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It's been a year. Rob and I are counting down the days to participating in the 2nd annual Teb's Troops 5K March on Melanoma. Every dime we raise is going to cancer research and patient support. As with so many late stage cancers, there is currently no cure for late stage melanoma.

Teb's Troops (www.tebstroops.org) was founded shortly after Tricia E. Black ("teb") was diagnosed with Stage IV melanoma at age 29. Tricia's law school classmates founded Teb's Troops to support Tricia in her battle against the disease. The organization has raised over $150,000 and continues to be run by an amazing group of volunteers. Tricia bravely fought the disease for more than a year. She passed away not long after her 30th birthday, leaving behind a loving husband and young son.

Tricia was a kindergarten carpool mate of mine. When I think about her fight with cancer, I can't help thinking about the strangeness of fate. Rob and I will be running the Teb's Troops in Chicago on Sunday, July 20th. It's the day before my 32nd birthday. Two years of life that I've gotten that Tricia did not get. After growing up in the same Indiana life. There's no reason why. Just fate. And the fact that there's no cure.

But I truly believe that cures for cancer are within reach. Some day in the not so distant future, such random twists of fate will no longer mean the difference between life and death. We just need the resources to get there.

So Rob and I would be grateful for every penny you're willing to spare to support our run. Cancer research is a cause close to our hearts for many reasons. And this organization is a fantastic vehicle for that cause.

Every single cent will be going towards cancer research and cancer patient support. We can't promise a blistering pace for our run. But we can promise that your support will speed up the race to cure melanoma and other cancers. Last year we were two of the highest fundraisers for this event, bringing in well over $1000. This year we hope to raise at least another $1000... and would love to pass last year's total.

Thank you in advance for your support in this very important fight!!

Love, Katherine & Rob

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