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Captain Robert Hillery and Captain Mosi Smith
Marines "1 in 10"
Simply $1 and 5 people...

Ladies and gentlemen, we (Robert Hillery and Mosi Smith) are continuing the long-term fundraising campaign for the Semper Fi Fund—"1 in 10". We respectfully request two, simple things:

First, that you pledge to donate $1 for every race we complete in 2014. That's it, just $1!

Second, that you pledge to tell five people about our fundraising campaign and ask them to do the same. You can donate throughout the year however you like, we just ask that by year's end you honor your pledge totaling a $1 for each race we complete.

Our goal is $1 million! Very ambitious we know, but through the power of networking and mass communication we hope to achieve our goal for our Wounded Warriors through the Semper Fi Fund. The Fund (www.semperfifund.org) is a non profit organization that helps America's true heroes recovering from catastrophic injury. 100% of the donations from the "1in10" awareness campaign go to help injured Marines. All race expenses are covered out of pocket or by the generosity of supporters and/or personal sponsors.

Team Semper Fi (TSF) was established in 2006 by the Semper Fi Fund as an extension of the assistance that the Fund provides to those who are injured in combat and training. The idea for Team Semper Fi was inspired by those wounded Marines and Sailors who refused to let their challenges prevent them from competing in athletic events, and whose drive and determination was inspirational to us all.

Thank you for supporting our efforts to fundraise to assist The Semper Fi Fund's mission to serve those who preserve our freedom. We hope, with your help, that we can bring increasing awareness and financial support for these brave men and women.

Semper Fidelis,
Captain Hillery & Captain Smith

The Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible. Our Federal Tax ID # 26-0086305 We are members of the CFC. Our campaign number is 11459.

Check out the link below for a video of the inaugural Endless Summer 6-Hour Run benefitting the Semper Fi Fund (created by athlete/artisan: Paula Carrigan)


Rob’s Race Count in 2014: Mosi’s Race Count in 2014:
› Ragnar Southern California (4-5 Apr) › South Carolina 24-Hour Track Race (15-Mar)
› Mulberry Island Half Marathon (20-Sep) › Umstead 100-Mile Endurance Run (5-Apr)
› Marine Corps Mararthon (26-Oct) › Long Cane 50K Trail Run (17-May)
› DeKalb County P.D. Beat the Badge 5K (31-May)
› Bad Marsh 50K Night Ultra (21-Jun)
› Dusk to Dawn 50-Miler (28-Jun)
› Peachtree Road Race 10K (4-Jul)
› Endless Summer 6-Hour Run (26-Jul)
› Burning River 100-Mile Endurance Run (2-Aug)
› Inaugural South End Shuffle 5K (27-Sep)
› Virginia Triple Iron Triathlon (9-Oct)
› Atlanta 1/2-Marathon (27-Nov)
› Rocket City Marathon (13-Dec)

Rob’s Race Count in 2013: Mosi’s Race Count in 2013:
› SoCal Super Spartan (26-Jan) › Pacer @ HURT 100-Miler (19-Jan)
› Menifee Half-Marathon (19-May) › St. John 8 Tuff Miles Road Race (23-Feb)
› Alpha Warrior Obstacle Race (15-June) › Rock’N’Roll USA Marathon Pacer (16-Mar)
› San Diego Costume Run Hilarious Half Marathon (7-Jul) › Bull Run Run 50-Miler (13-Apr)
› Bolt to the Q 5k (21-Jul) › Boston Marathon (15-Apr)
› Camp Pendleton Triathlon (3-Aug) › Badwater: Salton Sea 81-Mile Team Race (6-May)
› America’s Finest City Half Marathon (18-Aug) › Old Dominion 100-Miler (1-Jun)
› Temecula Half Marathon (20-Oct) › Dawsons Fathers Day 10K (16-Jun)
› San Diego Holiday Half Marathon (29-Dec) › Pacer @ Badwater 135 Ultramarathon (15-Jul)
› John Wall 1-Mile (20-Jul)
› Endless Summer 6-Hour Run (27-Jul)
› Labor Pain 12-Hour Trail Run (1-Sep)
› Annapolis Police Dept One Mile Challenge (7-Sep)
› Croatan 24-Hour Run (9-Nov)

Rob’s Race Count in 2012: Mosi’s Race Count in 2012:
› San Diego Half-Marathon (11-Mar) › Holiday Lake 50K (11-Feb)
› San Diego Triathlon Classic (10 Sep) › Seneca Creek Greenway Trail 50K (3-Mar)
› Oceanside Turkey Trot (23-Nov) › B&A Trail Half Marathon (4-Mar)
› Lower Potomac River Marathon (11-Mar)
› Rock’N’Roll USA Marathon Pacer (17-Mar)
› Boston Marathon (16-Apr)
› New Jersey-Long Branch Marathon (6-May)
› Endless Summer 6-Hour Run (19-May)
› Western States 100-mile Endurance Race (23-Jun)
› Badwater 135-Mile Ultramarathon (16-Jul)
› Annapolis 10-miler (26-Aug)
› Marine Corps Marathon (28-Oct)
› Ripley Race 5K (4-Nov)
› JFK 50-Miler (17-Nov)
› Cajun Coyote 100-Miler (1-Dec)

Rob’s Race Count in 2011: Mosi’s Race Count in 2011:
› Rock and Roll Arizona Marathon (16-Jan) › Carlsbad Marathon (24-Jan)
› Washington's Birthday Marathon (20-Feb) › Rocky Raccoon 100-Miler (5-Feb)
› Dahlgren Trail Half Marathon (27-Feb) › Holiday Lake 50K (12-Feb)
› B&A Trail Half Marathon (6-Mar) › B&A Trail Half Marathon (6-Mar)
› Shamrock Marathon (20-Mar) › DC National Marathon Pacer (26-Mar)
› DC National Marathon (26-Mar) › Boston Marathon (18-Apr)
› Diamond Valley Lake Marathon (09-Apr) › Promise Land 50K (23-Apr)
› Ironman St. George (7-May) › Annapolis One-Mile Challenge (21-May)
› Rock and Roll San Diego Marathon (06-June) › Soldier Field 10-Miler (28-May)
› San Diego International Triathlon (26-Jun) › Splash N' Dash Aquathlon (12-Jun)
› Carlsbad Triathlon (10-Jul) › Big Bear Lake 12-Hour Run (16-Jul)
› Malibu Triathlon (18-Sep) › Endless Summer 6-Hour Run (23-Jul) – [Race Director]
› Magic Mountain Man Triathlon (Relay)(09-Oct) › Annapolis 10-Miler (28-Aug) – [Hurricane Irene]
› Del Mar Mud Run 5k (15-Oct) › NCR Trail 20-Miler (4-Sep)
› Chula Vista Challenge Triathlon (16-Oct) › Chicago Marathon (9-Oct)
› King & Chung Triathlon (23-Oct) › Mountain Masochist Trail Run 50-Miler (5-Nov)
› John Ripley Memorial Race 5K (6-Nov)
› JFK 50-Miler (19-Nov)
› Cajun Coyote 100-Miler (3-Dec)
› Annapolis Strider’s Anniversary Run 15K (11-Dec)

Rob’s Race Count in 2010: Mosi’s Race Count in 2010:
› denotes races completed to date
› Goofy's Race and a Half Challenge (9-10 Jan) › Carlsbad Marathon (24-Jan)
› Rock and Roll Arizona Marathon (17-Jan) › Rocky Raccoon 100-mile Ultramarathon (26-Feb)
› Carlsbad Marathon (24-Jan) › Seneca Creek Greenway Trail 50K (6-Mar)
› Miami Marathon (31-Jan) › Suntrust National Marathon (20-Mar)
› Surf City Marathon (7-Feb) › Carlsbad 5000 Road Race (11-Apr)
› Twin Peaks 50-mile Ultramarathon (13-Feb) › Boston Marathon (19-Apr)
› Pasadena Marathon (21-Feb) › Tough Mudder - New York/Pennsylvania (5-May)
› Rock and Roll Mardi Gras Marathon (28-Feb) › Kinetic Sprint Triathlon (9-May)
› Doublepeak Challenge (13-Mar) › Keys 100-Mile Ultramarathon (15-16 May)
› Devil Dog Duathlon (20 Mar) › Dawson's Father's Day 10K (20-Jun)
› LA Marathon (21-Mar) › Pacer @ Western States 100-Miler (26-Jun)
› Ironman California 70.3 (27-Mar) › Peachtree Road Race 10K (4-Jul)
› Superfrog Triathlon (11-Apr) › Bay Ridge Marlins Swimathon (17-Jul)
› Big Rock Triathlon (17-Apr) Ultraman Canada (31-Jul - 02-Aug) **canceled due to military obligations
› Temecula Challenge Triathlon (18-Apr) › Blue Crab Bolt 10K Trail Run (31-Jul)
› SoCal Ragnar Relay (24-25 Apr) › Ben Moore's Memorial 1/2-Marathon (7-Aug)
› Spring Spring Triathlon (2-May) › Splash N' Dash Aquathlon (8-Aug)
› Prague Marathon (9-May) › Drake Well Marathon (22-Aug)
› Orange County Duathlon (22-May) › Annapolis 10-Miler (29-Aug)
› Strawberry Festival 5K (30-May) › Rock and Roll Virginia Beach 1/2-Marathon (5-Sep)
› Laguna Hills Memorial Day 1/2-Marathon (31-May) › Nations Triathlon (12-Sep)
› Playa Del Run Huntington Beach (5-Jun) › Chestertown 1/2-Marathon (18-Sep)
› Rock and Roll San Diego Marathon (6-Jun) › Rock and Roll Philadelphia 1/2-Marathon (19-Sep)
› LA Series Triathlon Bonelli Lake (13-Jun) › Showdown at Sundown 5K (25-Sep)
› Rock and Roll Seattle Marathon (26-Jun) › Grindstone 100-mile Ultramarathon (1-Oct)
› Carlsbad Triathlon (11-Jul) › Steamtown Marathon (10-Oct)
› Irvine Lake Mud Run (17-Jul) › Baltimore Marathon (16-Oct)
› Strawberry Fields Triathlon (18-Jul) › Marine Corps Marathon (31-Oct)
› Ultraman Canada (31-Jul - 02-Aug) › Rosaryville Veteran's Day 50K Ultramarathon (13-Nov)
› Patrick Henry 1/2-Marathon (28-Aug) › JFK 50-Mile Ultramarathon (20-Nov)
› Rock and Roll Virginia Beach 1/2-Marathon (5-Sep) › Atlanta 1/2-Marathon (25-Nov)
› Arlington Fire Department Memorial 9/11 5k (12-Sep) › Hellgate 100K Ultramarathon (11-Dec)
› Nation’s Triathlon (12-Sep)
› Chestertown 1/2-Marathon (18-Sep)
› Rock and Roll Philadelphia 1/2-Marathon (19-Sep)
› Maymont X-Country 8-miler (25-Sep)
› Naylor's Beach Triathlon (26-Sep)
› Giant Acorn Triathlon (02-Oct)
› Brierman Triathlon (03-Oct)
› Baltimore Marathon (16-Oct)
› Back to School 8k (17-Oct)
› Walk for Autism 5k Run (23-Oct)
› Wolf Trap's Run for the Arts 5k (30-Oct)
› Marine Corps Marathon (31-Oct)
› Silverman Full Iron Triathlon (07-Nov)
› McDonalds Half Marathon (13-Nov)
› Quantico Turkey Trot 10k (20-Nov)
› King of the Road 5k (21-Nov)
› Ultraman Hawaii (26-Nov - 28Nov)
› Blue & Gray Half Marathon (12-Dec)
› Bumblebee Foods 5k (30-Dec)

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Total Donations: $25,589.00
Goal: $1,000,000

$0 3% $1,000,000

For more information about the Semper Fi Fund please go to www.semperfifund.org.

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