Great job! June and Doug"
Anthony & Pat Rizzo $20.00 "In memory of Grandpa Harry LaCavera"
Marc & Cathy Camardo $50.00 "In Memory of Grandpa Harry LaCavera. Good Luck Bink!"
Susan & Kenny Granader $100.00 "Maura, Great Job. Call me to train we can have Kenny and Peter watch the kids. I need to work off the last few pounds of baby weight. Sue"
John Kangas $50.00 "best of luck!"
David and Mary Haggett $100.00 "Best luck in this race for a wonderful cause. Go get em Case!"
Mbong Azang-Njaah Hidden "Happy training!"
Talia Garcia $100.00 "No te olvides de comer!!! "
Jason McClair $50.00 "Run, Cleo, Run! :)"
P. Melissa Hernandez $25.00 "Hi Cleo; I wish you all the best on your training and the actual marathon. I admire your dedication. Thanks for running for such a wonderful cause. Good luck and stay hydrated. Melissa"
Thelma Stone $10.00 "I know you will make your goal, Davine"
Rosa Vinces-Diniz $100.00 "Cleo, take care of yourself, we support you 100% on such a special cause. Tios Armindo y Rosa"
Joel Brownsey $50.00 "Good for you Cleo, hopefully this will help you run faster when you see Andres here in Florida. "
Jeremy Henderson $100.00 "Git R Done Ricky Bobby!"
Molly Holewinski $50.00 "Go Maura!!!"
Rick and Marilyn Roline $25.00 "Best wishes to you and Rachel! A perfect time of year for running in Chicago!"
Shane Davies $25.00 "I am getting sick thinking about running that far! Rock It!"
Katie Gibson Hidden "hope the training goes well, i'll pray it gets a little cooler... "
Sharon Cohn $25.00 "Hi Rachel! You go girl! We are all so proud of you. You leave everyone in your (angel) dust. Give your mom a HUGE hug for me. Love, (Aunt) Sharon "life is a breath.......BREATHE DEEPLY""
Denise Lieberman $25.00 "Congrats Rachel - am so proud of you! -Aunt D.D."
Molly Brown $25.00 "That is sooo cool you are going to Chicago! *Sniff*, I'm so proud of you, and at least I know we won't be without your sweaty sports bras next year... ;)"
Judi Lieberman $25.00 "Way to go, Rachel, run your little butt off!"
Kathi Torres $25.00 "You are amazing! Have fun! "
Melissa Kelsey $25.00 "That is such a great thing you are doing!"
Kathy Josephson $100.00 "Good luck with the run! Kathy + Kevin"
Toby Eveland $25.00 "Run Bennett Run!"
Ruth Ottolino $250.00 "you go Jim. I'll be rooting for you. Hugs, Aunt Ruth"
Laura Westheimer $50.00 "Good luck!!"
Katie and Bob Allen $25.00 "Jim, You're the man! Good luck on your race! "
Terri & Jack Fisher $25.00 "Good Luck! Thanks for running for such a great cause! "
Rob and Laura Ferrari $150.00 "Cassie - God Bless You. You're the greatest!"
Kathleen Youngs $150.00 "Love you! Mom"
Velesha Holliday $25.00 "Good Luck Jori. Have Fun! Cute Picture of the kids & Ozzie"
Joan Thullen $25.00 "Have fun!"
Denise Hosler $25.00 "Wishing you success!"
Jeremy Olson $25.00 "Good Luck!"
Tim and Kathy Madiar $100.00 "We are very proud to be friends with a person who would have both the courage to run, &, the kind heart to raise money for such a great cause! Keep up the great work!- Kathy Madiar"
Jan Parr $25.00 "Good luck Leanne. I hope Amy decides to run in it also. Jan"
Bob and Patty Martin $50.00 "Good luck Carole! This is an awesome cause! Bob, Patty, and kids"
mark yamaguchi $40.00 "Good luck on your run!! "
Nancy & Rick Wilson $25.00 "Go for it JIm"
Erlinda Sullivan $100.00 "Keep it up, this is a fantastic gesture for our sick kids."
Karyn Haney $20.00 "Go Vicki- what a great cause! Run your heart out :) "
Anita Bordoloi $5.00 "Hey Eric! Good luck and I hope you're having a great summer!"
Helene Hall $25.00 "We wish you both all the best in accomplishing your goal, good luck!"
Edwardine Mirna Mohanraj $25.00 "Good luck, Nimmi! I am so proud of you and your efforts! Mirna"
Suzan and Ward Sigmond $100.00 "Leanne.. Good luck! Half of our contribution is in Martha's name....part of her birthday present. Drink lots of fluids. Love, Suzan and Ward"
Becki Lindley $25.00 "Carol, You are an inspiration! "
Jennifer Kushlis $50.00 "Run, Hotch, run! Love you lots."
Romala Emmanuel $25.00 "I'm so proud of you. Keep it up!!"
Jayson Kimura $50.00 "Good luck fool! "
Chris Horn $50.00 " Have fun with the Run"
Allison Sweet $25.00 "Good luck Lea! Maybe one of these days I will run one. I miss you lots! Love ya:)"
Katie McCann $10.00 "Run Laura Run!"
Haroula Spyropoulos $25.00 "I am so proud of you, all of us are. All the best!"
Margaret Engstrom $20.00 "Vicki - good luck!! ~ Mags"
Nancy Guyer Hidden "Hi Eric! We love you! Love, Nancy, James, Karalina and your soon-to-be new niece"
Maureen Corless $25.00 "You Go Girl!"
Rick, Kelly, and Elyse Hecker $25.00 "With the recent addition of a healthy Elyse to "our " family, thanks for running for a good cause and may the wind be at your back come Oct. 7! We hope to be there to cheer you on!"
David Yang $25.00 "Gokouun o inorimasu! "
tamara kupper $25.00 "Good Luck T+C+K"
Evan Goldfischer $25.00 "Best of luck for a successful run."
Fraz Baig $50.00 "Great Cause , im sure one time or another we will come across someone that has been affected. "
Roxy LaCavera $60.00 "Good luck mom! Maybe someday you can be as fast as me. Love, ROXY ROO Woof! XO"
U.S. Brass & Copper Hidden "Good luck B...............I am really proud of you. Love ya! Matthew"
Naveen Murugan $10.00 ""Run, Forrest, Run" :) Its a great cause Amy. Good Luck! "
Luis Socias $40.00 "Good luck. "
Katie Clune Hidden "Good luck Meghan!"
Alice Scotten $50.00 " YOU RUN MAN----------- GOOD LUCK"
Tom Halpin $25.00 "Good Luck Bianca!"
Sierra McNamara $10.00 "GOOD LUCK RACHEL! "
Katie Onken $10.00 "Good Luck Rachel! It will be awesome!!!"
Alexis Smith $50.00 "good luck cuz! i'm really proud of you for doing this"
Laura Schilz $30.00 "Good Luck Amy and Melissa, hopefully I can be there to cheer you both on. What a great cause for the kids!!"
Mary Kay Clune Hidden "We are very proud of you. Love, Mom & Dad"
Johann Ducharme Hidden "You are quite inspiring!"
Jason, Amy, Summer, Dylan Kaye $50.00 "Having had each of our kids in the ICU for while, we can't even imagine what it would be like to cope with a child with cancer. Congrat's on choosing this cause, and on the endeavor. I'm sure we'll be there (well...... pretty sure)."
joy & Larry Lieberman $50.00 "We're so proud of you. Keep those feet moving for good causes."
Anonymous Hidden "You rock, Rachel! Go for the gold... en colored beer waiting for you at the finish line!"
stephen granzyk $50.00 "Go, Tracy--Sorry we can't be there to root you on. Run to finish and enjoy other runners & the trip--especially if the weather is steamy! We will be thinking about you and anxious to hear all about it! Much Love, Dad & Marilyn "
Slava Yarmolyuk $25.00 "Go Laura, Go Laura, Go Laura..."
John DeNardo $100.00 "Nice job Mary!!"
Jeanine and Mike Cindrich $25.00 "DON'T break a leg Meghan...good luck!"
Ryan Dolton $50.00 "Good Luck Meghan! "
Matthew Junkins $100.00 "Best of Luck Dennis -- Matt, Eileen, Kate, Maggie and Marty Junkins"
James Mendez $50.00 "Great job Carole!!!"
Daniel Rourke $25.00 "best of luck!!"
Ellen Concilio $50.00 "Run like the wind Rach....You are so verrrrry awesome! Love you,Ellen & Joe"
Katie Sonneborn $15.00 "Hey Lea- Sorry I'm not doing this one with you but I think I'm a "one marathon per lifetime" kind of girl. Good luck! Love, Katie"
Elliot & Alise Steiner $25.00 "Good luck Rachel! I'm so excited for your run! Keep Jenny out there running too. "Coach""
Mark Urosev $25.00 "Best of Luck. "
kimberly mudd $50.00 "Wishing you the best Bob....Dad, Hopefully you get a better time than last year......... The Mudd family and you daughter Kelly:)"
Kelly Rourke $25.00 "What a great idea - have fun and good luck! "
MARK VOGEL $25.00 "Good luck! Mark Vogel"
Katey Comerford $50.00 "Congratulations, Ann and Jonathan, on doing the marathon!! That's amazing, and I'm a little jealous. Can't wait to hear how it goes. "
Samantha Dwyer $25.00 "GOOD LUCK GUYS!!"
Rachel Thompson $50.00 "Good luck Konks! "
Tony and Mary Jo Brown $25.00 "What an awesome endeavor! Good luck from your Cincinnati cousins Tony and Jo!"
Linda Maki $25.00 "Run Marcella Run!!!"
Pauline Cortez $25.00 "Good luck to you and your daughter. :-)"
Jolie/Scott Lehman $100.00 "I am always impressed with your energy Maura. Run like the wind."
natalie petrie $100.00 "best of luck! "
Ryan Dei $100.00 "Good Luck Team Konkoly..."
Kelly Kolovitz $25.00 "Good Luck Heidi! Burn Dust and Eat Rubber! Love Kelly "
Ada Okeke Hidden "You go girl! I am rooting for you as always Ada"
Mike Simonavice $25.00 "I hope you have a GREAT run in Chicago and set a PR for yourself. I can't wait to hear all about the race and your "tour" around the city. Mike Simonavice"
Fay Hartog-Levin Hidden "OK, Dennis. I am ready to laugh and cry. Good luck! Fay Levin"
Andrew Jacobson $15.00 "Good luck Lisa and Matt!"
Chris Casey $100.00 "I'm looking forward to running with you Big Bro Bob!"
laszlo adler $100.00 "Katrien: It is a very great cause. Wish you a very good run. We will cheer for you. Love Vera and Laszlo"
Pierre Elias $50.00 "good luck thanks for the kids finish safe"
Barbara Jenny $25.00 "I hope you enjoy your run through this wonderful city!"
Brian Overby $200.00 "Amy & Melissa - AWESOME! Helpful pointer, when you hit the 20 mile mark you ONLY have 6 miles 385 yards left. Sometimes remembering the obvious can be invaluable!"
Lauren Dillon $25.00 "Ann and Jonathan- you guys are going to do so awesome and I am proud of you both!!! Hopefully, I will be able to come and see you! Have fun! Love, Lauren"
Katie Dunne $50.00 "GOOD LUCK CLUNE!"
Susan Treadway $25.00 "good luck meghan! "
Vincent Chéney $50.00 "Great idea Katrien, since I will run this marathon too, I am very pleased to join your efforts to support Bear Team...and to cross the finish line! "
Catherine Fisher $100.00 "Poursible, Baby, Poursible! Love, Dad and Mommy Ann"
Amy Rosenwald $25.00 "Good Luck!!"
Yvonne Welbon $50.00 "Tolani, Thanks great! I know you can do it. Yvonne"
M Scanlan Hidden "Run Tia Kay, Run!! Love, Hi-Mount Crew"
chad vest $25.00 "good luck the jess"
Margaret Trocki Hidden "Justin, we'll be right there with you as you fulfill another one of your dreams. We're proud of you. Love, Dad and Mom"
Clare & Samantha Corley $100.00 "Good luck in the race - we are cheering for you!"
Jason Erkes $100.00 "sorry I am sponsoring after the fact - but good job!"
Kathy Brown $25.00 "May the wind be at your back to propel you effortlessly forward!! I admire you dedication."
Dennis Culloton $550.00 "Here is my match! Thanks for all your support for the BN kids!"
Sokunbi Sowunmi $25.00 "You just nak your shoes! "
Eileen Forbes Hidden "Woo hoo! Can't wait to watch you cross the finish line."
Sulynn Amrhein $50.00 "Running for the Bear Necessities - brilliant charity and wonderful marathon/city. Enjoy it all. Will think of you during my long runs! From the newest Teddy Bear"
FREDERIC MEURISSE $50.00 "Katrien, thanks for giving me the opportunity to support this nice cause. I hope you will enjoy the run in this great city!"
James Croke $50.00 ""Run Forest Run" from the Movie-Forest Gump"
Daniel Lieberman $50.00 "Good Luck Rachel. Your uncle says don't hurt yourself to bad out there. But mostly have fun and congrats !!!"
Lisa Johnson $50.00 "Hi Ann and Jonathan! Still working on my "running pose" so my picture will look awesome on your t-shirts. What can I say- just doing my part to keep you motivated. I can't wait for all of us to wear our matching jackets since we will have all ran the marathon. I'm so proud of you both! Lisa"
Udeme Ekong $25.00 "Tolani, make sure you run the marathon in less than 2 hours, okay maybe less than 2.5 hours (lol) good luck and all the very best ue"
Kristin Burda Hidden "My cousin, Megan Hayes, lost her fight against Ewing's Sarcoma at the age of 19 in 2001. Not everyone has to raise money when they train for a marathon, good for you guys for training for a cause! "
Daniel Cha $50.00 "Since I wont be home when you do run...have fun!!! Love you."
malaika berkeley $100.00 "Keep pressing on, cousin."
Xochitl Garcia Klapproth $10.00 "I'm going for the Toddler Bear donation :) ~Xo"
Peter B. Nagy $100.00 "Dear Katrien: Both running the Chicago Marathon and supporting a worthy charity are great ideas. We’ll try to be there in Chicago on race day to cheer you on and then to celebrate. Lucy and Peter Nagy"
Ellie and Family Fajer $25.00 "Run, Davine and Rachel, run! Best of luck!"
Tom Kopp $250.00 "Hey Cassie, Good luck on the marathon. I will be there to cheer you on. Tom"
Dennis Lebda $50.00 "Good Luck from the staff of Crepe a Latte Catering"
Bruce Bankes $20.00 "Sorry it took so long you know the circumstances."
Rebecca Camhi $25.00 "GO AMY! You have worked SO hard and I am so proud of you. Hang in there - you are almost done! And let me know if there is anything I can do to help you make these last few weeks easier and pain free!!! "
Godelieve Vandevoorde $100.00 "Hello Katrien, take it one step at a time...but you'll need 100,000 of them to get there ! Your supporters Godelieve and Kamiel"
Robin Freeman Hidden "Eric - Best of luck in your run and in these last days of training! Love, Evan and Robin"
JoAnne Gerut $25.00 "Good Luck Bianca!"
Meghan Walsh $50.00 "Run, Marty, Run! I'll be cheering you on from DC."
Marty-Bev Ford $100.00 "Hang in there Martin Mom & Dad"
Jessica Kovach $50.00 "Lisa and Matt, Congrats on all of your hard work! We will be there cheering you on. You should be so proud of yourselves. We love you guys. Love, Jess and Eric "
Anne Diaz $25.00 "Run,Heidi,run!"
Anna Schuster $5.00 "GOOD LUCK RACH!!!!!!! You know that I could NEVER do what you are doing. Good for you and I support your good cause!"
Diane Valos $50.00 "Good luck at the marathon. I'll be watching you!"
Carrie Thackeray $25.00 "What an awesome endeavor! Kudos to the both of you for all your efforts!"
Denise Silhan $25.00 "Good Luck Tiff! I'm so proud of you!"
Mike and Crizen Hasegawa $25.00 "We're so proud of you Tiff! Good luck!"
Mike and Crizen Hasegawa $25.00 "Go Agnes! The marathon runs by our place, we'll look for you and Tiff."
Andrew Montano $50.00 "Have a blast and thanks for donating all your sweat/effort for a great cause!"
Bret Royster $25.00 "I just wanted to be a gummy bear..."
Lisa Roe $25.00 "Great Job, Kris!"
Erin Schaefer $5.00 "Good luck Mel and Amy!! I just ran 13. 1 with the Melster and it was tough..so I give you both PROPS for doing a full!! Keep up the good work and just remember..when you want to give up..think of how much hotter you will look the next time you step into that little bikini of yours ;)"
Maya Kuper $25.00 "Happy marathon training!"
Emily Johnson $25.00 "Good luck! I'm so proud of you!"
Dennis Heuer $25.00 "Good Luck Bianca! "
Donna Zickerman $50.00 "Best of luck to you and Rachel. This is such a great cause and it touches us deeply since we know a 13 yr. old who died this summer of bone cancer. Thanks for contributing to this charity!! Donna Zickerman & Family"
Jerry Clarito $50.00 "Go girl!"
Randi Eaton $25.00 "Yeah Kristy! Get it girl! :)"
susanne west $200.00 "Have fun!What a great feeling it will be to cross that finish line especially because of all the good you've done for so many children and their families.You have a big heart!Next one we'll run together! Cheers-cousin suz"
Robert & Brenda Sheridan $100.00 "Martin- We are so proud of you. Keep those legs moving- remember the reason! Aunt B & Uncle B"
Melissa Menard $25.00 "Ryan - Good luck! Run your butt off! Miss and love you, cousin Melissa"
Cyndi Ross Hidden "Ryan, GO FOR IT!! Good luck, the Rosses"
Brian & Sarah Butters $50.00 "Way to go. Good Luck!"
Amy Ahlden $25.00 "Ryan--You are an AMAZING man. I am so proud of you! Good Luck in the Marathon--I will hopefully see you in Chicago! Aunt Amy & Family"
Sean Fitzgerald $100.00 "Ryan, This is a great cause. See you on race day and best of luck with the race and fundraising."
Jenna Menard $20.00 "Great job Ryan. This is a big challenge but I know you will make your goal! Love, Jenna"
Hugh Janda $25.00 "God Bless you Ryan- Your Dad would be so proud of you! You are truly your Father's son. I will send your e-mail out to everyone. Love, Beaumont"
Anonymous $100.00 "Ryan, May God bless you and the lives you touch through this worthy cause. You make your family proud as you carry on your Dad's legacy!"
Shawn Passman $250.00 "The Passman family is proud to be a part of Ryan's effort."
Rita Schulte Hidden "Wish I could join you and the girls! Have a great time!"
Cara Stirts $25.00 "Yay, Lisa and Matt!!! I am so proud of you already; way to train hard! Looking forward to seeing you cross the finish on the 7th. May the wind be at your backs! :)"
Ron Dubois $100.00 "Good luck you two!!! I haven't met you yet Melissa, but if you are anything like your sister I am sure you will be finishing with a smile on your face! I would be there to cheer you guys on but I'll be on the trip to Haiti, so give me a call for a beer sometime...Maybe when Penn State is whippin up on the Cheese Heads!!! :-)"
Laura/John White $50.00 "Run Rourkes Run!"
Kim Starkey $25.00 "Go for it Ryan! You are an insiration to us all!"
Valerie and Michael White $50.00 "Go Emily...Go Mike..."YOU CAN DO IT!"....By the way, Dad says, "The Shortest Distance Between Two Points is Sometimes a Marathon(?)"
Carolyn Naifeh $50.00 "Those marathons are brutal and you are amazing to run and to run for such a great cause. Best of luck, Cleo. You can do it! Carolyn"
Diana Schwab $20.00 "Good luck to you both!! "
Heather Westberg $50.00 "To one of the strongest women we know and admire...We will be thinking of you! Best of luck! Love, The Westbergs"
Aunt Barb(&Hal) Topel $100.00 "I can't begin to tell you how proud we are of you two. We'll be cheering you on from Florida. We pray that you are both healthy and stay healthy even after such a hard run. Good Luck and may the wind be at your backs. GO IRISH!"
Laura Webster $25.00 "Good luck Girls! I know you'll be able to complete this amazing task. I'll be thinking of you! Love, Laura W"
Stephen Christ $50.00 "Good luck! Beat Oprah!"
Julie, Goetz, and Jonny Arlt $50.00 "Go Auntie Em and Uncle Mike!! I wanted to join in and run with you but Mama and Papa said my new nike shoes just might wear out after only 2 miles. Maybe next year once my feet are little bigger and I can wear real running shoes. Love, Jonathan"
Rhoda Chang $25.00 "I like gummy bears!"
Simone Masse $50.00 "Jess, you are amazing! What a lot of training. Best of luck. Remember Ice on shin splints. Simone"
Martha & Andrew Kane $100.00 "Good luck, Jess! Andrew says, "Don't go out too fast! Save some of the excitement for when you finish!" We'll be thinking of you. Fondly, Martha & Andrew Kane"
Heather Walton $25.00 "Ryan: Thank you so much for continuing to fight the fight..."the Fight against Cancer." Your dad would be so proud...he IS so proud...we all are! We are pleased to support you--in everything you do. Our family is here for you! Good luck! Alvin and Heather Walton... and Mike and Ryan"
Phil Chavez $100.00 "Go Rourkes! I am so proud of you girls!"
Anonymous Hidden "Yay for the dynamic duo and another worthy cause! I'm sorry I won't be able to make it to your awesome Chicago fundraising events that are certain to ensue, so here's one way of cheering you on from St. Louis!"
Matthew Murphy $100.00 "Great cause, best of luck to you. A friend of Michael Geary is a friend of mine!"
Elizabeth Hockerman $25.00 "Go Heidi Go Heidi Go Heidi Go! Go! Go! You will do an amazing job for an amazing cause! Good luck!"
Brandon Blahnik $5.00 "Go Mel and Amy....Go run like the wind"
Sarah Loq $25.00 "Go Jess!"
Katherine Tanguay $25.00 "Whooo YAHHHH FISHY!!! "
Candice Dziezanowski $50.00 "Happy to help out for such a great cause...your New Hampshire relatives are very proud of both of you! Love, Aunt Candi, Uncle Joe, Hannah, & Lucas"
William Golding $25.00 "Grandma & Grandpa Golding are with you all the way!"
Ann Marty $100.00 "Go for it Ryan!"
Joel Finch $25.00 "Wow, what a challenge but for such a great cause. GOOD LUCK!"
Randy Deeks $25.00 "You are a good person Ben, despite you being a Steelers Fan. GO BROWNS!!! Love, Randy"
Lou Sousa $250.00 "Good Luck! We're all pulling for you. - Dad"
SOUSA & DEMAYO $250.00 "Jess, Slow down around the curves - give 'em a chance to catch up!"
Mark D'Aprile $50.00 "Chicken leg?"
Elizabeth Pohlman McQuillen $25.00 "Good Luck Ladies! Way to Go! "
Beverly Hecker $50.00 "I'm very proud of both you girls. You are running for such a good cause, so, "run girls run"!"
Stacey Williams $25.00 "Tolani, you are a real inspiration! We are rooting for you!"
Andy Hodgkinson $50.00 "Katrien, all the best for a relatively pain free run after all your recent training challenges - I hope you enjoy the experience on top of raising money for a very worthwhile cause."
Lauren Bauder $25.00 "You Go Bcubed!"
Rhonda Ashcraft $25.00 "Good Luck Krysti! Bob and I support you all the way! Love ya!"
Heather Sousa $25.00 "Wish I could be there to cheer you on. Go get 'em! Love ya!"
Beth Murphy $25.00 "Good luck Carole!"
Deborah Byrd $50.00 "Good luck! Hope you do well! From Bob& Debbie & Charlie!"
Nikki Smith $50.00 "Good luck out there girls!! I know you will do just great! I am so proud of you both! I know it may seem like it will never be here but all of a sudden it will be over and you will feel so great! Love you lots, Nik"
Julie Barro $50.00 "Yahoo!! Kara youre awesome...congratulations on your big run this past weekend and good luck in October! I cant wait to see you soon! Julie"
Susan Shah $20.00 "Good luck Shilpa and thanks for donating to a great cause!!!"
Denis Brennan $100.00 "Go Nick - we're pulling for you! We told Quinn how far you will be running and he exclaimed "Wow, is he a superhero or something!?" The ultimate compliment from our 5 year old boy! Thanks Nick, Denis, Lynn, Quinn and Audrey"
KELLY LAFAVE $25.00 "Shilpa, This is a wonderful cause, I hope you meet your goal! Good luck with the Marathon!"
Jared Conway $25.00 "We fellow marathoners have to stick together :). I'll be there on the sidelines cheering you and the others on. Good Luck Shilpa!"
Scott Fuller $25.00 "Good Luck Shilpa! Run Like you've got Swivel Casters on your feet! "
Michelle Johnson $50.00 "Shantel-Remember I can do all things throught Christ Jesus who strengthens me. Phil 4:13 Blessings and Love, Michelle"
Guy-laurent Arpino $50.00 "Run Katrien, Run, and far... these kids deserve it more than anybody else;-)"
Stanley Wharton Hidden "Best of luck. Try not to embarrass the other runners by finishing too far ahead of them. Stam"
Rich & Debbie Haszel Hidden "You go girl !!! :-)"
Susan Rennie $50.00 "Good Luck Nic!"
Hilde Surbaugh Perala $25.00 "Way to go you guys!!! You can do it!!! Rock on. Run hard, stay strong!!!! "
Brittany Vial $10.00 "We are so proud of you Mel! Way to go! Please know that we will be thinking of you on this day! Run like the wind and finish strong! We love you! ~ Brittany and Dustin"
Bernadette Biskup $100.00 "Great work Mary. Glad to help."
Anil Rege $25.00 "Shipla, It is a great cause. Good luck with the run. Anil"
Barry Belknap Hidden "Trish - Good luck with the run - may your feet be light and the route be downhill! Wait, are there hills in Chicago? Hmmm... Barry and Michelle"
Ashwin Shah $250.00 "Vikas, We wish you all the best to complete the marathon for this wonderful cause. Love, Ashwin and Jyoti Shah "
Dan Jones $50.00 "Good luck Micheal. I hope you reach your goal! Dan Jones"
Weiser Cordero $50.00 "Best wishes on this latest endeavor of yours. Cheers"
Darlene Jones $25.00 "This donation if from your Grandmother Arletta's sister, Darlene. Your Father is proud of you - your parents have done an excellant job."
Courtney Allen $25.00 "Good Luck Ben!! This is fantastic that you support this! "
Claire Trapp $15.00 "Good Luck Lea! I"m sorry I bailed on you, but I will run the last mile if you want me to! Sorry this isn't the $1,000 donation you suggested. "
Jeffrey and Cynthe Haag Hidden " Looking forward to seeing you at the wedding! What a big weekend!"
Jim DeMuro $25.00 "Thanks for helping to support the fight against cancer."
Jim and Maria $40.00 "Daaaaaaaa Bears! Have a great time!"
Carol & Peter Cowdrey $25.00 "Nick, Good Luck! We're all cheering for you."
Starrin Kinser-Petersen Hidden "Good Luck Jill! Keep on trucking. Love, Starr & Kris"
Heather Carroll $5.00 "Hey Michelle! Good luck in reaching your fundraising goal and at the marathon as well! Best Wishes, Heather Carroll (I work with Kunal :))"
Tatyana Sergeyeva $20.00 "Good luck on October 7th, Michelle! So proud of you!"
Corina Gonzalez Hidden "Go Shilpa Go!!!"
Ron & Sharon Konkoly $100.00 "We're very proud of you. Keep on creating happy memories together - it's what life's all about!"
Paul Suppinger $50.00 "Best of Luck Matt and Lisa ......"
Tim Kubiak $25.00 "Good luck guys!"
Charlie Smith $250.00 "Thanks for doing this!"
Robin Tubbs $25.00 "Lisa and Matt - Eat lots of pasta the night before!!! Good luck!"
Kathie & Caitlin Fitzgerald $20.00 "Best of Luck!"
Molly Ward Hidden "Go Kay Scandalous!"
Corey Hug $50.00 "Run fast, pace yourself, drink lots of water, don't eat spicy food the night before the race, charge your iPod, have fun, Go Cubs!"
Les Rourke $100.00 "You go girls - you make us proud to be Rourkes - best of luck, and love from the whole clan, what a great cause."
Jeannine Box $25.00 "Good luck Elizabeth, you should be very proud of what you are doing. Jeannine"
Valentina Civelli $25.00 "Good Luck! :)"
Leanne Smith $25.00 "Good luck Matt and Lisa! All of us Smith's will be thinking of you."
Laurie Sealll $25.00 "That is awesome!!! Good luck to you both!"
Sophia Khan $25.00 "Dear Katrien, best of luck in your run for this very worthy cause!"
Julie Broitzman $25.00 "Lizzie, What a GREAT cause! Keep up the hard work.....it will be all worth it when you cross that finish line! ~Julie"
Carrie Webb $50.00 "Go Lizzy Go!! I'll be there to cheer, you may not want to hear it on your 20th mile, but I'm too proud of you NOT to!! You can do it!!"
Marcella Perez $25.00 "Michelle, I adore you! I admire you so much. You are such an inspiration to the Noble Street girls. Good luck ~ even though I know you won't need it! Always, Marcella"
Janet & Alex $100.00 "Nick, we all applaud you for your concern for others. Run with our best wihes & support. Aunt Janet"
Davide Fossati $5.00 "Good luck, Donka! Great job! Davide"
Jeff & Tami VanGompel $50.00 "We'll be cheering for you from Texas on October 7th.!! If y'all can do a 20-miler, 26.2 will be no problem!! Enjoy the experience. Jeff wishes he was there with you again this year!! Love, Jeff, Tami & Tyler"
Donka Mirtcheva $5.00 "Great job Davide! I am so proud of you! Cheers, Donka"
Ron Sousa $25.00 "Nick, Suck it up and just do it! Semper Fi Uncle Ron"
Ricardo Vazquez $25.00 "Have a fun run!!!!! Ricky, John & Xavier"
Alyssa Petrovna Silverman Hidden "You are the coolest for doing this!!!! I hope there are many more people like you in this world!"
Jose Antonio Talledo $100.00 "Felicitaciones Cleito...me parece increible que vayas a correr una maratón tan exigente como la de Chicago...te deseamos lo mejor de lo mejor desde Caracas...estaremos pendientes de ti...muchos cariños de todos nosotros que te queremos mucho..Toño, Mariella, Pame, Antonio y Pedro Pablo.."
Stefano & Giuseppe Canta & Carluccio $10.00 "Corri, Davide, corri!!!"
Maria Falauto Hidden "Bravo, Davide! Sono fiera di te! Bacioni, Maria"
Nicole LaBonte $25.00 "Good luck Davide!!! :)"
Gregory Grefenstette $10.00 "Pace yourself, and good luck"
Micaela Lucchesi Hidden "Vai cugi!"
Emanuele Fossati $50.00 "Hi bro. Great idea! See you soon"
Tom and Melissa Hendrickx $100.00 "I'd run it with you sweetie, but I've got a strained oblique"
Colin Powers $50.00 "Get 'er done, Kay! Looking forward to cheering you on in a few weeks."
miiri kotche $20.00 "Really inspiring, Davide! Good luck!"
Kelli Krimmel Hidden "I'm so proud of you for doing yet another marathon! Congrats and good luck :) Love, Kel"
Marc Archambeau $50.00 "In memory of Raymond Steinfeld. "
Lucia & Roberto Battaglia $25.00 "Good luck Davide! This is a great cause!!"
Sol Shatz $25.00 "I wish you the best of luck for this very good cause."
kopinjol baishya $5.00 "Hey Davide. good job! Good luck for the Big day. We should make up for all the parties you missed during the summer ;)"
Riccardo Serafin $36.00 "Inspiring!! Goal met :-)"
Robert Sloan $25.00 "Davide, It's wonderful that you are raising money for such a good cause. And good luck on your run--a full marathon is a long way to run. "
Katherine Haupricht $25.00 "Good Luck! It was really nice of you to name your team after Jon. Love, Big Bear and Katie"
Anonymous $25.00 "RUN RACHEL RUN!!!"
Shane Alleyne $50.00 "I am so very proud of you... you just continue to amaze me with your dedication and focus :) Luv U, Shane"
George Michael Hidden "Didn't Help last year, here ya go this year!"
Lindsay Whale $50.00 "To my running partner, Good Luck!!!!"
Shelby Strong $25.00 "Congratulations on your hard work, as always!"
Connor Clune $25.00 "Don't forget to breathe Meghan!!"
Jeannette Sauskojus $40.00 "Good Luck Jill, we know you will do awesome. Love Jeannette & Todd Schubkegel"
Rich Mayoras Hidden "Go get 'em Shilpa! Know that you have a lot of inspiration and support right there with you. All the best."
Karen Hendrickx $50.00 "GO JESS!!! Wishing you a great day, sweetie, and a tailwind all the way! Love, Aunt Karen & Steve"
Tina Clark $25.00 "Good luck, Marc!"
Rima Tawk $10.00 "Best of luck Donka! "
Rima Tawk $10.00 "Good Luck Davide!"
Mark & Mario Tortoriello & Raspa $25.00 "Dear Davide: It is with great esteem and admiration that we support you in your efforts to raise money to help kids with cancer. God bless you and good luck on 10/7! We have complete faith in you. Your friends, Mark and Mario"
Anonymous $20.00 "We're so proud of you, Michelle! Run run run! Love, Tita J. and Tita C. "
Anonymous $50.00 "Are you ready?! Run your butt off, Michelle! I'll be cheering in D.C. for you! Love, your FAVORITE uncle :)"
Kunal Ganti $50.00 "Good luck, Baby!! I'm SO proud of you!!"
Amy O'Gara $25.00 "Good luck, MP! You'll do great! "
Monique Jeneski $50.00 "What a great cause for which to run a marathon! Run hard, have fun!"
diane menard $100.00 "Ryan, You continue to amaze me. Your love and compassionate heart for those who are praying for a cure is the greatest gift of all. I am so proud to have you as my son. You are your dad inside and out and for that I am forever grateful!!!! I love you. MOM"
rita hanes $100.00 "Shantel- Got get'em girl! Love, Rita"
Anonymous $100.00 "Solo perchè c'è il super euro e li posso scaricare dalle tasse...tirchio ero e tirchio rimango...Inoltre il don Noni sostiene che così si ha la redenzione dei peccati."
John Casaccio $25.00 "Good job Marc!"
Roseann Wu $25.00 "Best wishes on your run! I'm proud to have a friend who sets high goals for himself and who is so caring to others."
Shawne Morgan $50.00 "Hey Shantel, I hope this does get to your team page. Congratulations to you for even stepping out to take on such a huge feat!! We pray you have a great run!! Blessings..."
Eleanor Copp $25.00 "Good Luck Marc, My cheers will be heard....... Ellie"
Dana DeBarr $25.00 "Run hard Kay! I'm so proud of you...Dana"
Bryan Aschoff $25.00 "Congratulations Aunt Lisa and Matt, we love you!! Love, Sydney and Owen"
Kim Geletka $50.00 "Best wishes, Ben! Best wishes, Team Bear. Love, Mom"
Victor & Elsa Fernandez $100.00 "Can't wait to cheer you on this upcoming weekend."
Dave Martin $25.00 "You made the 20 so you now know you can do it. Remember, run "your" race. Good cause, great effort. Proud of you. Uncle Dave"
Adam and Donna Schechter Hidden "You can do it, Ryan! Have a GREAT TIME! Adam and Donna Schechter"
Terri Taibl $50.00 "I really wanted to get the "grizzly bear" donation but unfortunately $1000 is just a bit too much right now! :) I know you will do a great job, you inspire me to do better :) Love, Terri"
Melissa Connolly $50.00 "I am so proud of you! I will be thinking about you every mile of the way! Love, Your Biggest Fan <3"
Linda O'Donnell Hidden "Alex, I wish I could be running next to you. We wish you and Jim all the best! I know celebratory cocktails will be in order! Linda"
Sheila Calovich Hidden "Go, darling sweetie, go"
Molly Joyce $50.00 "Go Julie--I'll be looking for you on Sunday--you rock!"
Danielle Lamoureux $10.00 "Hey Catherine, I'm sorry I couldn't give more. It is a great cause! Good luck running the race on Sunday, I have no doubt you will do an incredible job. I'm sorry I will not be able to see you, but I will definitely be thinking about you on race day. I look forward to seeing your face more often after the race :) ~Danielle"
Kathleen DelaCruz $25.00 "you are awesome! good luck hun! more power to ya! "
Claire Vandewalle $25.00 "Good luck sis!!!! i know you're going to do AWESOME!! I'm proud of you! "
Frank DiLiberto $30.00 "Run Fast"
Bill Bates $25.00 "Good luck Davide and most importantly have fun!"
Pat and Frank Castellano Hidden "Cathy - Good luck on the run! Thanks for promoting an important cause. "
Gardner Hentze $50.00 "Good luck yo! I'll be there rooting you on!"
Michael & Marilyn Freas $25.00 "Dear Ann & Jonathan: It's a great cause, you're wonderful people, we're happy to support your efforts and you make all of us very proud of you--you're an inspiration that the heart and spirit only grow stronger--run like the wind!!"
Isabel Cruz $25.00 "This is wonderful, Davide! Best of luck!"
Roberta Mehoke $25.00 "Good Luck Lisa and Matt!!"
MaryAnn Maksinski $25.00 "Congratulations to both of you. This is an amazing effort for a great cause. "
Tim Grace $25.00 "Good luck to you both! Congratulations on all of your hard work to get here."
Michael Page $100.00 "Good luck, in this case don't break a leg ;>"
pamela rucker Hidden "You GO, girl!"
Anonymous Hidden "Good luck Shilpa!!!"
Kremena Rouhliadkova $50.00 "Donche, we all are very proud of you :-)"
Chad Watson $100.00 "Good luck, Marc! Think 4:30!"
Louis Storino $25.00 "It has been good seeing you on the running path this summer! Let's do it! "
Nick Kreibich Hidden "Remember. It's just for fun!!! Love, nk"
Jeremy Minano Hidden "Catherine - it rocks that you are devoting your time to this critical issue. You have trained hard, and your efforts will pay off in a big way. Your participation is bringing needed awareness and support to this worthy cause. We are all very proud of you!"
Keith Ross $50.00 "Great job on all the hardwork and training. I expect to see you up and teaching on Wednesday again! Go get 'em Amy!"
Barbara Di Eugenio $50.00 "Good luck on the marathon! and after that, I assume, back to your thesis? ;-) "
Gary Gibson $25.00 "Ben- Good luck with the race. Beat Delmar!"
Larry & Phyllis Davis $50.00 "Good Luck Rachel!!! Wish we could be there to celebrate with you!"
Scot Flink $40.00 "Good for you Ms. Tiff! Have fun, and do your best."
Katey Tuchscherer $25.00 "Tiffany....I'm so proud of you for running this!!! I wish I could be there to watch. Good luck and love you."
John Lies Hidden "Best wishes for going the distance and meeting your goal!"
Precious Conwi $25.00 "Goodluck Tif!!! Run like the wind..joke...I know you're doing this for a good cause..I'm so proud of u. "
Michael Ferraro $25.00 "Congratulations on your hard work and dedication!"
Jared Merves $25.00 "Good Luck!!!!"
Ida Plaza $30.00 "I'm so proud of you! I'm excited to come watch you Sunday!"
Christopher Brown $25.00 "Good luck, Davide!"
Jerry Roman $100.00 "From everyone at Rome & Company, good luck!"
Deborah Taylor $10.00 "Good Luck, Shantel! I'll be cheering for ya, all the way!! Love, "Debbie Webbie"!"
Mary Stanton Hidden "Catherine, that's completely awesome that you're running the marathon and helping such a great cause at the same time. Best of luck on Sunday!!! Hope to see you soon!"
Molly Scanlan Hidden "RUN Auntie Kay RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish we could be there but we will be cheering you on in spirit. Loved seeing you last week in Vail. Love Always Molly, Phil, Baby Sep - and Rubin of course"
Jordan Burr Hidden "Good luck towards crossing the finish line. Thanks for promoting an important cause."
David McCorry $10.00 "Wish my poor ass could give you more. Coach Hoffman would be proud."
Luz Ramirez $25.00 "Hi Micheal! Have a great time on Saturday!!! I will be cheering for you:) Lucy"
Kate Lonergan $30.00 "GO LIZZY!!! BEAT BRIAN!!!"
William Fladeland Hidden "Good Luck Lisa and Matt"
Ken & Jan Taylor $25.00 "Wish we could run there with you, but ...Our wheelchairs have a flat tire. Maybe Next Time!! Good Luck!! Ken & Jan Taylor"
Andrew Johnson $25.00 "and you even get to run by UIC - :)"
Lauren Lindberg $30.00 "Mike and I wish you the best of luck Catherine!"
Judy Pitchford $25.00 "Tols, you are my idol in so many ways. Do you thing on Sunday. Run the race your way - and enjoy it! I'm SO proud of you!!"
Brendan Egan $25.00 "I'm so glad I can be a "gummy bear." Good luck guys. Run like the wind."
Misha McAllister $25.00 "Shantel: I am so absolutly proud of you. Remember, slow and steady finishes the race!! Love you lots, Misha "
Laura Weidaw $25.00 "Good luck Kay!! See you at mile 12! "
Lynnette Panjan $25.00 "Best Wishes!!!"
Jane Vandewalle $50.00 "Hi Sweetie: Hope you have a great race and that it is not toooo hot. We are so proud of you. This takes so much descipline and endurance. You are WONDERFUL and a very good example for the rest of us. Best of luck. Love ya. MOM and DAD"
Anonymous $250.00 "Go Kay Go. We'll be thinking of you Sunday. "Sep" is great. He cann't wait to meet Auntie Kay."
Lloyd Lozada $25.00 "Good Luck Tiff!!! Im glad that you are running for a good cause. Love ya. :) From Aiza and Lloyd"
Jim Wood $50.00 "Alex, Best of luck on your first marathon! Jim"
Lauren Fritts $25.00 "Only $20 away from your goal - how could I resist! I'll be eating your dust on Sunday...meet me at the Finish Line with a stretcher, okay?"
Katie Dunne $20.00 "gotta meet the goal! Good luck dude!"
Mariella Lucchesi Hidden "Siamo con te, mamma e papà"
Emerson Malabanan $40.00 "You're Awesome! You can do it!"
Enrica Cesario $50.00 "Good luck!!!!!"
Lynda Myszkowski $25.00 "Good luck!"
michael resce $25.00 "Go Marcy!!!!"
Mark Wagner $50.00 "Hi Rachel. Janelle and I are donating in the names of Jessica and Kelly. Have a great race. all the best. Mark and Janelle wagner"
Aries & Christine Paluero $50.00 "hey Meesh!! Tin and I are happy to support you for your run and your foundation! we know you'll definitely kick some baho puet! good luck and GOD bless!!"
Christine Poggie $25.00 "Cathy, Super job raising money for such a worthy cause. Have a great race! The Poggies"
Jason OSullivan $25.00 "Sofia is routing for you!!! Congratulations on preparing for this great event and we look forward to your strong finish!"
Gail Nason $25.00 "Cathy, The Nason family is cheering you on!! Good Luck!!!"
Loreen Darlington $30.00 "Way to go Shantel! We are so proud of you! Love, Loreen, EJ and Darren"
Jennifer Rhoads $15.00 "Good luck Donka!!!!!"
Denise Gelb $25.00 "Good Luck Madelyn"
Justin Hare $25.00 "GOOD LUCK!"
Jacqueline Sifuentes $30.00 "Best of luck!!!!"
Pete Nelson $25.00 "Good luck with the race!"
Melissa Poggie $25.00 "Yeah Cathy! I am so proud of you for doing the run again this year. I admire you for it. You are such a great person and I know that you will do great on Sunday. Good luck!!!!!!!!!"
Nick & Alli Pearson $25.00 "Cathy -- thanks for sending this along to Alli and I. We're glad to help out. With all that's wrong with the world, it's really refreshing to see people step up the way you do. Enjoy the run!"
Shelley & Michael Nevins $50.00 "Go For It! We're with you in spirit! Have a great time! - Shelley, Michael, Brianna & Michael"
Margaret Andler $120.00 "I am very proud of your great accomplishment!! Love, the Mom"
Sonia Bhagwakar $50.00 "Good Luck! You are awesome."
Ada Sum $15.00 "Good luck Vikas! Stay cool in the heat tomorrow :)"
Alberto Tretti $5.00 "Congratulation, you made it!"
Anonymous $25.00 "Rachel - Good luck on your quest to run a marathon! - You're nuts! :) jk"
Heather Rattin $20.00 "Good Luck! "
Hugh Rose $100.00 "Marc - congratulations again"
Vikki Lieberman $25.00 "Rachel, Congratulations!!! Looking forward to hearing all about your run. Vikki"
Bijoy Chacko $25.00 "Good luck with the Ultra. You are going to be a double marathoner sooner that you would have thought."
Sheila Kent $25.00 "Thanks for contributing towards finding a cure. What a heart you have. Keep your eyes focused on Jesus!!"
Gretchen Gerber $50.00 "Run Harry Potter, I mean Jess...RUN xo Mom (aka Gret-- Dan too)"
Laura Spencer $10.00 "I'm just a poor grad student, so I can't offer much... but I saw how close you were to your goal and wanted to help you get there! Good luck Michelle!"
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