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KimPossible's Fundraising Page inspire the 9 year old version of me
When I was 9 I would get physically ill at the thought of going to gym class. I've always been quite the uncoordinated one, and never felt all. I've attempted to "become" a runner numerous times and often wonder how certain aspects of my life might have been different if I'd learned at a younger age that runners don't have to start off super athletic! You would probably agree that breaking bad habits and starting great ones get harder and harder as you grow older. I'm partnering with a program for girls from 3rd-5th grade at my school to help develop great, healthy habits in them. Some can afford the cost of the program, and some cannot. Often times those that cannot afford to join health education programs are the ones that need it the most, so this is just a small way to help. As a part of this, I'm committing to train for a 5K on May 15 at George Mason University (Yay for the Couch to 5K program!), and to raise some fundage so some other girls in Northern Virginia can also be a part this. Donate and pray for the girls that will receive your donation-that they will come to know how valuable they are.
Girls on the Run is an innovative health education and wellness program that combines training for a 3.1 mile run/walk event with life-changing, self esteem enhancing lessons that encourage healthy habits and an active lifestyle for third through eighth grade girls. SoleMates is the adult charity running program of Girls on the Run. We are a team of female and male athletes who pursue individual goals, such as running a marathon, to raise money for Girls on the Run programs nationwide. Our mission is to inspire girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running. Please check out our website at

To learn more about Girls on the Run SoleMates CLICK HERE

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Tiffany Aurora Hidden "Love this, Kim! Have fun with it! "
Alivia Nuzzo $25.00
Jamie Swartz Hidden "You can do it! ;)"
Andrew Lloyd Hidden "Great cause Kim-possible. Have fun out there!"
David Burton Hidden "Good luck Kim/Mim, we are proud of you!"
Anonymous $20.00
Vanessa Estevez Hidden
david burton, sr. Hidden "Kim - you always make Mom and me proud of you with your courageous endeavors!!"
Chelsea Biermacher Hidden
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