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Just look at my two darlings who cannot wait to be Girls on the Run themselves. They already run around the house yelling "I'm a girl on the run!" So what if it's in a tutu - at least they have their shirts and tattoos! I started being involved in GOTR right before I got pregnant with Stella. Now that I have both her and Charlotte as daughters, this program continues to pull at my heart-strings. Although I don't volunteer as much of my time as I used to, Andy & I still support GOTR financially and work at both 5Ks each year - Andy leads the race on his bicycle and I work at a booth. I want my daughters to grow up with self confidence and healthy habits. I also want other girls to as well. I am a GOTR SoleMate this year which means I am training to run a 10K on April 30th to raise money for our local GOTR. This program is awesome and your contribution will help make sure the program continues and no girl is turned away due to financial reasons. Visit for more details on the local GOTR program.

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Total Donations: $610.00
Goal: $500

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Contributor Amount Comment
Annie Barkley Hidden "Good luck, Tricia! "
Andy Wade $50.00 "You rock! As Stella says, "You can't catch me - I'm a girl on the run!""
Krista Lorenz Hidden "Good luck to you and all of the participants of Girls on the Run! "
Judith Kolbinsky Hidden "I'm proud of you, Tricia."
Maria Costello Hidden "Good Luck Tricia! You amaze me with all you do!"
Stacy McConnell Hidden "Way to go girls!"
Deb Riggs Hidden "You go, girl!! Awesome cause! Awesome mother! Deb"
Julie Bucher $25.00 "Very proud of you! Kick butt! Love you! Aunt Juls and Tony"
Molly Kantz Hidden "Sounds like a great reason to run! Have fun!"
Susan Bucher Hidden "Good luck, Trish!"
Theresa Carner Hidden "Never heard of the group before, sounds like a great cause!! You are an awesome mom!!"
Kay and Howard Pitchon $25.00 "Keep on runnin'! With love."
Valerie Siebel $10.00 "Have a great run and thanks for supporting such a great program!"
Erin Hall Hidden "Such a neat organization Tricia! Have fun!"
Scott Grothaus $20.00
Kim Spangler $20.00 "on behalf of Messer Construction"
Josh Hughes $20.00
John Megibben $50.00
Mike Magnotta $20.00
Tom Lampe $25.00
Lori Tingle $20.00 "Good luck Tricia and have a blast!!"
Tiffany Witham $20.00
Matthew Barney $20.00
Bridget Castellini $15.00 "Good luck, Tricia! All the best- Bridget"
Kimberly O'Donnell $10.00 "I saw you were at $690 and had to bump it up to $700! What a great accomplishment! "
Bill Krausen $50.00
Girls on the Run is an innovative health education and wellness program that combines training for a 3.1 mile run/walk event with life-changing, self esteem enhancing lessons that encourage healthy habits and an active lifestyle for third through eighth grade girls. SoleMates is the adult charity running program of Girls on the Run. We are a team of female and male athletes who pursue individual goals, such as running a marathon, to raise money for Girls on the Run programs nationwide. Our mission is to inspire girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running. Please check out our website at

To learn more about Girls on the Run SoleMates CLICK HERE

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