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'abideth faith, hope, charity, ... the greatest of these is charity.' Cor 13:13
Thank you for visiting! My name is Jeff Brooks. I am the father of two beautiful daughters. One of them has left this earth and joined Jesus as a result of a rare form of childhood cancer. Childhood Cancer is not like adult forms and research into adult forms often does nothing to advance treatments for children. Childhood cancer is seriously underserved by the well known cancer groups. I have seen statistics that while the big cancer organizations always advertise with children they give about $30 per life year lost for childhood cancers while give about $300/ life year for breast and $2000 / life year for prostrate How serious is Childhood Cancer? It is the number one disease killer of children... and while the diagnosis rate is decreasing for many childhood cancer rates are increasing. My wife and I have formed the Taylor Brooks Foundation to serve patients, families and doctors dealing with rare forms of childhood cancer thru: - increasing the visibility of Childhood Cancer - humanitarian support of the patients and caregivers -resources to analyze and implement treatment options - resources to research new treatments. As part of the fund raising for The Taylor Brooks Foundation we have been "adopted" by SkyLine Pest Control and TNT. THese are both very gracious privately owned organizations with owners and Employees that give back to the community. We cannot thank them enough. In addition i occasionally participate in endurance sports events and other athletes will do the same for donations. Your generous donation or participation as a fundraising athlete will be greatly appreciated. We have achieved our first goal to fund a fellowship in the childhood sarcoma oncology field. Now we hope to raise funds for research in the same field> For more information on the foundation and recent activites visit www.taylorbrooksfoundation.org or on facebook groups "The Taylor Brooks Foundation" Please forward this link to your friends neighbors and co-workers God Bless Jeff Brooks President The Taylor Brooks Foundation

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