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Nephrotic Syndrome, FSGS, Kidney Disease
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Sign on for Dawn
Get on the Ball!
Sign on for Dawn honors JMU women’s basketball star and NephCure Ambassador Dawn Evans, raising community awareness about Nephrotic Syndrome and FSGS and funding research that will help Dawn and the thousands of others affected by these rare kidney diseases.

Show your support by making a donation and your name will be added to the virtual basketball.

$25 Donation gets your name on the official "Sign on for Dawn" page, showing Dawn your support!

$100 Donation gets your name on the virtual ball in black and on a large-scale printed ball to be presented to Dawn in person.

$500 Donation gets your name on the ball in gold, your signature in gold on the large-scale printed ball to be presented to Dawn in person, and a signed certificate of appreciation from The NephCure Foundation.

Remember to leave Dawn a comment of support!


Vicki Wallace, Brandon Sweeney, Jenny Hildebrand, Drew Richard, Andrea Benvenuto, Allison Forrest, D'Andra Moss, QJuan Gray, Ann Munday, Thomas Wang, Bob Dillion, Paul Miller, Edward Wood, Tom Benzing, Martin Pollak, Sonny Dearth, Shane McMahan, Brian Uy, Thomas Napoli, Bryan Yamashita, Scott Charney, Michael Landes, Kuvat Momynaliev, Leslie Berni, Dolly Lawson, JoAnn Trahan, Linda and Bob Battenfield

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Total Donations: $8,016

Goal: $10,000

$0 80% $10,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Robinett Versey Hidden "Hello my beautiful girl! God has continued to shine his ever loving light upon your life. Always know that you must strive daily to put and keep God at the the top and center in all that you do. Keep in touch as your future grows more prosperous each day. Maintain and stay Focused. LOVE AND BLESSINGS! Mama Versey"
michael levine $500.00 "dawn, you are an inspiration to all. thanks very much for bringing awareness and exposure to this kidney destroying disease that has no cure and destroys kidneys, families and lives in it path.we know that this is the only way we can win this battle. just maybe with your help and our hard work we can create a miracle for all those that are battling this terrible kidney destroying disease. we feel honored to be on the same team with you. best of luck to you and your teammates on the upcoming hoops season. thanks very much. love, michael, dana, matthew and sydney levine."
Hal Bedell $100.00 "Best of luck to a great young lady. Clarksville/Montgomery County High School principals."
Tom Benzing $25.00 "Go Dawn! We're rooting for you!"
Thomas Wang $25.00 "God bless Dawn!"
Edward Wood $25.00 "My wife and I have been long time fans and supporters of JMU women's basketball. We have enjoyed watching you play these last 4 years. We wish you and the team great success this season. We also hope you have many more games like the Virginia one. When you leave JMU we wish you health, happiness and success in whatever you chose to do."
Anne & Joe Riley $100.00 "Dawn, You are a wonderful inspiration to the JMU and Harrisonburg community. Best wishes for happiness, good health, and a great final basketball season at JMU! Your fans, Anne and Joe Riley"
Sonny Dearth $82.00 "$1 for every JMU point in an 82-80 win over UVA -- perhaps the most remarkable final four minutes I've ever seen in any game! A 6-hour-plus round trip was well worth it. I couldn't write a script that wonderful, especially given Dawn took the mike afterward."
Brian Uy $25.00 "ALOHA from Honolulu Dawn! B Uy & D Uy"
Rich Genatt $500.00 "Dawn...............keep up the great work."
Shiria Kwoka $100.00 "Hi Dawn, you make us so proud. We know that the strong survive. Your heart is so big, and your strenght unforgettable. Just keep the faith and know you are in our prayers always. Kick butt!!! Love Always, Auntie and Uncle Hans "
Machella Fisher $100.00 "Dawn, May your Faith, courage and strength continue to be an inspiration to others. We're proud of you and Love you very much. May God continue to bless you on this journey. I believe it's already done Aunt Leasie and Uncle Herb"
Thomas Napoli $25.00 "Duke Dog Duke Dog Hallelujah!!!"
Mike & Carol Schikman $100.00 "We love you!"
Kimi and Patrick Sucharski $100.00 "We are so proud, such beauty inside and out....Ho a'e ka 'ike he'enalu i ka hokua o ka 'ale!!"
RICK&JANE SMITH $100.00 "dawn, i talked to your father a couple of years ago at the basketball banquet and i told him that i thought you would be the first female president of the united states of america. i also remeber you and a few of your friends comimg by our tail gate party at a football game to sample some grilled venison, which you liked. oh what fond memories. the best to you in the future. you will always have a home in harrisonburg. love rick and jane smith."
Michael Landes $40.00 "Dawn Our family is so impressed with the way you deal with this disease and how you compete for the Dukes at an extremely high level. You are one special player and obviously a very special person. I think your success on the court, and in life, will serve you well in all your future career goals and ambitions. Good luck #23! GO DUKES!!!!!! Michael , Anne, Andrew & Ashley Landes."
Doris Walker $100.00 "When I pray you are always there in my heart .I love you"
leslie berni Hidden "We're cheering for you Dawn!"
Carrie Comer $25.00 "Best of luck, Dawn! Tracy, Carrie, Taylor & Erin Comer"
JoAnn Trahan $50.00 "Hi Dawn! You are a remarkable young lady and we love you very much. Continue to stay focus and keep your faith... Aunt JoAnn"
Chester Bradfield $200.00 "It's your thoughts, decisions, actions, FAITH and generosity that create the legacy of your life. Thanks for making a difference and setting a great example. You are special! Chester & Nancy Bradfield "
Neal Frankel $25.00 "I appreciate your support of the NephCure Foundation. I was diagnosed with FSGS in September 2010. This donation is for both of us and all others who have chronic kidney disease. Thank you. "
Phillip Acosta (GuROO LLC) $500.00 "Amazing story Dawn. Keep doing your thing and let me know where Myself and my company can help your cause. Go Dukes!"
Al Koken $150.00 "It was a true pleasure being able to broadcast Dawn's games these past 4 years on Comcast Sportsnet. It's been an even greater pleasure to see what a tremendous person and role model she is beyond her spectacular basketball skills . ALL the best, Dawn !"
LaTasha Murry $25.00 "God Bless You!"
BRYAN OLIVER $25.00 "Hi Dawn i am from Washington DC.I played football with your dad;Your story touch my heart tell dad Bryan Oliver {Birdie}said hi we are proud of you "
Daphanue Johnson $100.00 "I saw you play as a "new" LA Spark and didn't immediately recognize the name. I was embarrassed about it and immediately googled "Dawn Evans" when I got home. I read your story and was inspired and truly in awe! I know that Penny Toler is the best GM in the league and thought highly of you to bring you on. And she is not without reason; you have earned your way to LA! Congrats and peace and many blessings Dawn!"
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