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Team Azalea Charities, 2011 Marine Corp Marathon
Motivated to compete by the courage and perseverance of our wounded Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines
Support Team Azalea Charities and our partnership with the Allied Forces Foundation with a donation in the name of a specific team member by using the drop down menu above, or you can choose to support the whole team by using the “Make a Contribution” box at the bottom of the page. No amount you are able to contribute is too small.

Our athletes are dedicating their physical endeavors in 2011 to Azalea Charities, Inc., ‘Aid for Wounded Warriors," a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity that provides comfort and relief items for U.S. service personnel at Walter Reed, Bethesda, Fisher Houses, and Department of Defense and Veterans Administration Medical Centers across the globe who are sick, injured or wounded from duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. Staffed with 100% volunteers, contributions typically go toward the purchase of specific items requested by wounded personnel and their families each and every week.

We also provide financial support to Quality of Life Foundation supporting military service personnel injured in the line of duty. Many of the servicemen and women are grievously wounded and will require long hospitalization or rehabilitation. The purpose of our mission is to lift their spirits, enhance their morale, as well as impact a lifetime of assistance and support well after these proud warriors are no longer in the headlines.

For more information about Azalea Charities, Inc., or if you know anyone who might want to join our team and dedicate their participation in any organized event in 2011, please visit the charity website at www.azaleacharities.org. You can also email our overall team coordinator, Doug Taggart, at run4woundedwarriors@yahoo.com.

Raising awareness for the Aid for Wounded Warriors project is also very important to our team members. Please click on the “Invite Others to Contribute” button to forward this page to friends and family, even if you are unable to contribute at this time.

Thank you in advance for your generous support!!

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Total Donations: $169,877

Goal: $100,000

$0 170% $100,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Dave Parks $100.00 "Considering Mike is the Marine who led the Color Guard that walked right over protesters in the 80's and then ran a Marathon in Dress Blues and Corfam's, I cannot think of a Marine I would rather sponsir for this event. S/F Dave Parks"
Jennifer Stouffer Hidden "Yay Jordan!"
Mark Turner Hidden "Marks"
Robert Flanagan $100.00 "Run hard for a good cause. S/F, MGen & Debbie F"
Kim Sonthavong $10.00 "Nate, run and make us proud!"
Elexis Jones $25.00 "Good luck Nate! XOXO"
Allison Brooks $25.00 "Best of Luck! Allison"
Gregg Greulich $50.00 "Good luck!"
Ena Peterson $20.00 "So proud of you!"
Rob Conley $50.00 "Stay Strong!"
Tammy Ahlbrand $10.00 "You are a true runner girl!"
Steve Strife $50.00 "Fight On!"
Jennifer Lopez $25.00 "Good Luck, so proud of you!"
Kelli Schandel $25.00 "Run Forest, Run! Good Luck from the Schanandels"
Anonymous Hidden "Good Luck Cuz. I'm proud of you for giving back; as well as, for serving our country. Michael"
Jeanine Cooke $25.00 "Good luck Janie! I know you'll have a GREAT run."
Steve Harsch $26.00 "Congratulations on making this commitment. No turning back now!"
Diana Limbert $25.00 "100% Team Janie!!! You will be awesome."
Steve Smith $50.00 "You're running for a great cause."
Joan Scott $30.00 "See Janie Run, Run Janie Run!! Love Mom & Dad"
James Ayers $50.00 "Very proud of you, EB. Go get 'em!"
Anonymous $30.00 "Sandy -- you are my hero."
Pam Hunter $100.00 "Hey Sandy!! You are my favorite sister in law in the whole world! I wish I could run the race with you (I wish I was in shape to run a marathon right now!) but I remember running it in 2008 and what a great experience! You'll do great! Good luck! Love, Pam"
bernadette oravitz $50.00 "good luck Joey"
Bobby Alexander $100.00 "Hey Pam -- another Marine Corps Marathon....what a great way to mark the end of your year in Afghanistan. You are a true Army action figure. And for such a worthy cause. I hope you can stay with us when you come to town for the race. Love you....take care. Bobby"
Robert Rouleau $20.00 "Good luck and good training. I love you."
Tina and Craig Hamelin $20.00 "Go, Sara and Rob! "
Kim Marcantoni $50.00 "Thanks!"
Young Sun Yang $100.00 "You are so AWESOME!"
Michael and Ginger Nadel $100.00 "Thank you Joe. This is a great cause. "
Christina Alexander $50.00 "I'll be there to cheer you on! I am so proud of you! :)"
Christina Alexander $50.00 "I can't wait to cheer you on! I'm so proud of you :)"
Katherine Cline $100.00 "Hey Bob - are you crazy? I guess I'm crazier. It will be a long hot summer of training. But when we cross the finish line on October 30th it will be worth it and you will have raised money for a great cause. "
Amy Neff $25.00 "You have come so far with your running in such a short time. i am so very proud of you!"
Ambi Baier Hidden "Our own little Forest Gump....This is a good thing.....AA"
Gene and Shelley Blackmarr $50.00 "Run, Jen, Run!!! GREAT cause!!!"
Nancy Brothers $50.00 "It's in October right? We should all be over on the East Coast to cheer you on by then!"
Amanda Fuqua $50.00 "well have fun"
Fran Chase $25.00 "You are already a WINNER!"
Priscilla DeLong $25.00 "You are awesome, Janie! Good luck. Priscilla"
Kate Oravitz Weeks $100.00 "Train Hard, Run Fast! "
Jesse Bourque $20.00 "I popped your donation website's cherry."
GARRETT MILLER $85.00 "Good job Sara! "
Ron and Sherry Williamson $25.00 "You will be in our thoughts and prayers during your training and run. Ron and Sherry"
Anonymous $30.00 "Good Luck Ben Buns! You are a rock star :-)"
Melida Aponte $20.00 "Kiss ass Ben!!! "
Anonymous $50.00 "What a WONDERFUL cause to support. Know that many peeps are proud of you. :o)"
Joshua Novack $26.20 "I know you will make the wounded warriors pround on race day!"
Robin Lapre Hidden "Good luck Pablo. I am impressed!"
Mark D. Mason $50.00 "You better win the Race!!! I am sure I have some warriors running in it and I will have them contact you. Good for you. Thanks for doing this. Mark"
Linda Schmidt $25.00 "I am so proud to be supporting this wonderful organization. These men and women who serve our country proudly and protect our freedom and rights as American's deserve our support. I thank god everyday for thier bravery and willingness to fight for our country."
Peter Jones $50.00 "You are part of the "Elite" running team, Hill Princess!. - Pete Jones"
stephanie goff $25.00 "You are doing it!"
Stacey Harper $50.00 "Great cause Rich! I know you can do it! Love ya!"
Robin Wientge $25.00 "I am SO proud of your progress - not just in running either : )"
Anonymous $34.56 "You inspire me!! Good luck running!"
Matthew Oravitz $50.00 "Good luck with your run."
Juani Villegas Hidden "You will do GREAT Janie!!..Stay Strong!!"
Joseph Oglesbee $135.00 "Have fun on the run"
Cindy Meeker $50.00 "Best Wishes,Joey!!!!! "
Vicki McLaney $50.00 "Pam, I am very proud of our for running in the marathon for our wounded soldiers. A great cause indeed! I will be cheering for you! Love ya!"
Ronald Woloshan $50.00 "From Mom and Dad ... good luck, to a good cause and a good guy ... who will hopefully run sub 3:10!!"
Carlton Joyce $50.00 "Mike, A great cause. Thanks for letting me participate in allowing you to sweat on my behalf under that hot British sun/rain. Semper Fi, Carlton "
Linda Rohland $50.00 "You go Rich !!!!! Love ya, Aunt Mickey"
Lisa Cratty $25.00 "Good luck & keep it up!"
Marcella Mejia $25.00 "Good luck Justin and Matt!!!"
Robin Atkins $100.00 "So proud of you! Love Mom and Dad"
Fern & Deb Cadena $150.00 "WOW, I thought skydiving was crazy!!! I'm in awe and SO proud to know you! "
Sal & Jean Golisano $100.00 "Great cause! We are so proud of you and will be there to cheer you on. Love, Mom & Dad"
Steven Golisano $100.00 "Ruuun Kevin,......Ruuuuun!"
Lisbeth Veghte $100.00 "Good luck Kevin! It's a fabulous organization. Thank you so much for running for giving your time and energy to our great troops. We support you and them 100%. Beth and Trip"
Linda Gilbert $100.00 "Good Luck Kevin!!"
trista flores $50.00 "anything to support our men and women who fight for our freedom each and ever day. I love Jeff and what you are doing is admirable. your sister, Trista "
Caroline White $50.00 "Go Ali! I hope someone is going to film this xc "
William Tyler $20.00 "As a Marine (First Marines, Korean conflict) and former professor of this fine individual, I am proud to help Vickie Kromer reach her goal. "
Dallas Webb $50.00 "Great Job on the site and Good Luck at the run!!! ~Dallas"
Denise Sanger $100.00 "You go girl! Love ya, Denise"
rebecca beauregard $50.00 "Go Kev! What a wonderful thing to be doing. Call me when you are in DC! xo Becky"
Alicia Rosenbaum $50.00 "I see you! "
Frances Sgro $25.00 "Good luck Kevin."
Stacia Friedman-Hill Hidden "Good luck Jay!"
Kevin Swallow $20.00 "Semper Fidelis!!!!"
lillian hackett $50.00 "way to go Kevin!! good luck, love, aunt lil"
Joyce Gregory Hidden "It's a wonderful thing you are doing. Your Aunt Joyce is very proud of you. You go girl!!! Love ya, Aunt Joyce"
Mark Savage $20.00 "i'll be looking for the training updates!! "
Wendy Dawson $25.00 "Good luck Janie! You can do it!!"
Amy Schmidt $100.00 "Good Luck Linda towards your goal for this good cause for some great people."
Douglas Schmidt $100.00 "Have a great run and best wishes."
John H. Gillingham $50.00 "Thank you this was not available in my day,,John G.."
Arthur J Schmidt $25.00 "Looking Forward to the run!"
Arthur J Schmidt $25.00 "Should be a fun weekend. We are looking forward to it."
arthur J schmidt $25.00 "Kick Art's butt! Leave him in the dust"
Arthur J Schmidt $25.00 "Good Luck. I'll be at the indoor rooftop pool waiting for you guys :)"
Arthur J schmidt $25.00 "Kick Art's Butt, leave him in the dust!"
Anonymous $100.00 "Donation made in cash by Paul Milano! Yay! "
Douglas Schmidt $25.00 "Way to go Marine!"
Douglas Schmidt $25.00 "Enjoy the run!"
Douglas Schmidt $25.00 "Have a blast at the run!"
Douglas Schmidt $25.00 "Outrun your sisters!"
Karen Malatesta $25.00 "Kevin: You have wonderful spirit for a great cause. Have a terrific run! Karen & Paul Malatesta"
sarah goldsborough $10.00 "Good luck Vicki! This is awesome :) "
Ronda Cook $50.00 "What a wonderful cause! Thank you for raising funds for these heroes!"
Jim & Betsy Coakley $100.00 "Matt, we're so proud of you! Love ya!!!!!!"
Teresa Kibbe-Riddle Hidden "What a wonderful cause, cuz! I know that you will do the family proud! You make us proud every single day! Leave 'em in the dust!"
Christopher Sarampote Hidden "Have a great run!"
Linda Buggia $50.00 "I expect to see your picture on the front page of the local newspaper!"
Willian Madden $50.00 "Good Luck Michael!"
Lizette Boyd $50.00 "Run2BGreat! S/F SSgt Boyd"
Carolyn Rannacher $25.00 "Good luck Mike!! Love ya!! Auntie Carolyn"
Joanne Lester $10.00 "Good Luck!"
Joanne Lester $10.00 "Good Luck!"
Joanne Lester $10.00 "Good Luck!"
Joanne Lester $10.00 "Good Luck!"
Joanne Lester $10.00 "Good Luck!"
Barbara J Nelson $100.00 "Great cause, thanks for doing this and have a terrific run!"
Jim Espinosa $25.00 "Do the Dew !"
Marge & Frank Way $50.00 "With much love and pride, dear grandson. Great cause! Love, Grandma and Grandpa"
David Crocco $10.00 "Good Luck on the fund raising, training and the marathon."
Terry Forte $20.00 "We'll dance after the Marathon!! I love you! Aunt Terry"
Jenny Jones $25.00 "Awesome Michael! Good luck!"
Anonymous $50.00 "Good luck with your training and the race. I'm looking forward to hearing more about it!"
Paula Weissman Hidden "Happy Birthday Mandy! Good luck with the run. Paula, Seth & Ben"
Kelli Dye $20.00 "We will be Cheering you On!"
Arthur T Schmidt Jr $25.00 " Good Luck to Everybody and hopefully all the practice you are getting will let you complete the run !!!!!"
Arthur T Schmidt Jr $25.00 "Good Luck to Everybody and hopefully all the practice you are getting will let you complete the run !!!!!"
Arthur T Schmidt $25.00 "Good Luck to Everybody and hopefully all the practice you are getting will let you complete the run !!!!!"
Arthur T Schmidt $25.00 "Good Luck to Everybody and hopefully all the practice you are getting will let you complete the run !!!!!"
michele pearson Hidden "Great cause! "
Stephen Carter $50.00 "Keep up the good work Rich - we pray for all the military men and women! Thank you for what y'all do!"
Merlin and Jenifer Henderson $250.00 "Good Luck Donna!"
Jackie Mendoza $20.00 "Go Vicki!"
Daniel Capparelli $25.00 "Have to start somewhere... :)"
Frances Weber $25.00 "Way to go Liz! Fran & Don Weber"
Kevin Knoll $10.00 "You better start training a little harder there big brother! My first time will probably be my last time haha so I'm gonna go all out to make it count! I'm planning on putting all of you in my dust! "
Kevin Knoll $10.00 "Hey Emily, it's too bad you can't ask your friends to contribute a little extra money to try to alleviate all of the pain and suffering you're going to go through after you get whooped up and down these 26.2 miles by me! HA! I'm excited that you guys are doing it with us! Hopefully I'll be able to keep up with the three of you since you're all seasoned pros now!"
Stephanie Howe $25.00 "Good luck Mike!"
Steve Knoll $25.00 "I couldn't let Kevin make us all look bad with the only donation. I may not be able to beat him in the marathon, but I can donate more. Love Dad"
Steve Knoll $25.00 "Some pretty big talk from Kevin. Not sure I can run faster than him, I have 25 years on him you know. So I'll donate $1 for each year older and top his donation. Hopefully it won't be hot again, sounds like a fun run with lots of stuff going on along the route. Love Steve (aka Brads dad)"
Theresa Kelleher $50.00 "Great Cause, my pleasure to help. We are very proud of all you do. Terry & Mark Kelleher"
Linda Ferm $10.00 "Good luck, we know you can do it!! The Ferm Family"
Mary Salmond $25.00 "Way to go V!!! You have now gained Rock Star status!! Love, Eric, Mary, Carter, Cooper & Koa Salmond"
Jenna Wharton $20.00 "Good luck! Xo"
Etaine Raphael Hidden "Awwww YEAH!! Run Connor Run! So proud of you!!!!"
Margurette Norris Hidden "Goooo Jake!!!"
Jerrilyn Rozner $25.00 "Good luck. Be careful. "
Holly Curran $50.00 "Good luck, Michael! Love, Holly & Phil"
Carolyn Pais $100.00 "Thank you for doing this.......this is an organization that I am VERY proud to support!!!"
Colleen Ebbert $50.00 "Good Luck, Peggy!!"
Renee Bertolone $25.00 "Good luck!! I hope this marathon is a great experience for you and Brad."
david von simson Hidden "A great cause"
Lauren Widett Hidden "Good luck on the run Brad!"
Lauren Widett Hidden "Good luck Emily! Ryan and I ran to raise money for cancer during the NYC marathon and it was a great experience. Have a great run!"
Dan Pierson $20.00 "Hey Brad, hope all is well! Good luck on your run!"
Scott Nix $50.00 "Good luck! Make us proud!"
Rick Blackstone $26.00 "Congrats on your progress - you've shown great determination!"
Kit Lee $30.00 "No better place to run than the nation's capital. "
Cynthia Rush $100.00 "Bob, you are doing a wonderful thing for our Vets. This is the best country in the world, and these guys and gals deserve our contributions. Break a leg baby! (well, not really!) "
Candice Kuheana $50.00 "Michael, Thank you for all your doing. God Speed! Aloha, Candice and Kimo Kuheana"
Brian Burton $50.00 "Keep those Newton's moving!"
Kathy Easton $50.00 "Kevin, Thanks for putting your time, energy, and feet into this very worthy cause! Best, Kathy"
Kara Brinker $25.00 "So cool, Em and Brad! Good luck with your training!"
Mark & Toni Beischel $50.00 "Good luck E ! "
Kathleen Curran $50.00 "Michael, what a great cause! Love you lots. Mom"
Matt Ketteringham $40.00 "Good luck! Have fun :-)"
Mary Garnell $10.00 " Hi Jeff, I remember you well & am a friend of your Mom's. Know you will most likely hear from other of her pals. Sue Adamick, Jean Parsons I notice have already contributed. Small amount, but hope it helps as the cause is indeed worthy & important. Mary Garnell"
anthony scolpino $50.05 "Thank you Dr. Laneri, for participating in this important event to help our wounded warriors who have so willingly given so much of themselves to support our cherished freedoms. As a combat veteran yourself, you have shown that you are truly someone that understands the life, the sacrifices, and the humility in which our military members serve every day - no matter where they are and no matter what they do You are making a significant difference - not only in the lives of the wounded warriors that this event supports, but in the lives of the family members as well"
Karen Meyer $40.00 "I admire your determination. Good luck! "
Dana Stoneking $50.00 "A great accomplishment to do a marathon and even better when you can give back!! I'll be cheering you on in Oct from Tennessee girl!!!"
Jennifer Offringa $25.00 "Best of luck on the run! So honored by your personal service to our country, and now your committment to raise funds for this wonderful organization! Lots of love and best wishes! "
Michael Savage Hidden "Seattle's pullin' for you and good luck!"
Cathy Gibbons $250.00 "Go Joe.. What a great cause you are running for. Love the Pic of you and Renee. God Speed and to the finish line you will SUCCEED!! Luv ya.. Auntie Cat."
john betancourt $250.00 "love you,miss you Semper Fi. Mom/Dad"
Harry Miller $50.00 "Good Luck Jeff!"
Cynthia Leopold $25.00 "Good Luck Sis!!!"
Nicole Rubin $100.00 "Karen, you are my hero! All the best to you and your family as you participate! Nicole"
Desiree Robinson $50.00 "Can't wait to see you follow me across the finish line!!"
Gillian B Capparelli $50.00 "USA Go USA! You rock Liz"
Gillian B Capparelli $50.00 "Found It! Way to go. I know this run will be easier for you than Liz. Good Cause!"
Jennifer Macht $50.00 "Go Kevin! It's a great cause. Thanks to your mom for letting us know. "
Tyra Cunningham $75.00 "Congrats Liz. I know you'll do well."
Linda Bowker $120.00 "Memorial Day and each day....remember the fallen and honor and support the wounded and veterans of the United States military. Reflect on the sacrifices and services of the best and finest young men and women the military recruits and let them always have a special place in our hearts. General George S. Patton, Jr., said "Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory." You've accepted the challenge, Kevin....we know you'll be feeling the exhilaration! Linda and Jonathan "
Ted Glasco $25.00 "This is a great cause to support."
melissa Knous Hidden "Let's get it started!"
Susan Starkey $25.00 "Good Luck!!"
Kris Aube $25.00 "Good luck to you Ted....."
Ted Glasco $25.00 "Running for the goal."
cindy peacher $20.00 "wish we could do more"
Dianna Williams $25.00 "Thank you Ted for reminding us of and showing your support of this very worthy cause!"
Nora Glasco $30.00 "Good luck little brother!!!!!"
Scott & Elizabeth Percey $25.00 "Go Ted and George! "
Mike and Carol Boyle Hidden "Just one mile at a time....go get 'em, Bobbo!"
Nancy Taylor $50.00 "Hope to be there to congratulate you at the finish line!"
Robert and Jennifer Boyle $50.00 "Good luck Bob!! Well done!!! Bob, Jen and the Kids!!"
Jimmy Rivers $10.00 "I wish you all the best of luck!"
Dan Bathalon $20.00 "Go get em Mike!! make us proud"
Brad Grebin $100.00 "Good luck!"
David Hand $20.00 "Run like the wind."
Trevor & Angie Kropf $10.00 "Good luck ~ The Kropf's"
Zach Brinker $25.00 "Good Luck Tasha and Sean! Hope you are able to reach and exceed all your goals!"
Tiffany Elking $10.00 "You're a star Tasha!"
alison hansan $100.00 " I admire your spirit and determination. Way to go Gina~good luck Alison Hansan"
Sally Haskell $50.00 "SO AWESOME, Gina!!! :) xo"
Martin Carlson $50.00 "Good Luck Gina!!! Love, Caroline and Martin.... and Todd"
Raymond Glasco $25.00 "Pace yourself.."
Jessica Huynh $20.00 "Best of luck on your first marathon! I know you can do it! "
Maryann N. Karcher $50.00 "Kevin - this is such a great cause. Thank you for your time and effort. Love, Maryann, Sara and Danielle Karcher"
Lyn Ferriero $100.00 "Ryan ... we are so proud of you and appreciate YOUR service as a Marine in protecting this beautiful country of ours. Semper fi Love you!"
Kimberley Ocasio $50.00 "Way to go, Patrick!!! Good luck!"
Richard and Judy Donahue $50.00 "Good luck for a great cause"
Robert & Mary Tenhet $50.00 "Pat, thanks for efforts in supporting our Wounded Warriors.....our true heroes. Good luck with your training and may you stay injury free leading up to the event! L&K, Bob & Mary"
Mary Pezzulla $10.00 "You are not allowed to injure yourself doing this. You are needed in the office for purposes of my sanity."
Michael Brooker $52.40 "Gina, President Ronald Reagan said....“Some people wonder all their lives if they've made a difference. The Marines don't have that problem.” Neither do you!!! Best of luck and train hard. Semper Fidelis and OOOOORRRRAAAAAHHHH!!! Michael Brooker"
Zachary Alexander $10.00 "Hey Tio, Good luck. I love you. Zach"
Esther Jefremow $50.00 "Hi Hijo, I'm very proud of what you're doing! Mami"
Laura Carroll $75.00 "Good Luck! Love you, Sis"
Aaron Alexander $10.00 "I love you Tio. Good Luck Aaron"
Catherine Canu $25.00 "Best of luck to both of you!! I'm so proud that you guys are doing the marathon - I'm rooting for you ;)"
Elisabeth Hardcastle $100.00 ""Run, PD, Run!""
Tracy Wilson $50.00 "LTC Donahue- I wish I could see you cross that finish line!!! But I look forward to your race report afterward. Best of luck in your training!! Train smart, stay healthy! Talk to you soon!"
Lisa Thier $25.00 "Good luck with all the training. Hopefully I'll get to come watch you both run!"
Huy Nguyen $50.00 "Kill bodis!"
Tamra Dicken Hidden "I think this is really awesome Gina. Good luck and let me know how you did when its over. Love you, Tamra & Burl "
Julian Trumper $50.00 "Good luck guys!"
Jessica Pigott $30.00 "Good Luck Jamie I know you will do great!!! You will have 26.2 miles of nice looking Marines to check out!!! :O) "
Lynora Rogstad $20.00 "Thank you for going the extra mile for a cause you believe so strongly in. It's people like yourself that makes this country the best place on earth to live. Thank you."
Tom Johnston $50.00 "Good luck Mike!"
Janet Bradley $100.00 "Brad and I would like to thank you for participating in this marathon especially since the funds are going to a worthy cause. So you are not only running for your health but also for all that are supporting you. And most importantly for you brothers and sisters so that they may have an improved quality of life. Thank You!!"
Zachary Sikes $100.00 "Thanks to everyone for helping to support our wounded warriors!"
hugh harris $50.00 "Good luck, Stone! Way to support the Wounded Warriors!"
Andrew and Jayme Stuart $25.00 "We are proud of you both!! Congratulations on taking on a very rewarding physical, mental, and emotional challenge. Keeping you both in our thoughts....Goooooo Mr. and Mrs. JP Carter! Love, Jayme and Andrew"
Andrew Jarvinen $10.00 "Good luck, Walters! Raise some $ for a good cause, and improve your health at the same time, sounds like a win-win to me ;-)"
Theresa Black $10.00 "Congrats and the best of luck to you!"
Theresa Black $10.00 "What a great goal! I surrender after a 1/2 marathon. Good luck!"
Jennifer Pace Buckhalt $20.00 "Zachary, Good for you! Jennifer PACE Buckhalt"
Stephanie Richman $75.00 "Way to go Stone- Great cause!"
Meghan Downing $10.00 "Good luck Dorna, great race and amazing cause! 26.2 baby!"
Lori Musto $20.00 "Good luck!!!"
Scott and Elizabeth Percey $25.00 "Go George and Ted!!!"
Melissa Knous $25.00 "Via Darling Sharpe: Thanks for the Mickey birthday cakes!"
Chris Mohan $50.00 "Free your mind and your a&% will follow..."
Arthur Brookes $50.00 "Good luck Michael. Arthur "
Brittany Arnold $100.00 "I love you! Good luck:)"
annie meisels $20.00 "Way to go Helen!!"
Janice Toepper $25.00 "Good luck Chris. Great choice on the charity. "
Richard Stuart $50.00 "Kristin, best wishes training for the Marathon, for JP, and for the Marines!"
Jim Hynoski $100.00 "Great Cause and we are very proud of them and their respective service. "
Allan Weber $50.00 "Go get 'em Brad! Always doing good things for good people."
Christian Davies $10.00 "You go, Helen!"
Chad WIlson $20.00 "Good Luck!!!"
Walter Davidson $50.00 "Scott, you have 6 more marathons plus two 50 milers and a 100 miler before you caught up to your old man!"
Lena Kaminsky $25.00 "Go Helen! "
Bob Klem $25.00 "Go, Joe!"
Christopher Hoyt $100.00 "You're a good man. I am proud to know you!"
christy freeman $15.00 "God Speed Denny and God Bless you Stacie!!!"
Elsie Sayre $50.00 "Good Luck Stacie"
Sonya White $25.00 "This so awesome what you are doing! Thank you! May God embrace him and keep him safe! His Aunt Sonya ( Denny Sr's sister)"
Mark & Lynn Fanelli $50.00 "...train hard and run fast! Good luck Gina & Ryan"
Yusef Burgess $25.00 "Run hard for these awesome HERO's."
Michelle Anderson $50.00 "Awesome charity! You know I'll be at the finish line with a well deserved beer in hand waiting for you!!!"
Kathleen Wolfangel $50.00 "Thank you so much, Stacie, for doing this! Denny's Uncle Doren and I were stationed together in Italy many years ago, and he let me know about this. Good luck in your training and on race day! Thanks again, Kath Wolfangel"
Steve Hatch $20.00 "Stacie, Just some coaching reminders............ Run Fast Don't stop until you cross the finish line Let's add "Pace Yourself" Steve Hatch"
Anonymous $50.00 "Stacie, This is Doren, Denny Jr. Unlce...we aure appreciate how much concern you show to all Military Veterans I know Denny Jr. is so proud of you....He found a Gold Mine in YOU... so you go Girl on that run and when you feel alittle tired just think of Denny Jr. . Sorry to say but you're Family now with the GRAZIOSI"s. Thanks for all your caring attitude. I've done the Army Ten Miler in Washington D.C. and I miss it now. Now all I do is run to the Bathroom..LOL..... Enjoy your youth. Doren "
John & Linda Stockard $20.00 "Good Luck Stacie! Proud of both of you."
Leslie Thurman $75.00 "Run Gina RUN!"
Craig and Sue Daniels $25.00 "Run Forest, Run!"
Kevin Stack $100.00 "Good luck, Gina! This is a great cause. Remember - run for God, gold & glory. All the best, Kevin & Jeannie"
Chris Drew $25.00 "You can definitely eat as many Swedish Fish as you want now!"
Mummer Fejko $50.00 "Good Luck Stacie!!!"
Ryan Culhane $25.00 "Best of Luck from Ryan and the GE team! "
Tom and Deb (Mum & Dad) Stockard $50.00 "Stacie, We are so proud of you and Dad and I will be there for you as we were for every race cheering you on! Denny will be so proud! We'll meet you at the finish line! "
Sue Stockard $20.00 "Good luck Stacie! Wish we could be there to cheer you on! We love you lots! Aunt Sues, Uncle Jer and Cory"
Alisa Helms $25.00 "Happy running :) - TXS Whit - xoxo"
Mike & Court Golisano $100.00 "Go Kev!"
Susan & Jim Zahn Hidden "Kick Ass Kristin!!"
Sherry LaPierre $26.00 "Teresa, I am very proud of you and wish you the very best in your marathon. I must admit I'm a little jealous since my running days are over. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!! Love, Sherry"
robert boardman $25.00 "U can replenish on Halloween!"
Mary Fritsch $50.00 "I hope you have an awesome run. Thanks for running for such an important charity."
Katherine Ponte $50.00 "Congratulations on this initiative!"
Michael Jacobs $50.00 "Good work Chris!"
Christine Cormier Hidden "Awesome dedication! Stay healthy."
Terri Ann Glynn $50.00 "Helen, We are so proud of you! What a worthy cause! You are going to do great! Love, Terri Ann , Michael & Liam"
Rev. Shonda Nicole Gladden Hidden "Rev. Marques, I'm so excited for you and your goal of running the marathon! I will be praying for you in your endeavors! I wish I could donate more to your fundraising goal, but being a full-time student has its limitations :) Godly regards,"
Thomas Bowater $10.00 "Go Get 'em Dorna!"
Citizen Creative $50.00 "You better run like the wind!"
Renee Williams $25.00 "Super proud of you Stacie! You ROCK! You and Denny both inspire me!!! Love and miss you :-)"
Adrienne Barker $50.00 "Kick a$$ T!!!!!!!! :)"
Kevin Bowden $10.00 "Got luck, P.O.T.!"
carol shire $25.00 "Good Luck Tina!"
MR. & MRS. MELENDEZ $70.00 "Good Luck We love you!!"
Nayan Mehta $25.00 "I am impressed with your spirit and thought to help excellent cause. Keep up the good work and good luck to achieve and cross your target. Nayan and Mona"
Anita Bailey $50.00 "We are thinking of you--good luck with the race--glad you are back in the good old USA."
jacqueline naughton $50.00 "Gina---I am SO proud of you. I feel like every time I turn around, you are doing yet another task that shows your spirit, compassion, and strength as an amazing young woman. I'm so proud to know you and support you. xoxo"
Christine Stockard $30.00 "So proud of you Stacie!!!!"
jane quigley $100.00 "We're proud of you Tina - the Q's"
Dylan Tait $25.00 "Good luck Chris!"
Michael Colabraro $50.00 "bap!"
Anonymous Hidden "Run like the Wind... Run like Forrest... "
Douglas Stewart $50.00 "Good luck with the fundraising and have a good run!"
Anonymous $50.00 "You can do it!"
Mr. & Mrs. Scott M Percey $25.00 "Go guys! I'll run in spirit this year. "
Anonymous $500.00 "Such a wonderful idea, wonderful cause and great dedication for all"
Joe Boyle $25.00 "To one of my favorite bean counters..."
Jaclyn Brandt $25.00 "good luck!"
Jonathan Hardy $50.00 "Have fun on your run. "
Laura Pedersen $10.00 "You will do amazing!!! Love your spirit and you can accomplish anything you put your mind to :)"
Anonymous $200.00 "We support our troops!!"
Miriam & Tony Liggett $100.00 "Good luck! We're pulling for you."
Joel Van Liew $50.00 "Go, HPC! "
Jess Ritchey $20.00 "Good Luck Ladies!!!"
Michael Spadaccini $100.00 "Dave...no taking the Metro...and do a lap for me! Mike Spadaccini"
Tim Meyer $100.00 "One of the best things you've done Dave! Don't break a leg!"
Beth and Tom Eckert $500.00 "Good luck Gina. We know you can do it!"
Mario Lopez $150.00 "Drink Water...and have Fun"
Dennis Trainor, Jr $50.00 "Run Helen run!"
jeanne knoll $26.20 "You can do it sweetie!"
Chris and Rob Wilder $50.00 "Good luck! Have fun! "
natalie bujold $40.00 "Donation made by Dr.Kim Accardi!!"
Martha Sablatura $50.00 "Thanks for doing this. Semper Fi"
Anonymous $80.00 "WOs' & Sgts' 42 Engr Regt "
Raul De La Rosa $100.00 "Jason, it has been an honor to have worked with you. Thanks for running on behalf of our Warriors!"
Linda Vasquez $50.00 "Ted, thank you for your service to our country and for your good works on behalf of those who sacrificed for our country! Good Luck!"
Roger Royer $25.00 "You go girl. Roger & Judy"
John and Ann Harder $100.00 "Wow Gina..so very proud of you and what a great cause!! Luv the email updates... Keep the positive energy going and Best of Luck..John and Ann"
Jeanette Niesborella $50.00 "Thumbs up! Way to go!"
Janelle Dewitt $20.00 "Good luck!!"
Sara Sgro $50.00 "Good Luck Kevin. This is such a good cause."
Roger Nix $50.00 "Good luck, Steve!!"
Alison Kamataris $50.00 "Good Luck Mike!"
Nadia Bowers $20.00 "Go Hellie!!"
Turd Ferguson $10.00 "What's the over/under?"
Connie Morgan $50.00 "Good luck Knoll, we know you'll do great. John and Connie"
Ray Laoulache $50.00 "Worthy Cause!"
Susan Cunha $25.00 "Good luck, Pete! :)"
JENNA COOK $20.00 "Love you Deda!!!!"
Richard P Weierbach $50.00 "Thank You Cedric for all that you are doing. Rick & Susan"
Rebecca Kemp $20.00 "Lots of luck!"
shannon minervini $25.00 "keep your wits about you!"
Dennis Rufolo $40.00 "Good Luck Patrick, Great Cause!"
Cindy Charlton $50.00 "You are insane..."
Galina Roy $50.00 "Good luck to all of you ! from Steve and Galina Roy."
Ashley Junick Hidden "Good luck on the race Lady!"
Summer & Hunter White $50.00 "Good Luck!!!"
Paul Pallini $25.00 "Good Luck Steve!"
Steven Gardiner $50.00 "GO PETE!!"
John Fitzpatrick $25.00 "Thanks for asking me Pete"
Sylvan Reed $30.00 "I know you are going to do amazing lovie! Love you! xoxo"
John Raymaker $20.00 "yes, good cause, Pete"
Akiko Minaga $20.00 "Go Dorna! "
Bruce Standen $50.00 "Good Luck! We know you can do it for such a worthy cause. We love our veterans."
Steven Anderson $100.00 "Bryan, great idea and fantastic cause.... Keep up the running and don't overdue it as you wind up your training.. Focus on your own race and pace and no one elses..Keep in the moment and overhydrate... -little alchohal and lots of sleep....Steve"
patrick kilcarr $50.00 "Good luck pushing those pasty whites legs all around DC. Couldn't be prouder and more excited that your contribution is running and mine is giving. Patrick"
Paul Plekon $50.00 "Great cause Lucas. Rock on!"
Lara Stone $25.00 "I've always wanted to run this marathon-- good for you and for such a worthy reason!"
E McKinney $25.00 "Even though, politically, I do not support military action or Halloween, I do support not smoking, Zen Poetry, pasty-legged gingers wearing tutus, and most importantly, YOU. This sounds like a great way to keep your mind and bod moving in positive directions. I love you brother."
Debbie Hill Hidden "Desiree, thanks for supporting such a great cause! I'm happy to help! And good luck with the marathon -it's an awesome experience!"
Terri Schaefer $25.00 "Thank you for doing this and an even bigger thank you for the sacrifices you are making while your husband is in Afganistan. "
jane wegener $25.00 "Thank you!"
Lorri Petersen $50.00 "Thank you so much! Good luck! "
Deborah Cherry $50.00 "Good Luck Steve! We will be cheering you on! Rob, Debbie & Brad"
Sally and Matt Zartman $100.00 "Kim Babe, Keep up the good work. We know you can complete this run. We love you and Jamey very much. Love Mom & Dad"
Sarah Zornetzer $50.00 "You better start running...slacker!"
Bradley Reyes Hidden "Way to go, Desiree! This is a great cause and wish you the best with your efforts."
claudette a azar kenyon $50.00 ""grateful for your run and your service Pete - great cause""
Anonymous $50.00 "We think you are awesome. Hope you have a great run!"
Heather Salazar $25.00 "Keep up the good work Ben!!!"
Kathleen Scarduzio $50.00 "Run, Joanna Run! You are the best."
monica saenz $50.00 "Go Christina !! good luck"
Nicole Munro $50.00 "Good luck Joanna. So proud of your determination."
MARYLOUISE NUNES $50.00 "Randy and I send our best for a successful run."
Jody LaChance $50.00 "Latessa thanks for taking on this great cause. Best of luck!!"
Phil Grossweiler $100.00 "Good luck Pete. Great course! I think my son, a former Marine, will be running in this marathon also."
Alex Fowler $100.00 "Go Pete !!"
Chris Stone $100.00 "No comment, just go get it done!"
Janet Magwood $100.00 "We thank all those who stood in harms way to protect our freedoms. Good Luck. Bill and Janet Magwood"
Barbara OKeeffe $26.20 "Kimmy, I am in awe of this effort, best of luck completing the marathon. Aunt Barbara O'Keeffe"
Jim Rodrock $100.00 "I'll have a beer for you too!"
Anonymous $100.00 "Good luck, Doctor, and many thanks for all of your and Sylvia's selfless contributions."
Mary Salmond $35.00 "I know I've already donated, but you're SO close! Focus on your running now & kick some trash!"
Matt Vosnick $50.00 "Happy to Donate to a good cause."
John Mize $200.00 "Have fun! I am glad I am not running 26.2 miles!"
Robert Darst $25.00 "Of course, you only get paid if you come in first."
Dennard Cumbus Hidden "Good luck girl. I know you can do it. And for a wonderful cause.. I am very proud of you. Dad"
Nadine Cumbus Hidden "Good luck Chris. I am so proud of you. This is an wonderful cause that you are running for. Love you. Nadine Cumbus (Grandmother) "
Debbie Sweeney $50.00 "Joanna, good luck to you. We know you'll do great!!! Debbie & Greg Sweeney"
Laura Cook $20.00 "You can do it my little Cinderella!! "
Yesenia Paredes $50.00 "Good luck! ; ) "
Casey Coyle $50.00 "Happy Birthday buddy, good luck, hope to see you soon"
Bernard Rubin $50.00 "Good job LaTessa, Pat & Bernie Rubin"
Ala & Morgan Kreczko-Hubbard :p $25.00 "Kick that race's butt, Kev! We'll be cheering for you from RI :)"
Anonymous $100.00 "Go Adam! Show us some of that Idaho speed!"
Elliott Horch $50.00 "Good luck Pete!"
Karen Alpert $50.00 "Wish I could run with you!!! Next time... Go get 'em LBF ; ) "
Chris Carpenter $50.00 "Always late"
Nora and Jamie Waldren $50.00 "Good luck, Joanna. You'll do great!"
Molly Wilder $25.00 "Go Kevin!"
Jennifer Caci $100.00 "I hope you've stayed healthy during your training. Kudos for taking on this challenge and for using it for something so positive. Best of luck on race day!"
Joe Lapolla $25.00 "Good Luck Nat!!"
Win Stephens $50.00 "You are the best and a bright light in my life-Papaw"
Anonymous $25.00 "Scott, A terrific thing to do! Good luck with the run and also the funds! Aunt S."
john haran $25.00 "Good luck, John and Janine"
David Hilton $50.00 "Good luck and keep safe David and Jackie and all the Hiltons"
Diane Olsen $20.00 "Good luck Greg! "
Richard Acton $20.00 " Run, Forest, Run"
Angie Adams Hidden "GO LANCE GO!!! "
Anonymous $25.00 "Ooorrahh Devil Dog! "
Melissa Kessler Hidden "Run, Kate, run!"
Elizabeth Paraskevopoulos $50.00 "Joanna, This is an awesome race! Good luck to you! Great cause, BTW!"
Joshua Borsari $25.00 "Good luck!"
Karen Hooper $35.00 "This donation is from Ed and Joanna Causley. Thank you Joanna & Ed!"
Karen Hooper $35.00 "This donation is from Ed and Joanna Causley. Thank you Joanna & Ed!"
Karen Hooper $35.00 "This donation is from Ed and Joanna Causley. Thank you Joanna & Ed!"
Karen Hooper $35.00 "This donation is from Ed and Joanna Causley. Thank you Joanna & Ed!"
Zachary Bunker $100.00 "Good luck Travis! Thank you for supporting our troops!"
Patricia Mewhinney $25.00 "You go girl!"
Phyllis Fischman $25.00 "Scott, Fantastic, lots of luck with the run. I know you'll do great. Aunt P."
Martin Tirado $100.00 "Good Luck, I look forward to seeing you run this race!"
Laura and Mark Silence $25.00 "Go Hellie!"
Arthur Fischman $100.00 "Hey Buddy, How great for you to do this, and there is no better cause. We certainly are proud of you for this, AND for all your other accomplishments. With love from Nana and Papa."
Lindsay Slater $25.00 "Go Pete- We'll watch for you!"
Lewis Hartman $500.00 "Donations collected from personnel on HERRICK tour, Camp Bastion"
Andy & Jo Burnett $25.00 "Don't go out too fast!"
Jose, Neyda, & Cristina Castillo $100.00 "Run.. Papa.. Run.. Good luck to you and many thanks to our soldiers!!!"
James Compton $100.00 "Good luck with the race! I'm proud to see you supporting America's Wounded Warriors!"
Robert Persaud $100.00 "Good luck and train hard!"
Spencer Rand $25.00 "I want my money back if you don't come in 1st place."
Ruslan Fedotenko $200.00 "Good luck Travis !!!!!!"
Edmund Gleason $35.00 "Very best of luck!"
Bill Marr $100.00 "Way to go Pete...beer is good for pre-race carb loading."
Stuart McLaren $30.00 "Lewis, Have a good run, Stuart"
Maria Del Buono $20.00 "What a great cause! Best of luck to you, Joanna!!! "
Malinda Antonik $25.00 "Desiree - Thanks for supporting such a great cause!!! Wish I could do a maraton, but since my legs are against it...we will root for you:)"
Mark Ravas $25.00 "Good luck, Amanda! "
Brandi Giese $20.00 "Good Luck Suzy!! Your nephew is proud of you!! Do it for my brother too!"
David Osulak $40.00 "So proud of you both. We'll be there to CHEER YOU ON! Love, Mom and Dad"
Sean Moore $100.00 "Good luck in the race Your fraudulent Irish friend, Sean "
Barbara Winston $25.00 "Good luck with the run! We'll be counting on you! Barbara"
carol weber $50.00 "Best of luck to you and Jessica!!!!!"
Thomas S. Ricketts $10.00 "Good luck from the Chicago Cubs."
American Legion Post #56 York, Maine $200.00 "Natalie, We are so very proud of your efforts in raising money for such a meaningful cause.... From your friends at Post #56 York, ME"
Phil Price $50.00 "Come on guys! Let's go!"
Michael Staley $100.00 "Good Luck Julio! Will be rooting for you, and this is a GREAT cause, so I am happy to "
Danny Stephens $50.00 "Good luck, Amanda!"
Vikki Ives $100.00 "Hi Kenny! This donation is from MaMa and me - we're proud of your achievements!"
Nanci McGreevy $50.00 "Suzy, I am so very proud of you....I know Marcus and all our wounded warriors will be thankful for your willingness to compete in the upcoming Marine Marathon. You are going to do great! Thank you for raising money for this very worthy cause!"
martin dugan $25.00 "Know you will be thinking of your dad at the race. Think of him at those last six miles when you need all the help you can get. Marty"
Katie Murray $50.00 "Good luck Tasha! "
Ruth Bongarzoni $30.00 "Good luck for the run Lewis!"
Marisa Wiewall $100.00 "We are so proud of you! and what a great cause! Good luck! Mari, Paul, and Ceci"
Karl Mayfield $50.00 "Some gave some; Some gave it all. Help a wounded warrior!"
Erica Lewis $50.00 "GO STONE! We will be there to cheer you in. XOXOXOX"
Lynne Layug $25.00 "Can't wait to hear the details! You are an amazing "Girl on the Run!""
Susan Bane $100.00 "Go Erik! Aunt Susan and Uncle Tee"
Ana Lucia Pappas $100.00 "Parabéns . Desejamos a você Boa Sorte. Família Pappas"
Salvatore Adornato $50.00 "A wonderful cause you are supporting! Best of luck. Should be nice weather to run in late October."
Colin Rowell $20.00 "Good luck Claire. It's what the training is all about so just enjoy it."
Anthony Bryant $100.00 "The TN Valley Defenders' support you! Run Tracker Run!!"
Anthony Bryant $100.00 "The TN Valley Defenders' support you!!! Run EB Run!!!"
Daniel Mayer $25.00 "Go Julio, Erin and I wish you a great run."
Sabrina North $20.00 "Good luck, Suzie! "
Christine Zimmerman $50.00 "Good Luck!!"
Ken & Bev Kistler Hidden "Run, Ben, Run - Mom and Dad"
Emily Krause $25.00 "Good Luck Leo!"
Zane Patalive Hidden "Wishing you the best on your run Leo and for supporting this great cause! Isaiah 40:31"
Ginny Jones $100.00 "Leo, you are such a great guy, how can I say no to such a worthy project. My heart goes out to these gals and guys and I thank you for being apart of a project I am happy to support. God Bless you. I did not know you were a runner. Ginny"
Lance Crist $100.00 "Bryan, My dad (your prof) turned me on to your big endeavor -- good luck! With 15 marathons and a 50-miler under my belt, I want to pass on a little secret an ultramarathoner buddy once told; "its quite simple," he said, "just keep going!" Cheers, Lance"
Randall Sumner $50.00 "Leo, As one of the Soldiers you use to support down range, I am more than glad to contribute. I wish you the best and an enjoyable run (if there is such a thing). Randall Sumner CSM (Ret.), USA"
Andrea McLaughlin $250.00 "Leo - you never cease to amaze us with you generosity. And what a great group of heros to honor, we thank you and all the men and women who have made sacrifices for us and our country! Love you!"
David Davighi $100.00 "Have a great run!."
Jennifer Thew $25.00 "Good luck!j"
Debbie Bruffy $50.00 "Leo, God Bless You. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for supporting our son Lt. Kyle Bruffy and his platoon while they were in Afghanistan last year. Best to you on your run! Debbie "
Craig Stimpson $50.00 "As a former soldier of the Speed and Power Battalion, I greatly appreciated all of the care packages that we received during our deployment. Thank you for your continuing support of our brothers forward."
Kevin Simacek $50.00 "Good luck Pete, and thanks for remembering those in who serve our country! "
mary reisert $250.00 "Good luck and thanks for participating!!!!"
Joseph Bane USN Ret $50.00 "Erik, We're with you all the way. Joe"
James Burns $250.00 "For all the warriors including Crawd"
Carolyn Mark $35.00 "Best of luck to you!"
Barbara & Ernest Kosa $100.00 "Leo, you're a gem. I didn't know you were a runner. This is a very worthy cause and we're proud to contribute. These warriors deserve all the support and encouragement we can give. God Bless you and them!"
Beth Melendez $20.00 "I am so proud of you Claire~~~ Best of Luck Aunt Beth"
gloria annenberg $50.00 "Erik: have a great run. Love Bud & Gloria"
Diane & John Tiensch $100.00 "Leo, You never cease to amaze us!. Thank you so much for running to support this most deserving and often forgotten group of heroes. Have a great run."
John R. Townsend $105.00 "Thank you for your service and your sacrifices. God bless us all! John R. Townsend"
Danielle Pisarcik $50.00 "Go Tom and Team Azalea! Hope the weather on race day is perfect! God bless our troops! "
William Reif $50.00 "Good luck!"
Patricia Titus $250.00 "Thanks for running in this event Rich! God Bless America."
Jim Quarto $50.00 "Have a good run!"
Greg Peacher $50.00 "What a great cause!! We are so proud of you!!"
Alison Kuenlen $40.00 "Good Luck Nat! "
Ed & Vicki Courlang $100.00 "Erik, Good luck!"
Arthur Chi'en $50.00 "best of luck "Mr. Smith!!" remember.. you're a machine!!"
Lindsey Keeperman $25.00 "Goodluck - I'm so impressed with your and Janice's determination and dedication!"
Lindsey Keeperman $25.00 "Goodluck and have fun! I'm proud of you!!"
Sharon Poisson Hidden "Thank you Mandy and good luck!! Love, Sharon and Richie"
Mr Connie Rounds (SGM) $50.00 "Just doing my part."
Jackie Atherton $100.00 "Good luck!! Thank you so much for all you do for our country!"
Alicia and Armand de Torres $100.00 "Good Luck Leo! "
Kimberly Hibbard $25.00 "Whoot Whoot! Go Tasha! I'm going to do my best to make it to D.C. and cheer you on (aka live vicariously through you and your accomplishment!). "
Anonymous $500.00 "Inspirational! Thank you for your service and for helping those in need. God bless."
Ashley Dawson Hidden "We wish you the best of luck Gina!!! <3 ...Ashley and Luke"
David Dennis $50.00 "Thanks for running Bobby, maybe we can get together. Dave"
Dwain Scruggs $50.00 "Ms. Gloria, Thank you for participating in this event for such a great cause! "
Heidi Malone $20.00 "Best of luck, you can do it! "
Jenny Trombatore $100.00 "Thank you Kevin for your bravery, sacrifice and commitment to defend our country and keep all of us at home safe. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers."
Julie Sapper Hidden "My thoughts and prayers are with your cousin and your family. "
Linda and Jaime Ferriero $100.00 "Gina...We are grateful to be a part of this HUGE commitment to the Wounded Warriors and for all that you are pouring into it heart and sole (sneaker joke). We have all the faith in the world that you will triumph in this and all of your life goals but moving forward one step at a time. Dig deep, love much and GODSPEED!!! We love ya. "
dennis gulotta $100.00 "How about sub 6 minute miles?"
Anonymous $45.00 "Thank you LT JG Wade Heath and Richard Johnson. I am entering you donations, which you gave me!! "
Sarah Sydnor $25.00 "Go, Dorna, go! We are happy to support you!"
Joe Lacopo $50.00 "God speed, brother. Thanks again for all that you do!"
Ilaria Parisotto $25.00 "Happy to contribute in honor of those who sacrifice so much for this country"
Lauren Zito $25.00 "All my best to you and your family."
martha redsecker Hidden "way to go, brian! and my thanks to all of you who serve."
Elizabeth Ten Eyck Hidden "Brian, Thank you for supporting your cousin in this way. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Kevin and your families."
Nina Penna $25.00 "My best wishes to Kevin - please thank him for his bravery. "
Cassandra Camacho $50.00 "We're cheering you on from Greece! Way to go Leo!"
E. Ray Austin Hidden "Thank you, Kevin, for your service to this great country. We support what you and the many other brave men and women are doing in the War on Terror. God Speed!"
William Meisser $25.00 "All the best, GO USMC Warriors"
Nancy Dumomtet $20.00 "Great going Patrick. we love ya! Nancy and Francois"
Terrence Fanning $10.00 "Go Tommy & Team Azealea. Support our troops! God bless"
Ted Glasco $45.00 "Javier & Lisa Luna; Edgar Ty; and Greg Cobb are also donors."
Joan Yockel $100.00 ""May the wind be at your back""
Ken Parish $50.00 "Go Steve! You're running for a great cause. Best of luck to you and your family!! Ken and Sandy Parish"
James Baker $50.00 "Enjoy the run for a great cause!"
Nancy & Bobby McKenna $75.00 "See you in Washinton D.C."
Nancy McKenna $100.00 "From the teachers at Arlington Middle School"
Anne Langley $20.00 "I hope you have a lot of success! Blessings to you :)"
Angela Lanning $50.00 "Gavin, you complete me..."
Bernard Kelly Hidden "Thanks to LCpl Honaker for his service and sacrifice. And thanks to Brian for your support."
Scott Hempstead $50.00 "Kenny, Good luck on the run and thank you for all you do to help our Veterans!! "
Mark Bernstein $35.00 "Thank you, Kevin, for your bravery, and Brian for doing your part. We regularly contribute to Disabled American Veterans, and will continue to do so."
Melissa Brown $100.00 "Good luck, Peggy!"
Marie and Jim Chesnutt $100.00 "Good luck, Leo!! So glad you are still running--and for such a great cause! The good you do for so many others is very much appreciated by all! Miss seeing you!! God bless! Marie and Jim"
Kevin Green $50.00 "Thank you Kevin for your service and sacrifice to our country. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family."
Kyle Bittner $75.00 "Looking forward to running the marathon with you. Great cause and great marathon. Semper Fi!"
Tim & Robin Windom $100.00 "Thanks Leo for all you do for our soldiers. Have a GREAT run!"
daniel milner $25.00 "Good luck! and Thank you ! The Milners"
Donna Rutecki $50.00 "Hi Kevin... it's Donna (Vitellaro) Rutecki... congrats on all your running achievements! Happy to support you... Wounded Warrior project is one of my favorite charities; such a great cause, for some great people. Best of luck to you! Donna Rutecki"
Sally Melvill $100.00 "Go Miss Liz! you can do it, hugs "
Anonymous Hidden "Good luck!"
Mary Janae Deats $20.00 "Good Luck Kevin!"
Edward Capparelli $250.00 "I am so proud of you and all that you do. "
Malcolm Osborn $50.00 "Good luck Mike, I have seen all the training you are doing, I just know you will finish in a really good time - again."
Chris Norey $15.00 "Good luck Gary and all"
Edward Capparelli $100.00 "Go get 'em Jason. Good luck on your run."
Sandra Calos $100.00 "Good Luck - Mary!!! Remember, one step at a time!! You can do it!!!"
Amanda Lou Who Photography $20.00 "Thanks for all that you do! "
Rebecca Wilber $300.00 "Good Luck Kenny! We are rooting for you! Your friends at Beechmont and West Chester Uno's Chicago Grill :)"
Richard Daigle $30.00 "Mary, best of luck running for this worthy cause. Semper Fi and OOO-RAH!!!!! Richard"
Adam Kaletski $15.00 "Run Like the Wind Guys!!!! I'm pulling for you all!"
Linda Smith $50.00 "Thank you for running for some who can't!"
Liz Perry $25.00 "Can't wait until you kick butt in this race!"
Anonymous $25.00 "Good Luck! "
Rebecca Baughman $100.00 "I am so proud of you little helly! I wish I could be there to cheer you on!! All my love and best of luck! Becky"
Jim Garrison $50.00 "Go Tom! I won't slow you down this time like I did in 1987!"
Ardath Blauvelt Hidden "Good for you! Run with love -- doing the right thing."
Tom Scherer $25.00 "Good luck and have fun, Mary!"
Robert Tandy $100.00 "Have a great race!"
Patty Fortin $25.00 "Good luck, Mary! Remember . . . the finish line is just "around the corner.""
Catherine Endicott Hidden "Go Amanda!"
Betty & Jim Buddenberg $100.00 "Such a nice thing to do for wounded service people, Suzie. Take care of yourself and be careful. We love you! Betty & Jim"
Marcia Donaldson $100.00 "You go, Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you."
Cheryl Donaldson $50.00 "As my dad would have said, "Run like hell!" Good luck, EB! XOXOXO"
Thomas Citrano $50.00 "Godspeed and Semper Fi Gloria. Best of luck to you on the race, Maj Citrano. "
Susan Dwyer $25.00 "Go Helen...you are a gazelle !"
Tim & Dianne Bane $50.00 "See you on the 30th! Tim & Dianne"
Allison McKay $25.00 "Good luck Julio!!!"
Steve & Margaret Tolley Hidden "Good luck! I'll fix you a good supper the night before!"
Steve &margaret Tolley Hidden "So proud of all the hard work put in for such a good cause. "
Laurie Singleton Harwood $50.00 "Scott, we are all so proud of what you have done to serve your country. Just wish you could have stayed another 50 years."
Gerald York $250.00 "Good Luck, I am sure you will do great."
Mary Connell $100.00 "Go get 'em Ryan, Ben & Gary!"
Ilene Fischman $50.00 "With your face to the wind, I know your smiling again. Fly far and forever. I love you."
Matthew Szap Hidden "On behalf of my family, I thank you for your service to this country."
Eric Weaver $100.00 "Good luck!"
jennifer grunwald Hidden "So honored to have worked with you at toys for tots and to have had the pleasure of seeing the kind hearted person you were. Your legacy will live on. Our orayers are with all of you at this time. Lt.Col. and Mrs. Greg Grunwald and Family"
Anonymous Hidden "Eric: We are proud of you Nephew....we will be running with you in spirit...Wounded Warriors is so needed. "
Larry Boyd Hidden "Thanks for what your are doing. You are an inspiration to all right-thinking Americans."
Frank Lonergan $100.00 "We are deeply saddened by your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. ANCILE Solutions Team"
Sandra Sheehy $50.00 "Way to go Michele!"
Wampanoag Road Runners $50.00 "You are making the Wamps proud! Thank You!"
Sherrie McCulley Hidden "A big "thank you" to all our servicemen and especially Kevin, who we are so proud of."
Walter Mulherin $20.00 "Good Luck!"
Michael Walker $50.00 "I'm proud of y'all, and will be praying for you to have a great run on marathon day."
Stacey Dodmead $20.00 "You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers."
Jennifer Cooke $25.00 "With thoughts of your cousin and all our wounded warriors."
Donna and Allan Heflin $100.00 "We will remember Scott as full of life and hope and love."
John Gable $50.00 "Referred by my friend Charlie Trombatore - I am glad to help ---"
Lydia Trainor $50.00 "Good Luck & Have Fun Run Run Run... Ben, Gary & Ryan."
Bob Ward $50.00 "LCpl Honaker, God bless you, Sir. I believe it was George Orwell who once said, "People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf." My wife and I definitely fall into the former category. Thank you from the bottom our our hearts for your service, your sacrifice, and for allowing all of us to sleep peacefully. "
souzan khodadad $30.00 "My Brother is a Marine!!!! you all be in our prayer"
Christopher Martel $50.00 "Go, BBBro!!!"
Kyle Berube $25.00 "Goodluck Jason we are cheering for you. Great cause"
Michael Del Zotto $200.00 "All the best Travis!!!!"
Ray Nopper Nopper $30.00 "Kevin, Thank you for your service and God Bless you."
Kelsie Enders Hidden "Scott, through the short time I knew you, I learned what an amazing individual you were. You left quite the impression on me and I wish our friendship wasn't cut so short. Rest Easy. <3 "
sam kang $50.00 "Much love...i'm sure you're going to kick butt. remember to have fun"
Lisa Lazur Hidden "People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf. - oft attributed to George Orwell (Good luck Chrissie!)"
Steve Lebel $50.00 "So proud of you cuz! "
Marlene Yesquen $40.00 "Go Julio!!! You too are a warrior. Steve and I wish you the best. "
Thomas Lasich $50.00 "Laurel, good luck on the run and I hope you have fun - if that can be said for 26 miles - personally, I would take a bike !!"
Joan Moll $25.00 "Have a great race, I'll be thinking about you!"
Deborah Prouse $25.00 "In honor of Nat and Dennis; may they always come home safely."
Trevor Stone $50.00 "Run Forest, run"
Marcella Walker $50.00 "Ryan and Team GE - You make us all proud!! Marcella Walker"
Allan Kuong $100.00 "Good luck, roomie!"
melanie Davis Hidden "Pete, Best of luck in the marathon!! I truly admire your dedication and perseverance. Melanie "
Warren Davis $25.00 "I hope you do Awesome! Good luck with the collections!"
Sally Cochran $100.00 " YOU GO GIRLS GOOD LUCK"
Timothy Cripe $50.00 "I am very proud of you baby, kick butt in D.C.!"
Kathryn Holmes $50.00 ""Very worthy cause! Thank you Pete!""
Maureen and Phil Noteboom $50.00 "first in- go Bets!"
Aili Petersen $25.00 "I'll be cheering for you! "
Diane Britto $100.00 "Good luck to you, Betsy! I know you'll make USNA '07 proud. Happy to support you and The Wounded Warriors Project. Run on. xo"
Teresa Brady $100.00 "great cause; go Bets!"
Don & MA Boyd Hidden "Love that PT Bets! Good Luck!"
David Knill Hidden "Sorry for the delay. The funds just became available again."
Walter Munyer $50.00 "Brad...good luck in the run. Walt"
jason schneider $10.00 "Good luck!!!!"
Corinne Haskew $75.00 "keep going Rich and the rest of the team, remember the great cause you are running for. Corinne and Denis"
Tonya Osmond $100.00 "Thank you, Sean, for caring on your brother's mission. You both are in my thoughts and prayers."
Amy DeZenzo $40.00 "YAY NATTY!!! So proud of you!! "
kate earley $250.00 "Gavin Your aunts, uncles and cousins are behind you all the way! We love you! Go for it! See you in DC on the 30th. "
Kevin Schmidt $25.00 "Gavin, you also complete me. Good luck in the race brother."
Anonymous $100.00 "Run, Mom, run! You can do it! Love, Christopher and Allison"
Morgan Kimberly $20.00 "Good Luck Dani!"
Amy Pepin $25.00 "Have a great run, Linds!"
Darrel Drury $50.00 "Cindy, Best of luck in the marathon! The world needs more thoughtful people like you. Best, Darrel"
Jill Broderick $25.00 "Thank you Kevin for helping all of us. Many prayers for you and your family."
Rex & Jean Rader $100.00 "We continue to pray for Kevin and his parents, and also pray for Kevin's fellow Marines who continue to serve in dangerous areas of Afghanistan. May God protect you and bless you all."
Mareena Nephew $25.00 "Fight like a "CAT" and claw your way to the finish!! GO CINDY!"
Andy Hernandez $50.00 ""Good Luck Mr. Burns!""
Denise McKeon $50.00 "Dr. Seuss would be proud of you (just like we are)!!! "
Elizabeth Leier $76.00 "There are always wings at the finish line!"
Lewis Hartman $200.00 "Remainder of donations for Maj Hartman - thanks everyone!"
Jim Lewis $50.00 "Patrick, STRENGTH !! Fred says Beat Oprah. Seamus"
Mary-Jo Chiklis $250.00 "Natalie, good luck in the marathon! Imagine Brandy and all her doggie friends are running along with you!"
Russ Weaver Hidden "Good luck!!!"
Rodney Ledger $25.00 "Best of luck. Rod, Kelly and Ross"
Brian Nation $20.00 "Eric, Thanks for participating in this worthy cause. Good luck to you on your run. Brian"
Maureen Foley Hidden "Good luck! I want pictures of you at the finish line!!"
Sherry Bialecki $100.00 "Semper FI"
Kevin Phelan $50.00 "Bryan, We are so proud of you! Don't break a leg cause you already did that! We love you big jock! Love, Kev, Cyndy, Krsy, Tyler, Katy, Will, Kary, and Mia"
Jessica Ruetschlin Hidden "Run hard!!!"
Ashish Desai $10.00 "All the best Steve!"
Felix Wang Hidden "Thank you LCpl Kevin L. Honaker for all that you've done. "
Francisco Hidalgo $50.00 "Good luck DB. Make us proud and don't forget all the running tips I gave you. "
Anonymous $100.00 "Jane - thanks for supporting our wounded soldiers....run fast!"
Mike Mahoney $25.00 "Go Erik...Proud of you ! Mike Mahoney (UPS Friend of Tim Bane)"
Brigitte Beaulieu $40.00 "Love you very much and so proud of you!!!! :)"
Natalie Drummy Hidden "Thank you and good luck!!"
Aaron Carpenter $50.00 "In loving memory of Aaron Carpenter -- I know he'll be with Jeff every step of the way!"
Don and Hope Wilder $100.00 "Easy does it, Grandson #2! Take time to smell the flowers. Love you, G & G"
Anonymous $101.00 "Run STRONG and FAST like you mean it! "
Sharon Bloodworth Hidden "Good luck on your run Tom - it is a great cause!"
amy hunter Hidden "Go Scott and team!"
Susanne Rosen Bonfe $50.00 "Way to go Tom! I really appreciate your good heath, energy and time puttiing this together to raise funds for such a well deserved group of people. Thanks, Susanne"
Karl Bury $100.00 "Amber and I are with you 100%! Give em Hell-en!"
Bernard Ferriero $100.00 "Go Sunshine Go! We'll be there in spirit. Know you'll do well. XXX's Gramma & Poppy"
Dan Hulkower $50.00 "My donation is contingent on a sub 4.5 hour finish. You can do it."
David Kelly $250.00 "I think I can, I think I can! I know I can."
Andy Werner $50.00 "Way to go Dave - Good luck!"
david kelly $12.00 ""Run, Dad, Run!" Emma Kelly"
Rebecca Spence $20.00 "Good Luck!"
Stefani Meyer Hidden "Good luck Laurel! I ran it last year and it was an awesome experience."
KC Sukumar $250.00 "Tom: Thank you for taking on this worthy cause. Also admire your stamina running the 30th marathon, a great achievement indeed!!...KC"
sufia dadabhai $50.00 "Good luck with training and the race!"
Nicole martin $200.00 "good job NATALIE ,I am very impressed,please keep up the spirits love you always,MOM"
Hollie Conetta $50.00 "You go girl. The Conetta Family will be thinking of you on the 30th. Good Luck!!!"
Gary Marquardt $100.00 "OK Tommy, for a hundred bucks, I figure you better win this marathon! :) Great cause... you are inspiring. "
Jo Aronne $50.00 "Keep on running Dave. We are behind you all the way. (Waving from the sidelines, not actually behind you)"
Michele Esposito $25.00 "We are sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. God bless you both. Carol and Michele"
Susan McIntyre $10.00 "My prayers go out to you for your loss. My contribution is small because that's all I can do on my budget, but it comes with great love and caring."
Sean Wiesman $50.00 "Good Luck Tasha! We can't wait for you to come out here!! Sean and Lindsey!"
vince corbett $50.00 "Nice to hear from you,good luck in the marathon."
Willis Magee $50.00 "I truly appreciate your dedication to the troops and having you on the Band of Brothers Team. Jay Magee Point Man Ministries Colorado Springs, CO"
Jay Etheridge $50.00 "Very proud of you Danny. It's great you can turn your passion into something that benefits others. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to be a part of it. Jay"
Keith Meyers $25.00 "Good luck Sean."
Chris Stone $40.00 "donations from John Cunningham and Allen Weston. Thanks guys!"
Mark Lucas $500.00 " look forward to watching you do this in under 5 hours!"
Joan Lanford $50.00 "Good luck Casey,hope you raise alot."
Jolene Beil $25.00 "Sean..here's wishing you angel's wings to carry you through this race in Scott's honor for this worthy cause! Semper Fi!"
Jenny Daniels $20.00 "Go Cliff & Cathy! We love you guys!!! -John & Jenny :)"
Kelly Steed Hidden "So proud of you Scott!! You're going to do amazing, and it's for such a great cause! Best of luck!!"
Cheryle Steddom $50.00 "Good luck and enjoy!"
Tim Davey $50.00 "Good luck Amanda! One day I would like to run it with you."
Toni Monath $100.00 "Way to go! Best wishes and continued prayers to you and the family."
JEFFREY FARRIS $250.00 "I have done my part for my freedom and am now challenging everyone else to step to the plate and make a sacrifice! Just put off buying that new outfit,shoes, or any other toy we really don't need at this time! Do it for our wounded heroes!"
Pat Begley $100.00 "Sean you have our support. What a great tribute to Scott. "
Lee Trelstad Hidden "Tom, good luck on your run and thanks for your efforts on behalf of our troops."
Tim and Alissa Burnett $50.00 "You go, Betsy!"
Moira Horan Hidden "Good luck to you both!"
William & Diane Kelly $100.00 "Good Luck To All!"
Lois Barker $50.00 "You can do it!!! From Ron & Lois Barker"
Christine Miki $100.00 "An inspiration to us all. May your spirit help make your brother's run swift and painless. "
Seminole County Sheriff's Office Family $220.00 "In Honor of PFC Donny Eslinger, donated by the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office Family. You have earned “Donny Strong” status and we wish you the best! Thank you for supporting Donny's recovery and those in our military currently fighting for us in Afghanistan and Iraq. Good Luck Danny! "
Mary Russo Hidden "Run Strong and Have Fun!"
Ellen Diamond $100.00 "Good Luck Tom!"
gloria genna $50.00 "Tom Fanning, grateful for your service and for your brother Terrence sharing this post on facebook. Wish I had more to give. My deepest respect, Gloria Genna"
Maggie Leef $50.00 "Good luck... Enjoy the process love you!"
Dave & Donna Wacker $50.00 "We're so proud of you Dan. We'll be cheering you on all the way to the finish line!!"
Leigh Hasson $51.00 "You are inspirational Mike! If you are having text sent on ur progress during the run pls add my number: 405.206.1439."
Tracy Cowles-Rambhia $25.00 "Good luck Gary! "
Sonia Pisano $30.00 "Thank you for helping the men and women who keep us safe at night. Best of Luck!"
robert pierce $250.00 "Very good work, N! B"
Kevin & Kathy Mahanke $50.00 "Best of Luck! Thanks for supporting a great program that cares about our wounded servicemen and women. Semper Fidelis. "
CHRISTINE DERWITSCH $20.00 "Thank you for your service...Tina & Mason Derwitsch"
Zaida Martinez $50.00 "Wish u the best son. Another goal u can scratch off your list."
Stephanie Kisic $30.00 "Wacker I am so excited and proud of you for running your first marathon! This is such an accomplishment! Please eat lots of yummy food after and have a few drinks!"
Karen Kelleher $50.00 "Good Luck Michele! Thank you from 2nd Lt.John USMC and Senior Airman Keith!!!"
Peter Quenga $50.00 "Good Luck!!"
ANNE-MARIE MEHRA $100.00 "The luck of the Irish to you........!"
Alex Walsh $50.00 "Run Hard Dad!"
Lisa Walsh $100.00 "Go Baby! I know you can do it!"
Emily Weiss $15.00 "Go Helen! Woman of the year!"
Alvin Larson Hidden "Tom, You are by far the toughest marathoner I know and you have a worthy cause."
Steve Baker $50.00 "Go Lindsay go! "
Michelle White $30.00 "Looking forward to running this race with you!! "
Amy Gamber $500.00 "Have a great safe race... You are appreciated! We thank you... Lukas Nursery/Amy Gamber/Sonia Pisano"
Chris Fidler $50.00 "Good Luck Castelluccio family! "
Peter and Francesca Murphy $100.00 "Good Luck ................Chesty would be proud"
frank sinatra $100.00 "Be proud. Lot's of good luck! El Gato"
Barbara Jarocki Hidden "Thank you very much to Barbara Jarocki for your donation!"
Rebecca Woods $25.00 "Good Luck...hope it is a great day :) "
Mona Hofman $25.00 "Best of luck Team Castelluccio!"
Amy Martin $25.00 "Team Nat!"
Lana Koontz $50.00 "Go, Leanne, I'm so proud of you! Mom"
Jan Ramos $100.00 "You go bro!"
Julie Luistro Hidden "Good luck Michele!"
Gertraud Walsh $50.00 "Thank you Tim. Mom "
Joe Phillips $25.00 "Nice work Tim...good luck!"
Jeannine Vale $100.00 "Good Luck Bob I'm sure you can do it. I envy your commitment to this wonderful cause. I love you. Your Mother-in-law "
Linda Lakhdhir $50.00 "Good luck Laurel."
Kathleen H Decker $50.00 "God bless all our military and bring everyone home safely."
Michael Berkery $100.00 "Run Forest Run! (you rock Tim)"
Amy Burkett $100.00 "That's trendous! "
Jason Madeley $25.00 "As said in the 5/7 cav at Camp Garry Owen, "Out front, sir!""
Martin Willie $50.00 "Right on, Tim!"
Bill Taradash $25.00 "Go Helen!"
Ryan Cleary $100.00 "That is a good picture of you, Dad. Thanks for running for a good cause and best of luck on the trail!"
DOUG BURNETT $50.00 "Go Betsy!!"
Gary Duff $50.00 "One Team, One Fight."
Lynn and Kathy(Smith) Bortner $50.00 "We are so proud of you! Good Luck. Uncle Lynn says,"Wear good shoes!" See you on the Zip Lines! Love, Uncle Lynn and Kathy"
Amanda Boozer $20.00 "So proud of you! :)"
Karen Kastner $50.00 "we are Scotts Mackeys in laws and good luck to you jessica told me and it is a great cause"
Shelley Beers $100.00 "I am proud of you Nate!! "
Apple Chapman $50.00 "Go David! Good luck."
Gillian Hartman $30.00 "Go for it! Best of luck. Mum."
Quinn Tierney $25.00 "Good Luck Tom, I'll be rooting for you. Take it easy though, OK? Quinn"
Kate Hobbs $100.00 "Bets- You're a beast. Love you."
David Brunnert $50.00 "Go hard or go home!"
Anonymous Hidden "Scott, You are missed. You lived life exactly how you wanted to. I know I will be thinking about you a long time."
Doug Rutledge $50.00 "Go, Tim!"
James & Nicolle McKinney $50.00 "Thank you for participating Tim -we're wishing you the best during your run!"
Bob Wagoner $20.00 "Great job Bob and a great cause!"
Maren Calvert $50.00 "Go Mike!!! "
Gini Sarno $100.00 "Hi Bob, I'm so proud of you and your dedication. Have a good run and let's keeps supporting our Troops"
holly marra $20.00 "Good luck morgan. From mindy & i"
Patricia Chandler $25.00 "Good luck, Natalie! Hope you have a great run. Trish"
Katie Wall $25.00 "Chica, I am so proud of you! Congratulations on turning your goal into a reality - you can do it!!"
Ronald James $20.00 "Great job Bob! Happy to donate to a good cause! Take it in stride - Ron James"
Susanna Packauskas $25.00 "Thank you for supporting this great cause. Good luck with the marathon!"
Kirk Trach $85.00 "Dig deep! Don't shit yourself! Fly like the wind!"
Leslie Steele $50.00 "GO MIKE!!! All of us in SC is rooting for you!:)"
Patty and Dave Foxworth $50.00 "My quick, sharp and good lookin' nephew! GO.......... MIKE!"
Eddie Mikell Hidden "A great person helping with a great cause."
Margaret Albrecht Hidden "Happy to help - congratulations ahead of time! Bill, Margaret & Logan "
Katie Lister $50.00 "Go Latessa! Great cause - And please let us know if there's anything else we can do to support you as you take on this challenge!"
Adrian Levine $15.00 "Good Luck!"
Tena Lengacher $25.00 "Thank You, Scott for protecting my freedom."
Marc & (Betty Marchesseau Adamsen $25.00 "Good luck to you and your wife. Semper Fi Betty & Marc"
Anonymous $250.00 "Go for it, dear nephew!"
Steven Price $100.00 "Have a fun run haulin' groceries:-), Steve P"
Diane G Agurkis $100.00 "Run Scooter, run. Ok, that was Bob. Love you. And good job!"
Benjamin Robinson Hidden "I hope conditions are better in DC than in your photo -- it looks like your route is taking you through the Okefenokee Swamp."
robert knoll $50.00 "Uncle Bob say's go Knoll family...."
Adam Dennis $50.00 "Good luck Bob. This is definitely a worthy cause and I'm glad to see that you are running for it. Remember, the goal is to finish not beat a world record. We all know you have a tendency to push it :)"
Howard Ward $50.00 "Erik, Thank you for your service! It's special people like yourself that make this country great. Your a true American HERO. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Myron Williams $50.00 "Erik, I'm a friend of your Uncle Tim. Thank you for your service. MW"
Michael Linder $250.00 "Thank you on behalf of all veterans!"
Deb Walsh Hidden "Good Luck, Shane"
Elizabeth Clendenin $50.00 "A great cause and very proud of you for helping this charity out. "
Chuck Nagelvoort $50.00 "Worthy effort. Good luck. - Chuck "
Dan Wendorf $25.00 "Go get'em Shane!"
Dale Oliff $50.00 "One your Uncle Tim's March Madness retrobates - Keep up the good work !!"
Roger McLaughlin $26.20 "Good luck"
Deanne Brand $50.00 "Go Stone! We know you can do it!!! The Brand Family"
claire Koch $150.00 "You are wonderful! We will be thinking of you on your big day. Claire and Josh Koch"
Jim and Maggie Anderson Hidden "Keep your foot hard on the pedal, son never mind them brakes Let it all hang out cause you've got a run to make The boys are thirsty in Atlanta, and there's beer in Texarkana And you'll bring it back no matter what it takes "
Richard Schuen $50.00 "Great guy running for a great cause. Go for it, Sug!"
Eddie Z's Blinds and Drapery $200.00 "Best of luck from Eddie Z's!"
Daniel Mcneill $130.00 "Collected cash and donation from Mathews family. Much appreciated"
Anna Maria Trimpe $25.00 "Good luck Shane!!!"
Mister Sowers $115.00 "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Rob Hale $520.00 "Monies from the Front Gae Collection "
Jeff Lyons $50.00 "Don't forget your Glide stick! Good luck!"
Lindsay Ferrara $100.00 "I'm so excited for you. Run well and enjoy!"
Kayla Greene $10.00 "Honoring Scott, supporting Sean. "
Leslie Crabbs $50.00 "Run Tim Run! Thank you for supporting such a worthy cause - the Crabbs family"
CHEUNG WAI NG $100.00 "yes,go for it.you will make it."
Sandra Westin $100.00 "It's a great cause - good luck... "
Anonymous $20.00 "you are amazing, girl. I <3 you. "
Dave Freund $50.00 "Great Cause....Good Luck Shane!"
Teresa Ryan $30.00 "I am so proud of you!!! Good Luck!!! Love you-Teresa XOXOXO"
Walter Kulinski $100.00 "Wally/Carolyn... ChestyH2, you are a great American and Patriot.Best of luck."
al ison $100.00 "good luck Kimmy, from all of us at BEHD"
Sara Schneider $25.00 "Good Luck, Chimpy! I am SO, SO proud of you!! Wish I could be there to cheer you on, but trust that I'll be with you every step of the way! Every mile's a memory. This is your dream and you've worked so hard. Great job, Love you so much, Little Sister!! Sara, Jeremy and Mira"
Celia Heneghan $35.00 "Hey Chris - Good luck on the run - and breaking your PR!"
helen coxe $20.00 "From a fellow runner!"
helen coxe $20.00 "From a fellow runner!!"
helen coxe $20.00 "I am so sorry for your loss- From a fellow runner Helen"
Anonymous $50.00 "Chris, thanks for asking and have a great run Amando la Vita"
Corrie Fischer $50.00 "We really like your cause. Go Shane Go!"
Jim & Kathy Burnett Hidden "So proud of you Bets! Love you~ Mom & Dad"
HH Cronin Hidden "Run Anna Run! You rock! Good luck!"
Marlene Mackie $100.00 "You go girl, God bless you and our military, for giving of yourselves for our freedom. I will be with you in spirit. " Legs Mackie""
France & John Tucker $250.00 "WE WILL BE CHEERING YOU ON!! XOXO MOM & DAD"
Amy Pearce $100.00 "Go Ms. Anna! Love, Campbell & David"
Katrin van Dam $100.00 "Run like the wind, Hellie! And maybe one of these days, you could run over to our place for dinner?"
Kevin Bass Hidden "Thanks Donny for your sacrifice and your service to this great nation. Go Army - Army Strong! "
CARRIE PETZY $26.20 "Helen, you continue to inspire me toward running goals! Congratulations on another Marathon! Peace, Carrie"
Anonymous $500.00 "With your back to the wind and your face to the sun. Semper Fi."
Chuck Ackerman $50.00 "Shane: I hope it's a good day at the nation's capital! Beer and pasta at the finish line for carbing back up! Get the ipod full of some Grateful Dead and some Allman Brothers! Great of you to do this."
meghan pietrantonio Hidden "Go Scott!! I'll be thinking of you!"
Anonymous $50.00 "Good luck on the marathon Ced!! "
Chris Clifford-Jones $100.00 "Hi Robbie, Hope this help, Chris"
Nicholas Atkins $380.00 "Collection from DCAE(A) Arborfield"
Charles Coleman $100.00 "Nats, You are doing a great thing for all the Wounded Warriors. The organiztion is lucky to have you and all the other volunteers to help their cause. Thank You Nats. Lots of luck and I will see you soon. Charlies "
Anonymous $100.00 "You guys continue to make us all proud!"
vanessa crosbie $100.00 "Go! Go! Go!"
David Gerhardt $100.00 "Semper Fi"
Teressa Williams Hidden "I hope that you raise alot of money for this worthly cause. TJ"
Sam and Sarah Kerr Hidden "Good luck!"
Dave Fitzgerald $25.00 "Go Helen!!"
Kristi Coonfare $50.00 "Not only do I want to support you in this great event, but I also love that I am supporting the amazing benevolent organizations that help me do my job everyday with the Wounded Warriors at Navy Safe Harbor. Thank you for doing what you do, and have a great race!"
Rob Hale $530.00 "Sponsorship collected from friends and family. Thanks Everyone"
Patty Treimer $25.00 "Proud of you, Tim & Rich! Run like the wind! :) "
Denise Buhrmester $25.00 "Good luck!"
ann way $50.00 "Good luck Kevin! We are proud of you. Uncle Kevin, Aunt Ann, Katie, Brian, Colleen and Emily"
Kerri Kelting-Smith Hidden "Thank you so much for doing this run to honor our Donny Eslinger. Donny, so many people love you, hang in there, get well and Donny Strong! :)"
Michael Petrizzo $100.00 "GO GET SOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Debbie Brown $50.00 "Jodi, Good luck in the race....we are very proud of you. Love, Debbie & Larry"
Lisa Alberico $50.00 "Good Luck Blake!"
jason phillips $25.00 "Go get em buddy! When you are hurting just remember all the guys you are running for and the pain they and their families endured so that we may live our lives relatively unaltered. Get some! "
Paul and Margaret Ferriero $100.00 "We are so proud of you Gina! Race day will be your reward for all those tough early mornings, the sweat and tears, the lost water bottles, the blisters, the sore aching body parts, etc. You are a champion long before the race. We love you and thank you for being a great role model for all the Ferriero cousins. Go Gina!"
Karen Speth $25.00 "Good Luck Jodi! You're running for a great cause and I am so very proud of you!"
Valentino Pastino $500.00 "Ariana, please bring him back alive. My daddy needs him! :-) "
Ralph Ebener $26.20 "Way to go, Mary!"
Courtney Fulton $26.20 "Good luck Chris! You're running and raising money for a great cause!"
Derek Martinez $100.00 "I'm looking forward to running this race in support of all those Soldiers who served their country proudly!!!!"
Seminole County Sheriff's Office Family!!! $886.00 "The Seminole County Sheriff's Office Family supports you in your run for Wounded Warriors in honor of PFC Donny Eslinger!!!! We ALL remain DONNY STRONG!!!!!!! "
Jasmin Walters $25.00 "Derek - You continue to inspire me. I'm so proud of you. Meeting you on that plane was God putting us both exactly where we needed to be. "
Monica Bacon $26.20 "Good Luck, Julio!!!!! :)"
Alex Marshall Hidden "Good luck old man!"
Peter LaMuraglia $100.00 "Go get 'em tiger!"
Robin Saul $100.00 "Great Effort, George. You have trained hard."
John Eddleman $100.00 "Thanks George what a great cause"
robin wise $50.00 "You go "girl"!!"
Kevin & Mary Bolyard $100.00 "Tim, Good luck on your run. Thanks for taking the time to do this for our soldiers."
Judie Kaczoroski $180.00 "Kaitlyn~ "Keep your eyes on the prize," is what "they" always used to say. MY Mom always told me, "Watch where you're walking, (or in your case running),...and just put one foot in front of the other," It has always faired well for me. :-) :-) <3 - Aunt Judie, Uncle Tony & "The Kidlets"."
Judie Kaczoroski $180.00 "Kristen - Have a Good, Safe and Fast run - Please don't stop to take pictures along the way :-) :-)There will be time for pictures afterwards!!! And please send us some pics. <3 - Aunt Judie, Uncle Tony & "The Kidlets"."
Judie Kaczoroski $55.00 "Karen~ Wish we could be there with you, but since we can't we will be there in spirit. Be careful and have fun. Say "Hi" to all the family for us & give everyone our love. <3 Judie, Tony & "The Kidlets""
Megan Boyd Hidden "Get it girl!!!"
Kristy Hill $25.00 "In support of PFC Donny Eslinger and all the wounded warriors. You are all true American Heros!"
Douglas Ellsworth Hidden "Have a good run. Thanks for all you do."
David Hirsh $100.00 "Good luck, Shane!"
Bradley Meader Hidden "Good Luck little brother!"
Lauren Beckwith $50.00 "Thank you and your family for you sacrifices, we appreciate all you do!"
James Billups $25.00 "Have a great race Ced! Smells like a qualifer to me!"
Val Demings $100.00 "Donny, you represent the "heart" of America. We are so thankful for you and praying for you. Take care."
David Carr $50.00 "Way to take up this worthy cause, Jeff, you make all of us proud."
Rudolf Kramer $50.00 "Good luck Natalie!!"
Greg & Sarah Porquez $20.00 "Good luck and have fun guys!"
jordan holt $25.00 "Good luck! "
Cary Gilman $100.00 "We are very proud of you and what you are doing! Good luck and have a great time."
Heather Smith $50.00 "Good luck and best wishes on a great race, Danny. Thoughts and prayers with you and PFC Donny Eslinger, Jr. Many supporters are behind you both-- every step of the way! "
Jon Hansburg $100.00 "Good luck in the race!"
Sophie Hon $50.00 "May the peace of God be with you. Philippians 4:7."
Roger Stebenne $26.20 "Good luck Michele, this is a very good cause enjoy DC"
Kathy Taylor Hidden "Morgan and Debbie, So proud of you guys.....Good luck!"
Larry Zwieg $100.00 "Our prayers are with you!"
Michael Fresina $25.00 "Have a great run."
Cynthia Jenkins Ekman $50.00 "Best of luck to you! I have always wanted to run a marathon!"
mary barr $300.00 "God bless all of the Wounded Warriors and their loved ones."
Dawn Hendry $25.00 "Thanks for running, Tim!"
Kate Ellis $25.00 "Go Sandy!!!"
Joe Calabrese $50.00 "Good luck and have fun!"
Luis Carrasco $100.00 "HOOYAH Scuba Steve HOOYAH - Make us proud Devil Dog. "
Jeff Nieves $20.00 "Good luck Jeff. Regardless of outcome, everyone is a winner as a result of you effort."
Danelle Rempfer $25.00 "Thank you Ted!! "
Anne Balch $50.00 "Good Luck David!"
David Rowe Hidden "Good Luck, pace yourself. Dad & Mom"
David and Mary Sellman $50.00 "Good luck to both of you! We're proud of you!"
Anonymous $250.00 "Proud of you Helen. For: LT Dan Cnossen & in memory of: SO1 Jason R. Workman AO2 Marc Lee (SEAL) MA2 Michael Monsoor (SEAL) SOC Collin Thomas SOC Nate Hardy SOC Mike Koch & all our other fallen brothers & sisters: http://www.nswfoundation.org/fallenheroes.htm "
Andrew Clark $100.00 "Sophie, Best of luck on behalf of all of us at Agricraft and our Principles"
Marlene Hanna $50.00 "Running for Wounded Warriors and PFC Eslinger is a great service. Thank you for all you both do to keep the citizens of this great country safe! Marlene Hanna Alachua County Sheriff's Office"
Keith Harrison $100.00 "I want to thank all of our people in the military and the great sacrifice they endure for our country, regardless of branch they all rise above and beyound for God and country Keith Harrison Semper Fi"
Ed 1 Dean $100.00 "PFC Danny Eslinger, "Thank You" for defending us. Danny Banks, "Thank You" for representing us. May God bless you both. -Ed Dean"
gary meader $200.00 "good running scott and tess. Mom and DAD"
Cheryl Maccano $50.00 "Go George. You are supporting a noble cause. Best of luck. Cheryl & Luciano"
Beth Marshall $250.00 "Your are amazing! Good luck."
Curtis Berlin $50.00 "Thank you thinking of this wonderful project. "
Scott Brittsan Hidden "Good luck G!"
Sissy & Mark Doggett Hidden "I look forward to hearing about this memorable day you and your family members will share."
Tony Marciano $100.00 "Congratulations to the Castelluccio Family for their support of a great cause!!"
Marti Moore $25.00 "May God bless you, Donny, as you heal. And you, Danny, as you run for our Wounded Warriors. Thank you both for your service to all of us."
Steve Jones $100.00 "All The Way, Jumpmaster! My utmost respect for your willingness to "jump" at any chance to help our Wounded Warriors. MB Jones"
Ted Glasco $25.00 "This is a match to Danelle Remper's donation. Thanks Danelle!"
Robert Paul $50.00 "Congratulations Captain, on the Wonderful Job your doing helping our wounded Soldiers. I'm sure your efforts will be greatly be appreciated!! Bob and Ruth Paul "
Heather Buxton $25.00 "So proud of you, Ariana! Love you!"
David Scott $50.00 "Congratulations on another TCM, Tom! Good luck at Marine Corps Marathon. I have fond memories of this race because it was my PR (2:49:59) and allowed me to qualify for Boston. I am humbled by your fortitude to keep at this after so many years. You are an inspiration to many. Again, congratulations! Dave"
Dawn Maisano $20.00 "Good Luck Kevin!!"
Kenneth Tucker $50.00 "Have a great run Danny! Send pictures."
Candace Taylor $50.00 "Tom: Thanks for doing this for our Wounded Warriors. "He that loveth his brother abideth in the light, and there is none occasion of stumbling in him." 1 John 2:10 KJV"
Elizabeth Goddard $50.00 "Donation made by "Dwight Lankford""
Elizabeth Goddard $20.00 "Donation made by "Sgt. Charlie Giglio""
Theresa Goddard $100.00 " You go girl! Aunt Bernie and Little T & Grandpa"
Thomas Magill $50.00 "I hope our day of training helps! My dad and brother are in the army, so great cause! "
Lisa Sykes $10.00 "Good luck to Danny and the rest of the lads. You should be very proud of yourselves for all your achievements and hope you raise a fantastic amount for such a great cause. Lisa Sykes (DeVere Wokefield Park)"
Robert Rudisin $250.00 "We wish you the best! The URS Management Team"
steve Cobb $100.00 "May God bless you and your cause!"
Kevin Murphy $150.00 "All the Best! ~Kevin, Michael, TJ, Shamin & the Team at Baldor"
Dan Hood $100.00 "Good luck George, you will have fun. Dan"
Annette and Jeff Pilkington $50.00 "God luck Tim! Thanks for doing this to help our service members."
Kenneth Tucker Jr. $50.00 "A great cause to run for, I hope my contribution can help!"
Jennifer Guerin $25.00 "Kimmy, I know you will do amazing. Good luck! Love you!"
Jason Houle $50.00 "Good luck running, golf buddy!"
jim wilkie $100.00 "George, Best of luck, try to enjoy!!!"
Jason Kriegsman $50.00 "Good Luck Chief, this is a great cause."
Meg Meyers $25.00 "from Keith's grandmother"
Alan Butzbach $100.00 "Run So Foe Run!"
Jessica Lopez $40.00 "Run Steve, Run!!"
Brian & Kristin Dale $50.00 "Thanks for running Tim-- good luck with the fund raising and the run!!"
Jean Golisano $30.00 "Good Luck from Grandma's friends: Barbara Cheslock Ann & Lou Neumann"
Holly Pisarello $150.00 "George, I'm so impressed at your amazing efforts to train and complete such an important marathon! As we say down in the Louisiana Bayou.......GEAUX George, GEAUX!!!!"
Michael Sesma Hidden "Semper Fi! Have a great run, Jay!"
Elaine & Dane Andree $26.20 "This is an awesome effort for a great organization! Run like the wind!"
Elaine & Dane Andree $26.20 "Wish we could be there to root you all on! We're sending the cowbells with Grandma & Grandpa :)"
Elaine & Dane Andree $26.20 "Knock 'em dead, Emily. Thanks for representing the girls! We sure wish we could be there to cheer you on, but we will be there in spirit."
Elaine & Dane Andree $26.20 "Go Steve! We wish we could be there to cheer you on, but we'll have to settle for sending the cowbells with mom & dad :)"
Station Eats Station Eats $100.00 "Station Eats supports this great cause. Good luck."
MICHAEL SATZOW $100.00 "Good Luck!"
Cocco Family $100.00 "Great cause! We're proud of both of you! "
Lorrie/Bob Vaber $25.00 "Good luck David - It's good to see your keeping the running up."
Dean Little Hidden "Good luck George and don't take a wrong turn!"
paul richardson $50.00 "Thanks for your committment to this great cause. We will be thinking of you all day on Sunday. Our best wishes, Paul and Deedee"
Mark Welsh $25.00 "Rooting for you! Glad to be a part."
Siobhan Welsh $25.00 "YOU CAN DO IT!! Love you. Blessings. So glad to be able to partner with you in this!"
helen coxe $20.00 "From a fellow runner. "
ali chinisaz Hidden "Kick ass Bud"
jed davis $25.00 "Judge Kim, You'll always get my vote! I'm really proud of the way you're supporting the the Warriors that helped to our country free. Thank you little girl! Jedeye"
Leanne Wagoner $100.00 "Good luck and thanks for getting involved in this worthy cause."
Anonymous $100.00 "Heroes don't wear capes, they wear dog tags! "
Patricia Charest Hidden "Hi Tom, We are pleased to support this wonderful cause. Looking forward to seeing some photos of the marathon. Sincerely, Patty and Michel Charest"
liz and tim quick $100.00 "So proud of you, Anna! You Go Girl!!! Much love, Liz and Tim"
Bob and Carol Porter $100.00 "Good success Anna!"
Eliza Newman - d'Amore $50.00 "We will be thinking of you! "
Daniel McNeill $300.00 "Good luck To Danny, Phil, Robbie, Nick, Wingy and Jamie from Wokefield Park, DeVere's. Darren Townsend and Lisa Sykes wish you all the best and Good luck !!"
Susan Culin $20.00 "Good luck Danny-I hope to run into you at the race! I think this is a great cause. All my best wishes to PFC Donny Eslinger for a successful recovery and my thanks for his service!"
Maura Devaney $100.00 "Anna, we are so proud of you! Good luck! with love, the Devaney's"
Scott Lucas $100.00 "Go Bryan Go!!!"
Jason & Melissa Reed $100.00 "Wish we could be there. You'll do great!"
Kurt & Joy Kronenfeld $100.00 "Keep your cell handy! Run Forest Run! We are proud of you!"
Thomas Bowater $15.00 "Go get 'em Dorna!"
Anonymous Hidden "Thanks to everyone that supports me and our wounded warriors. Hope my efforts help tell a hero "thank you." A special thank you to "Chili" Palmer for his sacrifice. Our community remembers you and continues to embrace your wonderful family."
Jaleesa Glasco $40.00 "Go Uncle ! Love You ! :)"
Thomas Spettel $25.00 "Glad you are doing this Shane, hope you make your time goals."
Robert Brodhead $25.00 "I am a friend of Joe Scheiner. Thanks for being a participant in this fund-raising effort. It is important that we remember and support our wounded soldiers. Enjoy the race and finish strong."
Ted Glasco $40.00 "This is a match to Jaleesa's donation - thanks Jaleesa!"
Astrid Gutierrez $100.00 "Good Luck!"
RAJEN PATEL $100.00 "Best of luck Steve"
kirk Sethman $100.00 "Hey Brother, In my book your awsome! I look forward to sitting with you in the near future and have a cup of coffee.. Til then my prayers are with you! Kirk Sethman"
Ralph McEldowney $50.00 "Enjoy the journey and finish strong. Good luck!"
Josephine Loredo $25.00 "Thank you my wonderful and amazing son for what you are doing!"
Amanda Abraham $50.00 "Good Luck Shane! "
kelly horonzy $50.00 "Audra, Best of luck and i hope you enjoy the trip to D.C! your brother, Kelly H."
Rosalinda Babin $150.00 "So proud of you TT!"
Shannon Banks Hidden "GO GET EM, BOBERT! and be easy on that glute of yours..."
The SCSO Family $70.00 " To all the men and women in the armed services and to their families, thank you for your sacrifice and dedication. We respect you and honor you. Thank you Danny Banks for taking on this challenge. From the men and women at Seminole County Sheriff's Office"
Emily Pytka $35.00 "You are going to do awesome!!!! Can't wait for the move:)"
katie grasso Hidden "Good Luck!!! :) "
Thomas Eric Waters $500.00 "Please post this amount to Eric Waters (Thomas Eric Waters) fundraising efforts."
Christopher Sellick $50.00 "Bless you Guys. Run with glory in your heart, knowing that you are looked upon by a loved one. Chris and Michael Sellick"
David Sirak $100.00 "Donny, thanks for answering the call to fight for all of us. We stand ready to assist you as you stood up for all of us. "
russell myers $100.00 "good luck pal rrm"
Jessica Mendenhall $30.00 "Great cause. Good luck Rich!"
Michael Giddens $25.00 "Good Luck Danny!! For a Great Cause!!"
Kimberly and Larry Loveless $50.00 "Brad, Larry and i wish you luck in the race and are very happy to NOT be running this year! Good Luck!"
Paul Seehafer $50.00 "Thanks for going the extra miles!!!!!"
April Vavra $25.00 "go get 'em "wifey"...so proud of you!"
Erik Milne $100.00 "26 miles?!? Your a BEAST! Good luck bro"
Tighe Lanning $50.00 "Sub 3 or bust. "
morgan gurath $50.00 "Good luck Tom! Helluva price for a stapler (lol) - but worth it!:) Thanks for supporting the troops!"
TJ D'Alexander $20.00 "JIMMY!!"
Ted Glasco $25.00 "This is a match to Scott and Elizabeth Percey, thank you!"
Brandon Helms $50.00 "All your preparation will pay off! This is a great achievement and Lauren and I are happy to support you and our wounded warriors."
Kathleen Cunningham $30.00 "Hi Kevin, Miss talking with you and your great imitations of people other than you when you called your Mom. What a great cause and I know you will do great with your team cheering you on--Best of Luck. Kathy"
Matt Groller $25.00 "Go Rob!!! Love you! Tiff and Matt "
Jeffrey Burnett $100.00 "Way to go Bets, good luck! "
Patrick Casey $100.00 "God bless our troops."
Patrick McEvoy $50.00 "Better you than me!"
Penny Wing $100.00 "Hi Chris..good luck and remember to keep hydrated and vaselined? ..(that's a tip from Tony)..! Penny "
Jonathan Dorsey $200.00 "Brad- Thanks for doing this and wish you the best!"
Pat Esgate $50.00 "Go, Tim, go!"
Sharon Mondello $50.00 "You were too close to your goal not to make it....I'm proud of you!!"
Ray Van Saders Hidden "good luck"
Patrick South $50.00 "Good Luck Gina! "
John Hope $50.00 "Rob, please don't hurt yourself. That is a long way to travel by feet dude."
Alison Barber $20.00 "Good Luck Maritza!"
Amy Woloshan $500.00 "Good luck, we will be cheering you on from afar! We are VERY PROUD of you - you've worked so hard and this is a wonderful cause!!! We love you!!! Amy, Elle Marie & Luke"
Courtney Moore $30.00 "Good luck this weekend!! You will do great! You have so much to be proud of and I am so proud to call you my bestfriend! I love you : )"
paul o'hare $100.00 "great cause....all the best!"
Bahira Hannibal $25.00 "Go Tim Go!!!"
Anonymous $100.00 "Let's Do This!!!"
Cecilia Gonzalez $650.00 "Have a great run! "
Jamie Fisk $100.00 "God Bless Our Troops !! "
Michael Karlic $50.00 "Great cause, best of luck."
Leslie Hobbs $25.00 "Run, Shane, Run!"
john wolfe $50.00 "Good Luck. Your just so strong. "
Mark Smith Hidden "Good luck Shane!"
Megan Gordon-Lakey $30.00 "Run like the wind!! Good luck, Champ!! :)"
Brett Cisler $100.00 "Good Luck and thanks for your your efforts to support a great cause!"
Grady Hamilton $50.00 "Go get 'em, Shaner. Proud of you, bud! "
Jana Pedersen $25.00 "I'm so proud of you Scottie Too Hottie!! <3"
Bryan Hoffmann $50.00 "As you run a SUB 3:00 marathon, keep this in mind: $1.91/mile is coming from me! :-) Good luck!"
Kevin Stack $50.00 "Semper Fi, Rob, and best of luck!"
Abby Perlman $50.00 "Congrats and enjoy every moment...and remember, slow and steady wins the race! "
Baxter Starnes $100.00 "George, enjoy the race and the sights. You will do fine."
NewBridge Bank Hidden "Good luck George! Your friends at NewBridge Bank are cheering for you all weekend."
George Koutsis $100.00 "Good luck Gina!!! I know all that "hard work" will pay off!! This donation is on behalf of Adelphia Exteriors your source for attic insulation, windows, and gutters www.adelphiaexteriors.com ;) "
Viki Koutsis $50.00 "Go Ginnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Good luck sweet heart!! THE GREEK MAMA!"
Rebecca Ober $50.00 "Good Luck Shane! Thanks for the invite"
Kristie Stevenson Hidden "Love u guys~"
Mark Francescon $50.00 "Good luck Shane!"
Greg Fischer $50.00 "I predict a 2:57. :-)"
Aaron Duncan $50.00 "Good Luck Shane, you're a beast!"
Aldona Wos Hidden " Good luck!"
Anonymous Hidden "Good luck David! (from Dixie Vaber's daughter, Heather)"
Cherylyn Waibel $50.00 "Good luck!!! And remember pain is weakness leaving your body : ) "
Sarah Kaye $100.00 "Good luck Gina! I am sure you will do AWESOME!"
David Flint-Johnson $20.00 "Go for it Rob"
Mike Leighlitner $20.00 "Run Mo Run!"
Seminole County Sheriff's Office Family $440.00 "Our heartfelt appreciation to all the service men and woman who risk their lives to preserve our freedom. Special thanks to Danny Banks for honoring Donny and others like him and to our friend Darren Peters for his generous donation of "Prayers for Donny" t-shirts, which helped us to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project. We remain DONNY STRONG!"
Elizabeth Stouges $50.00 "Proud of you, Kevin! Good luck! Love, Aunt Betty"
katherine burris $30.00 "Suzie and Marcus, Have a great time. From an active duty Air Force family, Marcus, you ROCK and THANK YOU! Suzie, I remember when you started out running. I'm proud of you. You Go Girl! Katherine"
Peter Geshel $20.00 "Have a great time, I am so envious!"
Cole & Brody Lee $100.00 "Go Shane!!!"
Billy O'Donnell $26.20 "Great job Michele- run strong!!"
Anonymous $25.00 "Jane, Thanks for supporting such a worthy cause! "
Kelsie Enders $293.00 "This donation is on behalf of the participants of the raffle and the generosity of all who attended the fundraiser. A remaining $496 will be forthcoming on behalf of Union Jacks in Columbia. Thank you to all who participated and a special thanks to the wounded warriors, Zack and Joe, who came in to show their support for a worthy cause! I'm sure Scott would have been very happy with the turn out and the support shown!"
Anonymous Hidden "Go Ced!"
Kathy Meader Hidden "Go Scooter! We are very proud of you. Garret, Kathy, Ash, Eliza & Katy "
Angelique Forrester $25.00 "Good luck! :)"
Diane Stanley $50.00 "Thanks for doing this for all of our "wounded warriers" and their families. I admire you and wish Godspeed."
Fred Troisi $25.00 "Good Luck Cous!"
laura may $20.00 "Semper Fi sister! Good luck and have a blast!!"
Scott Perlman $25.00 "Go get it Girl! We love you and are so proud of you!! -The Perlman family (Scott, Dawn and Alena)"
EJ,MerryO&Dave Oliverio $100.00 "Here's to courage,yours and the Wounded Warriors. Thanks for doing your part to help. Love, The Dave Oliverio Family"
Robert Harry $50.00 "Is this tax-detuctable? Good Luck."
christine winton Hidden "good luck rich will be thinking of you Chris,Mark Ian and Jennie "
Katie Traxton $25.00 "In memory of Lt Daniel John Clack, 1st Battalion The Rifles, a fantastic guy and soldier. Come on, Robby, do us all proud!"
Dell Rovansek $50.00 "Good Luck! Congratulations for reaching your goal and supporting such a great organization."
West Drew $40.00 "Good Luck Shaner! I'm sure you will accomplish your goal......."
Angelyne Cooper $50.00 "Way to go Maritza!!! We know you will do wonderful today. Many thanks to you and all the other honorable men and women who serve. XOXO"
Anonymous $110.00 "Good luck Mike! Love, Mom"
Barry Safrit $50.00 "George - you are doing a great thing! Congratulations and best of luck ! Barry"
Lauren Lepore $100.00 "Good luck, Anna! Xoxo"
John & Valerie Ratchford $100.00 "Wish you the best in this endeavor. Know you will make us proud."
Suzanne Hancock $20.00 "Good luck to Gary and others. From Suzanne & family"
Kateri Quattrone $50.00 "Good Luck, Gina!! "
Sarah Aderholdt $25.00 "Bus, You are my hero and mentor...in more ways than just the MC Marathon. Rabbit"
Benjamin Fernandes $100.00 "Good luck sweetie!"
Louis & Diane Auxier $75.00 "In Honor of Scott Davidson. With Heartfelt Sadness for Your Loss, Louis, Diane, Richard, Shannon & Lindsey"
Bianca Jimenez $50.00 "Good luck!! Run like the wind ! ;)"
Bianca Jimenez $50.00 "Good luck girl!! Run like the wind!!"
Joe Millado Hidden " Go get em! We are Ninja Marines!!! "
Sue Taylor Hidden "I'm so proud of you Bob - Grandpa's smiling down on you"
Anonymous $25.00 ""Good Luck Shane!""
Patricia Titus $250.00 "Thank you for your service to our country and for working so hard to help this worthy cause. Love you. Momma Patti"
Benjamin Lears $20.00 "I think it's great that you're running in your brothers place, Sean. Good luck tomorrow!"
Rachel Kelly $20.00 "Keep Running David! Don and Barb"
Rachel Kelly $15.00 "Good Going David! Uncle Jim and Aunt Bev"
Janice Sutton $25.00 "What a great cause, Kevin. I'm so proud of you. love, Janice"
Paula Youngberg Webb Hidden "Eric- Good luck and thanks for running!"
Banks Ridge $1,200.00 "Donny Strong! We appreciate your commitment to serving in the Army and fighting on our behalf. Tomorrow I will run on our behalf. This is all for you! Keep fighting through your recovery. We will carry you there, brother! DB"
Michelle Turner $25.00 "We love you Bubba and are so proud of you!"
Harold Nichols $50.00 "Run extra 5 miles for me. Have good run"
Anonymous $100.00 "Via Joan Bahr.... Stay strong and run well"
Anonymous $25.00 "Good luck Ced, great cause!"
Kitty Zeunen $50.00 " How awesome both you and Marcus are to participate in this race and earn money for a great cause!!"
Bradley Ducat $20.00 "Have fun today. Good luck, God bless."
Lori Helfand $50.00 "Way to go Ted!!!"
Jane Hausterman $50.00 "Shane, we're so proud of you! Love, Jane & Doug"
Kyle & Denise Fishlock $25.00 "Thank you for your service, Tom & thank you for supporting our troops! "
Angela Leach $25.00 "Best of Luck Jason!!! Awesome Job!"
mary mccann $250.00 "From all the McCanns"
Candice Spadola $50.00 "Way to go Rob,so proud of you. Love Ya Candy"
Moira Horan Hidden "Congratulations!"
Rhonda Adkins $100.00 "Grea Job Dani, proud to support you and such a worthy cause!!!!!"
Sal & Jean Golisano $20.00 "Good luck from The Visceglie's and Aunt Grace"
joseph lapeyre $100.00 "Strong work Brad! Great commitment!"
Gregory Macneir $50.00 "Great Luck Tom! You can do it!"
Mr. and Mrs. Alden S. Denham $50.00 "We are so proud of you!!!! You are a wonderful human being. God bless you always. We love you!"
Jenine and Kim Denham $50.00 "We, like mom and dad, are also proud of you Maritza! Congratulations on a great run!!! Go girl!!!! Love you!"
Katherine Featherstone $50.00 "Great job, Tim!"
Gerald Tracey $100.00 "Jane we are so proud of you!"
Paul Shangold $50.00 "Hope you did great!"
jamie jowett $50.00 "glad we all made it,,,,mostly aimed at john the dain and earny:)"
Ellisa Stone $25.00 "Great job girl! :)"
Lindsay Harris $50.00 "Go Girl !!"
Justin Henry Hidden "I know I'm late, but I hope it went well!"
Elizabeth McBride $75.00 "Gina, you are inspiring! Great role model -- my daughters admire you! -- The McBride family"
Steve Teran $25.00 "Tom-Thanks for supporting the troops and a great cause."
Joshua Rubeck Hidden "well done guys"
Daryn Ramsey $20.00 "Kevin I think this is a great cause and being that you are associated with it, makes it even more worth the while. My prayers are with the foundation and everyone associated with it. God bless. Daryn Ramsey "
Judy Sparks $100.00 "Sorry this is late - hope it still contributes to your goal. Thank you for your efforts for this worthy cause."
Chris Wing $300.00 "Finally the money goes onto the website!!"
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